Injured Kitten Euthanized

ASHBURN, Autumnwood Square, July 6. An animal control officer responded to a report of a stray kitten with an injured tail. The officer found the kitten, which had an open wound on its tail that was infested with maggots. The officer took the kitten to a veterinarian, who euthanized it because of its injuries.

Thin Cat Provokes Suspicions

LEESBURG, Nansemond Street, July 7. A man reported that his neighbor's cat had lost half its body weight and did not seem well. An animal control officer found the cat to be thin but not emaciated. The officer spoke with its owner and verified that it had a current rabies vaccination. No further action was taken.

Puppy Stuck Under Garage Door

STERLING, Trumpet Circle, July 9. A woman reported that a puppy's head was stuck under a garage door and that it was barking in distress. An animal control officer found that a yellow Labrador retriever puppy had been tied to the top of the garage door by a long leash. A sheriff's deputy helped the officer free the dog. The officer spoke with the dog's owner and issued a warning to confine it more safely.

Stray Lab Taken to Shelter

SOUTH RIDING, Murrey Drive, July 9. A woman reported that she had confined a stray Labrador retriever mix to her home. She said the dog belonged to a neighbor who let it run loose and did not provide shelter or water. An animal control officer took the dog to the animal shelter, where it was awaiting its owner.

A Case of 'Misnaken' Identity

LEESBURG, Feldgrove Drive, Monday. A woman reported that a red, black and yellow snake was in her home. An animal control officer was dispatched, but the call was canceled when the woman reported that the "snake" was actually a ruler that belonged to her son.