The following home sales were recently recorded for southern Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

BELLE VIEW BLVD., 1305, No. B1-Julia Alessio to Heather C. Aspinwall, $218,000.

FORT HUNT RD., 7311-Lana C. and Randall J. Larsen to Jennifer S. and Peter A. Lafley, $495,000.

KENYON DR., 6903-Francisco Contreras and Jose M.C. Camacho to Margarita and Feliciano M. Castro, $230,000.

MARINE DR., 7209-Catherine C. and John S. McLees to Thomas W. Sweeney, $620,000.

PAUL SPRING RD., 1901-Guy D. and Nancy P. Beaumont to Catherine C. and Suzanne E. McLees and Melissa Burns, $585,000.

POTOMAC AVE., 6514, No. B2-Mary B. and Robert L. Churchwell to Carla Hellwig, $200,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

BANCHORY CT., 6950-Ming F. Chan and Sau F. Lam to Linh T. Tran, $355,000.

CLERMONT DR., 5891-Alisa and Gregory P. Bibbs to Marilyn E. and Robert M. Thompson, $639,500.

CLONMEL CT., 5486-Ghennet Ghebrecristos to Berhane Seyoum, $584,000.

CLOUDS MILL DR., 5649-NVR Inc. to Betty M. Jordan, $627,084.

CURTIER DR., 6039, No. F-Niekietta L. and Niekietta K. Grillo to Erich W. Green, $242,000.

DEWEY DR., 5901-Amy L. and Walter W. Hudson to Mark McClelland, $358,000.

ESSEX HOUSE SQ., 6055, No. B-Anne M. Wallace to Anthony Callands, $188,000.

GLENWOOD CT., 5708-Michael D. and Vivian B. Tomlin to Rodney M. and Tami R. Graham, $389,900.

IRON WILLOW CT., 5824-Reina M. Duval to Timothy S. Corbitt and Meghan L. Schott, $339,000.

LA VISTA DR., 5576-NVR Inc. to Michael S. and Lori M. Reilly, $720,514.

LA VISTA DR., 5582-NVR Inc. to Glen and Laura S. Reece, $675,358.

LARRUP CT., 7270-Fawzia Z. and Zabih U. Noori to Jose Torres and Ivania Ulloa, $273,000.

LOCUST LEAF LANE, 7809-Talal A. Al Maghrabi to Valeria Poveda, $450,000.

LOCUST LEAF LANE, 7851-David E. and Michele U. Richter to Kimberly Tello, $448,000.

PARENHAM WAY, 5890-Sharon R. Bock and Sharon Ralston to Glen S. Barr, $325,000.

PATENT PARISH LANE, 6608-Petra J. Thomas to Ley M.A. Salvani, $340,000.

ROLLING CREEK WAY, 6941-Centex Homes to Elhadi E. Hamid, $128,035.

TELEGRAPH RD., 6710-Bindu and Sudhir K. Karanwal and Veena Karanwal to Alberto J. Aviles, $335,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6901-Denice L. Moultrie to Robert S. and Deborah A. Alves, $181,000.

WIGMORE LANE, 6103-Michael S. Coombs to Susan J. Spear, $265,500.

Annandale Area

ASPEN HILL CT., 4611-Brookfield Corp. to Hoang T. Vo and Thuy Trang T. Quach, $515,540.

ASPEN HILL CT., 4633-Brookfield Corp. to Lauren Haywood, $564,440.

ASPEN HILL CT., 4638-Brookfield Corp. to Diane L.T. Tran, $507,500.

CANDACE LANE, 4821-Sara Pritchett to Michael W. and Maria A. Kram, $429,900.

CARROUSEL CT., 7913-Deborah Kavinsky and Johnny W. Thomas, trustee, to Donajean Kavinsky, $205,000.

CLIFFHAVEN DR., 5050-Christopher L. and Lorenzo S. Atienza and Violeta L. Atienza to Jessica Omara, $266,500.

