Southern Maryland

Hospital Center

June 15

Brandon Louis Trink-Burroughs, a son, to Luciana Burroughs and Donald Trink of Waldorf.

June 16

Ryan Thomas Wallace, a son, to Vicki and Sam Wallace of Waldorf.

June 19

Danica Danaan Brown, a daughter, to Donnette Brown and Kyle King of Waldorf.

Civista Medical Center

June 23

Nicholas Van Houchin, a son, to Casey and Steven Houchin of Hughesville.

June 24

Aiden Ryan Poole, a son, to Jennifer Jenkins and Brian Poole of Waldorf.

Ricardo Andre Lewis Jr., a son, to Melissa Russell and Ricardo A. Lewis Sr. of Waldorf.

June 25

Tyrese Nijal Thompson, a son, to Amanda Braden and Terence Thompson of La Plata.

June 26

Aiden Tanner Crowdis, a son, to Autumn and Tony Crowdis of Prince Frederick.

June 27

Bryanna Grace Matlock, a daughter, to Susan and Donald Matlock of Mechanicsville.

June 28

Charelle Anvenette Tabron, a daughter, to Anvenette McDonald and Vernell Tabron of Waldorf.

Kobe McCarthy Tibbs, a son, to Kienta and Jeffrey Tibbs of Bryans Road.

July 1

Brittney Nicole Thomas, a daughter, to Katie and Brian Thomas of Mechanicsville.

July 3

Samantha Danielle Somers, a daughter, to Tina and John Somers of La Plata.

Samantha Jordan Crofoot, a daughter, to Jennifer Walzer and Robert Crofoot of Waldorf.

July 4

Yanis Harvey Williamson, a son, to Stefanie and Andrew Williamson of Waldorf.

July 6

Carlie Mae Pilkerton, a daughter, to Heather and Craig Pilkerton of Mechanicsville.

Jamie Lynn Lantz, a daughter, to Kimberly and Michael C. Lantz of Mechanicsville.

Turner Wallace Mudd, a son, to Melody and Matthew Mudd of Chaptico.

July 7

Asahni Lanise Proctor, a daughter, to Lynn and Lenny Proctor of Waldorf.

Christopher Brian Nevitt III, a son, to DeAnna Pilkerton and Christopher B. Nevitt II of La Plata.

Koda Morgan DeAtley, a son, to Chrissy and Andrew DeAtley of Mechanicsville.

July 8

Haley Marie McCully, a daughter, to Colleen Williams and Bruce McCully of Mechanicsville.

July 10

Colin Michael Ackerman, a son, to Pamela Simmons of Indian Head and Todd Ackerman of Waldorf.

Devyn Nicholas Hopkins, a son, to Zylynda and Daniel Hopkins of Waldorf.

July 12

Jasmyn D'Neya Bowden, a daughter, to Rachel Burdick of Waldorf and Dwayne Bowden of Clinton.

July 13

McKayla Lynn Buckler, a daughter, to Jessica and Jason Buckler of Mechanicsville.

Turelle G. Price, a son, to Andrea Dyson and David Price Sr. of Nanjemoy.

July 14

Tabitha Lee Scribner, a daughter, to Karen and Brian Scribner of Bel Alton.

July 15

Davey A. Ford, a son, to Malinda and David Ford of Pomfret.

Damien Michael Goodman, a son, to Jessica Bean and Tyrone Goodman of Hughesville.

July 16

Devin Tyler Hardesty, a son, to Millisa Johnson and Frankie Hardesty of La Plata.

July 17

Ashley Nicole Morris, a daughter, to Jill Carroll and Jeff Morris of Charlotte Hall.

July 18

Kailyn Kathleen Pratta, a daughter, to Jessica and Joseph Pratta of Charlotte Hall.

Brandon Lee Stinger, a son, to Terry and Joseph Stinger of La Plata.

July 20

Riley Adam Martin Gladkoff, a son, to Crystal Gladkoff of Indian Head.

