A second teenager, the son of an Alexandria City Council member, was charged yesterday with egging the home of a parent who is leading a petition drive to have a School Board member removed from her elected post.

Samuel Howard Woodson IV, 18, was charged with misdemeanor destruction of property and released on a summons to appear in court. He is the son of Joyce Woodson, who has served on the City Council since 2000, and S. Howard Woodson, president of the Alexandria chapter of the NAACP.

On Wednesday, Alexandria police charged James J. Luby, 19, the son of School Board member Melissa W. Luby -- the target of the petition drive -- with the same misdemeanor in the July 2 egging of the home of James Boissonnault.

Melissa Luby was a passenger in a car driven by School Superintendent Rebecca L. Perry on April 23 when Perry was arrested on a drunken driving charge.

Efforts to remove Luby from the School Board have been spearheaded by Boissonnault, the parent of a third-grader at Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy. Boissonnault said Melissa Luby should have stopped Perry from driving that night and should have apologized for drinking with her. Boissonnault has a Web site critical of the School Board and administration.

Perry and Luby declined to comment yesterday.

An assistant said yesterday that Joyce Woodson was away at a conference and unavailable for comment.

Police said the two teenagers egged Boissonnault's home in the early hours of July 2. About 3:30 a.m., Boissonnault said he was awakened by an anonymous phone call. Minutes later, he said, his house on East Mason Avenue in Del Ray was being barraged, and he saw youths throwing more than a dozen eggs. Several eggs hit and damaged the screen covering his sleeping daughter's bedroom window, he said.

"If they had continued, one more egg would have just landed on my 7-year-old," Boissonnault said. "I stayed home from work the next day to finish scrubbing and cleaning."

A third suspect was with the two teenagers, but police have concluded their investigation, police spokeswoman Amy Bertsch said.

Bertsch said that James Luby's court hearing probably would be held this month and that Samuel Howard Woodson, better known as "Max," would appear in court next month.

Boissonnault's Web site, www.whatmatters.ws, summarizes -- and often blasts -- recent School Board decisions and advocates Perry's resignation and Luby's removal.

Boissonnault said that he has collected about 300 signatures and that he needs at least 800 to get a court hearing on their removal.

Hours before Perry's arrest, she and several School Board members attended a heated meeting with parents at Lyles-Crouch who were upset about a decision to transfer their principal to academically struggling Maury Elementary School. Perry, Luby and a district staff member went to a nearby restaurant after the meeting.

One week after Perry's arrest, the School Board voted to allow the superintendent to keep her job, albeit with a shortened contract and mandatory alcohol counseling.

Boissonnault wondered yesterday what consequences the politicians' children would face.

"Parents aren't responsible for the decisions their adult children make, but what kind of messages are we sending?" he asked. "You have no consequences for Rebecca Perry, no consequences for Melissa Luby and then you have an elected School Board member's son attacking a house. Now you have a council member's son."

School Board Chairman Mark O. Wilkoff and Vice Chairman Mary "Mollie" Danforth did not return calls seeking comment. School Board member Kenneth L. Foran said he sympathized with all the families involved.

"These are real people with real emotions, real feelings and real concerns," he said. "As an Alexandria School Board member, I am concerned about the effect that this entire matter, including the superintendent's drunk driving conviction, will have on Alexandria schoolchildren."