DONNA CIR., 7017-Kimberly V. Cope and Kenneth J. Nies Jr. to Curtis W. and Keisha L. French, $385,000.

DONNYBROOK CT., 7716, No. 2-Kelly L. Gibson and Carol A. Zadora and John J. Zadora and Kelly G. Faust to Sandra R. Seleme, $146,000.

ELAN PL., 4444-Celia T. Monzon and Carminda Cole and Carminda M. Esquerra to Imran and Kamran Shaukat, $272,900.

HOY PL., 4613-Soo Mi Han to Michael L. and Young S. Pettibone, $330,000.

PARKMAN CT., 4704-Al L. Bolt and G. Esther Taylor to Jean E. Little, $220,500.

RANDOM CT., 4401-Betty J. and Robert A. Jenkins to Girish and Bala Seshagiri, $451,500.

RODES CT., 3715-Old Republic National Title Insurance Co. to Eric H. and Jennifer T. Vannier, $379,000.

TARHEEL WAY, 4925-Helen J. and John E. Frydenlund to Donna M. and Stephen J. Pearring, $500,101.

TOBIN RD., 8302, No. 34-Myung Y. Joo and Chom S. Park to Elizabeth N. Nguyen, $172,500.

Baileys Crossroads Area

BARCROFT MEWS CT., 3931-Joyce M. Downey and Steven E. Hoover and Joyce Hoover to Catherine L. Scott, $427,500.

MADISON LANE, 3762, No. B-Melinda Warren to Mary K. Jones, $260,000.

PAYNE ST., 3432-Khanh V. and Ngoclan Nguyen to Thu T. Dang, $400,000.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 722-Perry J. Hicks to Henry A. and Lia R. Salinas, $255,000.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 15-Jasen S. Fiedler to Giovanny P. Campoverde, $240,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 1013 N-Nancy B. and Amanda B. West and Stephen D. West Jr. to Shabnam Foradi, $141,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 1305N-Marijke I. Cascallar and Marijke Vanderheidi to Albert L. Bridgewater, $297,500.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 1907N-Mehdi Pazouki to James Rybicki Jr., $155,000.

WILKINS DR., 3329-Marie T. and Robert Brown to Theodore S. Haddad,


Burke Area

BURNSIDE LAND DR., 6001-Nick and Nick Y. Ron to Michael and Connie Pearman, $420,000.

COVE LANDING RD., 5904, No. 301-Farhad A. Soltani to Dottie L. and Kenneth J. Gehan, $196,000.

CROSSRAIL DR., 5414-Radovan Pletka and Christine Pletkova to Zaida and Christian Quiroz, $249,900.

DAHLGREEN PL., 5130-Juana Padilla to Marcelino Pereira, $189,900.

FOX LAIR DR., 9117-Hung S. and in S. Yuoh to Francisco R. Morales, $349,900.

POND LILY CT., 6106-Alma H. Wertz to Ashley Doan and John Olaya, $238,000.

WALNUT WOOD LANE, 5761-Michael A. and Kristina S. Crawford to Orville D. and Tania L. Dee, $275,000.

Centreville Area

AJUGA CT., 5521-Winchester Homes to Glen L. and Suzanne W. Baird, $616,835.

ALCOVE PATH, 13244-Pulte Home Corp. to Su J. and Young B. Kim, $341,800.

BARREN SPRING CT., 13641-James A. Graves to Alejandro Natusch, $260,000.

BARREN SPRING CT., 13659-Sohela and Soheyla Jowkar to Javier E. Aguilera and Norma P. Mejia, $258,000.

BATTERY RIDGE LANE, 14630-Cheryl A. Peasley to Kim J. and Dana R. Gallifant, $284,900.

BEDDINGFIELD WAY, 14214-Vinh V. and Anh D. Nguyen to Joung L. and Kenneth R. Coulter, $290,000.

BELLA DR., 6207-Clifton Town to Gary and Kimberly Soules, $249,000.

