The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

ARUNDEL ON THE BAY RD., 3185-John S. Bilobran to Robert Martin, $273,250.

BURNSIDE ST., 505-Wayne A. Fisher to Matthew R. Newkirk and Mary R. O'Hara, $365,000.

CHESAPEAKE AVE., 115-Paul M. Cunningham to Stephen L. Root and Nancy A. Greene, $800,000.

CHESAPEAKE LANDING, 4, No. 4D-Richard W. Bass to David and Virginia Holmes, $1.3 million.

CREEK DR., 1252-Andre Savoy to Kevin J. and Diana M. Flynn, $242,200.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 764, No. 764C-Naomi V. Reed, trustee, to Robert K. and Sara L. Aiken, $329,000.

GEMINI DR., 1200, No. 34-Parker D. Jones to David H. and Michele T. Cordle, $149,000.

LAKE DR. E., 30-John A. Porter to Bruce E. Feigenbaum, $1.25 million.

MELVIN RD., 970-Margaret M. Darden, trustee, to Gregory Trevor Wilby, $830,000.

QUAY VILLAGE CT., 2002, No. 2-Charles F. Murphy Jr. to Daniel E. Beasley, $280,000.

RUNDELAC RD., 3067-William P. Mack to Sharon M. and Geoffrey A. Oliver, $1.55 million.

SILVERWOOD CIR., 22, No. 10-Edward M. Connors to Shannon Fries, $144,000.

Annapolis-Sandy Point

State Park Area

ACORN DR., 16-Katherine M. Singer to Jolene A. Randazzo, $249,900.

BAYWIND DR., 1021-Ralph Duvall to Emily E. Bateson, $187,000.

BLOSSOM TREE CT., 423-James D. Campbell Jr. to Joseph Popham and Jamie Culp, $181,000.

BOATSWAIN WAY, 858-Alma M. Porter, trustee, to Marty and Barbara Snyder, $289,000.

BROACH CT., 611-Barbara A. Joyce to Marcy A. Queene, $177,000.

BURLEY RD., 605-Andrew Richards to Anne M. Ward, $332,500.

BURTONS COVE WAY, 603, No. 8-Anthony V. Bochicchio to Richard D. and Shelley V. Sarmiento, $209,000.

CAPE ST. JOHN RD., 249-Darlene C. Junta to Frank Leniek and Gail R. Toledo, $140,000.

CARRIAGE HILL PKWY., 1060-Deborah L. Allen to Paul B. and Lauren Miguez, $529,900.

CHARRED OAK CT., 310-Edward C. Crandall to Claudine M. Liebes, $195,000.

COXSWAIN WAY, 833-Jeffrey A. Dunn, trustee, to William E. and Jane L. Smith, $320,000.

FAIRFAX RD., 1936-Timothy N. Mudd to Richard J. and Jenifer J. Moore, $265,000.

GREENBRIAR LANE, 617-Earlene Murray to Homes for America Inc., $100,000.

HERITAGE CT., 3, No. 116-Gayle M. Balderson to Sebastian A. Buemi, $125,000.

HILL ST., 15-Janet B. Diebold to James E. Manuel III, $275,000.

LINDEN AVE. N., 13-Anna E. Coates to Katey C. and Brian J. Maguire, $325,000.

LODGE POLE CT., 1536-Robert T. Steinweg to Kirk E. and Carrie L. Haynes, $189,900.

LODGE POLE CT., 1596-Travis J. Head to Kevin Snively, $177,500.

MAGOTHY CIR., 1090-Thomas A. Fichtner to William P. and Ellen M. Hocking, $625,000.

MASTLINE DR., 953-Francis C. Boland to Robert P. Odenwald, trustee, $379,000.

MILVALE RD., 1852-Jonathan P. Myers, trustee, to Jerome F. and Jill T. Smith, $760,000.

OLD CROSSING LANE, 102-David R. Lewis to Jeffrey R. and Jennifer N. Macris, $825,000.

PINEDALE DR., 579-Melvin E. Laska to Peter P. and Chun Ye Merrill, $400,000.

