The following were among cases received recently by the Washington Humane Society. For more information or assistance, 24 hours a day, call 202-723-5730.

Opossum Hangs On for Life

DOWNING ST. NE, 1300 block, July 14. An Animal Control officer removed a baby opossum from a baby pool, where it had been clinging to a floating toy for several hours. The opossum was taken to a wildlife rehabilitator.

Infected Puppy Treated, Adopted

37TH STREET AND ALABAMA AVENUE SE, July 14. A man reported a dog tied to a pole in a residential neighborhood. An Animal Control officer found a cane corso puppy with crudely cropped, infected ears. The dog was treated by a veterinarian and adopted after passing a temperament test.

Dog in Distress Euthanized

BLADENSBURG RD. NE, 3000 block, July 13. A woman asked the Humane Society to pick up her dog because it was dying in her yard. An officer found the dog infested with maggots and lying on a pile of debris. The officer immediately euthanized it. During a follow-up visit, another dog was found on the back porch suffering from injuries to its ears. The dog was impounded. An investigation was pending.

Ferret Strays From Caretaker

U ST. NW, 1600 block, July 15. Police called Animal Control after finding a stray ferret. The ferret was taken to the D.C. shelter, where it was claimed by a woman who was watching the animal for a relative.

Doberman Freed From Hot Jeep

FLORIDA AVE. NE, 800 block, July 21. A Humane Society officer investigating a report found an old Doberman pinscher panting heavily in a Jeep with the back open. The temperature was 93 degrees. The dog was tethered and wearing a harness, and its water bowl was empty. The officer impounded the dog. The Doberman's owner called the Humane Society later that day, and the society released the dog after advising the owner of the dangers of leaving an animal in a vehicle.

Dogs in Filthy Yard Impounded

MINNESOTA AVE. SE, 1800 block, July 17. A Humane Society officer found a mother dog in a rear yard with puppies, several of them dead. Two other adult dogs were also in the yard, which was soiled with feces, debris and hazardous materials. There was no water or shade. One adult dog had bloody ears from fly bites. All of the animals were impounded. The case was under investigation.

Two Pit Bulls in Soiled Basement

BAKER ST. NE, 3400 block, July 20. A resident called the Humane Society asking that two pit bulls of a relative be removed from her basement. An officer went to the home and was led into a dark basement, which was occupied by two chained pit bulls standing in feces and urine. One was emaciated. Both were held at the society shelter pending an investigation.

-- Compiled by SARAH LANE