BETSY ROSS LANE, 14077-Hani Nabulsi to Ezekiel O. and Eva Doosey, $255,000.

BLACK HORSE CT., 14485-Charles J. and Pocahontas Huff to Ana G. Cisneros, $190,000.

BOLTON RD., 14857-Soo J. Lim to Erwin Chaniago and Riani R. Djumiarti, $279,900.

COCHRAN PL., 4745-Centex Homes to Jeffrey E. and Maria E. Thomason, $658,250.

COOL OAK LANE, 14426-Russell E. and Terri D. Murphy to Michael L. Brazelton, $149,780.

COREOPSIS CT., 5503-Winchester Homes to Suk B. and Kyung S. Bae, $628,100.

GIANT OAK CT., 6061-Bambi L. Barra to Ken L. and Irena G. Tyree, $207,500.

GLEN MEADOW PL., 5283-Karie E. Kiener to Quoc K. Trieu, $288,000.

GREEN TRAILS CT., 13900-Ivan L. and Susanne C. Bembers to Soma and Zarghoona Bakhtari, $357,000.

GROGANS CT., 6108-Dominic J. and Michelle A. Carhart to James Wink and Diane R. Curtis, $284,900.

HAYSTACK CT., 14404-Ahmad and Trina Wahezi to Michael W. and Natalia M. Beardslee, $406,000.

LAMIUM LANE, 13509-Winchester Homes to Leighton J. and Tammy M. Heller, $655,000.

LAVENDER MIST LANE, 13513-Winchester Homes to Daniel E. Anderson and Elizabeth L. Carlson, $329,721.

MCCOY RD., 6413-Sean and Tamra M. Fagan to Tae H. Shin, $280,000.

OLDDALE RD., 15110-Mohammad Nawaz and Mohammad Mallick to Andrea Profka and Krista N. Samiotis, $362,000.

PALE MOON WAY, 5095-Pulte Home Corp. to Kenneth C. and Jennifer P. Elder, $461,000.

PALE MOON WAY, 5097-Pulte Home Corp. to Amy Y. and John K. Yi, $440,625.

ROAMER CT., 14116-Craig C. and Taffnie W. Bronzert to Karen L. Gibbons and Michael A. Cantagallo, $425,000.

ROCKDALE CT., 5821-David S. and Elizabeth A. Vucic to Kevin S. Lewis, $260,500.

ROSEMALLOW CIR., 5331-Winchester Homes to Mauricio J. Pastora and Mayerlyn R. Cordero, $311,012.

SAPPHIRE SKY LANE, 5081-Pulte Home Corp. to Douglas R. Steinbaum and Anna P. Zheng, $445,236.

SAPPHIRE SKY LANE, 5135-Pulte Home Corp. to James D. and Jessica R. Gannaway, $475,341.

ST. GERMAIN DR., 14716-Candace V. and Clifton W. Fowler to David P. Small, $343,125.

STARGAZER TER., 13503-Pulte Home Corp. to Ramarao B. Kavali, $340,300.

STILSBY CT., 14503-Lloyd Flint to Chun K. Sun and So K. Sunlui, $222,000.

STRASBURG DR., 6107-Felicia L. Edwards and Felicia E. Carter to Jeong J. and Hye Y. Lee, $165,000.

VIRGIN ROCK RD., 5530-C. Nicholas and Renee D. Paulett to Katherine W. Schweit, $427,000.

WILLIAM MOSBY DR., 6215-Tammi M. Daniels to Poku Kwateng Stephen, $230,000.

WILLOUGHBY NE DR., 5604, No. 35-Eun Y. Jee to Choon W. Park, $212,500.

WYCOMBE ST., 14721-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Hye K. So, $235,000.

Fairfax City Area

BROOMSEDGE CT., 3700-Elizabeth A. and Timothy J. Lisko to Erin and Roger Azar, $298,000.

CAHOON CT., 4920-Centex Homes to Vinh H. and Anh Phuong Nguyen, $777,907.