RIVA RD., 2574, No. 14A-Ernesto Negrin to Gary L. Aisquith, $135,500.

SHIPMASTER WAY, 2900, No. 313-George E. Furmage Jr. to Thomas E. and Renee K. Smallwood, $159,900.

STONEWOOD CT., 1203-Michael L. Tasker to Carrie A. McGee, $184,900.

STONEWOOD CT., 1207-Edna J. Gosse to Andrea L. Staley and Brian C. Devilbiss, $169,000.

TOPMAST WAY, 916-Wanda J. Johns to Paula Clarke and Lynne C. Slaughter, $325,000.

TUCKAHOE CREEK CT., 606-Fredy I. Duarte to Ernesto G. and Herbert J. Puertas, $180,000.

WILLIAMS DR., 36-W.C. Gibson to Stella Routh, $790,000.

WOODLAND CIR., 955-Kirk E. Gentry to Cheryl L. Branagan, $314,500.

WYE ISLAND CT., 621-Carolyn W. Colvin to Lotes L. Fields, $158,900.

Arnold Area

BIRCHCREST CT., 1240, No. 114-Tod M. Miller to Clayton J. Stewart and Theresa L. Rafiq, $189,900.

GREENDALE CT., 1412-Scott W. Cothran to Mayk Baghdadlian, $141,000.

SEVERN WAY, 121-Joseph M. Cummings to Richard D. and Shelley V. Sarmiento, $310,000.

TERNWING DR., 348-David Joseph Devitt to Andrew H. Burns and William H. Harder, $242,000.

Brooklyn Area

CEDAR HILL RD., 10-Melvin H. Bell Sr. to Mary P. Schulze, $78,500.

CRESSWELL RD., 330-John M. Laughlin to Malcolm E. Berry, $154,000.

DORIS AVE., 225-William A. Rathell to Angela N. Langrehr, $120,000.

OLD RIVERSIDE RD., 512-Robert Collison to Paula D. Seibel, $99,000.

WASENA AVE., 5311-Frank P. Gavern to Dolores C. Beeman, $55,000.

WOOD ST., 610-Karen Luebehusen to Rodd R. Lounsbury, $70,000.

Churchton Area

BATTEE DR., 5653-Gregory F. Howell to James C. Grigg, $300,000.

WILDWOOD LANE, 1116-Cassandra O. Streett to Elena K. Fromme, $179,900.

Crofton Area

AIRY HILL CT., 1603, No. 11C-Andrea J. Lee to David Stallings and Janet L. Bane, $167,500.

BLOCKTON CT., 1463, No. 66XB-Herbert N. Martin Jr. to Carl J. Schuettler and Erin L. Readinger, $169,900.

ETON WAY, 1613-Primacy Closing Corp. to Robert and Christine Hage, $469,900.

FALLSWAY DR., 1686-Ronald J. Hausner to Julia L. Gatling, $324,900.

HART CT., 1661, No. 125-Thomas J. Schmit to Troy L. and Stacie M. Richards, $150,000.

LINKWOOD LANE, 1728-John E. Kovach to Susana M. McCoy and Maria Yapur, $299,000.

MARA VISTA CT., 1486, No. 113-Patricia M. Markland to Cristina Rodriguez, $146,500.

MARLBOROUGH CT., 1512, No. 39YF-Action Investments to Mindy Smith, $145,000.

MONTAUK DR., 2324-Sandra K. Colao to Patricia J. Bardon, $259,900.

PORTABELLO CT., 1601-Elliott A. Finkle to Leonard and Tracy Finkle, $370,000.

SAVOY CT., 2706-Brian K. Marks to William D. and Heather D. Salb, $425,000.

SEABURY DR., 2323-Greg A. Ward to Relocation Advantage Corp., $414,900.

SEABURY DR., 2323-Relocation Advantage Corp. to Iris R. and John S. Lewis, $414,900.

SHIRE CT., 1009, No. 73-Enar Sanders to Robert L. and Mary B. Hall, $220,000.

