The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Ashton Area

ASHTON CLUB WAY, 17908-Beth A. and A. Nalyvayko Jr. to Ana and Pablo Rosales, $369,900.

Aspen Hill Area

BARTLETT ST., 13504-Son H. and P.Y. Chang to Katy and Max Esfandiar S. Anis, $358,500.

BAUER DR., 14610, No. 5-Laura R. Bernard to Jose A. Guzman, $157,500.

BAUER DR., 14620, No. 8-Michael Paris to Sandra and Richard Joswick, $130,000.

EVANSTON ST., 13004-T. Pamilla Baptiste to Nelson A. Caceres and Blanca M. Rivas, $279,600.

FEDERAL ST., 4209-W.L. and Joseph W. Cunningham to Randi E. Kaplan, $295,000.

KEMPER ST., 4801-Max Friedlander to Carmen and Jose Sevilla, $343,000.

MAGELLAN AVE., 12929-Brenda D. and Richard H. Foote to Yessica D. Fuentes, $294,900.

MYER TER., 14619-Bob L. Dean to Sylvia E. Kim and Grant S. Goldstein, $358,000.

PARKVALE RD., 14427, No. 7-Shaodee Ju to Guadalupe Barrera, $145,500.

Bethesda Area

ALTA VISTA RD., 5616-William A. II and A.C. Smith to Caitlin B. and Sinan O. Turnacioglu, $700,000.

ANNISTON RD., 5914-Rita L. Albina to Ann M. and Steven J. Wagnblas, $993,170.

ASHBURTON LANE, 10130-Hugh G. Haight to Sally B. and Jeffrey R. Lachin, $425,000.

BALTIMORE AVE., 5211-Dorothy S. Olsen to Marie and Roger Kilian, $400,000.

BATTERY LANE, 4977, No. 1-511-Robin H. Garber to Michael Frandsen, $307,450.

BRADLEY BLVD., 7320-Rajinder Boveja to Mehdi Heravi, $1.11 million.

BRANDT PL., 8607-Jennifer Dowley to Peggy L. and Jeffrey J. Kidwell, $478,000.

CARTER RD., 9900-Mark L. Raczynski to Charlotte and John M. Walker, $609,900.

CHELSEA LANE S., 4545-Paolo Sacco to Jeanne and Michael Kuperberg, $485,000.

COREWOOD LANE, 6001-Sharon L. and E.H. Rudow to Robin W. and James H. Doroshow, $902,500.

DANBURY RD., 5312-Rufus C. and A.H. Ling, trustees, to Janice M. and Jonathan Starzyk, $535,000.

DUNROBBIN DR., 6208-Mary E. Heiderer to Nancy P. and William L. Johncox II, $519,000.

GLENWOOD RD., 5312-Paul H. and N.S. Crawford to Victoria L. and George H. Petrides Jr., $585,000.

GREENLAWN DR., 5809-Alec B. Eidsath, trustee, to Maria Cristina Garcia and William Bara Jimenez, $500,000.

GREENTREE RD., 7320-Robert E.L. Jr. and C.C. Eaton to Amal G. Cicatelli and Christopher R. Cicatelli, $300,000.

HADDINGTON PL., 7401-A. and Hinderikus Busz to Ioannis Kragiopoulos, $910,000.

LAMBETH RD., 5403-Raymond D. and D.B. Dufour to Carrie Y. Flaxman and Craig D. Margolis, $750,000.

LAMBETH RD., 5510-Dana Preister to Susan A. Mathers and Kenneth C. Smurzynski, $1.7 million.

MAYFIELD DR., 9920-V.L. and Treadwell S. Bailey to Bita Shashaani, $408,100.

MONTAUK AVE., 9705-Matthew P. Manfreda to Bahie S. D'Ambrosio, $324,500.

MONTROSE AVE., 10412, No. M-202-W. Kirk Drake III to Mehmet M. Kayaalp, $259,900.

MOORLAND LANE, 4808, No. 206-Reza Sadjadpour to Helene T. Brody, $380,000.

NAMAKAGAN RD., 5900-Mark F. Costley to Molly M. and Hunter A. Hohlt, $650,000.

PAGE AVE., 9603-Patricia C. Kay to Margaret and Jeffrey Human, $675,000.

PEPPERELL DR., 7508-Liang Hsia to Ling Lin, $889,500.

ROXBURY DR., 4612-Joan M. Neale to Jennifer K. and Kevin H. Smith, $520,000.

TONE DR., 6309-Blanche C. Theeman, trustee, to Vadim and Liliya Khizgilova, $467,000.

TOWN GATE LANE, 9206-Allan A. and S. Chaudhuri to Debra A. Ritzler and Jason P. Owen, $949,000.

WHITLEY PARK TER., 5517, No. 82-Wilbur G. Fultz to Grace Cavelli, $530,000.

WILSON LANE, 6112-Barbara Mistrik to Monica C. Contreas, $640,000.

Boyds Area

TATANI DR., 14106-S. and Connie Dowler to Joann Huffman, $350,000.

Brookeville Area

BAKERS RUN CT., 19307-Mark A. Bucknam to Sandra L. and Ricardo Moreno, $515,000.

TREADWAY RD., 19232-A.L. and Michael L. Bartlett to Joanna Holt, $436,000.

