The following home sales were recently recorded in the District and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc. and the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. To find sale and assessment records for homes in the District and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


GALES ST., 2041-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ayotunde Atiroko, $78,999.

MARYLAND AVE., 637-Vincent L. Abell to Lee F. and Lily H. Gunn, $630,000.

PENN ST., 1239-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Christopher Schwapp, $176,000.

U ST., 161-Rasheed A. Komolafe to Aboubacar Kone, $250,000.

THIRD ST., 5713-Estate of Patricia Speleos to Silvio Mamani, $132,000.

FOURTH ST., 1961-Gloria Parker to Rap Inc., $195,000.

EIGHTH ST., 716-Justin F. Genzlinger to Marc L. Lesnick and Jane A. Willkoimn, $616,000.

12TH ST., 4209-Angela and Charles J. James to Stefan Deichmann and Katherine T. Nahapetian, $309,000.

15TH ST., 602-Department of Housing and Urban Development to David Diop, $363,000.

22ND ST., 3211-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Deborah M. Anderson, $156,000.

27TH ST., 2839-Ida M. Yolkum to Knachica Ruffin, $160,000.

36TH ST., 208-Anthony Adams to Stacey R. Glover, $175,000.

56TH ST., 226-Samuel H. Jefcoat and Juanita Mitchell to Adari Investment Inc., $62,000.


ARKANSAS AVE., 4101-Barbara L. Penn to Rolando A. Andrewn, $250,000.

BENTON ST., 3755-Ana and Michael P. Caskin to Debra L. Marks, $590,000.

CALVERT ST., 2501, No. 512-Mary Kathryn Lynch to Adelaide and R. Scott Wallinger, $390,000.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 4200, No. 916-Alisa D. Abrams to Jessica Bunin, $259,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 3616, No. 103-James M. Bailey to Daniel J. Donoghue, $160,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 3701, No. 433-David F. Teitelbaum to Andrea C. Duskas, $274,500.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 5235-L. Bradley Smith and Leonard S. Smith Trust to Hector Collison, $579,000.

CORCORAN ST., 1806-David A. and Linda B. Williams to Rosa Seara Espina, $535,000.

FARRAGUT PL., 64-Sammie J. Williamson to Stephen Downing, $204,000.

GARFIELD ST., 3832-Frances H. Dils and Stuart W. Edwards to David M. Edelstein and Robin W. Peck, $717,500.

GARRISON ST., 3937-John D. and Laurie S. Muir to Stephan L. Diamond and Unice B. Lieberman, $709,500.

ILLINOIS AVE., 4507-Charles Lee and Ruby Hicks Hairston to Vincent L. Abell, $127,810.

INGOMAR PL., 3619-Timothy Condon to Elizabeth M. Boles, $625,000.

IRVING ST., 1230-Oluwafiropo F. and Oyin Akinseye to 1543 Sixth Street Corp., $350,000.

KENYON ST., 1615, No. 34-F. Michael Willis to Cheryl Mitchell, $235,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 1312, No. 608-Ronald K. Kipke to Mary L. Hanson, $312,000.

NORTH CAPITOL ST., 1716-Dionne Fennell to Fatima Senghore, $300,000.

P ST., 1718, No. 606-H. James Zellers to Alexis and Carol K. Segal, $329,000.

Q ST., 1525, No. 11-Clarke T. Cooper to Ilene R. Zeitzer, $359,500.

R ST., 3314-David F. and Martha R. Webb to Robert N. and Susan A. McFarland, $1.15 million.

SUTTON PL., 3289-Katherine J. Lapin to Patricia A. Matticola, $485,000.

SWANN ST., 1451-Ladan Eshkevari and Nicholas R. Perez to Michael D. Madnick, $774,900.

TUNLAW RD., 2401-Theodora and William Daniel Bromley to Robert and Robin Cunningham, $675,000.

VAN BUREN ST., 1420-Jacinto and Maria Rivera to Elaine G. and Robert R. Kelly, $462,500.

WATSON ST., 5126-Ellen M. Granum to Ana M. and Michael P. Caskin, $1.08 million.

SECOND ST., 6600-Eric W. and Valerie G. Scott to Nestor Gaona, $215,000.

SIXTH ST., 3225-UCB Property Holdings Corp. to Graziella Andrianifahanana, $195,000.

12TH ST., 2001, No. 217-Jean M. Hartnett to Sara P. Jaffe and David P. Ostroff, $440,000.

12TH ST., 7435-Steven Madeoy to Habib A. Azari and Monireh Vahid Roudsari, $370,000.

17TH ST., 1401, No. 610-Stephanie P. Ahmed to Gordana and Jalel Azaiez, $260,000.

22ND ST., 1099, No. 610-Janice Lynn Delaval to Cynthia Clarke and John Henry Weber, $725,000.

22ND ST., 1311-David N. and Margaret W. Young to Anthony T. Dobranksi, $1.3 million.

30TH ST., 1077, No. 511-Lyell Rodieck to Lana H. and Walid H. Kattan, $460,000.

46TH ST., 4722-Florence C. Skretowicz to Scott G. Dresser, $662,000.


G ST., 1226-Cobbie L. Ransom to Johannes C. Cooke, $175,000.

HILLSIDE RD., 4621-Maria D. Howard to Michael Finley, $175,000.

NASH PL., 3001-Helen A. Jurasek to Robert Glass, Paul D. McGinn and Zoe C. Strickland, $220,000.

RALEIGH PL., 631-Delia M. Bostic to Germain J. and Phillip P. Graham, $88,000.

S ST., 1719-Ronald F. Harrison to Marvin Lester, $161,000.

STANTON RD., 2702-71 Florida Avenue NW Corp. to Malik Turner, $199,000.

WADE RD., 2640, No. 14-Paul Gayet to Leroy T. Smith, $95,900.

FIFTH ST., 929-Willie Morris to Jerry D. and Kathy L. Massie, $70,000.

17TH ST., 233-Safisha T. Mance to Dawn E. and Edward J. Bohls, $249,900.

30TH ST., 3070, No. 104-Regent Crossing Corp. to Edward B. McLeod, $69,995.

31ST ST., 2116-Edna D. Vaughn and Patrice D. Williams to Curtis Baker, $227,500.


FOURTH ST., 1435, No. B701-Nancy R. O'Brien to Joan Carmichael and Phillip Schmitt, $99,000.