SIMSBURY CT., 1004, No. 64B-Eric B. Chiariello to David A. Duvall, $157,600.

SIMSBURY CT., 1141, No. 50B-Mellissa A. Farrell to Lindy L. Schaecher, $200,000.

STURBRIDGE PL., 1716-Joseph Bellotte to Sean R. and Melissa Gibson, $302,000.

TARRYTOWN AVE., 1705-John C. Vanwyk to Glen M. and Nenen B. Jacob, $335,000.

WINDY OAK CT., 2570-Relocation Resources International to Robert McNeill Jr., $269,500.

Crownsville Area

BIRCH TRAIL, 861-Matthew T. Richardson to Sean M. Carey, $268,500.

BUTTONWOOD TRAIL, 949-Dennis M. Berg to Joan C. Feedesco, $289,900.

IVY TRAIL, 941-Alberto Rivero to Charles Reeder and Vanessa Curtis, $375,000.

RIVERSIDE DR. N., 688-Michael D. Johnson to Ross D. and Beth H. Cooper, $365,000.

WALLACE RD., 1020-Vance L. Piner to Patricio M. and Dorothy K. Guibao, $319,000.

WILSON RD., 502-Ronald R. Grenier to David Silberstein, $450,000.

Curtis Bay Area

STONEY POINT WAY, 1470, No. 221-Julie Ann Tanner to Donald E. Sievert, $212,000.

Davidsonville Area

ALCOVA DR., 1572-James B. Berry III to Virginia Berry, $82,500.

MANOR VIEW RD., 1507-Robert M. Martein to Jason R. Mills and Lauren K. Lagus, $272,130.

MAPLE CREEK LANE, 203-Helen A. Anderson to Daniel J. and Sarah M. Ring, $660,000.

Deale Area

MELBOURNE AVE., 6008-Johnny M. Grant to Donald Ridenour, $169,900.

Edgewater Area

CALAWASSE RD., 3904-James M. Dubrul to Eric A. Lundberg and Cecilia E. Defries, $570,000.

EDGEWOOD RD., 916-Mary A. Raines to Donna M. Kachura, $285,000.

HAVRE DE GRACE DR., 1709-James D. Moyer to Khanh Hong T. Nguyen and Thang Duc Truong, $179,900.

KENMORE AVE., 304-Mary L. Hart to Nancy T. O'Donnel, $200,000.

RIDGELY RD., 1736-Michael D. Frankos to Andrea Kostin, $190,625.

SHORE DR., 2206-Michael P. Jacobs to Iain and Fiona Goodwin, $265,000.

Gambrills Area

GAMBRILLS LANE, 960-John S. Roberts Sr. to Catherine and Raymond Bosse, $161,000.

MOUNT TABOR RD., 2374-John A. Kovach to Ronald Joseph and Kate B. Hausner, $400,000.

RED LEAF CT., 2134-Norman F. Heyl to Nicole Baldwin, $500,000.

Glen Burnie Area

ASTER DR., 1205-Kevin M. Rodgers to Kristie L. Strong and Betty J. Swann, $172,000.

BAYLOR RD., 704-Royce C. Marsingill to Raymond H. and Kathryn L. Beitzell, $225,000.

CHRISTOS CT., 228-Mathias H. Humm to Stephen M. Tighe, $139,900.

CLOVERHURST RD., 8112-Leo M. Geballa III to Laura M. Regiec, $126,000.

CONTINENTAL DR., 195-Michael W. Feather to David W. Nothey, $93,200.

DORKING RD., 917-David W. Tolley to Todd D. Wheeler, $148,300.

FERNDALE RD., 114-Marshall E.F. to Thomas and Jamie Wargo, $165,000.

FLEAGLE RD., 364-Dennis R. Kennedy to David L. and Carolyn C. Kegley, $225,000.

FOXCOVE CT., 7800-John W. Molz to Judy L. Fenwick, $219,900.

GREAT BEND RD., 8180-David A. Kopp to Stephanie McCloud, $129,900.

GREAT BEND RD., 8198-Arnold Brown to David A. Kopp, $136,900.