Burtonsville Area

CLOUDBERRY CT., 4267-Russell Jensen to Casey R. Jensen, $141,000.

CROSSWOOD TER., 14720-Stacey A. Flynn to Yovian Lubis, $189,900.

FORSYTHIA LANE, 3433-Terry W. Griffith to Pamela R. Lanouette, $403,000.

GREENCASTLE RD., 3416-Laird B. and L.D. Scott to Lissy and Chungsuh M. Park, $285,000.

MCKNEW LANE, 14628-Jong S. and S.K. Park to Steve E. and Sharon L. Parker, $260,000.

MCKNEW RD., 14912-Marco T. Portocarrero to Janice D. Noel, $363,000.

Cabin John Area

77TH ST., 6512-Roberta S. Burdick to Robert Carvazos, $620,000.

Calverton-Colesville Area

AQUAMARINE TER., 2045-Ralph D. Shipler to Dianne Shipler, $127,000.

BRONZEGATE BLVD., 1814, No. 177-Deborah A. Hall to Gloria and Kofi P. Diallo, $179,000.

BRONZEGATE BLVD., 1918, No. 30-Elsy and Samuel Hernandez to Marta A. Cruz, $196,000.

CANYON RD., 1312-M.A. and Frederick J. Kraus to Cecilia Bisher, $319,900.

GERSHWIN LANE, 3112-J.A. and Craig W. Carter to Arthur Kekeris, $339,900.

MONDRIAN TER., 1107-Carmen W. Harleston to Joanne E. Riley, $420,000.

SUMMERWOOD DR., 12708-R.M. and Nancy E. Tysdal to Susan Lynn Rhoderick, $190,000.

TANLEY RD., 808-Cheryl L. Repata to Joan Rymer, $288,000.

WINTERTHUR LANE, 12910-D.C. and Eddie Benford to Kelli J. Moran, $335,000.

Chevy Chase Area

CONNECTICUT AVE., 8101-C-Martha A. Healy, trustee, to Karen V. and Craddock Gilmour, $440,000.

GARNETT DR., 6400-Ernest A. Blackwelder to Amy C. and William A. Smith, $1.4 million.

GRAFTON ST., 19-Florence B. Wisner to David A. Deckelbaum, trustee, $3,050,000.

HILLANDALE RD., 6684, No. 32-Jessica M. Wills to Julie A. and Joaquin Gamboa Pani, $465,000.

PARK AVE. N., 4550, No. 604-Bardia Kamrad to Shanta D. and Dinanath R. Khatkhate, $561,000.

PARK AVE. N., 4620, No. 803E-Caroline R. El Helou to Baroukh Firouz, $323,100.

RIDGE MANOR DR., 25905, No. 8000-F-Mary Ann Wharton to Christa Y. Schultz, $156,000.

UNDERWOOD ST., 3904-Bradley S. Meltzer to Jacueline and Daniel McGroarty, $1.36 million.

WILLETT PKWY., 4835, No. 79-Gary W. Thompson to Lucy T. and Francisco P. Fonseca, $440,000.

WINNETT RD., 3308-Marcos Rios to Nasar Ali and John McCaffrey III, $595,000.

WOODBROOK LANE, 8608-Joanne S. Sterling to Joan S. and Charles R. Claxton, $670,000.

Clarksburg Area

FREDERICK RD., 25124-Keith C. Brode to Shon Barr, $248,000.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

BASINGSTOKE LANE, 14401-Tien B. Phan to Khalida Ali and Syed Muhammad Ali, $405,000.

HARDING LANE, 1400-C.G. and William T. Patton to Robert P. Patton, $222,000.

PAMELA DR., 15600-Paul and M. Dortch to Ruth E. and Narciso A. Betances, $325,000.

Damascus Area

BRIGADIER PL., 26004-M-Shawn P. O'Connell to Brandy Rider Cramer, $116,000.

BRIGADIER PL., 26012-D-Maria G. Saia to Randall R. Ramey Jr., $121,000.

CANVASBACK WAY, 9949-Lisa F. Marks to Shannon N. Richardson, $171,000.

JOHNS DR., 10109-Frederick R. Wilcox to Douglas R. Beavers, $210,000.

RIDGE MANOR TER., 10109, No. 4000-J-Lee A. Burton to Joseph E. Huff, $154,000.

Derwood Area

EPSILON DR., 7504-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Angelique Z. and Michael P. Mathwin, $429,000.

EPSILON DR., 7716-Gloria Villalobos to Sarah I. and Noble R. Boddu, $446,100.

HIAWATHA LANE, 7767-C. and Lev Fishman to Wanching Lai, $274,900.

TEAL CT., 17013-Kenneth D. and D.N. Howard to Ellen and Dennis Ross, $468,000.

WATKINS POND BLVD., 101, No. 4-307-Janet L. Donelson to Dharini Kumar, $300,000.

Dickerson Area

LINDENWOOD DR., 2901-Kirk M. Del Po to Matthew S. Mills, $495,000.

Gaithersburg Area

APPLE SEED LANE, 25-Daniel Navarrete to Raluca Cristina Focsaneanu, $275,000.

ARGOSY CIR., 1-J.K. and Ronald H. Lee to Barbara Posaner, $547,000.

