The following home sales were recently recorded for southern Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

CAVALIER DR., 6621-Carla Hellwig to Darlene Lewis, $285,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

ASHBY LANE, 7503-Richard R. Swenton to Suzanne M. and Howard J. Schulze, $255,000.

BOLD LION LANE, 7829-Meng Y. Gu and Yong W. Shi to Jacquelyn D. and Countee Collins, $376,000.

BRINDLE HEATH WAY, 6822, No. 242-Michael A. Meade to Melissa D. and Kathleen R. Brach, $255,000.

BROOKLAND CT., 5611-Lorin B. Keuhner to Larisa M. Collado, $389,950.

FRANCONIA RD., 4811-Felix, Georgia B. and John M. Deresky to Mohammed M. Siddiqi, $274,100.

GRANGE LANE, 6533, No. 401-Carl A. and Catherine E. Coslick to Andrew C. and Peggy S. Giancola, $263,550.

HERITAGE HILL DR., 5755-Murray Scheine to Susan M. Klemens and Daniel A. Root, $295,000.

HIGH MEADOW RD., 5903-Christopher H. Kirby to Bradley and Keri Lyn Coleman, $318,000.

HILLARY CT., 6331-Inpanh and Vilayvone T. Visoutsri to Bryan Lybarger, $255,000.

JOWETT CT., 5535-Natarajan and Anju Vinod to Fatima Amir, $399,900.

KELSEY POINT CIR., 6570-Michael J. Golebiewski to William T. and Jeannie Caldwell, $359,900.

MALLORY LANE, 7321-Jerald A. and Christine E. Rosenberg to Timothy D. Alderman and L. Baxter Lawrence, $405,000.

OSPREY POINT LANE, 6510-Clayton Bowman Jr. to Irma E. Brussow, $315,900.

PATENT PARISH LANE, 6621-Peng Zhao and Sanqiang Jian to Kenneth Kamppila, $381,000.

ST. GILES WAY, 5912-Marcia L. McGowan to Mary K. Quinn, $285,000.

TOPPER CT., 8060-Mitchell T. and Tammy S. Anderson to Kirk M. and Laurie L. Easton, $252,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6915-Jean Michele Collum to Michael B. and Annette Schiffer, $208,000.

WICKFORD DR., 7303-Frank C. McCann to Robert A. Sims and Carrie C. Kimberlin, $325,000.

Annandale Area

ASPEN HILL CT., 4623-Brookfield Aspen Hill Corp. to Thomas M. Casey and Deborah L. Shade, $505,340.

ASPEN HILL CT., 4627-Brookfield Aspen Hill Corp. to Richard and Diane Chavez, $501,325.

ASPEN HILL CT., 4640-Brookfield Aspen Hill Corp. to Christina Scheppelmann and Catherine L. Murtagh, $565,890.

ASPEN HILL CT., 4643-Brookfield Aspen Hill Corp. to Meimei Z. Tidrow and James Hawley, $500,015.

BANNER CT., 5002-Robert M. and Emma S. Lukeman to John Duong and Ninh S. La, $300,000.

BYRDS NEST PASS, 7824-Ayampillay Jeyanathan to Amy Towne, $319,000.

CHAMPIONSHIP DR., 3991-Todd and Janet Rubsamen and Bertha A. Yanker to Charles and Sheryl Jackson, $300,000.

DONNYBROOK CT., 7747, No. 107-Edrisy and Filomena Gaitan to Vilma B. Rodriguez and Edgar W. Funes, $150,000.

IVYDALE DR., 3800-Republic National Title Insurance Co. to Sanny S. Lesmana and Linda E. Budhinata, $400,000.

KING RICHARD DR., 4903-Jae Y. You to Tae H. Yun, $375,000.

LITTLE RIVER DR., 4531-Jeffrey N. and Veeree Kadans to Mohammad A. Sayyad and Saadia Regragui, $315,000.

SAUQUOIT LANE, 4922-Gabriel Gosalvez to Carla and Marco Vasquez, $290,000.

TERRELL ST., 4914-Colin A. Campbell and Arlene K. Tave to Jaime and Hyeok Berrios, $369,000.

WOODBURN RD., 3350, No. 34-Byung Hyun to Scott C. Cuviello, $169,000.

WOODBURN RD., 3352, No. 14-Barbara G. Beaver to Agnes R. and Catalino C. Yaptenco, $175,000.

WOODBURN RD., 3378, No. T2-Sandra G. and William A. Gonzalez to Mark A. Plamondon, $184,900.

ZANUCK CT., 7475-Elinor B. Stroud to Huong T. Pham, $296,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

GLENMORE DR., 3310-Frances B. Bockis and Samuel J. Boatwright Jr. to Anton V. Dvorichtchine, $329,000.

N. ROSSER ST., 3702, No. T3-Kevin E. Connelly to Delmy Flores, $145,000.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 830-Imran and Kamran Shaukat to Jei S. Park, $202,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3701-Christine P. Hathaway to Linda L. Dewan, $125,000.

