Stand by Your Party,

Or Go Join Another One

Actions speak louder than words. Lead by example. Those are things we have all been taught since early childhood.

Isn't it strange that Mr. Rick Hendrix [Letters to the Editor, July 11] conveniently forgets that, as a member of the Republican executive committee, the perception of his actions is what is important. In this significantly important leadership role, it is his duty to support the tenets and platform of the party, period. If he disagrees with the party, he is free to leave at any time.

I, for one, would love to see him and the rest of his ilk switch their "loyalties" to another party. Perhaps they could switch to "that other party" that loves nothing better than to continue to spend money they haven't earned -- my money. And then, they want to devise a plan for income redistribution so that those who don't pay their share are able to partake of my efforts.

Mr. Hendrix, you are being duplicitous in your letter. You complain about Prince William board Chairman Sean T. Connaughton's tax cut (there was, in fact, a tax cut) and imply that your taxes have risen 50 percent. Is that because your property increased in value? Would you rather have it decrease? Would you rather have our friends in Fairfax and Loudoun counties reap the benefits of increased growth and property values while we remain stagnant? Or better yet, let's cut the services you and the other spendthrifts demand from the county.

You're right, Mr. Hendrix, I want you and others like you out of the Prince William Republican Party.

William A. Joseph

Lake Ridge

Restaurant Supporter

Feels Duped, Used

It appears that all the loyal fans of Tim's Rivershore Restaurant and Crabhouse have been reeled in hook, line and sinker as Tim Bauckman skillfully manipulated the media, his customers, KSI and everyone else into taking pity on his poor, poor, pitiful me story.

Bauckman had recently signed off on an agreement with KSI to sell his business and properties across the CSX tracks to KSI shortly before Board of County Supervisors Chairman Sean T. Connaughton (R) and Supervisor Hilda M. Barg (D-Woodbridge) arrived to try and assist Tim's Rivershore from the alleged mismanagement by the county.

Supervisors Maureen S. Caddigan (R-Dumfries) and John D. Jenkins (D-Neabsco) also went to Tim's later because they wanted to help Bauckman get back to normal operations soon.

On June 4, the county rightfully closed the restaurant's decks for not following the proper permit process, something Bauckman made out to be the county's and everyone else's fault but his.

Around March 2003, KSI made an offer to purchase Tim's property across the railroad tracks, but Bauckman refused.

Bauckman allegedly called KSI on June 7, wanting to sell his property and proceeded to negotiate with KSI. Remember that Bauckman was crying foul and saying the Planning Office, Board of County Supervisors and everyone else was deterring his efforts to operate his business. This was simply not true. KSI allegedly delivered a contract to Tim on June 19, just three days before Bauckman spoke before the board, pleading for help in expediting the paperwork he had withdrawn months before. Bauckman refused to see any board members June 23, after the Tuesday board meeting, claiming he had family issues to take care of.

Apparently those family issues happened to be selling to KSI after the phony hoopla about the county disrupting his business. All the Tim's Rivershore commotion was just an act in which Bauckman betrayed his loyal customers who were cheering for him to prevail against the big, bad county government, when the county didn't cause any of his problems.

Many people were duped. It was even suggested by one naive board member, that rather than requiring the owner to follow the site plan process, county staff should issue a "temporary nonconforming use permit." But there is no such provision in the zoning ordinance.

Since Bauckman agreed to sell his restaurant, he has made a feeble attempt at apologizing before the board, noting he "wasn't an angel" in all this. It should be noted that Tim's has been in noncompliance of the American With Disabilities Acts rules requiring an accessible ramp to the restaurant and that Bauckman also overbuilt extra decks in violation of county codes.

I must apologize to all the county officials I criticized, along with KSI, during subsequent e-mails preceding this farce by Bauckman to hoodwink his customers just to squeeze more money from KSI. Financial gain is one thing, but deceiving those who trusted you is another issue.

It was all about money and had nothing to do with the permits. I hope Bauckman and his gang can sleep well at night after losing the trust and loyalty of so many people who gave their all for nothing but the fortunes of a few. Was it really worth it?

Keith Kessler

Dale City

Franco-American Ties

Too Important to Sever

What is wrong with Northern Virginia people? Are we so self-serving that we've lost touch with the true meaning of America? Are our lives so busy that we can't open our hearts, and homes, to children who want to learn about our culture? Or perhaps we're still in the anti-French mindset?

For the past five years I have helped forge hundreds of Franco-American friendships. Washington area families have always responded to the LEC French exchange program with great enthusiasm. They realized that world peace and understanding must start at home.

But, this year, I can't believe the poor response! We still have six French students, ages 15 to 17, who want to become a part of an American family for three weeks in August. These are children who have dreamed of the United States and want desperately to experience the typical "American way of life."

Time is running out: There are only two weeks left before their arrival. Will I have to turn them away? If any families out would be willing to share their lives with a French student this summer, they should call me at 703-392-6234 or 703-371-8582.

Despite government decisions, help contribute to understanding and peace among the people of the world. Now, more than ever, we need your help in keeping the Franco-American friendship alive.

Louise Lamy

LEC general coordinator