BEACON HILL TER., 516-Francine R. Hincherick to Ock K. and Chul H. Ahn, $346,000.

BENJI CT., 12, No. 135-Angelita M. Wagner to Carmen E. Rowe, $180,000.

BISHOPSTONE CT., 18401, No. 32-Steve Moghaddam to Maria R. Novoa and Marlon O. Quijada, $125,000.

BOOTJACK CT., 11617-Thomas C. Foster to Shajahan Khan, $390,000.

BRIAR GLENN WAY, 9529-Linda E. Schoenberger to Jorge E. Obando, $236,900.

CAPEHART DR., 19048-Howard B. and Z.M. Rubin to Josephine G. and Pun Yuk D. Li, $210,000.

CAPPS CT., 5-Johnson Kadamkulathil to Michael J. Poslusny, $300,500.

CARRY BACK DR., 14927-Ann Y. Ameigh to Deanna C. and Geoffrey Tomasetti, $525,000.

CARTWRIGHT PL., 10900-Sampath V. and Sripriya V. Kumar to Monica and Brian G. Trent, $570,000.

CHERRY LAUREL LANE, 18537-Bernie and J.L. Pehrson to Mahtab Hekmat and Amir Gandjbakhche, $275,900.

CLIFFTOP DR., 716-Bum S. Kim to Yan Wang and Jun Liu, $259,000.

CLUB LAKE RD., 19634-Fereydoun and F.E. Shariat to Ethel Quartey and Peter Acheampong, $220,250.

FILBERT CT., 30-Donald J. Dahlquist to Gregory A. Spring, $208,000.

FLAGLER DR., 831-Jeanne M. Toungara to Tatiana Timonina and Andrey Y. Timonin, $278,000.

FLAGLER DR., 837-Charles E. Hansen to Victor Manuel Acosta, $257,500.

FRANCES GREEN DR., 11449-Stephan L. and J.M.A. Wode to Lysianne and Pierre Essama, $540,000.

GATESTONE DR., 724-M.B. and Bruce A. Stander to Michael Wu, $675,000.

GATLIN DR., 19220-Harold R. II and P.M. Hess to Maria H. and Gaspar Esperanza, $349,000.

GOLDEN MEADOW DR., 19236-Cheryl A. Evans to Abir Fareed and Osama Farrag, $419,000.

HALFPENNY PL., 19905-Megan K. and Mark M. Tanley to Anna Elizabeth V. Huang, $349,500.

HILLSIDE LAKE TER., 1075, No. 1304-Matthew L. Cole to Farideh Yeganeh, $239,900.

HOB HILL WAY, 20155-Martin Granados to Robert T. Marshall, $255,000.

HORIZON RUN RD., 9523, No. 6-E-M. and Godefroy Foteu to Hamid Riahifar, $172,000.

HYACINTH CT., 8, No. 8-4-Gill Taboada to Victoria and Josmar Mendizabal, $236,000.

JOSHUA TREE RD., 15069-Sonia R. Maged to Yanling Wei, $427,900.

KEENELAND CIR., 14620-Dean Cartledge to Carlos Munoz, $225,000.

KILDONAN DR., 19607-William A. White to Mariano R. Colindres, $254,900.

KNOLL MIST LANE, 1226-Richard L. Jr. and Jacqueline Thomas to Jorge D. Quezada, $255,000.

LAYTONIA DR., 7535-B.T. and Ging S. Lo to Daye Fubara Emine, $157,000.

LINDSTROM CT., 17601-Reina D. and Herman U. Romero to Aurelio H. Gomez, $275,000.

MAIN ST., 807-Dean Young to Michael Delgrande, $400,000.

MILLS CHOICE RD., 19002, No. 3-Kathleen C. Bowers to Sheldon Chung, $125,000.

PIER POINT PL., 18710-Jin Jung to Su J. Lee and Leonard P. Rayford Jr., $194,900.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 708, No. 202-Edward H. Brickner to Song M. Cho, $150,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 734, No. P-2-Larry N.V. Lacrosse to Angie and Tae Y. Yang, $144,000.

RED KILN CT., 17-Gina Kim to Gregory R. Palardy, $260,000.

SOUTHERN NIGHT LANE, 1113-Oui Q. to Rigoberto Soto, $240,000.

STEVEN CT., 24, No. 221-M.E. and Jose A. Delgado to Mauricio Diaz, $185,000.

STONERIDGE DR., 17802-William and P. Ciaramello to Elizabeth Scheiner and Jay Michael Scheiner, $599,000.

TIMBER ROCK RD., 53-Reine N. Nganzeu to Meihung Zhou, $218,000.

TRAVIS CT., 7-Stephen P. Jacobs to Francisco Quintero, $236,000.

TRAVIS CT., 95-Kenneth D. Horton to Mohammad Partovi, $246,900.

TRAVIS LANE, 1006-Frank Pugarita to Nazma Jahan and Abdur Razzaque, $255,000.

TRAVIS VIEW CT., 1323-Alexander K. and C.I. Curtis to Khiem Lam and Ngoc Dung, $250,000.

WINTER WALK DR., 356-Jeffrey K. Glenn to Frank J. Montoya, $450,000.

Garrett Park Area

ROKEBY AVE., 11309-Joshua E. Swift to Adalee B. Schwartzman, trustee, $488,625.