LINCOLN CT., 6419-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Dorothy T. and John W. Edwards, $83,500.

MAPLE LANE NW, 421-Helen Avara to Sebastian and Kelly Beraducci, $125,000.

OAK LANE NW, 209-John A. Richter to Jose A. Santos and Emma E. Hernandez, $175,000.

QUAIL DR., 670-Bernard J. Wiedemer to Howard V. Brown and Sonja L. Bornn, $120,000.

RIDGEWICK RD., 1804-William V. Clark to Charles J. and Amy L. Aquino, $240,000.

ROOSEVELT AVE., 201-Edward L. Hildebrand III to Marie A. Pika, $213,500.

SHELLY RD., 104-Gary T. Warren to Nichole and Paul J. Tracht, $206,900.

SPRITE WAY, 677-Earle C. Grey to George A. and Giltina M. Matthews, $172,500.

WARLOCK CT., 411, No. 10213-Ronald K. Lisica to Timothy N. Bruno, $155,000.

WASHINGTON BLVD., 418-Raymond H. Beitzell Jr. to Michael J. and Theodore J. Meyer, $179,900.

WEST CT., 450, No. 14I-Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota to Juan C. Ramirez, $91,000.

WILSON BLVD., 203-Daniel S. Fisher III to Mary S. Makar, $165,000.

Glen Burnie-

Marley Creek Area

CEDAR DR., 209-Lawrence R. Boteler to Otis B. and Cynthia N. Layton, $125,000.

CEDARCLIFF DR., 1204-John M. Vincent to Kathleen M. Briley, $182,100.

GLEN RD., 224-Catherine M. Hedl to Artisan Select Properties Corp., $105,500.

HOWARD RD., 1332-Karen E. Greene to Sandra M. Fletcher, $105,000.

KENWOOD RD., 1208-Brian R. Caulkins to John F. and Linda S. Beall, $196,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6602, No. 203-Beverly Gallen to James and Sandra Shenal, $137,500.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6607, No. 302-Michael J. Ball to Lauren E. Brown, $132,000.

THOMAS RD., 1008-Charles J. Atas to Ryan P. Walsh and Rhonda Book, $149,500.

THREE COIN WAY, 105, No. 101-Timothy D. Weslow to Danny Palumbo Jr., $118,000.

WATER FOUNTAIN WAY, 116, No. 304-James D. Harrison to Dawn A. Serafini, $118,000.

WHITE WATER WAY, 6800, No. 204-Alton H. Cunningham to Brenda K. Weinhold, $124,900.

Hanover Area

DORSEY RD., 1316-Frank J. Praley to TSC Dorsey Road, $450,000.

FAIRBANKS CT., 7663-Bradley H. Sorensen to Carol M. Paucar, $147,500.

Jessup Area

JESSUP RD., 2945-Diana M. Townsend to Nelson and Xiomara Ayala, $215,000.

Laurel Area

BROOKTREE ST., 8343-Phyllis Bivens to Brian R. and Shavonne Knight, $259,900.

FEDERALSBURG S., 233-Jason P. Sarver to Juanita S. Hines, $235,000.

JACKS REEF RD., 8622-Hyun I. Kim to Wendell T. and Dawn D. Hall, $229,900.

LYNDHURST ST., 8223-Karen Franklin to John B. Owusu Jr. and Adwoa Dadzie, $216,000.

RAMBLING ROSE LANE, 8207-Kerry L. Kohler to Michelle E. Miles, $403,000.

SWEET PINE DR., 202, No. 37-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ronnie J. Lee, $148,500.

WYE MILLS S., 3348-Kevin J. Kane to Daniel V. Wuenstel, $144,000.

Mayo Area

DAVES RD., 1223-Fred S. Pyle to Lina F. Banis, $249,000.

Millersville Area

BALDWIN DR., 1714-Rich M. Rogers to

Raymond C. and Christa J. Burleson, $344,900.

BELMAWR PL., 599-Wilbur C. Reiner to David Foster, $120,000.

BRIGHTVIEW DR., 579-Leo W. Smith to Brightview Development Corp., $310,000.