Burke Area

ANNABERG PL., 5986-Mary L. Ononiwu to Madlene F. Loga and Ramzy T. Azir, $225,000.

CHESTNUT WOOD LANE, 10031-Alyce C. Penn to Mi K. Kim and Won I. Jung, $279,000.

COVE LANDING RD., 5831, No. 301-Myung H. and Eul Y. Lee to In W. Lim, $175,000.

HATCHES CT., 6103-James F. Fleming Jr. to Michael S. Coombs and Angela M. Wicks, $489,900.

HOME GUARD DR., 9020-Marisela and Scott B. Zack to Gregory P. and Jacqueline A. Roddy, $480,000.

NATICK RD., 9840-Carol D. and James R. Steele to Gene A. and Roxanne L. Piepenbrock, $492,000.

O'HARA LANDING CT., 5961-Sarita Nippuleti and Ravi K. Mullapudi to Ronald B. Abelson, $428,000.

WILLIAM KIRK LANE, 9407-Jinny Kusumo and Nico Lengkong to David C. Grier and Marsha L. Singer, $334,900.

Centreville Area

ALCOVE PATH, 13246-Pulte Home Corp. to Ae H. Yang, $351,100.

ASHER VIEW, 14127-M. Neal Robinson to Steven V. and Danielle L. Bloom, $247,000.

CHASEWOOD CIR., 6852-Lola A. Williams to Karen M. Rucker, $238,500.

COCHRAN PL., 4738-Centex Homes to Steven S. and Victoria F. Bowen, $588,860.

COMPTON LANE, 6939-Valerie C., Michael J. and Elaine Munsterman to Vanessa Sweeney, $272,999.

CRIMSON SKY CT., 5337-Pulte Home Corp. to Sitha Ngan, $360,300.

CRYSTALFORD LANE, 5429-Eunju L. and Hyuk K. Kwon to Hafiz Sekandari, $277,500.

FRANKFORD CIR., 13713-Donna K. and Dennis R. Greene to Ato Atughonu and Fenq L. Chu, $419,900.

GRINGSBY CT., 14453-Arisack J. Sayadeth to Elizabeth Thomason, $210,000.

GRUMBLE JONES CT., 14000, No. A-Zachary J. Wiener and Dana C. Shorter to Daniel Tedla, $221,500.

HICKORY POST CT., 14802-Nicole R. Smith to Leroy D. and Teresa E.W. Smith, $608,000.

JAMES HARRIS WAY, 6378-Rowena S. and Wilbert J. Holloway to Hee K. Piper, $274,000.

JULE STAR DR., 5290-Pulte Home Corp. to Donald E. Hulcher Jr. and Mary K. Mays, $366,650.

LAVENDER MIST LANE, 13528-Winchester Homes Inc. to Srinivas Rautwar, $396,400.

MARSHALL CROW RD., 4975-Lien T. Nguyen and Son T. Tran to Sumant S. and Kavitha S. Ranade, $589,900.

MCALESTER WAY, 6029-S.N. Addy to Xiangdong Feng and Meiling Gong, $343,000.

MIDNIGHT BLUE PL., 13418-Young B. Pyo to Ki L. Lee, $445,000.

MIST FLOWER DR., 13527-Winchester Homes Inc. to Robert E. Lamborn, $409,992.

SAMMIE KAY LANE, 5361-Pulte Home Corp. to Sung K. and Ja E. Pak, $589,900.

SAPPHIRE SKY LANE, 5141-Pulte Home Corp. to Sa N. and Hye S. Kang, $419,900.

SOUTHWARKE PL., 14718-Stefan M. Rahimian to Nelson L.G. Calderon and Silvia S.P. Gamarra, $226,000.

WALTER BOWIE LANE, 14002, No. A-David Dimattina to Lisette A. Villarivera, $230,000.

WINDING RIDGE LANE, 13916-Shari L. Mikedis to Jeremy and Emily R. Major, $245,000.

WINDING RIDGE LANE, 14041-Emmett A. Pepe to Deepak V. Bhagwat, $280,000.

WINDING WOODS DR., 5131-Michael and Crystal Miscio to Vincent H. and Pamela Heishman, $325,000.

WYCOMBE ST., 14743-Thomas Deegan to Sergio and Ana Guevara, $223,000.

Chantilly Area

BORDOLINO DR., 4234-Sal Aref to Marjina B. Harun, $200,000.

DAWN VALLEY CT., 4182, No. 80F-Matthew L. and Camarie S. Jones to Adam Doyle, $168,900.

FLATLICK BRAN DR., 4632-Raghuram Natesan and Deepa Raghuram to Henry and Linda Marchorro and Herlinda A. Leiva, $334,800.

PLACID LAKE CT., 4121, No. 56A-Su Chen Chien to Dinee E. Eriksen, $215,500.

POPLAR BRANCH DR., 4300-Katherine E. Abruzzino to James C. and Cindy L. Schaefer, $459,000.