Germantown Area

ALDERLEAF TER., 20509-Ellen S. Howard to Harshini and Chaminda Fernando, $335,250.

ALLSPICE DR., 18311-L.R. and John J. Cummings to Kirill Gorbachev, $140,000.

AMBER RIDGE DR., 20811-Dwight M. Crane to Abu Jaygam, $299,000.

AMETHYST LANE, 20526-Mark D. Mayo to Susan and Matthew Vaughan, $225,000.

BAYBERRY DR., 13226, No. 25-Roberta R. MacGregor to Jacob N. Castro, $156,000.

BAYBERRY DR., 13346, No. 8A-Richard A. Neimiller to Van Ly Tang, $174,900.

BIRDSEYE DR., 18745-Rebecca D. Crane to Luchia A. Purvis Miles and Stevie M. Miles, $186,000.

BOGGY TRAIL WAY, 12903, No. 46-Ruben and Nancy Quiroz to Catalina I. Aldana, $300,000.

CARAVAN DR., 19403-Tonya R. Stancil to Annabelle L. Uy, $250,000.

CEDARBLUFF DR., 19912-Bahram Riazi to Myung Hee and Sung Woo Hong, $205,000.

CHALET DR., 18042, No. 25-102-Frank A. McCoy to Stephanie N. and Shawn R. Stanley, $152,100.

CHALET DR., 18120, No. 11-102-M.L. and Ray Loyd to Monica Del Valle, $160,000.

CHAMPIONS WAY, 13511-Lizzie A. Aidoo to Robert John Geist, $325,000.

CHURCHILL RIDGE DR., 12908, No. 4B-Joseph L. Stanton to Robert A. Pine, $210,500.

CLOPPERS MILL TER., 18001, No. 16-A16-Mohamed Desai to Catherine A. Balogh, $250,000.

CROWNSGATE CT., 17-Michael G. and J.M. Reed to Chun Liu and Longlai Wang, $540,000.

DAIRYMAID DR., 13137, No. 116-David K. Mendel to Adriano Leal, $141,500.

DELEVAN WAY, 21214, No. 155-Manjula Dundoo to Jeyanthi Muthiah and Ganesan Alaguchamy, $308,000.

DEMETRIAS WAY, 13353-Godfred B. Ampofo to Alexander Agyei, $168,000.

EAGLES NEST CT., 12201-C-Thaddeus Tadkowski to Bridget M. Kerrigan, $177,000.

EAGLES NEST CT., 12205-G-Michael F. Wardlow to David A. Koren, $181,400.

FETLOCK DR., 19534-Danielle N. and Keith M. Laffman to Juan A. Diaz, $185,000.

FINEGAN CT., 6-S.J. and Joseph A. Cannon Jr. to Roberta M. Leftwich, $528,000.

FLAG HARBOR DR., 12141-Catalina I. Aldana to Pedro Isla, $227,500.

FOX FIELD CIR., 21522-John P. and A.F. Cotter to Adeyinka and Travis Smith, $569,900.

GROTTO LANE, 18948-Patton G. Demers to Lisa M. and Mark D. Singleton, $235,000.

GUNNERS BRANCH RD., 19529, No. 134-Cristina D. and Jose B. Sorto to Oscar A. Vasquez, $123,000.

GUNNERS BRANCH RD., 19609, No. 3-0311-Mushiya Tshibaka to Silvano B. Oliveira, $126,000.

HALETHORPE LANE, 20134, No. 183-Susan M. Emmerich to Abdoulaye Diatta, $184,900.

ISLAND VIEW CIR., 12101-Yahia Hassen to Samer Kuraishi, $239,000.

MUSTARD SEED CT., 18612-M. and David T. Goetze to George Ndinu, $190,000.

PANTHERS RIDGE DR., 12015-Elwood and M.E. Autridge to Nazrul and Hasina Mozaumder, $309,000.

PLACID LAKE TER., 20025-Sheng S. Lee to Jean W. and Iain J. Anderson, $278,800.

PLACID LAKE TER., 20063-Jay E. Gerson to Jay D. Dufty, $300,000.

PORT HAVEN DR., 12427-M. and Lance D. Edmonds to Karin Broecker, $259,900.

PORTERFIELD WAY, 18853-Anthony F. and Laura A. Como to Laurie I. and Michael S. Sigler, $430,000.

PRAIRIE KNOLL CT., 13016-Laurie J. Shroyer to Hossein S. Abianeh, $329,900.

RIDGE RD., 24007-D.S. and Donald Toda to Jose Perez, $305,000.

SAWYER TER., 19030-Julius T. and M. Wilensky to Emily E. and Jon D. Zlotkowski, $305,000.

SENECA RD., 14640-Maria A. Szalay to Reno Martini, $690,000.

SHADYSIDE LANE, 13038, No. 14-245-Anthony Q. Lewis to Karol Ann and Peter J. Skelly, $162,500.

SHADYSIDE WAY, 20617, No. 99-7-John M. Sargeant to Riad F. Ayoub, $162,000.

STAFFORDSHIRE PL., 13410-Munish and K. Sayal to Patricia and Estime Bien Aime, $255,000.

TARRAGON WAY, 18501-M.J. and John P. Hausman to Miguel A. Reynoso, $200,700.