Jessica Renae Richerdson, a daughter, to Crystal and Ronald Richardson of Waldorf.

St. Mary's Hospital

June 22

Adrianne Paige Noll, a daughter, to Patty and W. Ross Noll of Hollywood.

June 23

Joshua Wayne Barnes Jr., a son, to Shannon Lawrence and Joshua W. Barnes Sr. of California.

Deondre Jayden Somerville, a son, to Ciana and Rodney Somerville of Loveville.

June 24

Larry Ray Garner III, a son, to Tracy and Larry R. Garner Jr. of Leonardtown.

June 25

Michael Lewis Stone, a son, to Samantha Penn and Leon Stone of California.

Paris Laura Blige, a daughter, to April Thompson and Terrance Blige of Hollywood.

Destiny Renee Lewis, a daughter, to Athena and Earl Lewis III of Lexington Park.

Joshua Bryant Smith, a son, to Tracey and Nate Smith of Lusby.

Taegon Marie Fowler, a daughter, to Carey and Dwaine Fowler of Leonardtown.

June 26

Yalissa Lynn Cordrey, a daughter, to Yvette and Nick Cordrey of Patuxent River.

Toni Erin Latham, a daughter, to Heather and Anthony Latham of Charlotte Hall.

June 28

Alexis Marie Hayden, a daughter, to Kelly Hayden and Brian Morey of California.

June 29

Nicholas Scott Dorsey, a son, to Angela and Scott Dorsey of Mechanicsville.

June 30

William James Stubblefield, a son, to Sandra and James Stubblefield of Mechanicsville.

July 1

Grace Cecilia Brown, a daughter, to Elisabeth and C. Landon Brown of Great Mills.

July 2

Greyson Philip Devine, a son, to Danya and Jerrod Devine of Lexington Park.

Mia Hana Eguchi Grove, a daughter, to Noie Eguchi and Darren Grove of Hollywood.

July 3

Asa Imana Wright, a daughter, to Tiffani Blackwell of Callaway.

July 4

Lily Renee Sardo, a daughter, to Renee Pilkerton and Patrick Sardo of Hollywood.

Luke Daniel Ichniowski, a son, to Marzena and Matthew Ichniowski of Lexington Park.

July 6

Nathan Wesley Hamilton, a son, to Andrea and Benjamin Hamilton of Ridge.

Noelle Alexis Shuryn, a daughter, to Jamie and Don Shuryn of Great Mills.

July 7

Patrick Daniel Albright, a son, to Tanya and J. David Albright of Great Mills.

July 8

Kaelyn Alexis-Marie James, a daughter, to Christina James and David Johnson of California.

July 9

Ashlyn Nicole Summers, a daughter, to Kathleen and William Summers of Charlotte Hall.

Scott Dean Franklin, a son, to Victoria and Aaron Franklin of Lexington Park.

July 12

Sarina Dianne Cahill, a daughter, to Carolyn and Troy Cahill of Lusby.

Collin Ke'Sean Taylor, a son, to Sabrina Battle and James Taylor of St. Mary's County.

Ivana Belyovska Cervantes, a daughter, to Lidiya Belyovska and Nicolas Cervantes of Great Mills.

July 13

Izaak MacKenzie Bloch, a son, to Veldorah and Fred Bloch of Waldorf.

Elizabeth Anastasia Figiel, a daughter, to Kelly and Ron Figiel of Park Hall.

July 14

Kevin Michael Keller, a son, to Janeen Morgan of St. Mary's.

July 15

Abigail Marie Karnbach, a daughter, to Anne and Christopher Karnbach of Lexington Park.

July 16

Mariah Natasha Boyd, a daughter, to Holly Hardesty and Daryll Boyd of St. Mary's County.

July 18

Rickhi Lavelle Smith, a son, to Shatoni Stout and Richard Smith Jr. of Lexington Park.

Nicholas Edward Paris, a son, to Jennifer and Al Paris of California.