SMALLWOOD CT., 13710-Hjordis E. Behen to Gregory W. and Cari W. Ruminski, $326,000.

STEPNEY LANE, 13606-Marion and Ronald J. Bechtle to Erick I. Bustillos, $258,000.

TRAVERS CT., 4170-Sumera Cheema to Thuy D. Pham and Daphna Shai, $510,000.

Clifton Area

LONESOME DOVE CT., 5655-Michael S. and Rebecca P. Campbell to David and Deborah Ebright, $452,400.

ORCHARD DR., 13523-Dolores S. McDonald to Thomas P. Robey, $196,000.

ROCK HOLLOW LANE, 6447-Equity Homes Partnership and Equity Homes Corp. to Alfred V. and Annina V. Neffgen, $814,635.

SPRINGSTONE PL., 6210-Robert C. and Melissa F. Greene to Jeffrey and Ashleigh Beach, $464,000.

STONEFIELD DR., 13910-Ae S. and Ye S. Park to Sonia Mehra, $455,000.

UNION VILLAGE CT., 6107-Jeffrey and Leslie Gren to Vincent P. and Stacy L. Logsdon, $499,900.

WHITE DOVE LANE, 5655-Chandra M. Motam to James L. and Sarah R. Williamson, $230,000.

Fairfax City Area

ARNIEL PL., 4499-Equity Homes Corp. to Nota and John Hunter, $887,554.

BUCKLEYS GATE DR., 12615-Centex Homes to Bernardine A. and Robert O. Ressman, $736,608.

BURKE STATION RD., 4510-Taurus Enterprises Inc. to Anne P. and Ray C. Pilcher, $880,000.

BYRD DR., 11144-Cooper Family Trust and Irving Cooper, trustee, and Claire Cooper, trustee, to Linwood H. Johnson III, $352,500.

CARDONESS LANE, 11501, No. 201-Comstock Fairfax Corp. to Jane P. Chae, $266,850.

CARDONESS LANE, 11501, No. 403-Comstock Fairfax Corp. to Thomas S. Caudle, $372,950.

CARRIAGEPARK RD., 4816-Darryl P. and Melvinia B. Thornton to Fang Zhou and Youqing Zhao, $324,000.

CAVALIER LAND CT., 11580, No. B-Howard Wallach to Grace O. Aguilar, $315,000.

CERROMAR PL., 12525-NVR Inc. to Dennis G. Cancio and Janette F. Ursolino, $571,165.

CERROMAR PL., 12540-NVR Inc. to Maurice A. and Tonya A. Brown, $690,698.

CHERRY DR., 8623-Alexander T. and Erlina G. Ocampo to James E. and Melinda Gomes, $515,000.

DADMUN CT., 2900-Madeleine and Robert B. Richardson to Ana Z. and Oscar Perla, $449,000.

DEER HOLLOW WAY, 2931, No. 106-Esam E. Elamin to Charu D. Mathur, $315,500.

FAIR STONE DR., 4443, No. 205-Marian M. and Kendall Morey to Linda D. Scibilia, $150,000.

FORESTDALE DR., 4671-Kyung J. and Suk J. Seo to Ji H. Kim, $290,000.

FOUNTAINSIDE LANE, 4139, No. 202-Jean M. Mitchell to Amy J. Osso, $256,500.

FOXHOLE DR., 13335-Cora J. Oliver to Minoush Manighalam and Pouyan Torabi, $300,000.

GREENWOOD CT., 12101, No. 202-Fuad A. Khan and Tracey Kinahan to Jack A. Rogers, $185,000.

HERON RIDGE DR., 12743-NVR Inc. to Anantha L. and Chandra S. Malay, $410,725.

HICKORY GROVE CT., 3051-Jaya and Shrawan K. Gangele to Qiguang Wu and Shanyun Zhang, $318,000.

JOHN AYRES DR., 10639-Joseph R. and Julie M. Wessling to Daljit and Karnail Singh and Raipal Kaur, $385,500.

LADUES END CT., 5782-BBV Building Companies to Runjhun and Khushhal K. Singla, $1.039 million.

LECLAIR CT., 4107-Joanne M. Degueldre to Eun Ja Han, $418,000.

MISTY GLEN LANE, 13103-Daniel P. Quinlan to Jennifer and Daniel Kyritsis, $320,000.

MONUMENT CT., 4116, No. F-Melissa C. Matson and Linda D. Zenker to Debra S. Brake, $249,900.

MORRISONS WAY, 4169-Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia Inc. to Natasha Crawford, $287,000.

NUTTALL RD., 4411-Rosemary S. and Thomas E. Gebbie to John C. and Tami L. Perriello, $620,000.

ROBERTSON FAR CIR., 11840-Ryland Group Inc. to Pat and Teresa N.L. Santiago, $573,785.

ROYAL WOLF PL., 12581-Jum L. and Yewon Yoon to Jinsun J. and Jison A. Kim, $424,000.

ST. MARKS PL., 9212-Jesse Villarreal to Kristin L. Handrahan, $500,000.

