1. Friends of the Animal Shelter Inc., 39703 Good Puppy Lane. Special exception to allow construction of a one-story dog kennel, concrete sidewalk, two-foot waterline easement and associated parking spaces on 20 acres zoned A-3 (agricultural, one unit per three acres).

2. Fields Farm Property, off Hillsboro Road, north of the Route 7 Bypass. Special exception to allow construction of lighted recreational ballfields on property zoned JMLA-3 (joint land management area).

3. Lansdowne on the Potomac, Sections 25B and 29, north side of Riverside Parkway. To subdivide 203.58 acres zoned PDH-3 (planned development housing, three units per acre) for Section 25B, consisting of 48 lots and four open parcels, and Section 29, consisting of 25 lots and two open parcels.

4. Lansdowne, Sections 31A, 32 and 34, north side of Riverside Parkway. To subdivide 3.58 acres zoned PDH-3 (planned development housing, three units per acre) for Sections 31A, 32 and 34.

5. Lansdowne, SunTrust Bank, northwest corner of Lansdowne Boulevard and Riverside Parkway. To construct a 3,906- square-foot drive-through bank and associated parking and roadways on 9.22 acres zoned PD-OP (planned development office park).

6. Eagle Creek, Lots 1-18, south side of Axline Road at Elvan Road. To subdivide 59.48 acres zoned AR-1 (agricultural residential) for 18 single-family detached lots.

7. Historic Selma Estates, Phase 2A, Section 1, north side of Montresor Road, across from Garrland Lane. To subdivide 279.09 acres zoned AR-1 (agricultural residential) for 16 single-family detached lots, one conservancy lot and associated street dedication and easements.

8. Lansdowne, Section 42, Child-Care Center, northeast corner of Riverside Parkway and Upper Meadow Drive. To construct a 8,900-square-foot child-care center and associated infrastructure on 4.10 acres zoned PDH-3.

9. Elk Lick Estates, Lots 1-13, 0.6 mile south of Route 50 and Elk Lick Road. To subdivide 7.39 acres zoned CR-1 (countryside residential) for 13 single-family detached lots.

10. South Village, Section 4, east of Elk Lick Road, north of Edgewater Street. To subdivide 18.55 acres zoned PDH-4 (planned development housing, four units per acre) for 38 single-family detached lots, three open parcels and street dedication.

11. Dulles Trade Center II, Lots 17-26, north of Old Ox Road and Pebble Run Drive. To subdivide 54.12 acres zoned PD-GI (planned development-general industrial) for 10 lots, right-of-way dedication and associated easements.

12. Brambleton, Land Bay 2, Phase 2, Section 15, at Legacy Park Drive and Belmont Ridge Road. To subdivide 89.9074 acres zoned PDH-4 for 355 single-family detached lots.

13. Poland Road Property, Section 3, west of Poland Road, east of Planting Field Drive. To subdivide 96.42 acres zoned R-4 (residential-four units per acre) for 57 single-family detached lots.

14. The Estates on Elk Run, Lots 1-55, east and west sides of Elk Lick Road between Edgewater Street and Braddock Road. To subdivide 55.4 acres zoned R-1 (residential, one unit per acre) for 55 single-family detached dwellings and two open parcels.

15. Main Street Project, southwest corner of Route 50 and Elk Lick Road. Special exception for a car wash-retail-restaurant on about seven acres zoned CLI (commercial light industrial).

16. Barr Dulles Business Center, south of Moran Road, west of Powers Court. Special exception to allow a contractor service establishment on 5.10 acres zoned PD-IP (planned development, industrial park). Rezoning of 5.10 acres to convert property zoned PD-IP under the 1972 zoning ordinance to PD-IP under the 1993 revised zoning ordinance.

17. Ashburn Corporate Center Restaurants, north side of Waxpool Road, about 0.25 mile west of Loudoun County Parkway. Special exception to amend previously approved special exception (SPEX 1998-0015) to allow complete occupancy of the three free-standing restaurants on 5.80 acres zoned PD-IP.

18. Cedar Green Building 1, 1330 Sterling Rd. and 22689 Cedar Green Rd. To construct a 82,400-square-foot warehouse/office building on 28.29 acres zoned PD-IP.

19. Northpointe, Lot 1A, west of Ariane Way, south of Falcon Place. To construct an office/warehouse building with required parking and utilities on 4.12 acres zoned PD-GI.

20. Avonlea Business Center, 42679 John Mosby Hwy., east of Pinebrook Road. To construct a 1,400-square-foot business center on 8.37 acres zoned CLI.

21. Stone Ridge North-Bank of America, southwest corner of Route 50 and Stone Springs Boulevard. To construct a 4,387-square-foot bank with drive-through facilities and related infrastructure on property zoned PD-CC-SC (planned development-commercial center-shopping center).

22. Dulles Trade Center II, Lots 13 and 14, between Overland Drive and Pebble Run Drive, off Old Ox Road. To construct a 14,400-square-foot building for heavy equipment and vehicle sales, rental, repair and accessory service on four acres zoned PD-GI.

23. Galilee United Methodist Church, south of Winding Road between Broad Run Drive and Lakeside Drive, north of Route 7. Special exception to allow amendment to development condition to remove the portion of the sidewalk shown on the plat within the Virginia Department of Transportation right of way on 9.09 acres zoned CR-1.


24. Bank of America, south side of Route 50, west of Stone Springs Boulevard. Special exception to allow a bank with drive-through facilities on about 1.44 acres zoned PD-CC(SC) (planned development, commercial center, small regional center).

25. Crown Real Properties, south of Severn Way on the west side of Atlantic Boulevard. To rezone about six acres from the PD-IP zoning district under the 1972 zoning ordinance to the PD-IP zoning district under the revised 1993 zoning ordinance.

26. Belmont Glen LC, west side of Belmont Ridge Road (Route 659) about one-half mile south of the Dulles Greenway. To rezone about 143 acres from R-1 to PDH-3 to develop as many as 196 single-family detached dwellings at an approximate overall density (exclusive of major floodplain) of 1.87 dwelling units per acre.

27. Brookfield Homes, Braddock Road about one mile west of Gum Spring Road. To rezone about 34 acres from R-1 to PDH-4 to develop 16 single-family detached, 62 attached duplex and 29 single-family attached dwelling units for a density of 3.12 dwelling units per acre.


28. Broadlands South, 28 townhouses at Windy Oaks Square and 15 townhouses at Crosswind Terrace.

29. Lansdowne, 10 townhouses at Stargell Terrace.

30. Loudoun Valley Estates, 12 townhouses at Scattersville Gap Terrace.

31. Stone Ridge North, 22 townhouses at Beryl Terrace.

-- Compiled by SANDY MAUCK