CARDONESS LANE, 11501, No. 404-Comstock Corp. to Ann L. and Don E. Brady, $354,175.

CEDAR LAKES DR., 12412-Myung C. and Surian O. Kong and Ellie Kong to Jae M. Jeon, $357,000.

CERROMAR PL., 12531-NVR Inc. to Tony G. and Souzan Ghareeb, $618,485.

COLLINGHAM DR., 10429-Kathleen D. and George W. Atwood to Atidepe Ekouevi Amevi, $460,900.

COLLIS OAK CT., 3938-Billy and Carmen R. Cope to Charissa Sayson, $253,900.

COLONY PARK DR., 10326-Catharine A. Bond to Sridhar Govindan and Seema Nambiar, $256,000.

DUSTY WHEEL LANE, 12630-Alexander and Anna Shulman to Scott E. and Tamara M. Gicking, $564,500.

DUVALL ST., 8700-John R. and John R. Kurelich Jr. to Mohammad Ghayour and Maryam Halavi, $459,000.

EAKIN PARK CT., 3183-Caleb B. and Judith D. Laning to Marlyn D. Schrock, $350,000.

FAIR CREST CT., 12701, No. 53-John A. Kent III to Brian Kim, $267,900.

FAIR STONE DR., 4413, No. 406-Marissa Urbano to Kyung M. Lee and Jaewon Nam, $215,000.

FORESTDALE DR., 4697-Cendant Corp. to Trinh Mai, $318,000.

FOX LAKE PL., 12316-Karen J. and Matthew L. Dunham to James M. Brinker, $341,000.

GREAT LAUREL LANE, 3617-Beverly and Robert W. Akers to Mellero Chami Mariela, $489,000.

GREEN LEAF CT., 12101-Gregory W. Ireland to Thecla Hadjidamianou, $220,000.

GUINEA RD., 4026-Ana Castro to Vincent Lee, $320,000.

HERON RIDGE DR., 12668-Centex Homes to Sarah A. Choe, $381,105.

HERON RIDGE DR., 12674-Centex Homes to Michael J. and Susan P. Sandler, $378,030.

HERON RIDGE DR., 12729-NVR Inc. to Ha N. and Ngoc M. Lai, $361,670.

HOLLINGER AVE., 13320-Lois J. Brittell to Thai Bright, $325,000.

HOLLY AVE., 4402-Regina E. Winbush to Rodrigo and Marcial Monterroso, $265,000.

JOHN TURLEY PL., 10706-Kerry L. and Marianne C. Hines to Hubert A. and Colleen M. Mitchell, $435,000.

MAXIMILIAN CT., 3914-Gregory E. and Kathleen Kenneth to Ruoqian Kang and Yaming Gao, $388,000.

MAYPORT LANE, 4218-Gail and Ian D. Brown and Christa L. Michael to John C. and Margaret W. Howland, $310,000.

MINSTRELL LANE, 4200-Gordon D. and Katherine B. Cobb to Alyce C. Penn, $359,900.

MORRISONS WAY, 4167-Habitat for Humanity to Alawy Mini and Lama Mahmoud, $280,000.

PERSIMMON CIR., 3849-Victor Lavalle and Rosalinda Zequieda and Oscar A. Lavalle to Saibaba and Lalitha Kammula, $210,000.

POPLAR LEAF CT., 9505-Jin J. Kim and Kim Seung Y. to Wendy L. Smith, $324,900.

ROCKAWAY LANE, 11732, No. 99-Edward Ridgway and Shirley Arindaeng Ridway to Roland F. and Rebecca I. Marquis, $285,000.

ROCKAWAY LANE, 11742, No. 83-Karen L. Gibbons to Maria D. Sarzosa, $295,000.

ROTHBURY SQ., 11453-Cendant Corp. to Jewel B. Vu, $370,000.

SANTA CLARA DR., 10836-Akhtar Shah to Margaret B. and Peter C. Bohn, $340,000.