SLEEPY LAKE DR., 4218-Chang M. and Kyong S. Kim to Katherine J. Brett, $326,000.

WEDGEWAY PL., 12149-Anthony M. Paper to John C. Dinsick, $285,000.

WESTBROOK MILL CT., 11333, No. 204-Bill J. and G.R. Fields to Sylvia and Jorge L. Bertran, $247,000.

WHISPER WILLOW DR., 5019-Richard S. and Meredith M. Gray to Julio and Marina Rosas, $543,000.

Fairfax Station Area

HAVENNER CT., 11604-James E. and Maria T. Wilkins to Michael and Kathleen Haines, $560,000.

MAKELY DR., 6020-Margot T. and Richard C. Peet to Joseph and Julie Wessling, $600,000.

MOUNTAIN DULCIMER CT., 10801-Roger C. and Sybil M. Smith to Margaret A. and Morris Goldstein, $875,000.

SHADOWGLEN TRAIL, 10709-Karen A. and Robert L. Galleher to Vanessa B. and William M. Peyton, $890,000.

SYCAMORE RIDGE RD., 8959-Earl L. and Maria L. Haynes to Georgia L. and Jeffrey L. Eckert, $599,400.

THORN BUSH DR., 9724-Ronald D. and L.J. Christon to Christina S. Michael and Minas P. Silis, $1.245 million.

Falls Church Area

ARNOLD LANE, 3409-Zarina and Sheikh Ashraf to Spencer P. Cole and Jeanne J. Miller, $670,000.

BRILYN PL., 2351-Erville L. and Kathy S. Koehler to Darcy W. Roper IV, $355,000.

EMMA LEE ST., 2804, No. 201-Azzedine and Martha H. Darif to Bernadette Boka and James L. Leslie, $250,000.

FARRAGUT AVE., 6908-Cheryl L. Andrews and Katherine A. Lisenbee to Courtney Raymore and Eric Tarquinio, $297,800.

GORDON AVE., 6608-Maureen C. and William A. Dalbec to Priyali A. Sengupta and Nitin S. Naik, $452,500.

LEE HWY., 7350, No. 104-Luciano and Raquel Alcantara to Jose I. and Hilda C. Pardo, $147,000.

LEE OAKS PL., 2800, No. 101-Maureen J. Woodruff to Truong Nguyen and Minh Nguyet Huynh, $240,000.

MIDDLEBORO DR., 2837-Tea K. Yoo to Jake A. Pauig, $261,000.

ROSE LANE, 3357-Harold H. and Jennifer E. Howard to Susannah B. Wicks and John T. Mechem, $508,000.

WINDSOR DR., 2845, No. 204-Bich Vu to E.F. Rutherford, $159,900.

WOODLAWN AVE., 3000-Lee S. Mairs to Michael J. and Maria Polchert, $363,500.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

CENTER ST., 7618-Courtland at Center Street Corp. to Tina A. Jin and Eric J. Park, $810,295.

FISHER DR., 7504-Kathy P. Devine to Linda C. Miller and Charles L. Eger, $295,000.

MIRACLE LANE, 2009-Judith M. Lebowich to Gregory T. and Stacy C. Turner, $500,000.

PIMMIT DR., 2311, No. 1413-Murat and Sebnem Yasa to Carl E. Knoettner, $183,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

INLET COVE DR., 6938-NVR Inc. to Larry D. and Deborah A. Stephens, $720,120.

POINT REPLETE CIR., 7118-NVR Inc. to Celinda D. and John H. Ledford, $413,055.

REPOSE PL., 6942-Courtland Homes Corp. to Maria Rodriguez and Roselle Cruz, $461,244.

Fort Hunt Area

BLUEDALE ST., 8614-Gregory R. and Holly H. Whitt to James M. Thorne and Jeri M. Curry, $430,000.

CAMERON RD., 1113-Virginia M. Johnson and Lloyd K. Johnson, trustees, and Johnson Family Trust to Cathy Breitenfeld, $427,500.

CAMFIELD DR., 8826-Michael J. and Phyllis F. Berrigan to Ellen Rathfon, $407,000.

LAFAYETTE DR., 1400-Jill C. and Raul F. Perla to Gary W. Chute, $297,697.

MORNINGSIDE LANE, 1224-Jill L. Nicholas, Peter J. Beves and Marie P. Beves Estate to Joan E. Miller and Scott M. Sutton, $480,000.

WESTFIELD ST., 2005-Frederick D. and Lisa M. Ochsenhirt to George D. and Sharon D. Marse, $472,500.

Great Falls Area

BOEHMS CT., 747-Renaissance Customs Corp. to Quazi K. Zaman and Mosharaf A. Chowdhury, $1.788 million.

CONSTELLATION DR., 837-Shahla Hassanpour to Noori Ramin and Lilla N. Vanover, $560,000.

GEORGETOWN PIKE, 10114-Judith P. and Kenneth W. Hersey to John R. Schwab, $900,000.