THYME CT., 13020-Mohammad and Noreen Hussain to Karina and Mauricio Carvalho, $195,000.

TILFORD CT., 13425-Capecomerin S. and B. Srinivasan to Bao Lan Zhu and Xiaohua Chu, $346,500.

WILLOW SPRING DR., 19111-H. and Hike K. Zohrabian to Darren M. Nash, $240,000.

Hillandale Area

FOREST DALE DR., 2000-George M. and A.M. Libbee to Iris and Raul A. Estrada, $385,000.

FOREST HILL DR., 2014-E.F. and Mark C. Gagern to McKinley C. Joyner, $305,000.

LIGHT DR. E., 9813-S. and Kojo Davis to Alyson J. Lemke, $299,000.

MCGOVERN DR., 10202-Olivia K. Pickett to Raquel B. Jackson and Epifanio Benavides, $359,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 10916-M. and Sidney M. Spevak to Julio A. Ronquillo, $285,000.

PINEY BRANCH RD., 8830, No. 1102-Prezuma Ambroise to Teshome Mekbib, $113,000.

Kensington Area

CRESTWOOD RD., 10110-Steven D. and A.E. Phelps to Angela M. and Jon G. Retzlaff, $493,100.

DECATUR AVE., 3809-Joanna Schlesinger to Valerie R. and Jay W. Shepherd, $370,000.

DUPONT AVE., 3511-Cynthia C. Boraten to Mark A. Wegner and Laurel E. Shanks, $468,000.

EVERETT ST., 4229-Harriette T. Markow, trustee, to Cathleen and Daniel J. Beggy Jr., $770,000.

HOMEWOOD PKWY., 3015-Frances W. Young, trustee, to Steven J. and Connie C. Dowler, $311,000.

LAWRENCE AVE., 4007-James W. and A.M. Evans to Jessica R. and Juan D. Quinteros, $255,000.

MCCOMAS AVE., 3103-Joan T. McInerney to Caryn D. and Martin S. Devincenti, $285,000.

Laytonsville Area

GOSHEN RD., 21011-Kenneth M. Sell to Thomas J. McHenry, $510,000.

WILDERNESS WALK CT., 23208-Kevin Johnson to Nadine and David Kuijt, $630,000.

WOODFIELD RD., 23506-Raymond T. Ramsden, trustee, to Carrie Mahoney, $282,000.

Montgomery Village Area

BATHGATE CT., 9317-David Abecassis to Christina L. Padgett and Christopher M. Padgett, $223,000.

BELL VERNON PL., 9501-Kenneth B. and M.A. Humm to Patricia J. and Charles M. Tucker, $381,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19413, No. 101-Theos A. Angelus to Maria Gloria Almeida and Theos A. Angelus II, $100,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19425, No. 202-Holly M. Miller to Eduardo Alvarez, $140,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19524, No. 13E-H. and Andre Dobak to Isis C. Figueredo, $195,000.

DAIRYTON CT., 9824-D. and Cecil L. Lyday to Raul D. Gutierrez, $260,000.

DREXEL HILL CIR., 19913-Jocelyn M. Kotey to Ian Dodoo, $185,000.

FERN HOLLOW WAY, 9420-John E. and S.I. Fichter to Anne Marie and Stephen Shirley, $237,000.

FOREST VIEW PL., 10038-Austin C. Hsu to Ann H. and Edmond Chang, $179,500.

FROSTBURG WAY, 9314-Rupert G. Jr. and K.D. Frick to Sonia E. and Obdulio E. Rodas, $189,000.

GRAZING TER., 9322-Oscar J. and Norma Orellana to Lisa Kellert, $227,000.

HAWK RUN CT., 16-Mark R. Thompson to Maribel and Ernesto E. Miranda, $242,500.

LOCUST POINT CT., 18514-Linda Malinowski to Alain G. Sakou Mopoh, $235,000.

MAPLE LEAF DR., 10125-D.E. and Hugo A. Garcia to Carmen Romero, $228,000.

MILLSTREAM DR., 10208-Badrudeen R. and B.N. Bacchus to Sara O. and Ulises A. Alfaro, $199,500.

RIDGELINE DR., 10165-A.E. and Joseph W. Howard to Oluyemisi Famuyiwa, $173,000.

RIDGELINE DR., 9989-Manjula P. and Neal Reed to Edmundo V. Sahonero, $185,000.

STEDWICK DR., 19004-Louis Rodriguez to Diane Paul Best and Franklyn R.I. Best, $225,000.

THOMAS FARM RD., 19418-Ito Woode to Linh T. and Nghi B. Huynh, $193,000.

THOMAS LEA TER., 8850-Elie B. and R.C. Ephrem to Mary B. and Timothy C. Pacey, $284,000.

WAXMYRTLE WAY, 19901-Noreen M. Aziz to Jean M. Griffis, $350,000.

WEDGE WAY, 10022-Linda J. Adams to Sarah E. Oryszak, $169,900.

WELBECK TER., 20110-Frederick Duncan Augustt to Linda S. Ripley, $174,000.

WELBECK WAY, 8815-Yvette Pratt to Carol Codjoe, $169,950.

