The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

BLACKWALNUT CT., 1337-Richard M. Erwin Jr. to Katie Ordakowski and Travis Reed, $340,000.

BLACKWELL RD., 1032-Darlene S. Moeller to Egleema Amiri and Feroz Tamana, $320,000.

BREAKWATER DR., 925-Craig W. Miller to Craig A. Martin, $252,500.

CHESAPEAKE AVE., 710-Douglas L. Lashley to Britton J. and Margaret G. Wanick, $525,000.

GARDEN GATE LANE, 218-Edward A. Bradford to Christopher W. and Katherine A. Brown, $217,000.

INDIAN LANE, 115-Hilda M. Wiencke, trustee, to Christopher S. Zarba and Amy E. Battaglia, $868,000.

MAGNOLIA LANE, 108-Norman J. Finkle to H. and R. Investors Corp., $280,000.

NEWCHURCH CT., 3102-Solon K. Webb to Gary and Wendy M. Carr, $379,900.

PINE MANOR DR., 9-Keith J. Murray to Henry C. and Barbara E. Hirsch, $550,000.

SANDPIPER LANE, 1010, No. 6-Robert A. Warner to Dorothy A. Jagen and Thomas L. Baugher, $715,000.

TUCKAHOE CREEK CT., 614-Michael Baker to Elsa Baker, $160,000.

WILLOW HILL RD., 2700-David R. Watt to Elizabeth Ryon, $899,000.

YOUNGS FARM RD., 1239-Luong Van Tran to Cheryl A. McGovern, $175,000.


Sandy Point State Park Area

ACTON PL., 5-Diego F. Calderon to David J. and Lisa K. Grasso, $895,000.

ADMIRAL DR., 615, No. 407-William F. Leslie to David H. Weissman, $235,000.

ASHWOOD CT., 1462-Joseph A. Berry to Kelly C. Drennan, $228,800.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 1914-Bruce Cunningham to Keith and Lorraine E. Fraser, $390,000.

BAYWIND DR., 1021-Velma L. Whitaker to Ralph Duvall, $159,000.

BESTGATE RD., 802-Thomas Baldwin to 802 Bestgate Corp., $500,000.

BRAMLEIGH LANE, 979-Stanley D. Schlosser to Gary L. Shaffer, $600,000.

BROADMOOR DR., 729-Cheryl L. Kinser to Brian Olson, $323,000.

CANANARO DR., 1636-Mariann R. Garner to William E. and Bridgett M. Lee, $221,500.

CHESAPEAKE RD., 2008-Roger H. Goodes to Prudential Relocation Inc., $658,000.

DUKE OF GLOUCESTER ST., 80-John C. York to Brian L. and Kendra S. Darnell, $2.5 million.

EAST ST., 25-Daniel S. McCahan to Julie and Kurt Sellerberg, $420,000.

GLEN AVE. N., 307-Jonathan E. Drum to Matthew D. Albanese, $475,000.

GLENWOOD ST., 724-Donald K. Bice to Zaun Kligge and Alison C. Edge, $300,000.

GREEN HOLLY DR., 1166-Robert J. Dudley to Kristy L. Settnek and William Fidyk, $277,900.

RIVA RD., 2711-Carolyn J. Pappamihiel to Deborah A. Brookes, $130,000.

RIVER FALLS CT., 902-Brian K. Duffield to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $497,500.

ROYAL ST., 521-Vashti A. Holt to Nelson A. Cruz and Santos L. Hernandez, $130,000.

SCENIC HILLS WAY, 855-Earl P. Schubert Sr. to Ronald L. and Samdra J. Shaver, $415,000.

SHAM CT., 1663-Frank D. Lawler to Jennifer Lawler, $40,000.

SHERWOOD TRAIL, 351-Susan Barbera to Kenneth A. Godlewski and Jacquelina S. Gradisar, $952,000.

SHERWOOD FOREST RD., 998-Albert E. Mills to Charles A. and Deborah L. Sheehan, $400,000.

SUMMER VILLAGE DR., 122, No. 114-Nancy A. Greene to Louis E. and Cathy S. Lugo, $409,900.