Herndon Area

BRANCH DR., 968-Imo F. and Rosemary M. Etuk to Samson Tadesse and Sara Gebre, $237,000.

CENTREVILLE RD., 2733-Kirk L. and Elaine Phillips to John F. and Kathleen A. Speer, $431,500.

COOPER STATION RD., 1237-Leif and Oddveig Tretterud to Margaret M. and Scott T. Miller, $539,000.

DEER WOOD WAY, 13122-Engle Homes Inc. to Suzanne Folk, $408,284.

FLORIDA AVE., 511, No. 202-Cary W. and Kayo E. Fitzhugh to James D. and Susan E. Lystlund, $138,000.

FOX HUNT LANE, 13164-Mikum A. and Tin W. Li to Venkata K.R. Dommata and Krishna V. Sarsan, $425,000.

GRANT ST., 903-Mary N. and William B. Corvin to Carl A. and Patricia M. Heglar, $349,927.

LEONA LANE, 937-Neighborhoods Corp. to Mark H. Fleming, $694,321.

LOPEZ LANE, 1109-Kao Investments Corp. to Marino Lopez and Clemente Maldonado, $250,000.

OAK LAWN PL., 12931-Gwang J. and

Jung S. Han to Jerry and Susan Milwit, $612,500.

PURITAN CT., 2623-Lentyn A. and Michael L. Myers to Robert M. and Susan K. Martin, $319,000.

TAYLOE CT., 3292-C. Michael Rumsey to Joseph P. and Dawn F. O'Shea, $230,000.

Huntington Area

BERKSHIRE CT., 5936-Donald R. and Rose M. Werner to Roger Lant and Karen Hayton, $316,800.

FORT FARNSWORTH RD., 2620, No. 1B-Thomas M. Joyce to Mark Pomerantz, $145,000.

Hybla Valley Area

BEECHCRAFT DR., 3205-Jose F. Contreras and Audelia I. Velasques to Samuel I. White, trustee, $237,500.

GREAT SWAN CT., 7561-Centex Homes to Jacqueline P. Deguzman, $285,385.

GREAT SWAN CT., 7565-Centex Homes to Yen Ching and Carol Lin, $291,435.

GREY GOOSE WAY, 7567-Beazer Homes Corp. to Meredith E. Elkins and Catherine Duley, $328,865.

GREY GOOSE WAY, 7573-Beazer Homes Corp. to Howard Wallach, $311,470.

SNOWPEA CT., 7512-Mableclare A. Arbitrario to Maurice Philogene, $212,160.

Lincolnia Area

ARAPAHO LANE, 5305-Cory O. Carbaugh and Mary H. Dunlap/Carbaugh to Margaret W. Indellicate, $335,540.

BISMACH DR., 5604, No. 104-Kimberly and Matthew J. Hintz and William E. Roberts to Lorna and Eliasir Cordero, $169,900.

CENTURY CT., 4121-Frances F. Kelly and Samuel I. White, trustee, to Holder Investment Group, $269,800.

FAIRFAX PKWY., 3830-Daniel Castro to Rimer F. and Maclovia D. Arce, $426,000.

MEETINGHOUSE WAY, 6314-Donald T. Landes and Mary E. Tanner to Arthur W. and Elizabeth V. Hartzell, $300,000.

Lorton Area

ASPENPARK RD., 7417-Gloria and Manuel Aguilar to Dao H. Cao and Nhu T. Quach, $237,900.

CARDINAL FOREST LANE, 9205, No. 17-Katherine G. and Wilfred M. Dillard to Danielle L. Leiby, $217,000.

CHEROKEE ROSE WAY, 8869-Pulte Home Corp. to Hassan and Ranesh Amini, $351,100.

GRANDWIND DR., 7722-Miller and Smith at Lorton Station Corp. to Veronica A. and Cindi R. Taylor, $438,050.

GRANDWIND DR., 7726-Miller and Smith at Lorton Station Corp. to John D. and Francine L. Villlanueva, $471,570.

HAGEL CIR., 9634, No. C-Vilma Cruz to Khalil A. Jebraan, $155,000.

HIBISCUS CT., 8868-Pulte Home Corp. to Carol A. and William T. French, $364,575.

POTTERS HILL CIR., 9634, No. 478-U.S. Home Corp. to Ellen D. Neely, $361,883.

PURPLE LILAC CT., 8251-Pulte Home Corp. to Mason S. and Pamela J. Botts, $427,975.

RED CARNATION CT., 8242-Pulte Home Corp. to Shakeel Urrehman, $385,850.

SAMUEL WALLIS ST., 8071-NVR Inc. to Milo R. Hall and Sheryl A. Williams, $474,835.

SEAFARER WAY, 7878-Cenita S. and Derrick V. Hill to Mahmood and Bushra Ahmad, $282,000.

SINGLELEAF LANE, 8259-Pulte Home Corp. to David A. Morgan and Ann Marie Feedham, $405,850.