WILD APPLE CIR., 10268-Daniel J. Kostecka to Ruschelle and Noel Monte, $257,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

ALPINE VALLEY CT., 15104-Melissa J. Stick to Maureen Elizabeth Rogers, $311,000.

BEECHMONT LANE, 2600-Anita M. Fanning to Trudy Ann S. Farnum, $370,000.

BEL PRE DR., 14319-Raymont J. Wolfred to Marie D. Janvier, $139,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3732, No. 10-Antonia R. Mungia to Miguel A. Perez, $133,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3764, No. 9-Carlos M. Mardones to Gladys Lopez, $115,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3770, No. 4-Frank Ekanem to Ramzi K. Habash, $145,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3854, No. 4-196-Martha A. Garay to Ian Mathieu Akadje, $127,500.

BUSHEY DR., 12401-Maurice G. and R.E. Dulic to Marica and Leon Lawrence, $279,500.

CHERRY LEAF LANE, 2113-Keh Cheng Lin to Belinda M. Bunggay, $470,000.

CLEAR SHOT DR., 2808, No. 7-30-Star J. McCoy to Sarah N. Matthews, $180,000.

CLEESE CT., 14903, No. 5BB-Fannie M. Dunn to Padraig A. Wholihan, $139,900.

DEWEY RD., 12322-Edward I. Huster Jr. to Shantelle M. Stroman, $214,900.

DRURY RD., 2109-Martha Kimble to Reginald Griffiths Randolph, $470,000.

FALL ACRE CT., 14101, No. 12-22-Salam Codor to Colette A. Davis, $175,500.

FARTHING DR., 3507-Bernard H. Kroll to Sidney E. Menkis, $200,000.

FOREST EDGE DR., 3511, No. 17-1A-R.B. and Harry B. Yoshpe to Roy P. Lindgren, $221,000.

GAWAYNE TER., 3826, No. 32-Mary T. Bowes to Evan Rozantes, $272,000.

GRAYSLAKE DR., 1922-Robert G. and K.A. Intille to Dona L. and Mark E. Griffin, $610,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2307, No. 104-2-Bettye J. Brown to Noddie B. and Eva C. Barrion, $119,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2309-T-Ralph U. Leaman to Dee Daniels, $123,000.

HALLATON CT., 3409, No. 164-A-Charles Kane to Jeanne R. O'Connor, $330,000.

HEWITT AVE., 3301, No. 204-Johnny S. Vasquez to Patricia A. Brooks, $135,000.

HICKORY HILL CT., 4-Marion L. Griffin to Curtis R. Chamberlain, $292,500.

HOLDRIDGE RD., 12808-Vance W. Wilkerson to Sunny Saini, $265,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15115, No. 3-1022-I. Kiel, trustee, to Lillian E. Carr, $182,250.

LUTES DR., 13124-P.M. and Sinai E. Davis to Kedma Silva, $455,000.

MAHAN RD., 4503-Gerald D. and V.F. Gandy to Sonia M. Marquez and Marcos A. Perez, $259,000.

MERRIFIELDS CT., 15302-M.G. and Richard F. Brinker to Kazuo Imai, $690,000.

PINE ORCHARD DR., 15300, No. 85-1E-David E. and B.M. Utz to Delores H. and Bernard M. Schneider, $220,000.

SHERATON ST., 2503-Jose Gutierrez to Darwin M. Romero, $235,000.

SNOWBIRD TER., 2717, No. 12-27-Beth A. Boyll to Diana C. and Justin R. Boss, $190,000.

TIERRA DR., 15430-Marilyn Manzanares to James J. Debelius, $550,000.

VALLEYFIELD DR., 14010-Emmanuel C. Anozie to Ayodele Adenuga, $275,000.

WELLER RD., 3902-Jorge O. Lazo to Williams E. and Patricia Pmejia, $285,000.

WELLER RD., 3923-R. and Leonso Reyes to Perla S. Yalung, $320,000.

WENDY LANE, 3928-E.C. and Harry G. Annis Jr. to Mohan B. Maharjan, $287,500.

Olney Area

CLOVERCREST CIR., 18642-Karim Shehadeh to Erin M. and Scott J. Vandeusen, $335,000.

DUMFRIES TER., 2103-Enrique Alonso to Barbara and Robert McClosky, $349,900.

GALLAGHER WAY, 17424-Joy E. Frye to Constance and Folly Kuevey, $235,000.

LEMAN LAKE DR., 18351, No. 804-Maysa K. Abdelmageed to Henri Durand, $186,000.

MEGANS WAY, 3401-Ernest E. Engle, trustee, to Jose J. Ramos, $495,000.

PALADIN DR., 18215-Jeannine M. Reilly to Alejandro and Diana Aguayo, $266,100.

QUEEN ELIZABETH DR., 18213-L. and Tesfazion Habties to Gedlom Tesfazion, $400,000.

SUNSET RIVER CT., 18002-Lyudmila Saitskaya to John Kitlas, $273,000.

WILBERTA ST., 3821-Marilene Goncalves to Margaret A. Logan, trustee, $357,500.

Poolesville Area

WOOTTON AVE., 19720-Todd J. Stump to Jennifer Bartlett, $154,600.

Potomac Area

BELLS RIDGE TER., 8429-Keith L. and Scott to Katia N. and Nabil E. Azar, $599,000.

