The following were among cases received recently by the Washington Humane Society. For more information or assistance, 24 hours a day, call 202-723-5730.

Kitten Injured; Boy Arrested

SOUTHERN AVE. SE, 3800 block, July 9. A D.C. police officer reported seeing a group of children tormenting a kitten in an apartment building parking lot. The officer said that a child tossed the animal into the air and that it fell down some steps before landing on the ground. A Humane Society officer arrived and picked up the kitten, which appeared unable to walk.

The cat's owner surrendered the pet, which was taken to a veterinarian. An X-ray showed that the kitten's femur was broken. The kitten was held at the society shelter pending further examination.

A 12-year-old boy was arrested.

Pregnant Dog in Distress

BLAINE ST. NE, 3900 block, July 7. A family took its 1-year-old Chihuahua to the Humane Society because it was having difficulty giving birth. One puppy had been born healthy, but a second had died and was caught in the birth canal. The family first took the dog to a veterinarian but could not afford the $250 fee for treatment. Because the dog needed immediate assistance, society staff members took it to another veterinarian. The dead puppy was removed and the adult dog was given antibiotics. Together with the surviving puppy, it was being monitored at the society shelter.

Dead Bulldog Found in Yard

ASCOT PL. NE, 200 block, July 9. The Humane Society received a call about a dog that appeared to be dying in the rear yard of a house. The dog reportedly was chained in sunlight, panting heavily and seeking shade. An officer found a dead female English bulldog chained to a fence without shelter.

The dog's owner allegedly refused to talk to the officer, who took the bulldog's body for a necropsy. The case was under investigation.

Another dog had been previously removed from the residence after it was found chained with a cable that was wrapped around one of its legs, injuring it, according to the society.

Wounded Pit Bull Euthanized

TRENTON PL. SE, 200 block, July 13. A woman asked Animal Control to take a relative's pit bull that had been left at her home. When an officer arrived, the woman said the dog had been attacked by another dog a week earlier. She had told her relative to take the pit bull, but he left it crated in her front yard, she said. The dog, which had infected bite wounds on its ears and head, was impounded and examined by a veterinarian, who determined that the wounds were at least eight to 10 days old. The dog was surrendered and euthanized. The case was under investigation.

Dog's Legs Tied Together

CHILDRESS ST. NE, 1300 block, July 12. Police called Animal Control about a stray pit bull hopping on a street. Its back legs had been tied together with a sock. An officer took the dog to the D.C. shelter, where the sock was removed. The dog was euthanized when no one claimed it.

Terrier's Family Hospitalized

MICHIGAN AVE. NW, 100 block, July 11. Police asked Animal Control to pick up a Cairn terrier after its owners were involved in an automobile accident while visiting from New Jersey. Two days later, a woman claimed her dog while her husband and two children were hospitalized.

-- Compiled by SARAH LANE