Note: The county planning office file number for each project is included.

Projects Proposed

Waldorf Area

1. Barefoot Shoes, 3200 Leonardtown Rd. A site plan for a specialty shoe store. SDP No. 040046.

2. CVS Pharmacy, 3855 Leonardtown Rd. A site plan for a retail store and pharmacy. SDP No. 040048.

3. Waldorf Tae Kwon Do, 2760 Crain Hwy. A site plan for a tae kwon do studio. SDP No. 040045.

White Plains Area

4. Southwinds Retirement Community, phase two, Southwinds Drive and Billingsley Road. A site plan for 100 units. SDP No. 040047.

Projects Approved

Newburg Area

5. Aqualand Boat Sales, 9610 Orland Park Rd. A site plan to add used-boat sales to the marina. SDP No. 040031.

6. Southern Maryland Contractor, 11160 Crain Hwy. A site plan for on-premise sale of construction supplies and a commercial greenhouse. SDP No. 040026.

Waldorf Area

7. Charles Retreat, Smallwood Drive west. A site plan for residential townhouses. SDP No. 030008.

8. Mike's Towing and Storage, 2420 Old Washington Rd. A site plan for vehicle parking. SDP No. 030024.

9. Romano's Macaroni Grill, Route 228. A site plan for a restaurant at Waldorf Market Place. SDP No. 040005.

Development Services Permits Issued

Waldorf Area

10. Waldorf Market Place, entrance at Western Parkway. A permit for a traffic light. VC No. 40034.

11. Waldorf Toyota, Acton Lane and Old Washington Road. A permit for a vehicle storage facility. VC No. 30054.

-- Compiled by BONNIE SMITH