BLUE MEADOW RD., 1541-C.J. and W. Mark Pentz to Jingsheng Yan, $601,000.

CEDAR RIDGE DR., 11413-Lauri S. Bilawa to Tong Ching Chang and Charles A. Wilson, $715,000.

CHAREN LANE, 11709-Betty Spencer to Catalina Ramos and Randolph Rosso, $520,000.

COPENHAVER DR., 9124-William M. and I.R. Bonner to Hanna and Jonathan Coleman, $700,000.

GARDEN CT., 9309-Amy J. and J.I. Gleklen to Natalia V. Moskovchenko and Edmund Grant Howe, $679,000.

GLASTONBERRY RD., 1721-Mark J. and M.L. Versel to Gissou Tabatabai and Gholam Djavanshir, $600,000.

GREENLANE DR., 11616-Robert E. and D.M. Umbel to Eun J. and Duk K. Shim, $525,000.

MEADOW CREEK CT., 12209-Gary S. and D.L. Schwend to Caroline J. Silby and Laurence A. Hinz, $1.5 million.

MUIRFIELD CT., 7803-Jonathan R. and K.C. Bloom to Joseph J. and Iris J. Jackson, $350,000.

RIVER RD., 12820-Mark F. and J.B. Rubin to Jane C. and Richard C. Stoker, $2.47 million.

RIVER RD., 13140-Peter C. and V.C. Hsueh to Piin Duann Hsieh and Austin C. Hsu, $1.15 million.

SLEEPY HOLLOW LANE, 8705-Philippe and N. Beaugrand to Naomi H. and David E. Kuo, $655,000.

WINDSOR VIEW TER., 8200-Brendan and L.S. Timmins to Tara and Robert Thompson, $850,000.

WINDSOR VIEW TER., 8232-Ahmad Zia Mian to John R. Pace, $756,000.

Rockville Area

BLOOMINGDALE DR., 10924-Eugene D. Silverman to Margaret C. and Howard L. Hungerford, $625,000.

BRADFORD DR., 529-Irene S. Wilkinson, trustee, to Leta Waters, $435,000.

CLOISTER DR., 4872-Carol A. Peabody to Abdennour Azeddine and Mirvat Sewadeh, $450,000.

COURTHOUSE SQ., 24, No. 808-Gail Butterworth to Matin Maghsoudzadeh, $215,000.

CROSSFIELD CT., 5202, No. 117-Binyamin Zilberstein to Steven T. Holland, trustee, $163,000.

DINWIDDIE DR., 11815-Chien Ping Yu to Raya R. Dana and Gadi Romem, $540,000.

ENGLISHMAN PL., 5510, No. 132-R.E. and Ellsworth F. Dertinger to Nancy A. Fabara Nunez, $438,150.

ERTTER DR., 4826-A.C. and Peter J. Vatter to Tracey M. Harris, $380,000.

GROSVENOR PL., 10401, No. 608-Margaret G. Gardner to Rebecca Plesset, $135,000.

HARRINGTON RD., 707-Muriel C. Kaplan to Heather J. and Scott Shorter, $350,000.

HORNERS LANE N., 416-Rosa Escobar to Carmen M.N. Rivera, $305,000.

IVY LEAGUE LANE, 625, No. 19-105-Franco and M. Rovere to Irina Loukianova and Vladimir Korobtchenko, $348,000.

IVY LEAGUE LANE, 632, No. 17-94-Serge D. Gagolin to Gulnara Bayazitova and Samat Iskakov, $350,000.

LYNN MANOR CT., 14-Liren Huang to Maurine S. Dulin, trustee, $399,914.

MILLS FARM RD., 13656-Kerry L. and Kim D. Taylor to Sankar R. and Laura B. Koundinya, $545,621.

MONROE ST., 100, No. 302-Yun Y. Yao to Susumu Yamanaka, $100,000.

MONROE ST., 118, No. 903-Gwendolyn F. Gracia, trustee, to Mae Y. Shen, $200,000.

OWENS ST., 729-Darin J. and Maria C. Weber to Theresa M. and Timothy F. Downey, $400,000.

PAULSBORO DR., 925-Mark S. Metcalfe to Ying E. Zhang, $339,900.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 10312, No. 402-Lewis A. Johnson to Hyang Lim Moon, $179,900.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 10412, No. 201-Kathleen A. Ritchey to Nathan Skvirsky and Natasha E. Varnovitsky, $242,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 11801, No. 202-Sandra T. Naing to Johnnie M. and Alfonzo Dale, $165,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 11801, No. 411-Tunca and M. Iskir to Fariba Eslamipour and Amir Mashayekhi, $220,000.

TEMPLETON PL., 1565-Doan X. Nguyen to Vilma and Gray L. Willett, $390,000.

TILDEN LANE, 6809-Irving Amsel, trustee, to Tamar and James P. Cowley, $489,500.

TUDOR LANE, 5902-Heather S. Karp to Mette N. Haavik, $495,000.

VANDERBILT CIR., 10003, No. 5-1-Rosemary Cota to Sangeet and Jasbir S. Kindra, $245,000.

WATTS BRANCH DR., 9504-John and M.G. Reich to Irina Mikhailenko and Dimitry Krylov, $629,000.