DOGWOOD RD., 328-Gardner Homes Corp. to Clement O. and Mary L. Turner, $420,000.

FINNEGAN DR., 228-Stephen P. Monteiro to Matthew and Lisa O'Keefe, $606,500.

SANDGATE CT., 108-Tirunilayi S. Seshadri to Thomas A. and Maura E. McCarthy, $589,000.

SINCLAIR LANE, 1612-Michael Parsons to RMG Investments Inc., $130,000.

SONGWOOD CT., 306-James J. Cain Jr. to John C. Winship and Catherine J. Kirk, $499,900.

VALLEYWOOD RD., 508-Susan R. Deweerd to Anthony and Lisa Nappier, $160,000.

VALLEYWOOD RD., 552-Walter J. Rzepkowski to Edward and Pamela Walasik, $119,997.

Odenton Area

AUTUMN HARVEST CT., 2408, No. 104-Gary Tiner to Douglas V. Allen, $160,000.

BUNKER HILL LANE, 116-Christina G. Simmons to Young Sik and Nam Soon Park, $405,000.

COMMODORE WAY, 206, No. 9-David R. Brooks to Newman Enterprises Corp., $181,000.

GOLDEN CHAPEL RD., 2302-Dorian R. Pappas to Kevin and Daria Carberry, $395,000.

GREYSWOOD RD., 1338-Michael R. Johnson to J. Jason and Althea Dease, $165,000.


Olesen to Averil E. and Tommy R. Rhule, $271,000.

ORCHARD KNOLL WAY, 2511-Catherine M. Tighe to Rafael and Sonya M. Pagan, $255,000.

PINE DRIFT DR., 726-Barbara A. Dye to William N. and Jacqueline R. Cummins, $265,000.

SILENT CT., 8729-Paul Goldman to Willie M. and Sherry J. Paul, $319,900.

SUMMERSHADE DR., 8508-Steve Konowalchuk to Hermann G. and Elizabeth C. Hasken, $478,500.

WESTRIDGE CIR., 78-Omar T. Wright to Artisan Select Properties Corp., $257,000.

FIFTH AVE., 2823-Kenneth L. Andrew Jr. to Thomas H. and Rachael C. Greve, $330,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

ARUNDEL RD., 251-Donald G. Meyett to John A. and Robin H. Bougourd, $169,900.

BAY RD., 8585-Franklin E. May to Flow Properties Corp., $300,000.

BELHAVEN AVE., 8038-David J. Cook to Lorne M. Rickert, $162,500.

BOOTH BAY HARBOUR, 1179-Robert Gast to Jennifer S. Bernadzikowski, $172,900.

BULMAN HARBOUR, 1057-William W. Kepler to Joseph Rose and Kristina Morgan, $172,500.

CARROLL RD., 160-Kenneth S. Brauer to Jess A. Van Meter and Julie Brett, $247,900.

CARROLL RD., 243-John M. Ramsey to Mischell Feraci, $159,900.

DE FRANCEAUX HARBOUR, 839-Robert J. Hoage to Kwang Ho and Jihee K. Chung, $225,000.

DORSHIRE CT., 3611, No. 37-Earnie W.

Daniel to Gregory and Melody A. Neal, $160,000.

HOLMESPUN DR., 1226-Gregory A. Gent to Janice K. and Joseph J. Jedrowicz, $152,000.

KENTUCKY AVE., 323-Frank J. Giza Jr. to John N. Lindsey and Amy R. Poe, $220,000.

LAKELAND AVE., 7778-Paul D. Ferguson to Michael L. and Cynthia A. Bussard, $235,000.

LONG POINT RD., 1530-Michael C. Wise to Michael Gallagher, $249,900.

LONGVIEW AVE., 910-Mark A. Samuels to Howard L. Sharp, $250,000.

MARTHAS VINEYARD LANE, 916-Katie L. Neidert to James J. Martin, $244,694.

MIDDLEBURY DR., 8000-R. Martin Refvem Jr. to John and Wendy L. Lowry, $385,900.

