The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

FOURTH ST., 6137-Wayne G. Gebelein to Julia Bozzi, $135,900.

Dunkirk Area

LYONS CREEK RD., 3412-Rosalind M. Leyland to Hal G. Zaritsky and Mark S. Loesberg, $375,000.

Huntingtown Area

MAXWELL LANE, 1230-Russell E. Patterson to Angela Ennis, $425,000.

Lusby Area

ALGONQUIN TRAIL, 12338-Mary O. and James T. Parker to Ramiro Lozano, $153,750.

BRIAN'S WAY, 2295-Jeffrey M. O'Neill to Gary P. Costanzo, $230,000.

CARDINAL DR., 483-Frances Jane Russom to James W. Mahaffee, $170,000.

CHAMBERS PL., 2611-Victor J. Sacket to Darlene M. and Gary M. Valdisera, $339,000.

COSTER RD., 1185-Steve Dunlap to Stallings National Enterprises Inc., $115,500.

GOLDEN WEST WAY, 847-Sharyn L. and Ronald M. Rennick to Jennifer Hammett, $150,000.

GUNSMOKE TRAIL, 683-Jody T. Jafari to Sarah B. and Gilbert Sappah, $199,000.

H.G. TRUEMAN RD., 12505-Anne L. and Joe H. Lookabill to James Kevin Miller, $189,000.

HAWTHORNE CT., 436-Douglass F. Wiles to Virginia and Thomas Rivenbark, $177,500.

OLIVET RD., 12670-Mary Louise and James Buck to Stephen Glenn Mangene, $69,900.

PAWNEE LANE, 220-William Calvert Chaney to Stefanie M. and Brian S. Ray, $199,900.

PLANTERS WHARF RD., 822-Chester Gregory Mackall Jr. to Shawn M. Green, $198,900.

SAN JOSE LANE, 12414-Terrence J.G. and Nicolette Cormier to Andrew and Cheryl Nix, $185,900.

SEWELL AVE., 450-Vincent F. Clemente Jr. to Alma Monique Hailer, $163,000.

STIRRUP LANE, 11457-Darleen S. and Robert E. Dale to Bruce Bluteau, $140,000.

Owings Area

SOUTHERN MARYLAND BLVD., 9130-Kitty I. and Vernon Elvis Windsor to James E. Norsworthy, $315,000.

Port Republic Area

POPLAR CT., 3640-Joseph A. Licausi to Joseph Collins Conover, $185,000.

Prince Frederick Area

DARES BEACH RD., 4551-Michael S. and Chong S. King to Serena I. and Thomas E. Ferreira, $250,000.

Solomons Landing Area

PENNINGTON CT., 14334-Starr Management Corp. to Kathleen and Jeffrey P. Gay, $220,600.

Solomons Area

RUNABOUT LOOP, 1508, No. R-8-Garth A. and Jacquelin C. Van Sickle to Thomas E. and Wendy C. Underwood, $28,750.

St. Leonard Area

CALVERT BEACH RD., 1561-Franklin D. Bowersox Sr. to Michael Tsouronis and Carol M. Rockhill, $118,675.

NOSTALGIA DR., 2026-Richard D. Stoneberg to Debra L. and Lawrence E. Wilson Jr., $115,943.

PATUXENT DR., 7729-Sheldon K. and Julia B. Spearing to Judith Ann and Jed A. Boertlein, $325,000.

PEACE CT., 2070-Sandra N. Monger to Evelyn M. and Brent G. Cash, $160,000.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

EDGEWOOD RD., 2937-Nancy B. Goldberg to Jocelyn L. Clark, $155,000.

GREENVILLE DR., 5263-Lisa W. Bullock to Tishia Goodwin and D. Richardson, $215,000.

HEATHER DR., 6972-Richard J. and Margaret A. Buczkowski to Jennifer and Jason Fair, $199,900.


Prince Frederick Road Area

BITTERSWEET DR., 14516-Maureen Ellis, trustee, to Alicia and Christopher Jones, $335,000.

MAXWELL DR., 6895-Steven W. and Dora L. Helwig to Mary E. and Aubrey L. Humbert, $345,000.

STILES PL., 6325-Jerome J. Beuchert III to Branchwood Construction Inc., $120,000.

Indian Head Area

CHARLES PL., 123-William R. Jr. and Phuong Thi Massey to Raymond H. Jr. and Joan J. Wallace, $123,000.

WOODLAND DR., 100-James E. and Bertha B. Woodland to Grant Duckett and Mari B. Smallwood, $104,900.

Issue Area

INGELS CT., 11275-Alan C. and Elizabeth C. Campbell to Wendelin B. and Walter J. O'Brien, $95,000.

JENNIFER CT., 14740-Haynes Construction Inc. to Carol A. and Anthony Cipollone, $282,855.

LORD BALTIMORE DR., 11280-Somerset Development Co. to Patricia and Erik Koch, $268,740.