SUMMER VILLAGE DR., 123, No. 59-Zola M. Winegardner to John P. Downs, $369,950.

SUNWOOD LANE, 502-Timothy B. Rauch to H. Steven and Stacy M. Berry, $495,000.

TAYLOR AVE., 213-Kincey Potter and Associates Corp. to Andreas Apter, $280,000.

VALLEY RD., 1973-Thomas I. Powell to Joanne R. Maloney, $365,000.

WARNERS TER. N., 2001, No. 310-Kimberly McIlwain to Steven E. Sprague, $234,000.

WINCHESTER RD., 1674-Edward T. Johnson to Jose L. Diaz, $349,000.

WOOD TREE CT. W., 1626-Douglas A. Hedin to Claudine W. Bryce, $171,500.

WOODMONT RD., 842-Elizabeth M. Sunter to Beverly D. Wood, $385,000.

Arnold Area

BRASSIE CT., 1118, No. 69-Karen Hott Barthold to James F. Barthold, $281,400.

COLONIAL RIDGE LANE, 400, No. 1-John R. Hill to Lee S. and Georganna Carroll, $200,000.

DEEP CREEK AVE., 1070-Brian G. Hahn to Kristine R. Donaghy, $757,000.

KEVINS DR., 575-Anne Hoyer Eckholm to Timothy F. and Linda J. Gorman, $445,000.

LOUISE LANE, 491-Thomas L. Stevens to Celso B. Alonso, $290,000.

MASTERS DR., 1262, No. 180-Edward P. Matthews to Lynn M. Hale, $257,000.

SEMINOLE DR., 1260, No. 28-Mary K. Outten to Charles B. and Diane E. Hickok, $225,000.

STANFORD CT., 425-Marc D. Lewis to Timothy J. Tiger and Kimberly M. Carlson, $315,000.

Brooklyn Area

DORIS AVE., 212-Roy G. Lebon Jr. to Stephen and Gina Brown, $155,000.

HARBOR VALLEY DR., 5617-Lila S. Griswould to Filmore E. and Celeste A. Miley, $190,900.

RITCHIE HWY., 4607-Charles F. Bisesi to Kim Nguyen and Michael Tran, $145,000.

FOURTH AVE., 206-Michael D. Mangum to Leo D. Barclay, $195,000.

Churchton Area

BASKIN ST., 5509-Donald E. Johnson to Mark S. and Lori R. Ciatto, $145,000.

BERKLEY MANOR LANE, 5519-Cameron L. Minor to Sarith A. Ercoline, $192,900.

CHESAPEAKE DR., 1248-Bay Cove Properties Corp. to Mary Losikoff, $529,900.

DELAWARE AVE., 1228-D. Leigh Sumner to Richard P. and Heidi D. Hyatt, $239,900.

Crofton Area

ENCINO DR., 1904, No. E-James E. Kaufman Jr. to Alfreda Proctor, $163,000.

FALLOWFIELD CT., 1604, No. 160417-Louis M. Underwood to James S. Brooks, $183,000.

FALSTONE LANE, 1500, No. 52-Glenn R. Ankney to Kristi Krankowski and George L. Thompson, $205,000.

FOXDALE CT., 1849, No. 118-Stewart H. Parker to Elaine C. Fritcher, $184,900.

HAPPY LANE, 2061, No. A-Margaret R. Shepherd to Dean R. Demoss, $132,000.

JEDFOREST DR., 1404-Michael W. Hill to Adrianne A. Burrows, $262,000.

LESH CT., 2505-Tammy L. Ditto to Margaret A. Joyce Sender, $262,500.

LINKWOOD LANE, 1745-Violet E. Brown to James and Faye Spiers, $275,000.

NANTUCKET DR., 2334-Basilios J. Kouroupis to Sally J. Erdman Jones, $420,000.

ORLEANS CT., 1440, No. 125YB-Charles H. Hinton Jr. to Krista M. Mancini, $163,500.

REYNOLDS CT., 1803-Elizabeth T. Mahr, trustee, to Thomas D. and Kimberlee Elder, $483,000.