McLean Area

FONTHILL CT., 1822-Basheer Edgemoore McLean Corp. to Daniel Y. and Lita Z. Bechara, $603,588.

FONTHILL CT., 1830-Basheer Edgemoore McLean Corp. to Stanley E. and Julie K. Fisher, $612,846.

FRANKLIN AVE., 1805-Steven Leitch to Todd W. and Blythe M. Robinson, $570,000.

GRADY RANDALL CT., 1411-Richard L. and Sharon E. Stroup to Gustavo R. and Katharina B.F. Olmedo, $1.18 million.

GREENSBORO DR., 8340-Farzin Sadjadi and Fatemeh Hassanzadeh to Elahe and Behnam Zangeneh, $240,000.

LEGERE CT., 7753-Basheer Edgemoore McLean Corp. to George B. and Patricia L. Burger, $700,184.

LEGERE CT., 7761-Basheer Edgemoore McLean Corp. to James F. and Arlin P. Trocme, $723,636.

LINCOLN WAY, 1532, No. 102-Fountains at McLean Corp. to Donald E. and Olivia Shay, $211,400.

LIVE OAK DR., 624-William D. Pegg and Carolyn Song Pegg to Kwame H. Brown, $1.335 million.

MACON ST., 1621-Harry E. and Malema C. Stirling to Ming G. and Sarah L. Chin, $535,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 1905-Mark A. and Sara K. Franz to Andrew E. Clark and Elaine Metlin, $1.58 million.

ROCKINGHAM ST., 2013-Gwendolyn H. and Stephen P. Leech to William and Anne Mahoney, $685,000.

SPRING GATE DR., 1521, No. 206-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Alison N. Hall, $239,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1530, No. 113-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Robyn S. Wingrove, $176,400.

SPRING GATE DR., 1530, No. 408-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Stephen Stein and Joseph Forgione, $360,905.

SPRING GATE DR., 1550, No. 113-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Jimmy D. and Elizabeth B. Samartzis, $309,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1570, No. 413-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Fonouni Fard Monireh, $309,000.

SPRING GATE DR., 1571, No. 203-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Brian K. Marr, $301,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1580, No. 213-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Vicki J. Bailey, $281,705.

SPRING GATE DR., 1591, No. 307-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Yeo W. Yun, $209,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1600, No. 410-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Diane M. Bogusz, $235,505.

SPRING GATE DR., 1601, No. 303-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Jean L. and George W. Evans, $321,350.

Mount Vernon Area

ARENDALE SQ., 4516-Arlene J. Connin to Joe A. and Lori Horton, $265,000.

BEEKMAN PL., 8620, No. C-Yajaira Rodriguez and Leidy Nolberto to Mark E. and Lauren N. Albright, $125,000.

HAVENWOOD PL., 3885, No. B-David A. and Maria D.P. Campos to Phuong Lam and Farrakh Ahmed, $164,999.

MANZANITA PL., 3872-Rene A. Bonilla and Marta E. Sanchez to Alicia Robles, $142,000.

MONTE VISTA PL., 3826, No. 102D-Ashia and Diahann Colbert to Robert and Edith Coupland, $128,000.

ORVILLE ST., 8102-Steve R. and Christine M. Baber to Arlene J. Connin and Calvin G. McFarland III, $395,000.

PANTANO PL., 8015, No. 27-Robert S. Shields to Frank V. Thompson, $110,000.

RICHMOND HWY., 8424-Kwadwo and Joseph Asare to Christiana Boatemaa and Mary A. Frimpong, $70,000.

SCARBOROUGH SQ., 4423-Phoenix Investment Group Inc. to Dagnachew Abebe, $265,000.

VILLAGE GREEN CT., 8789-Robert E. Dooley to Janette K. McKin, $194,000.

WOODLAWN MANOR CT., 5507-Maria N. and Sabastian L. Xivir to Angela Sterlin, $212,500.

North Springfield Area

ATLEE PL., 5407-Anthony M. and Natalie Rinker to Jodi P. Bray and Stephen J. Schillinger, $369,900.

AXTON ST., 7503-Justus W. and Corene P. Danehower to Donald T. Landes and Mary E. Tanner, $370,000.

BRADGEN CT., 5261-Savariar Sebastian to Nga X. and Tan V. Ngo and Lan N. Ho, $319,900.

Oakton Area

DEVENISH DR., 11003-Shirley K. and Edwin J. Fults to Leonid S. Troitski and Ekaterina Koiprianova, $543,000.

ELMENDORF DR., 3148-Darrell P. and Lisa D. Herbst to Juan J. Romero and Silvia C. Vizcarra, $470,000.

LAURA SUE CT., 10005-Hibbard Development Corp. to Michael T. Evanoff, $820,000.

MILLER HEIGHT RD., 3201-Saud Zagzoug to Fahad Zagzoug, $632,000.

OAKTON KNOLL DR., 10105-Ginetta and Maurice Patrucco to David M. and Shelba L. Radomski, $890,000.

