The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Buckeystown Area

DOWNING CT., 3480-Linda C. and Adam B. Malcolm to Martha Diskin, $405,000.

Emmitsburg Area

ROBINDALE DR., 5-Christy and Paul Alan Ely to Christopher M. Emert, $141,000.

SETON AVE. N., 143-George K. and Linda L. Adelsberger to Jennifer Bangs and Brian Baker, $173,000.

Frederick City Area

AERIEL PL., 5508-Amy M. and Jason A. Junker to Dilip Patel, $226,900.

ALL SAINTS ST. W., 11-Sanash Development Inc. to Garnetta V. Masser, $118,000.

BALTIMORE RD., 8929-William A. and Christine L. Waldron to Michael W. Cooper and Christine A. Bradley, $148,000.

BARTONSVILLE RD., 5710-Clifford E. Jewell to Carlos J. Sandi, $123,500.

BEAR DEN RD., 2599-John S. and Genevieve M. Lutz to Deborah M. and Dennis W. Haas, $400,000.

BELLHAVEN CT., 9512-Thomas W. and Joy Nase to Amy and Rajpreet S. Gill, $220,000.

BELLHAVEN CT., 9526-Gary and Rebecca A. Hatch to Jackie and David C. Capobianco, $220,000.

BELLHAVEN CT., 9533-Craig T. and Daniel to Darin and Kymberli Rand, $245,000.

BISHOPSTONE CIR., 127-Susan Stacey Stem to Wendy Krauch, $170,000.

BLACK DUCK CT., 6704-Gregory T. Collins to Jaafar Ka, $175,000.

BLOSSOM LANE, 452-Charles W. and Linda S. Huff to Elena Churkina and Alexandre Tchourkine, $187,000.

CAMERON WAY, 2646-Jeremy M. and Jill R. Levin to Carrie Spanos and Brian Harrington, $219,000.

CANVAS BANK CT., 5023-Kenneth E. and Nellie R. Mohler to Grisselle and Roberto Nogueras Jr., $180,000.

CARMICHAEL CT., 9413-Primacy Closing Corp. to Kay and Paul A. Monus, $475,000.

CARRIAGE WAY, 1741-Donna and Robert L. Kehler to Classic Property Management Inc., $114,000.

CASCADE WAY, 590-Julie Polaschek and Chad Elliott to Ada W. Yick, $150,000.

CENTER ST., 235-Rosamund and Ivan Hinds Jr. to Richard Noel, $55,000.

CHADWICK CIR., 819-Sharon Lynn Rice to Kara Melissa Saunders, $125,000.

CIMARRON CT., 7183-Angelo Taylor to Ana and Greg E. Burdette, $130,000.

CLARIDGE DR. N., 6366-Michael B. and Lisa G. Barbitta to Leslie D. and Joel E. Jocelyn, $450,000.

COLONIAL WAY, 1601-Ellen L. Nickens to Dennis L. Jr. and Nordia A. Waters, $172,000.

COLONIAL WAY, 1658-Virender Shandil to Martin Hammer, $167,000.

COOL SPRING TER., 6124-Arthur and Catherine Wicks to Lori A. and David K. Kohler, $399,900.

CRABAPPLE DR., 5689-Marion L. and David R. Shaub to Tina Parrish, $189,900.

CRESTWOOD CT., 5621-Tammy Jo and Robert V. Nicholls Jr. to Kenneth K. Sasu, $205,000.

DAVID LANE, 1308-Thomas D. Jr. and Gail L. Hill to Thuya Aung and Ne Htun, $98,880.

DAYSVILLE RD., 11526-Michelle E. and John S. Seaton to Marjorie E. and Douglas R. Levene, $365,000.

EDMONT DR., 6126-Stephen B. Fogle to Christine M. Rice, $324,900.

FISH HATCHERY RD., 7201-Kenneth Myers to Patricia J. Aitken, $140,000.

HALL RD., 9816-Erma Hinkle to Mark Elmendorf, $167,900.

HARPERS CT., 1945-Julie L. and Carolyn A. Magers to Keisha D. and Leonard W. Thomas, $215,200.

HARPERS WAY, 158-Clara Vargas Sullivan to Kara Thurston, $234,900.

HAVILLAND PL., 1525-Donald E. and Terilyn Rivera to Sharon R. and Todd P. Riddell Sr., $185,000.