La Plata Area

GAIL CT., 11335-Rebecca G. and James L. Wright to Bruce Preece, $255,900.

GLEN ALBIN RD., 6855-Clara Jane Norris to Helen H. and James F. Farmer, $150,000.

HAWTHORNE RD., 7245-David A. and Teresa E. Hinson to L. Garcia and Stephanie McClellen, $165,000.

WOOD DUCK CT., 162-Jason R. Mascarenhas to Christine M. Smith, $147,500.


Rock Point Road Area

EDGE HILL RD., 11255-Potomac Electric Power Co. to James L. Morgan III, $281,000.

Port Tobacco Area

BIXBY PL., 7060-C.T. and Wayne E. Willett Jr. to Jacqueline E. Willett, $155,000.

PORT TOBACCO RD., 8550-Sheila R. and Steven T. Magoon to Prudential Relocation Inc., $389,900.

St. Charles Area

BUTTE PL., 2340-Lenhart Berry Valley Corp. to Tynishia and Bryan Gardner, $220,105.

COPLEY AVE., 900-Robert K. Thomas to Maribel and Troy L. Chumbley, $199,000.

CUE'S FAVORITE PL., 5720-O. and Rexell Jackson to Myong S. Lee, $275,000.

FLOYD AVE., 1012-Rory E. and Jennifer L. Crissman to Merari B. and Joel Serrano, $170,000.

KEMPSFORD FIELD PL., 3721-Kendra D. Bruce to Nabil Abujuma and Fatima Y. Hussein, $131,640.

LIGHT ARMS PL., 3818-N.G. Maroudas and Alexandra Andre to Luwanna D. Nunley, $119,000.

PEAR TREE CT., 2410-James III and Mary K. MacFarlane to Cynthia Wimbush and Anthony Jordan, $245,500.

ROOKS HEAD PL., 2677-Colleen C. and H. James Garner to Lynette Worley, $125,000.

STODDERT AVE., 137-Thomas M. and Carl H. Hartman Jr. to E. Gilliland and Don M. Dehanas, $125,000.

TAYLOR CT., 4610-Mary C. and Glenn D. Devinney to Jonathan R. Hawk, $210,000.

TURTLE DOVE PL., 12477-Norman W. Scharkopf to April A. and Darren S. Graf, $189,000.

WINTERGREEN PL., 3983-Stephen Hernandez to Tanya McClelland and William Adams, $122,000.

Waldorf Area

BEL AIRE CT., 11195-Miriam Hussein to Brenecia Watson, $279,000.

BLACKPOOL CIR., 5-James Harl and Erica Clemente Harl to Colleen Sundstrom, $210,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4030-Kathleen M. and Mary L. Bender to Reginia L. and Riley J. Beard, $142,400.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4087-Selestine O. Mason to Maria Villanueva and Cherry Valerio, $139,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4115-Lidia and Esteban Delgado to Carl J. Hughes, $136,500.

BUTTE PL., 2342-Lenhart Berry Valley Corp. to Terri M. Simmons, $240,490.

DRAKE CT., 4261-Krista N. and Jeffrey G. French to Erin I. Roxborough, $135,000.

ELSA AVE., 3045-Jakima R. Dyson to Edna G. and Jay A. Andrews, $385,000.

ELSA AVE., 3235-John J. and Jennifer B. Lorme to Sean S. Smallwood, $385,000.

HARBOR SEAL CT., 6011-Francis W. and Dorothy V. Kopanyi to Kimberly J. and Jeffery W. Lewin, $249,999.

HOMESTEAD PL., 11905-Timothy B. Robinson to Ruth Johnson and Isidro Pride, $141,500.

HOMESTEAD PL., 11931-Roxie L. and Dale A. Carnegie to Tak Y. Cheng, $165,000.

HUMBERSIDE CT., 2861-Kenyada and La Donna Lattimore to Teresa M. and Clark S. Mittan, $222,000.

IRISH LORD PL., 5505-Jacqueline and John E. Lukasewicz Jr. to Diane Hartmann, $158,512.

LEGATION PL., 2549-Peter Felix to Reena S. Karki, $180,000.

LELAND PL., 11512-James D. Linton to Gwendolyn Pierce, $205,000.

LOCUST ST., 8929-Ronald S. and Helen F. Fuksa to H. Zlatarich and Robert L. Gordon Jr., $259,900.

LOG PERCH CT., 5404-Patrick J. and Rose M. Buzzeo to Beth A. and Daniel G. Madigan, $279,900.

MYRTLE OAK CT., 11620-Quezada W. and Craig S. Beasley to Michael T. Howard, $237,000.

OAK MANOR DR., 11837, No. 43-Robert R. and Mary Furman to Kristine and Christopher Bailey, $83,000.

RACCOON CT., 6822-Karen and Daniel Escolopio Purcell to Julius and Rosanna Limcolioc, $255,000.

RED LION PL., 2807-Mark R. Grossnickle to Melissa A. and Cecil A. Baker, $123,000.

