Poetic Justice?

Baseball right here in our county!

Just imagine the glory, the bounty!

An abundance of hot dogs and fries.

Tons of pizzas in boxes,

Red and white soxes,

Stolen bases and knucklers and left-field high flies.

There'll be political treats

Such as VIP seats

And an all-weather dome

Where we'll all feel at home.

Outside there'll be sports bars

And new lots for used cars.

Each day on the sports page

We'll read about road rage --

Who won and who lost going home.

No trees will clutter this quaint urban scene;

No sidewalks, no hedges, nor ponds.

There'll be nothing to leaven this developers' heaven;

Somehow, God will pay off the bonds.

David Steward


Explanation Accepted

As one of the "(less polite?) right-wing activists" referred to in Jonathan Weintraub's letter of July 22 ["An Appropriate Tribute," Loudoun Extra], I'd like to reply.

I'm glad the treasurer of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee (LCDC) chose to explain his reasons for opposing naming a county facility for Ronald Reagan. If his letter is in response to my dialogue with his partner in the public forum of another local newspaper criticizing Weintraub's choice to spend his three minutes of official public input on the subject taking cheap shots at Reagan, fine with me.

I did not participate in the public hearing on the Reagan matter, but having spoken at public hearings on many other occasions, I know that three minutes is not much time to make a point. If the Weintraubs are acknowledging after the fact that it ill serves the LCDC to appeal to the lowest common denominator in the public process, then I welcome them both to the debate of ideas.

Weintraub suggested several (humorous?) names for public facilities at the same hearing at which Packie Crown gave testimony in support of naming a senior respite-care facility after Reagan. In online debate with Weintraub's partner, I stated that facile negativity in the public process is demeaning to those such as Crown who were treating it seriously, and that it was a poor reflection on the local Democratic Party for an official to resort to an opportunistic cheap shot in those circumstances.

I stated that Crown's suggestion should satisfy those who sought a commemorative name; should be appropriate in that Reagan drew needed attention to a disease that doesn't care who or what you are in the process of taking everything from you; and should potentially offer the consolation of mean pleasure to those who miss no opportunity to bash anyone or anything Republican because it would call attention to his long illness instead of his many accomplishments.

I did not accuse the LCDC of seeking pleasure in the suffering of the Reagans. I did, and do, believe that facetiously spiteful behavior, such as the suggestion that the new jail be named the Ronald Reagan/Oliver North "Felons Make Good Role Models" Jail, panders to the lowest common denominator that takes vulgar pleasure in malice.

So, as the right-winger who specifically did not suggest that Weintraub took delight in suffering, I thank him for sending off his explanation of his opinion along with his partner's remarks on the fitting quality of Crown's suggestion. It is so close to an apology that I don't begrudge his apparent need to tag me with "strange and ugly" accusations I didn't make, because his letter is a step in the right direction.

Barbara Munsey

South Riding