Silver Spring Area

ASHFORD RD., 501-Martha S. Kennedy to Kirsten Muttart Donaldson and Fergus I. Donaldson, $469,000.

BRADFORD RD., 8547, No. 9-2-Wolfgang Alfred Fritz Rumple to Charlotte Gunilla McLeod, $210,000.

CAVALIER DR., 10712-I. and Nathan Barr to Brian J. Heidt, $350,000.

CEDAR ST., 8210-Steven Carr to Catherine K. Tatiner, $447,000.

CHILDS ST., 11010-Robert L. and H.M. Guy to Aimee C. and W. Todd Jones, $335,000.

COMPTON ST., 9301-Maricela and Julio A. Herrera to Luis R. Cardozo, $294,900.

EDGEWOOD AVE., 10220-S.A.V. and Peter W. Chatfield to Christine Ann White, $451,000.

GEREN RD., 8708-Marietta Estime to Marc Vatin, $265,000.

HARVEY RD., 9327-James J. and V.F. Bowman to Anne M. Linn and Raymond J. Willemann, $625,000.

HARVEY RD., 9338-S.L. and Jack M. Benson to Shane L. Benson, $374,120.

LOXFORD TER., 1013-S.D. and Victor S. Katz to Kyle S. Farmer, $300,000.

LYNNMOOR DR., 115-Bobby Gene Thomas to Ernest Duran, $275,000.

LYTTONSVILLE RD., 1900, No. 1010-Timothy Tsu to Charles B. Ingram, $109,000.

LYTTONSVILLE RD., 1900, No. 917-Joyce C. Doria, trustee, to Ingrid Denis, $165,000.

NORTHWEST DR., 321-David Lewis Sly to Myriam Leger, $365,000.

NORTHWEST DR., 813-R. and Stuart Eisen to Genet Gurmu, $380,000.

POTOMAC AVE., 627-Mary Kay Wiedt to Jeff W. Brown, $200,000.

SLIGO CREEK PKWY., 9039, No. 1511-Helina Kebede to Monique C. Llanos, $149,900.

SLIGO CREEK PKWY., 9039, No. 904-Larry W. Peterson to Brandon R. Felton, $201,675.

TAKOMA AVE., 8013-Richard M. and L.A. Waugh to Julia J. and David Wallace Jr., $462,900.

THREE OAKS DR., 9245-S.M. and Martin F. Kelly Jr. to Rebecca R. Henry, $328,700.

TIMBERWOOD AVE., 206-R.A. and Amos J. Stanbrough to Phuong Linh Nguyen, $309,000.

WOODLAND DR., 9416-Pete G. and H. Peran to Jillian Braga De Souza and Alberto Souza, $480,000.

Spencerville Area

SPENCERVILLE RD., 2300-Antonio N. and A. Nagy to Soon K. and Jong S. Park, $442,500.

Takoma Park Area

ALLEGHENY AVE., 6714-Jamie Dettmer to Kendall E. Jackson and Jennifer A. Lukas Jackson, $372,000.

BALTIMORE AVE., 7418-Olga Glushko to Daniel A. Jenkin, $247,500.

BOYD AVE., 413-Kevin Adler to Alys Cohen and Douglas Wissoker, $310,000.

COLUMBIA AVE., 22-Devora R. Alexander, trustee, to Jan Louise Deardorff, $275,000.

GRANT AVE., 231-M.G. and Antonio R. Ramos to Patrick Earle, $383,500.

KIRKLYNN AVE., 1109-Trina W. and David M. Osher to Carrie Ellis, $315,000.

LANCASTER RD., 1107-Ashton K. Giblin Palmer to Karen A. Taylor, $300,000.

SEEK CT., 2-Jose M. Perez to Teklu Akalu, $245,000.

Twinbrook Area

BROADWOOD DR., 502-M.M. and Ward D. Maurer to Carlos O. Aviles, $279,500.

CASTLEFORD ST., 502-Ann P. Delasos, trustee, to Theodore D. Dang, $307,000.

CLAGETT DR., 1303-R.A. and Gregory K. Reed to Hope Real Estate Solutions Corp., $180,486.

HENRY RD., 1711-B.N. and Thomas W. Kelley to Helen Rovito, $246,000.

LEMAY RD., 5914-Virginia C. Black to Everlyn Hunter, $267,900.

Wheaton Area

ANDREW ST., 11916-D. and Marvin E. Averett to Dora A. Aleman, $230,000.

BARRIE AVE., 10405-Leomene Ridore to Hector A. Flores, $315,000.

BURNLEY TER., 11010-Lucy C. Borroto to Jeffrey D. Bird and Amy M. Hightower, $250,000.

NEWTON ST., 2803-Eric A. Blanco to Jaime M. Galdamez and Maria A. Gonzalez, $252,000.

NORLEE DR., 11128-Christa I. Afshar to Arshad Sheikh, $314,000.

PENNYDOG LANE, 10526-Richard R. Scott to Franciso Bautista, $299,000.

PLYERS MILL RD., 2600-J.S. and Stanley N. Jennings to Elias A. Martinez, $298,185.

PRICHARD RD., 2001-Edwin Collier to Guadalupe and Kevin Hicks, $299,995.

WEISMAN RD., 2701-Eduard Rubin to Juan J. Castellon, $250,000.