Note: The county planning office file number for each project is included.

Projects Proposed

Lexington Park Area

1. Pegg Run Town Homes, east side of Pegg Road, about 2,250 feet south of Pegg Lane. A plan to subdivide 5.103 acres for a 37-lot subdivision. No. 03-120-042.

Piney Point Area

2. Oakwood Lodge, southeast side of Lighthouse Road, about 1,500 feet southwest of Route 249. A site plan to subdivide 2.39 acres for six townhouses. No. 04-132-014.

Projects Approved

California Area

3. St. Mary's Crossings, south side of St. Andrew's Church Road at St. Andrew's Lane. A site plan to subdivide 249.49 acres for a 333-lot subdivision. No. 04-120-014.

Leonardtown Area

4. Bell Family Subdivision, west side of Medley's Neck Road, about 1,200 feet southwest of Route 5. A plan for five additional lots on a private road with a parent tract of about 195.16 acres. No. 03-110-026.

Lexington Park Area

5. Essex Woods and Essex Woods North, west side of Willows Road, about 6,000 feet south of Great Mills Road. A plan to subdivide 132.07 acres for a 310-lot subdivision. No. 03-120-014.

Park Hall Area

6. Greenbrier, section 5, west side of Hermanville Road, about one mile south of Route 235. A plan to subdivide 79.16 acres for an 83-lot subdivision. No. 03-120-015.

7. Greenbrier, section 6, west side of Hermanville Road, about one mile south of Route 235. A plan to subdivide 17.46 acres for a 40-lot subdivision. No. 03-120-020.

Building Permits Issued

California Area

8. Greenview West Professional Building, Greenview Parkway. A permit to construct two office buildings. Nos. 04-1533 and 04-1534.

9. St. Mary's County Airport, Airport Road. A permit to build four airplane hangars at the airport. No. 04-1344-1347.

Charlotte Hall Area

10. Willow Oak Retail Center, 29800 Three Notch Rd. A permit for a retail and customer service building. No. 03-2198.

Hollywood Area

11. Davis Office Park, 43915 Commerce Ave. A permit to build two office buildings. Nos. 04-1610 and 04-1611.

Mechanicsville Area

12. County First Bank, 37605 New Market Rd. A permit to build a bank. No. 04-1065.

-- Compiled by BONNIE SMITH