All Republicans Want

Their Voices Heard

Rick Hendrix, chairman of the Prince William County Taxpayers Alliance, wrote about a proposed resolution of the Prince William County Republican Committee that he claims is designed to silence him and other members of the alliance [Letters to the Editor, July 11]. But Mr. Hendrix fails to explain the rest of the story.

Mr. Hendrix and other members of the Taxpayers Alliance hijacked the May meeting of the Prince William Republican Committee to control the committee's agenda and divert its focus from the upcoming presidential election to the lieutenant governor's primary battle in 2005.

At the May meeting, many prospective members came out to actively help the committee work to reelect President Bush. That should be our focus.

Many of the new members were ethnic minorities and women. I, along with many other active members who were required to renew their membership, and other voters who came out to join the committee, were denied the right to vote in the election of the committee's officers.

I have been active for years working for Republican candidates. The Prince William County Republican Committee is not a part of the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush -- all three would be appalled by this denial of voting to minorities and women.

On July 26, the committee is going to convene to discuss important resolutions to be certain the values and priorities of the Republican Party are restored.

I hope my rights will not again be violated by a few renegade members who are willing to let the focus of the committee drift away from working for Bush's reelection.

Heather Hirons


Loudoun's Example

On Dissent Within Party

We Republicans in Loudoun County hear that one of your supervisors, Sean T. Connaughton, is having a bit of difficulty with this whole democracy thing. Apparently he intends to purge members of the local GOP unit who also are members of issue-oriented organizations -- namely the Prince William Taxpayers Alliance, but I suppose the National Rifle Association and other such groups would be included -- that don't blindly toe the GOP line.

What an embarrassment to your local Republican Committee's members this proposed purge must be, especially in a presidential election year!

I would suggest that Mr. Connaughton take the example of Loudoun's GOP when he next finds autocratic feelings welling up inside.

Members of a Loudoun taxpayer group, some of them also members of the local GOP, handed out fliers on the Fourth of July criticizing Republican supervisors who voted with Democrats for higher taxes. Despite an outcry from some party leaders, the GOP leadership nevertheless recognized that Republicans are for lower taxes (at least in theory), and so opposing tax increases (and those who raise them) is not grounds for removal from our GOP committee.

Good luck, Prince William, in convincing Sean Connaughton of the same!

John Grigsby