False Alarm in Garage

LEESBURG, Lake View Way, July 14. A man reported that a raccoon, possibly rabid, was trapped in his garage. An animal control officer found a healthy, young groundhog hiding behind the man's lawn mower. The officer released the groundhog.

2 Horses on the Loose

ASHBURN, Ashburn Road, July 14. Investigating a report of two horses running loose in a field near a busy intersection, an animal control officer found the animals being led back to an enclosure by their owners. The officer recommended putting a lock on the enclosure.

Fox Scratches Woman's Arm

ALDIE, John Mosby Highway, July 15. A woman reported that she had been scratched on the arm by a fox she had picked up, thinking it was dead. An animal control officer found the fox, which by that time had died, and took it to the shelter to have it tested for rabies.

Dalmatian Kills 3 Geese

LEESBURG, Woodburn Road, Monday. An animal control officer investigated a report that a Dalmatian running loose had killed livestock. The officer found one dead goose and two dead goslings. The dog's owner agreed to pay damages for the loss of the domesticated geese.

No Corgis in Crates

SOUTH RIDING, Parish Street, Monday. A woman reported that two dogs had been left in crates in the sun. An animal control officer found two corgis in excellent condition inside the home. The empty crates had been put outdoors after the dogs were taken out. The officer advised their owner of the requirement that dogs have a county license and was given 10 days to comply.