In the photo, the baby boy is smiling and there are hints of teeth growing in on his bottom gums. But beyond what they can see, D.C. child welfare officials know little else about a boy who was abandoned by a woman last month.

The D.C. Child and Family Services Agency issued an urgent plea yesterday for any information about the young boy, who was left in a house in the Petworth area on June 20. It is the second child abandonment case in the city within two months. In May, a 2-year-old girl was dropped off at the agency when two adults could not locate her mother.

The boy, who appears to be a year old, is healthy and is living with a foster family, said agency Director Brenda Donald Walker. He appears to be biracial, weighs 22 pounds and has a small birthmark on his left forearm. He is starting to walk, just learned to clap and is happy and outgoing, Donald Walker said.

"We're hoping that family members will step forward and recognize this adorable little boy and, if appropriate, will be able to take him home," she said.

Child welfare investigators and D.C. police have been looking into the case since last month. According to the agency, on June 20, the child was with a woman who went with another woman to a home in the Petworth area. The women were allowed into the home to use the bathroom.

The woman the child was with asked the person in the house to watch the boy, who was wearing only a diaper, while she went to the store to buy milk and diapers. Three days passed, and the woman never returned. The woman caring for the child called police, Donald Walker said.

The agency said yesterday that D.C. police continue to investigate the case and asked anyone with information to call the city command center, 202-727-9099.

Officials are hoping for the same happy ending as with the girl who was abandoned in May. After police reached out to the public, the child's relatives came forward and are now taking care of her, Donald Walker said. However, the girl's mother has not been found.

The boy appears to be a year old.