SCIBILIA CT., 13320-Patty M. and Robert F. Werthmann to Jill and Matthew Winans, $394,999.

SUNFLOWER LANE, 11402-Nebil Selmi and Raja Masmoudi to William L. and Cynthia M. Underwood, $350,000.

TARA DR., 4627-Ying Y. Li and Shun T. Zhou to Dian C. and Kevin S. Jacobson, $420,000.

UPPER PARK DR., 4207-Kevin L. Reiman to Jennifer M. Denk, $440,000.

WARD CT., 9803-Lynn M. and James F. Rickards to John S. Pigeon, trustee, $425,000.

WASHINGTON BRICE RD., 12320-Dennis M. and Kathleen P. Hart to Otavio Baptista, $374,900.

Fairfax Station Area

EMMA ANN WAY, 9068-Silverbrook Farms Corp. to Heewon and Jaejin Chu,


HOMAR POND DR., 10117-Abdul and Uranus R. Wahab to David C. and Jean C. Welling, $719,000.

OAK HOLLOW LANE, 7919-Christine and Frank K. Dietrich to Frank R. and Marchel A. Dietrich, $500,000.

SOUTH RUN OAK DR., 9697-Christopher J. and Connie A. Veillette to Herbert J. and Elizabeth Held, $550,000.

SYCAMORE RIDGE RD., 8956-Rebecca M. and Theodore C. Hart to Steven T. and Jeanna J. Petersen, $525,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

POINT REPLETE DR., 9240-NVR Inc. to Christine Do and Quy Dang, $412,340.

REPOSE PL., 6945-Courtland Homes to Henry V. Fischer Jr. and Yanelle Strong Fischer, $528,239.

Fort Hunt Area

EMERALD DR., 912-Joseph C. and Dorothy C. Dyer to John Y.D. Tse, $602,500.

LEE AVE., 7809-Janet Santullo, trustee, and Leslie B. Howard Family Trust to Amy and Grant H. Schneider, $581,500.

Great Falls Area

DEERFIELD POND CT., 610-Abdallah G. and Nancy L. Dahir to Abdul and Uranus Wahab, $2,005,000.

FOREST PARK RD., 727-Lorraine and Murray J. Schooner to Vahid Mousavi and Photowat Ahmadi Zahra, $775,000.

LAKE WINDERME DR., 10893-Louis T. Gabriel III and Kathryn L. McFarland to Donna Mastran and Mary C. Schirf, $875,000.

SENECA RD., 905-Anthony H. Anikeeff and Tung Lin Wu to Allen S. and Rosa R. Finch, $615,000.

Huntington Area

FAIRHAVEN AVE., 2411-Maonu Chen and Chung S. He and Meiling He and Gang Liang to Alma A. Velasquez, $268,000.

HUNTINGTON AVE., 2059, No. 610-Dianna C. and Robert A. Hayman to Jamie N. Furlan, $95,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5902, No. 706-Geraldine M. Travis Trust to Sandra P. Reinhardt, $272,750.

Hybla Valley Area

CALDERON CT., 7503, No. 232-Suzanne Iazzetta and Suzanne Donithan to Debra L. Byers, $197,000.

DEER RUN CT., 4724-Fae Daniels and Walter A. Pezet III to Melissa A. and Angus E. Anderson, $280,000.

SNOWPEA CT., 7516-Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Mohamed and Mariatou T. Cole, $85,000.

SNOWPEA CT., 7522, No. K-Beeren and

Barry Investments to Keith L. Johnson, $229,000.

STONEBRIDGE CT., 6903-Charles O. and Jean M. Cecil to Earlene Pierre and Trina Graves, $435,000.

Lincolnia Area

BISMACH DR., 5602, No. 104-Mohammad Anis to Emmanuel E. Mensah, $160,000.

BISMACH DR., 5608, No. 3-Catherine L. Tarabochia and Sarajane Garten to Jose Marquina, $169,900.