ROSE CREEK CT., 3000-Renaissance at Hunting Hills Corp. to Rachel P. and Robert J. Ayoub, $1.524 million.

Reston Area

ABINGTON HALL PL., 12165, No. 301-Michael and Laura Fuller to Diane K. and E.L. Miller, $320,000.

ANTIQUA CT., 2374-Sonia and Marcelino Rivera to Milko R.R. Montero, $198,000.

CASTLE ROCK SQ., 2257, No. 2B-Marie Louise Kofie to Tianji He, $143,600.

CEDAR COVE CT., 2235-Paul A. and Renee L. Lyons to John E. Sloboda, trustee, $383,500.

CHIMNEY HOUSE RD., 1682-Jerry R. Horak to Donna S. Shaffer, $458,500.

DOSINIA CT., 2289-Kenneth J. Long II and Jo T. Weintraub to Catherine W. and John H. Partridge, $356,000.

GOLF COURSE DR., 2058-James S. and Paula B. Bartley to Grace S. and Judith Cuadros, $265,000.

GREENMONT CT., 1426-Cindy L. Hartland and David C. Sellars to Anthony D. Duke III, $320,100.

GREY SQUIRREL LANE, 11966-Joe P. Francis and Abnash Singh trusts to Monica C. and Brock D. Wilson, $615,000.

HARBOR CT., 11168-Ricci Moshirfatemi to James L. Forestell, $299,000.

HITCHCOCK CT., 12729-Martin L. and Romea Smith to Bradford A. Sneade, $472,000.

HUNTERS RUN DR., 2224-Anita J. and Jagat R. Shah to Christina Haynes, $180,600.

LOVEDALE LANE, 2229, No. 308B-Michael J. Rodis to Melissa A. Dimartino, $187,000.

MARKELL CT., 1166-Engle Homes Inc. to Jaehong D. and Heawon M. Park, $929,804.

MOSS POINT LANE, 11915-Aimee Bevan and Reed Colfax to Charles T. and Mary O. Butler, $445,000.

NORTH SHORE DR., 11725-Jennifer A. and Andreas H. Hay to Rebecca J. and Peter J. Probst, $329,900.

NORTHGATE SQ., 1302-David B. Fowler to Amy L. Boyd, $198,600.

PARK GLEN CT., 1524-Patricia A. Devine to David A. Vargas, $313,000.

ROSEDOWN DR., 2320-Charles W. and Kathleen E. Niessner to Anand Khanna, $375,000.

SAGEWOOD LANE, 1951, No. 204-Elvira Perrini to Charles S. and Nancy M. Davis, $89,900.

STRATFORD HOUSE PL., 11775, No. 202-Carla B. and Virgil Pittman to Peter P. Schlenk Jr., $342,500.

STRATFORD HOUSE PL., 11776, No. 307-Zahide G. and Ahmet A. Kulatti to Ronald and Annette Y. Sagall, $555,000.

VANTAGE HILL RD., 11605, No. 22B-Scott and Todd R. Hazel to Cindy L. Hartland, $161,100.

WEATHERSTONE CT., 1275-Kyung W. Yoon to Tarry A. Faries, $399,000.

Seven Corners Area

ARLINGTON BLVD., 6001, No. 104-Myung H. Spurlock to Omar Khan, $129,500.

GRASS HILL TER., 3331-Peter and Eleanor M. Chapola to Ilona Szemzo, $450,000.

WILLSTON PL., 2909, No. 301-Belen and Hipolito Angeles to Makiko Suzuhigashi, $130,000.

Springfield Area

BARK TREE CT., 8308-Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Alexander Dang and Huong L. Tang, $111,388.

BELINGER CT., 7205-Hoa D. and Thuy Duong N. Ngo to German and Sandra G. Balladares, $310,000.

BRIAN MICHAEL CT., 6827-Margaret F. Dercole to Abu Giemi Nadir and Nagwa Gorbrial, $285,000.

DEER RIDGE TRAIL, 6064-Highgrove Corp. to Ngoc T. and Lang T. Tran, $554,078.

DINA LEIGH CT., 6812-Donna K. and John B. Eastman to Shaima Jalala, $285,000.

DYER CT., 6830-Aida and Norman Reames to Luis Mercado, $340,000.

FELECITY CT., 8053-Saiedeh Seyedkhalili and Hassan G. Tajick to Quan Nguyen, $255,000.

JEROME ST., 6801-Jeerawat Kertgate and Kasinee Srithongkum to Sakrapee Vetchapinan, $340,000.

KALMIA ST., 6421-Sharon Connelly to Yaw A. and Veronica A. Sekyere, $331,000.

NORTHUMBERLAND RD., 8014-Gustavo A. Sanchez and Silvia M. Caceres to Cristhian Torrico, $280,000.

OLDHAM LEEDS WAY, 7313-Michael T. Verre to Dong K. Choi, $439,000.

RUSKIN ST., 6930-Shirley C. Campbell to Meskerem G. Belay and Tewodros K. Tesfayesus, $348,000.