MOUNTAIN RD., 5163-William C. Stallings, trustee, to Ferdinand W. and Linda Germershausen, $650,000.

OLD HOUSE RD., 7771-Alan F. Grunder to Vincent K. O'Brien, $237,900.

QUIET RIDGE CT., 205-Christopher J. Lyth to James L. and Carra L. Hammersla, $207,500.

SAYBROOK HARBOUR, 1058-Patricia Beeler to James E. and Bettye Luette Embrey, $171,360.

SHADY NOOK CT., 8244-Paula A. Brown to David D. and Cheri L. McCollough, $163,300.

WINDY RIDGE CT., 212-Kim L. Jones to David C. and Suzette D. Florence, $210,000.

211TH ST., 707-Mary D. Redin to Jason D. Callicoat, $125,000.

Riva Area

BERKSHIRE DR., 373-Anthony Decesaris to Matthew J. Meucci, $511,000.

Severn Area

ARWELL CT., 1818, No. 12A-Kevin X. Jackson to Rupert S. Campbell Jr., $32,000.

CANTER CT., 7842-Aimee J.F. Draughn to Sung Hak and Song C. An, $232,900.

CANTER CT., 7927-Renee Herbert to Michael W. Hickmon, $227,000.

CARRIAGE LAMP CT., 1734-Household Finance Corp. to Olalekan Ogungbaigbe, $184,500.

CARRIAGE LAMP CT., 1762-Gretchen R. Sievers to Jason J. Clark, $235,000.

CHES-MAR CT., 8324-Elizabeth M. McGarity to Cathy V. Starvis Cogdell, $262,000.

COWSILL DR., 1403-Sean K. Corbin to Jared and Michelle Demott, $369,900.

HAWK CT., 1871, No. 4-Department of Housing and Urban Development to John and Felisa Dalszys, $80,509.

HEATHER MIST DR., 7933, No. 120-Marcus L. Mingo to George A. and Ann E. Collier, $215,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 1432-Ameri Star Homes Inc. to Barry D. and Angela N. Troupe, $292,552.

MUSICAL WAY, 7309-John E. Reinhardt to Gary J. Schoolden, $379,900.

ROSEWOOD RD., 803-Joseph M. Feibel to John M. and Jane A. Kinsey, $299,900.

SOMERSET RD., 1216-Martin Cholewa to Darlene Cholewa, $50,000.

Severna Park Area

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 769-Shannon P. Byrne to Eric J. and Michelle R. Shea, $240,000.

BERRYWOOD DR., 153-Louis D. Durham to Eric C. and Claire Culp, $740,000.

COTTONWOOD DR., 714-Bertram Zimmerman to Michael E. and Judith T. Trippett, $295,000.

CYPRESS CREEK RD., 222-Ronald F. Dimarzo to Chester L. Brewer III, $295,000.

HATTON DR., 115-Jane O. Cannon to Christopher S. and V.A. Yearwood, $360,000.

HIGHFIELD CT., 456-Mario Orofino to Leonard and Theresa Kotkiewicz, $560,000.

MADARY RD., 8-Washington Mutual Bank to Dateleaf Inc., $100,000.

MARNEL CT., 42-James R. Johnson Jr. to George and Jeanette Ogilvie, $340,000.

MCBRIDE LANE, 442-James S. Davis to Francine L. and Jeffrey A. Diggs, $299,900.

MCKINSEY PARK DR., 602, No. 504-James G. Dickerson to Margaret E. Wilkinson, $235,000.

OLD COUNTY RD., 410-R. Talbott Miller Jr. to W. Carl Sabod Jr., $639,000.

RIVERSIDE DR., 92-Kenneth N. Russell Jr. to Gregory and Crystal Strennen, $270,000.

TRENTON AVE., 761-Arlene Tilley to Walter A. and Abbie R. Truax, $269,900.

Shady Side Area

MARINERS DR., 4919-Richard T. Moorhouse to Manuel Santos, $365,000.

STEAMBOAT RD., 1270-Gordon P. Hallock to Deal Properties, $205,000.