THISTLE BROOKE CT., 1410-Charles W. Lane to Jonathan and Amira Goldsmith, $500,000.

WINDY OAK CT., 2570-Donna M. Kiewra to Relocation Resources International, $266,000.

Crownsville Area

MILLER CIR., 1035-William K. McWilliams to Stephen Howell, $499,000.

PENDERBROOKE CT., 1211-Linda L. Everett to Nelson F. and Linda D. Stammer, $900,000.

PENDERBROOKE DR., 2010-Richard T. Brien to Peggy J. Wood, $840,000.

RIVERSIDE DR. S., 353-Raymond Burleson Jr. to Stephen J. and Janet S. Heise, $265,000.

Curtis Bay Area

EDGEWATER RD., 8111-Kathy Jo Smith to Dennis W. and Kristy L. Johnston, $140,000.

GARDENVIEW CT., 7158-Arthur E. Berg to Hanh Pham, $168,500.

HILLTOP RD., 815-Deborah A. Tucker to David Simard, $67,000.

LAUREN WAY, 925-Leonard Poole to Gershon Hoffer, $157,000.

RIVERWOOD WAY, 1321, No. 405-Patricia L. Williams to Angela Brice, $285,000.

RIVERWOOD WAY, 1351, No. 392-Sally N. Noveras to James A. Day, $195,000.

Davidsonville Area

VALE CT., 2547-Gregory H. Oglivie to Thomas J. and Joni Karr, $593,300.

Deale Area

TYLER POINT RD., 718-Carol B. Thompson to Alexander M. and Michele D. Thompson, $225,000.

Edgewater Area

LOCH HAVEN DR., 3509-Arthur H. Romer Jr. to Julia A. Lasher, $359,900.

OLDTOWN RD., 1713-Thomas M. McDermott to Ronald W. Blair, $166,000.

PENNINGTON CT., 1410-Francis F. Montagliani to Shawn M. Selzer, $317,000.

RIVERSIDE RD., 256-Frederick G. Tripp to John M. and Mary C. Belcher, $1.8 million.

Gambrills Area

ANNAPOLIS RD., 920-Rodney J. Griebel to Michael J. and Judith G. O'Toole, $367,000.

PATUXENT OVERLOOK, 2292-John H. Snyder to Mary E. Luddy and Rick L. Barton, $639,999.

Glen Burnie Area

A ST. SW, 106-Betty W. Dawson to Carrie Wagner, $190,000.

CRAIN HWY. NW, 908-Marian M. Butler to Alton D. and Arlene F. Grimes, $290,000.

EAST PARK DR., 7941-Joseph F. Dowdrick to Michael Ring, $109,000.

FORTUNE CT., 624-Lynn M. Moore to Francine Stowers, $169,900.

FURNACE BRANCH RD. W., 309-Jamelen A. Kahler to John Fauceglio and Susan Hill, $170,000.

KENILWORTH CT., 488-Citifinancial Inc. to Marissa and Monte Allen, $140,000.

MAINVIEW CT., 460-George L. Gallia to RMG Investments, $94,000.

MAPLE LANE NW, 101-George A. McCormick to North Arundel Properties Corp., $122,500.

MILTON AVE., 314-Jane E. Schlueter to Martin R. and Janet T. Becker, $179,900.

MOUNT VERNON LANE, 6488-Joseph M. Tucker to Clementine A. Thompson, $105,000.

MYERS DR., 7933-Carolyn J. Bell to Daniel and Mary Ann Lovell, $230,000.

OAKWOOD VILLAGE CT., 286, No. 3-Angela C. Venturella to Earl E. Wartenberg, $155,000.

OLEN DR., 138-Carl M. Stinchcomb to Michele R. and Nicole D. Ammons, $156,000.

PAMELA RD., 609-Anthony D. Griffin to Titus Properties, $160,000.

ROSE AVE., 303-Charles R. Warfel Jr. to Department of Veterans Affairs, $109,800.

VALIANT CIR., 320-Brian Russell to Amanda N. Collins, $132,000.

FOURTH AVE., 405-Peter B. Sarelas to Robert G. and Teresa E. Valentine, $197,500.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BARBARA CT., 814-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Benjamin E. and Corie A. Rainey, $129,000.

