Development Plan Rebuffed

The D.C. Zoning Commission last week ruled against a proposal that would have allowed higher-density development on a parcel in the West End, development that potentially jeopardized one of the neighborhood's only remaining moderately priced apartment buildings.

The owner of a parking lot -- bound by 23rd, L and 24th streets NW -- had asked the commission to increase the amount of residential and commercial development permitted on the land, bringing it more in line with the surrounding area. Local citizen groups and residents of the Tiverton, a modest apartment building located on the parcel, strongly opposed the request, because they believed it would allow the Tiverton to be razed and replaced with a luxury high-rise.

D.C. government planners had supported the rezoning, which also would have affected city-owned land that now contains the West End branch library and a D.C. police station. City officials said allowing more density would have opened the door to a public-private partnership to construct an upgraded library as part of a mixed-use, residential-commercial project.

Youth Grants Awarded

A community-based organization last week announced its annual cycle of grants, awarded to 18 community organizations for their recreational work with Ward 8 youth. Eighteen groups received a total of more than $40,000, with each group getting a grant of up to $3,000.

The Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative issues grants to individuals and groups working to improve conditions in Ward 8. The groups attempt to deal with child abuse and neglect, family support systems and domestic violence. The collaborative has given other community groups more than $200,000 in grants in the past five years.

The groups receiving grants were: Assumption Athletic Association; Barry Farm Resident Council; Birney Elementary School; Capital Community Institute; Freedom Youth Academy; FYOL; Gift Family Resource Center; Kani Shorter; Living Wages; Love Thy Neighbor; New Beginnings Ministries; Our Children; Power Center; Simon Elementary School; Tucker's Day Care Center; Unlimited Power Center; USA Boxing; and Wilkinson Elementary School.

-- Compiled by BRUCE C.T.