JUPITER HILLS CIR., 6603, No. A-Diana K. Boyd and Diana B. Dewitt to Christine D. Lofton, $135,000.

JUPITER HILLS CIR., 6607-Manuela Figueira to Nikolai G. Wenzel, $247,000.

MINOR CIR., 4700-Michael S. and Su C. Song to Charlie Delph, $385,000.

Lorton Area

ASPENPARK CT., 9110-Maria R. Sosa to Antonio A. Calderon, $190,000.

BITTERROOT CT., 8760-Pulte Home Corp. to Ashish and Deepa Kapur, $664,050.

BITTERROOT CT., 8764-Pulte Home Corp. to Gregory K. and Kim K. Lyle, $775,150.

COCKBURN CT., 8175, No. 159-Safo K. and Nancy M. Boateng to Da V. and Xuan L. Pham, $107,876.

FLOWERNG DOGWOOD LANE, 8724-Centex Homes to Baldev S. and Kuldip K. Gill, $660,433.

HIBISCUS CT., 8866-Pulte Home Corp. to Leslie T. and Anthony Turkson, $346,900.

KENOSHA CT., 8655-Chhaya and Suranjan Dutta to Matthew Avila, $211,000.

LORTON VALLEY RD., 9231-George M. and Laura M. Vaughn to Lance Stadler and Christa A. Armento, $328,000.

ROCKY KNOB CT., 8440-Thedosis Mimikos to Eduardo and Evelin D.J. Alonzo, $209,900.

SINGLELEAF LANE, 8255-Pulte Home Corp. to Firouzeh Afsharnia, $335,300.

SOUTHERN OAKS CT., 8307-Seyed R. Bassam to Fariba Rahimzadeh, $337,000.

SOUTHERN OAKS CT., 8316-Michael S. Lester to Pamela L. Hardy, $295,000.

Mount Vernon Area

BEEKMAN PL., 8627, No. D-Mirta Mina to Cynthia A. Backe, $131,000.

MARCIA CT. E., 4507-Laura M. Schweppe to Clarke V. and Donna M. Slaymaker, $435,000.

LARAMIE PL., 3810, No. A-M. Lizabeth and Sady E. Alger and M. Lizabeth Clarke to Freddy Garay, $115,500.

MANZANITA PL., 3899-Rajinder P. Kapani to Wilfredo Cuellar and Hugo Melgar, $144,900.

MONTE VISTA PL., 3800, No. A-Mario E. Sanchez and Lorena Coreas to Jose Marquez, $160,000.

OLD VERNON CT., 3612-Cendant Corp. to Eric M. and Jessica Marshall, $677,100.

RICHMOND HWY., 8424-Ehsan U. and Soraya Sawez to Diane M. Mountain, $87,500.

SHERIDANS POI CT., 4305-Robert V. and Ruth V. Lugt to Elizabeth V. Hearns and Patricia Straw, $599,900.

WASHINGTON AVE., 8440-Lisa S. and Ronald S. Wright to Lindsey R. Neas, $297,500.

WYNGATE MANOR CT., 8544-Wyngate Corp. to Lota Mushaw and Mary C. Qualls, $344,903.

North Springfield Area

BACKLICK RD., 5228-Scott M. and Maria T. Carter to Adeela Ahmad, $265,000.

DALTON RD., 5201-Kil S. and Gil S. Shin to Chang H. and Robert Y. Choe, $360,000.

EASTON DR., 5202-Gladys P. Cadima to Napoleon and Salome Candia, $340,000.

HEMING AVE., 5733-Ku T. and Sung B. Jung to Andre K. Alston and Sophorn Mao, $419,000.

MURILLO ST., 7519-Christine M. and Mitchell J. Martin to Edward J. Grass, $290,000.

QUEENSBERRY AVE., 5525-Dawn and Todd Miles to Eric and Sherron Faulkner, $410,000.

QUEENSBERRY AVE., 5621-Cynthia K. McLachlan and Deborah A. Randolph and Marc D. Randolph to Silvia Ortega, $379,900.