DUBLIN DR., 393-Scott H. Hommel to Kathy L. Cooper, $245,000.

HAMMARLEE RD., 258-Cindy J. Beyer to Gershon Hoffer, $128,500.

HOLLOWAY RD., 30-Stephen Lyba to Joan L. Keating, $160,000.

JAKI TER., 7806-Ameriquest Mortgage Co. to Charles and Joy Keener, $92,000.

LANSING RD., 1815-David Zaengle to James L. Sterling, $126,000.

MARLEY AVE., 705-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Joseph M. and Roxann M. Paesch, $147,001.

MOUNTAIN RD., 118, No. 3D-Sheli Ann Engles to Patricia A. May, $115,000.

RENFRO CT., 492-Gabriel W. Campbell to Brandon P. and Michelle L. Perks, $185,000.

ROSE ANNE RD., 1014-Rose M. Laage, trustee, to George J. Debow, $128,000.

SOUTH MEADOW DR., 105-Elta C. Corron to Deborah S. Huntemann, $149,000.

SPRING MAIDEN CT., 200, No. 201-Robert G. Pepersack Sr. to Chul W. and Kang M. Park, $122,500.

SECOND ST., 1005-Philip P. Everson to Angela A. Levy, $201,000.

SIXTH ST., 1035-Ernest O. Heinl to Steven M. and Barbara A. Heinl, $150,000.

Hanover Area

EAST PLATEAU DR., 7554-Katherine D. Sears to Alan Copsey, $206,000.

FAIRBANKS CT., 7650-Tina M. Otwell to James B. Stough, $153,000.

Harwood Area

WHITE BEECH DR., 3002-Real Estate General Limited to Teena Patterson and Marsha S. Johnson, $410,820.

Laurel Area

ACCOKEEK ST., 8620-Roger L. McGee to Temitayo Chestnut and Alexa Oesterle, $232,900.

BITTERWOOD PL., 3400, No. A203-Daphne Jefferson to Dianne P. McMahon, $175,000.

BROCK BRIDGE RD., 339-John Whyte to Yolanda Brown, $180,000.

BROOKTREE ST., 8309-Christopher S. Jodon to Eugene and Stella Kim, $285,000.

CHASE HILLS DR., 3603-Frank A. Ruff to Vincent E. and Kelly M. Waddell, $354,900.

MARCEY CREEK RD., 3628, No. 86-Brian P. McCormack to Nadine Tolosa, $269,750.

PINEY WOODS PL., 3501-In Ku Jung to Laura Lennox, $182,500.

RIVER BEND CT., 3110, No. G303-Bend River Family Trust to Ashwath and Preeti Akirekadu, $175,000.

SHARPTOWN S., 249-James Panizari to Franklin J. and Susan Nouvet, $216,000.

SPADDERDOCK CT., 3108-Janell M. Salazar to Marlene Torres, $225,000.

SYCAMORE RIDGE RD., 237-Tory D. Smith to Alex J. Maldonado, $210,000.

YELLOW SPRINGS S., 448-Debra E. Hinton to A. Curtis and Brenda L. Sutherland, $235,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

APPLEGATE CT., 409-Stacey A. Whitesell to Andrew W. and Kimberlie J. Bolinger, $359,000.

CENTERHILL AVE., 378-George D. Adams Jr. to Wayne E. and Mary A. Jordon, $185,000.

GROVE RIDGE CT., 417-Michael W. Everett to Gary L. and Christine M. Armiger, $220,000.

HAMPTON RD., 305-Spectec Corp. to Christine M. Gange, $224,900.

KINGWOOD RD., 443-Ronald W. Eisenhardt to Colin Galanos, $273,900.

PATAPSCO RD., 37-Karen Riordan to Therese B. Wallace, $179,900.

WOODDALE RD., 706-Jessica L. Spencer to Charles A. Daniel, $280,000.

Lothian Area

COTTONWOOD DR., 5202-Bryan Funk to John R. Stickley Jr., $410,000.