SIRENIA PL., 6002-Paul D. Bartholow to Fataneh P. Atkins, $160,000.

TACOMA PL., 2406-Christopher D. Ward to Anita B. Asamoah, $212,000.

TUMBLEWEED PL., 310-Thomas A. Jr. and Joanna L. Reynolds to Karen L. and Richard E. Townsend, $113,799.

ULSTER CT., 2642-April Maxwell Kerr and Michael Kerr to Cynthia C. Thomas, $236,000.

WILLOW VIEW PL., 12629-Tamara McCrae and Raymond Dickens to Tracey M. Cohen, $195,000.

White Plains Area

HOUSELY PL., 10263-D.A. McDaniels Inc. to Angela M. Henson and Gerrod Mayo, $212,058.

HOUSELY PL., 10267-D.A. McDaniels Inc. to Dora A. Silas, $209,309.

KNIGHTHOOD PL., 8275-Glenda Horton to Brian K. Dutton, $182,000.

SHELBURNE CT., 8324-Ken J. and Natalie M. Stavrevsky to Maria C. and Teddy J. Cook, $344,200.

TULLYCROSS CT., 3836-Sandra K. and Eric E. Graves Jr. to Shannon D. Brown, $345,000.

St. Mary's County

Abell Area

ABELL RD., 20842-Ernest S. Carter to Sheila M. and Richard A. Wilson Jr., $122,720.

California Area

BENSWOOD RD., 22480-Patrick S. Waters to Rachel K. McKinney and Christopher M. Hall, $180,000.

BENT TREE LANE, 23181-John J. MacDonald Jr. to Michael Pankiewicz, $165,000.

INDIAN BRIDGE RD., 22435-Lewis Leon Hurt Sr. to James A. Young Jr., $155,500.

WOODSTOWN WAY, 45293-Daniel B. Metcalf Jr. to David J. Burger, $143,000.

Great Mills Area

MEATH RD., 22486-John D. Amsden to Sherry W. and Stephen C. Augustin, $212,000.

ST. JOHN'S CIR., 22037-Lillian and Kenneth Chiu to Joel David McLain, $140,000.

Hollywood Area

CLOVER HILL CT., 41875-Maureen A. Cleary to Timothy A. Sheyda, $310,000.

Leonardtown Area

ARMSTRONG DR., 22325-Edward Dale Hall to Brenda Helen and Michael Allen Filby, $230,000.

LADY BALTIMORE AVE., 39934-Paul A. Chaney to Aubrey and Jeremy H. Stalling, $197,000.

LAWRENCE AVE., 22910-Kathleen T. Slingland to Judith H. and James M. Carr, $142,000.

Lexington Park Area

ATALANTA ST., 21660-Rhonda B. and Frank A. Willis to Robert T. Rookstool, $152,000.

FESTIVAL CT., 47147-J. Laurence Millison to Anecita S. and Vincent M. Kelp, $249,135.

FREEDOM RUN DR., 20871-DNA Companies Thomas Homes Inc. to Donna B. and Jon W. Pastorius, $277,105.

KING JAMES PKWY., 19221-Jeffrey L. Errington to Joyce A. and Frederick G. Schenk, $76,085.

KING JAMES PKWY., 19281-Jeffrey L. Errington to Echo T. and Joe D. Brannan, $60,000.

PATUXENT VIEW RD., 23319-R.P.M. Homes Inc. to Julie F. and John D. Trask, $312,548.

PEGG RD., 22139-Catherine M. Saxon to Golden West Way Construction Inc., $86,000.

PICKETTS HARBOR CT., 48245-Jaime and Daniel B. Cooper to Jason Blankinship, $141,500.

SAMS WAY, 19791-John Francis Richards to Joseph R. Welch Inc., $85,000.

SANDALWOOD ST., 46682-Party Walls Inc. to Rebecca L. and Bert E. Norris, $216,535.

STONEY BROOK CT., 21979-Alan James Hoyt to William J. Coyne, $158,690.

WINDSOR DR., 21313-Kathleen Ruth Damico to Casey J. Raso and Edward Tully, $78,000.

Mechanicsville Area

ARLINGTON CT., 29564-Brian C. Berry to Shyra J. Jeffries and Jason K. Fleming, $172,400.

CHERYL CT., 29829-Robert B. Johnston to Julia L. and James M. Redding, $299,000.

LAKESIDE DR., 27224-James F. Schwab to Bonnie and Kean Miller, $111,891.

PARLETT MORGAN RD., 40354-Phoenix Spirit Inc. to Joseph R. Welch Inc., $192,330.

Piney Point Area

CAMP MERRYELANDE RD., 16060-Franklin A. and Agnes C. Poe to Tammy R. and Jeffery S. Janiszewski, $42,500.

Tall Timbers Area

CLARKE RD., 17752-Essex South General Partnership to Ana and Mark S. Anderson, $314,001.

RIVER RD., 18211-Daniel M. Grissinger to Marilyn G. and Charles E. Becker, $250,000.