Oakton Area

JERMANTOWN RD., 2920, No. 18-Robert J. Kaul Jr. to Alison N. Martinez, $295,000.

LYNNHAVEN PL., 10303-Richmond American Homes to David C. Pham and Kim Thanh T. Nguyen, $785,000.

OAKTON RD., 11256-Judith L. and William F. Pendergast to Nancy K. and Kenneth R. Dolson, $538,000.

ST. AUGUSTI LANE, 3527-Renaissance Corp. to Phuong T. Vu and Anthony Nguyen, $1.148 million.

VILLAGE KNOLL CT., 10146-Ruth C.S. Lorico to Benjamin R. and Heidi E. Lindorf, $379,000.

Seven Corners Area

ARLINGTON BLVD., 6001, No. 201-Deloris C. Johnson to Christine E. Kaulfers, $143,000.

BROOK DR., 6065-Charles P. and Patricia R. McLamara to Saul R. Fernandez, $320,000.

S. MANCHESTER ST., 3101, No. 219-Robert B. Reckmeyer to Maria C.C. Gaspar, $144,500.

Springfield Area

FERN LEAF CT., 8397-Joseph K. and Pamela O. Power to Gloria O. Owusu, $244,000.

FLANDERS ST., 5803-Erma E. and Robert L. Floyd to Carlos Morales and Barbara Aguirre, $357,000.

GAME LORD DR., 7137-Peter F. Cerquone and Gail Donnelly to Robert B. and Louise G. Robitaille, $425,000.

GROVELAND DR., 8554-Mary A. and Robert J. Bell to Tien Bui and Kieu Nguyen, $291,000.

HALIFAX PL., 7201-Edward G. and Glenda J. Lindsey to Todd M. Driscoll, $280,000.

HICKORY GLEN WAY, 7731-Alan G. and Tracy L. Lott to Paul E. Rizzo and Debra A. Brooks, $318,000.

HIDDEN KNOLLS CT., 7375-Frank J. and Louise P.O. Snyder to Brandon P. Kosatka and Holly L. Williams, $300,000.

LAYTON DR., 7135-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Jaweed Alizai, $319,000.

MICHAEL ROBER DR., 6379-Matthew K. Lumho to Ronald A. and Pauline R. Lacroix, $275,000.

PINTO PL., 6108-Marcelo and Sonia Cavero to Alejandro J. Sanabria, $340,000.

RUXTON DR., 7581-Christine B. and Stephen B. Plummer to Raymond G. and Angela M. Goral, $379,900.

SPRING CREEK CT., 8640-Desiree T. and Joseph A. Brooks to Walter J. Langan, $242,500.

TOPSAILS LANE, 6491-Michael W. and Rebecca R. Kardash to Husnu and Sevinc Arikan, $410,500.

WEST POINT DR., 8004-Richard W. and Sue S. Laplant to Beverly A. and Thomas R. Stautz, $448,500.

West Springfield Area

BARDU AVE., 6108-Thomas J. and Joni M. Karr to Martin W. Degroot and Siet Meijer, $386,000.

FOREST BREEZE CT., 9196-Catherine M. Popovich to Lucretia and Karl D. Donerson, $284,500.

HARWOOD PL., 7912-Halil and Lumni Kraja and Nancy Green to Halil and Lumni Kraja, $355,000.

KINGSWAY CT., 8116, No. 277-Evelyn H. and Ryan V. Millett to Seymour M. Young, $207,500.

PENSHURST DR., 8366, No. 563-Harold F. Babb to Willard R. and Crystal A. Smith, $192,000.

QUEENSTON ST., 5981-Stanley W. Landfair to Etta C. Smith, $315,000.

REXFORD DR., 5819, No. L-Dana Lanois to Gladys M. Salazar, $120,000.

ROYAL RIDGE DR., 5808, No. J-Gutierrez Reyes Yenny and Javier Reyes to An D. Dang, $113,000.