Millersville Area

ALTA VISTA DR., 1300-Charles R. Allen Sr. to James R. and Anna M.W. Spencer, $282,000.

GENERALS HWY., 877-Mary K. Price to James R. Jones and Keith T. Wetzel, $550,000.

NATHAN WAY, 234-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Carri and Christopher Campbell, $137,000.

WINDY TRAIL, 8104-Gary A. Williams to Paul M. and Kaye V. Willbanks, $479,900.

WORTHINGTON RD., 474-Rest Partners Corp. to Ian B. Bibby, $162,000.

Odenton Area

BLUE SPRING CT., 2440, No. 302-Lisa M. Hall to Richard J. and Susan Ann Darling, $180,535.

BRIGHT MEADOW CT., 8716-William D. Giles to Bonny Ogar, $209,900.

BUNKER HILL CT., 2002-Scott M. Neil to Saji and Molly Paul, $400,000.

CHESTNUT TERRACE CT., 2402, No. 301-Elizabeth M. Denhardt to Nina K. Morris, $208,000.

COMMISSARY CIR., 2209, No. 284-Jeffrey T. Cameron to Cecilie Bonano, $200,000.

FOREST EDGE CT., 2408, No. 203G-Ronald S. Kutchey to Bryce B. and Birt Webley, $168,000.

HARVEST RUN DR., 707, No. 104-Douglas F. Rink to Mary Krahling, $161,000.

HIDDEN HILL CIR., 116-Darnell D. Stewart to Glen E. Clawson and Keith S. Jeppson, $230,000.

HIGGINS DR., 480-George J. Visconi to Mark J. and Esther G. Aguilar, $231,900.

ICY RUN TER., 514, No. 2-Jeanette E. Monell to Aminata and Abdoulaye Soumare, $192,000.

KING MALCOM AVE., 496-Earl W. Hendon to Debra L. Faber and Michael Brady, $149,900.

KINGDOM CT., 502, No. 4-20-Johnny W. Lewis to RMG Investments Inc., $141,000.

LIONS GATE LANE, 648, No. 16-648-Daniel J. Hercher to Danny R. Whitfield, $191,000.

LIONS GATE LANE, 708, No. 12-708-William A. Geschrei to Robert F. White Sr., $183,000.

NUTMEG CT., 834-Gregory A. Ryan to Corey J. and Rebecca J. Dellinger, $221,000.

ODENTON RD., 1295-Thomas A. Jackson to Gail P. Tapscott, $181,000.

PATUXENT RD., 980-James C. Fleming to Ulis R. and Carmelina C. Fleming, $245,000.

PINE MEADOWS DR., 8708-Winfred Barrow to Brant M. and Lawrence B. Zeigenfuss, $243,000.

REALM CT. E., 533, No. 10-62-Ivan G. Taylor to David Pschierer and Laura Piquero, $160,875.

RITA DR., 488-Jack C. Archambault to Richard L. and Dawn M. Livingston, $200,000.

RITA DR., 552-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Salomon Martinez and Nube A. Chimborazo, $158,002.

SNOWFALL CT., 2282-Kathleen A. Cook to Byron and Michelle Pena, $355,000.

SUMMERS RIDGE DR., 2717-Susan R. Slaughter to Elizabeth F. Secrest, $279,900.

THORNWOOD DR., 708-Robert A. Marino to Craig A. and Lisa A. Leydig, $400,000.

WILLIAMSBURG LANE, 506-Ursula T. Davis to Vivian S. Cornish, $278,000.

WILLOW LEAF CT., 2524-Robert C. Antonelli to Cassandra D. Roulhac, $192,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

ARUNDEL RD., 1934-Charles N. Mowery, trustee, to George M. Shannon, $150,500.

CARDINAL DR., 555-Marvin J. Shoop to John C. and Karen Ann Adams, $289,900.

CATHERINE AVE., 7954-Janice M. Escolopio to Rocco J. and Melissa L. Bowling, $223,900.

CHADWICK CT., 3624-Elizabeth A. Hewitt to Eric S. Long and Megan L. Blotzer, $135,000.

DISNEY AVE., 18-Curtis R. Griffith to Jay Mason Jr., $235,000.