Vienna Area

ADAHI RD. SE, 320-Ayrhill Homes Inc. to Allen M. and Lauren Gardner, $906,004.

EDGELEA RD., 2849-Barbara and George Hopkins to Thomas G. Zeberlein, $490,000.

FIVE OAKS RD., 2618-Fairfax Development Corp. to Richard E. Inglis and Eriksson Pia Inglis, $962,337.

HILLCREST DR., 905-Kathy L. Renzetti and Peter G. Wacht to Subramanian Sangameswar and Padma Ramamoorthy, $380,000.

MALRAUX DR., 2313-Ibrahim A. Elbadawi and Enayat Elsatier to Raghaven Palaniandi, $435,000.

MANHATTAN PL., 2663, No. 312-Chang C. Ma to Kenny and Karen Zee, $365,800.

MANHATTAN PL., 2664, No. 302-Westbriar Plaza Corp. to Mia and Seon Cho, $376,500.

MANHATTAN PL., 2665, No. 112-Dunn Loring Resolution Corp. to Nazanin M. Nasri and Margaret Mansouri, $369,900.

MERRY OAKS LANE, 8009-M.G. Tagle Jr. and Nabil Ahmed to Helen Vasquez, $485,000.

OAKTON PARK CT., 2740-Neighborhoods Corp. to Kibong and Kyung E.S. Kim, $769,886.

PARK ST. SE, 400-Jan M. and Dale W. Ramsey to Peter W. Roberts and Carla J. McArdle, $290,000.

PATTY LANE, 2111-Charles and Mary L. Adams to Jianing W. Carlisle, $427,000.

PIERIS CT., 2041-CRG Tysons Corp. to Bonnie Borchardt and Edward C. Kelly, $470,516.

ROSS DR. SW, 1215-Patricia A. Harris to John L. and Linda B. Glascock, $364,900.

TUBA CT., 9503-Eun H. and Sung H. Suh to David B. and Deborah A. Keever, $610,000.

TYSON OAKS CIR., 7927-Laurie A. and Robert M. Friend to Joseph and Sweetline S. Francis, $325,000.

VALLEY DR. SE, 503-Christina M. and Michael P. Bogdon to Bruce K. and Melissa L. Underwood, $410,000.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 101-Virginia Center Residential Partnership to Lee Koo, $175,560.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 103-Virginia Center Residential Partnership to Adriana S. Lee, $287,165.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 230-Virginia Center Residential Partnership to Kashif and Zehra Ghori, $309,959.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 240-Virginia Center Residential Partnership to Qun Liang and Kai Zheng, $261,360.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 313-Virginia Center Residential Partnership to Manuel G. Tagle Jr., $287,740.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 330-Virginia Center Residential Partnership to Jeanette O. Marilley, $288,700.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 402-Virginia Center Residential Partnership to Mina and Pooneh Fracyon, $228,976.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 403-Virginia Center Residential Partnership to Sung G. Cho, $345,676.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 406-Virginia Center Residential Partnership to Deborah A. King, $228,370.

WESTGLEN CT., 2157-Hien C. and Tram N. Ha to Meena L. and Michael J. Elliott, $655,000.

WESTWOOD DR. N., 1003-Kristian and Sandra Motz to Murray S. and Linda B. Chanow, $535,000.

WOODFORD RD., 2224-Sirva Relocation Corp. to John W. and Martha P. Mollard, $882,000.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

ARDEN ST., 2307-Arden Street Corp. to Michelle M. and Chien C. Liu, $792,550.

West Springfield Area

BLARNEY STONE CT., 6444-Francisco Morales to Huyen T. Nguyen, $275,000.

BRISBANE ST., 6910-Kimberly D. Clark to Ghezal Gobar, $333,000.

CAMILLA ST., 6329-Juan V. and Rosa D. Zavaleta to Juan F. Chicas, $300,000.

CAMILLA ST., 6335-Gregory L. Taylor and Sherrill S. Osterday to Evelyn H. and Ryan V. Millett, $339,900.

FOREST CREEK CT., 6168-Nadine A. and Robert L. Barnard to Erik M. and Mary H. Hawkins, $315,000.

LANGBROOK RD., 8010-Frank M. and Virginia M. Hepler to Marguerite H. and George H. Ross, $480,000.

MILLWOOD DR., 8381-Casey J. and Soo H. Lartigue to Martine Voltaire and Gilberto Garcia Jr., $357,000.

RIDGE HOLLOW CT., 8721-Marc Echelle to Sherae L. and Shelly D. Ellison, $276,750.

RIDGE HOLLOW CT., 8823-Shakila Shah to Solomon Aklilu, $287,450.

SPRING FOREST CT., 7928-Diana Lewkowicz/Vezzetti to Shota Dvalidze and Nunu Japaridze, $201,250.

TIVERTON DR., 7646-Isabella B. Denicourt to Elizabeth Turnbull, $238,000.

WHITLERS CREEK DR., 7241-Edward C. Jones to Elsie J. Meares, $278,000.