* Eighty percent of the river and its streams are in Maryland. The Anacostia begins in Montgomery and Prince George's counties and flows into the District at New York Avenue.

* The Anacostia River watershed is 176 square miles in eastern Montgomery County, northern Prince George's County and from Georgia Avenue eastward in the District of Columbia.

* The Northeast Branch and Northwest Branch are the river's largest tributaries. They come together in Bladensburg at the Peace Cross intersection of Bladensburg Road, Annapolis Road and Baltimore Avenue. The river then flows south into the District, joining the Potomac River at Hains Point. From there, its waters mix with the Potomac and flow into the Chesapeake Bay.

* In 2002 and 2003, bacteria levels in the river in front of Bladensburg Waterfront Park often exceeded Environmental Protection Agency standards. The water quality was on average violating the boating standard 35 percent of the time from June to October, and the swimming standard 76 percent of the time during the same period each year. The water was sampled by Anacostia Watershed Society testers and evaluated by an independent laboratory five days a week from June to October in 2002 and 2003. Water sampling is continuing this year.

Source: Anacostia Watershed Society