FALCON DR., 241-Freddy D. Wendt to George D. and Pamela A. Ryder, $360,000.

HOLMESPUN DR., 1085-Fred W. Pinckney Jr. to John J. Kotofski and Danielle D. Wanner, $159,900.

HOULTON HARBOUR, 8628-C. Bradley Lawson to Kimberly A. Roberts, $125,000.

JADE CROSSING CT., 8136-Thomas Harig to Brian Dietz and Cynthia Woodall, $253,000.

LINDEN AVE., 7-Tracy T. Simpkins to Dennis K. and Holly C. Meyers, $275,000.

MAIN AVE., 8570-Gates G. Carson Jr. to Linda M. Carneiro, $158,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 261-James W. Neighoff to Lino Arquillano, $249,000.

NEPTUNE DR., 8563-John J. Blum Sr. to Eric Munk and Heather Downs, $168,000.

ORR CT., 1410-Marshall W. Van Horne III to Brian J. Alli, $436,900.

PEPPERBOX LANE, 7872-George W. Lynn to Jason B. Brandts and Nicole M. Urasek, $237,400.

SILVER RUN CT., 8239-Craig M. Arch to George A. and Monica Felt, $325,000.

WALL DR., 1627-Bobby G. Kirk to Lester C. Emerson, $299,000.

WILLOWBY RUN, 745-Nancy C. Akre to Robert A. Fahmy, $160,000.

214TH ST., 729-Cress Homes Inc. to Kelly M. Butts, $240,600.

Severn Area

DENSON DR., 104-Charles T. Wilkes Sr. to Seth G. and Jennifer L. Hanks, $187,500.

ELMHURST RD., 747-Gershon Hoffer to Tony W. and Wendy H. Young, $270,000.

HEATHER MIST DR., 7926, No. 68-Eric L. Savage to Calvin L. Roots Jr. and Carol M. Lott, $210,000.

HEATHER MIST DR., 7980, No. 88-Brian L. Stuckert to Kenneth T. Redman, $217,000.

JENNIE DR., 793-Daniel R. Kuczinski to Joshua D. Kuczinski, $164,000.

LASALLE PL., 1819-Gregory E. Stinner to John B. and Joan C. Mayers, $262,000.

MCABBOTT CT., 1501-Eric S. Benda to Joseph L. Catanzaro, $395,000.

PORTSMOUTH DR., 8264-Jennifer L. Dennis to Joshua E. Williams and Angela D. Reel, $141,900.

RICHARD AVE., 93-Thomas D. Jones to John J. and Shannon M. Smiechowski, $249,900.

SEA PINE CIR., 1758, No. 164-David D. Hobbs to Girish Tumbapura, $225,000.

STATESMAN ST., 7823-Patrick A.O. Adedoyin to Brain P. Reed, $190,000.

THRUSH MEADOW PL., 7922, No. 12-Jason R. Williams to Chinweikpe I. and Kate G. Wordu, $198,500.

WIEKER RD., 918-Thomas L. Perry to Karina D. Godinez, $169,900.

Severna Park Area

CREEK VIEW RD., 810-Philip A. Waltz to Curtis A. Chitty, $480,000.

FAIRFORD CT., 442-Jeffrey B. Smith to James W. Jeffcoat, $344,459.

FAIRFORD CT., 448-Kent R. Wegner to Thomas N. and Sharon A. McGalliard, $306,000.

Shady Side Area

CALLOWAY DR., 1510-Virginia V. Whisonant to Jason Robert Miles and Bridget H. Brennan, $248,000.

FREDERICK AVE., 4722-Thomas C. Miller to Janet L. Goldberg, $160,000.

HAWTHORNE ST., 1303-Mary Jane Pool to Margaret M. Albright, $222,500.

IDLEWILDE RD., 4716-Anderson L. Smith to Gregory G. and L. Monique Rutkai, $100,000.

JORDAN DR., 1344-Jospeh A. Santoiemma to Benjamin and Carol Ann Wyrostek, $210,000.

OAK AVE., 1174-Steven H. Sheckells to Barry Roache, $159,900.