HUNTOVER LANE, 602-Rock E. and Sylvia Ramsburg to Seung Jae Lee, $327,500.

JEFFERSON PIKE, 5531-James H. Jr. and Wendy S. Lewis to Carole A. and Glenn E. Harrison, $165,000.

JENNINGS CT., 1616-Timothy P. Whitfield to Joan T. and John F. Bomar, $170,000.

KNOLLWOOD DR., 6313-Charles F. and Carolyn L. Jones to Diane and Robert Gustines, $410,000.

LIME KILN RD., 4213-David Leas to Scott A. Domning, $175,000.

LIVINGSTONE TER., 9-Ricky Brandenburg to Amanda M. Zimmerman, $141,500.

LYNDALE WAY, 5469-Jeasmine E. and Ruben Aizvera to Christopher Young and Michael Fleming, $233,900.

MARKET ST. S., 209-Robert P. and Jamie L. Morris to Brian Virts, $247,900.

MORNING DEW CT., 8223-William R. and Madalene D. Eyler to Patricia A. and Michael L. Wolford, $240,000.

PENDLETON CT. N., 28, No. 10H-John N. Burdette to Kirsten and Stephen McKenzie, $135,000.

PINECLIFF DR., 8608-Victor T. Reynolds to Wenda A. and Randy C. Kenagy, $280,000.

PRINCETOWN DR., 107-D-Paul Gregg to Lindsay Schilling and Clinton C. Bagler, $150,000.

RAINIER DR., 6246-Calvin and Kathleen B. Allen to Rachel A. and Wayne B. Krantz, $290,000.

RHODERICK RD., 2825-Frances Reardon Quirin trust to Brenda D. and David S. Watterson, $260,000.

RIDGEFIELD LANE, 9107-Ruth and James M. Laskowski to Stephen K. Waldych, $199,900.

SEA GULL CT., 6648-Tyana M. and Dennis A. Morris to Zulema G. and Michael P. Humphrey, $179,150.

SPRINGWATER PL., 6117, No. 1734-Robert A. and Sandra Jean Brower to Norma Eugenia Cooper, $165,950.

SUGARBUSH CIR., 513-Jacqueline Lovelock to Patricia R. Ayers, $207,000.

SUNFIELD WAY, 505-Unlimited Realty Corp. to Walter A. Diaz, $230,000.

SUNSET VIEW LANE, 5740-Vijay Patel to Queen Real Estate Investments Inc., $147,900.

TOLLHOUSE CT., 122-Zhi Jian Chen to Donald M. Pruitt and Lois Dinkel, $212,000.

SEVENTH ST. E., 238-Edward I. Campbell to Jamil M. Azat Partnership, $75,000.

Ijamsville Area

MOUNTAIN VIEW LANE, 11103-Mountain View Family Trust to David Patrick Co. Corp., $297,000.

ROYAL TROON TER., 7601-John A. and Jacquelyn A. Calvert to Eileen Foley Breck and Michael Breck, $489,000.

Jefferson Area

MANHEIM CT., 4025-Helene A. and Leonard M. Bloom to Jose A. Benitez, $425,000.

Middletown Area

BOILEAU CT., 44-Douglas E. and Patricia Fogle to Adam and Matthew R. Plunkett, $170,900.

MANDA DR., 115-Scott M. Henry to Pamela J. and Perry J. Wein, $380,000.

Monrovia Area

FARM LANE, 3989-Katharene A. and Lawrence J. Munday to Sherri L. Purkable, $284,900.

Mount Airy Area

AUTUMN CREST CT., 13422-Jon A. Langhorst to Melanie M. and Christopher M. Olup, $535,000.

BUNKER CT., 4024-Mary L. Hurley to Irene M. and Wayne C. McGlone, $550,000.

COATS BRIDGE PL., 7, No. 1E-Eileen C. Fadely to Thang Khan Cin and Khai K. Lian, $132,000.

EMMALINE DR., 10650-Geoffrey D. Secker to Paul D. Mullins, $345,000.

HARRISVILLE RD., 14720-George B. Kovalsky to Ruth and Hans Jonkman, $386,000.

ILEX CT., 6708-Jerome E. and Debra S.

Griffith to Susan M. and Eric P. Milhous, $385,000.

MANOR TER., 13254-Lisa H. and Phillip J. Custead to Paul A. Faerber, $452,500.

UNIONVILLE RD., 13653-Debbie L. and William C. Mitchell to Govind Holdings Corp., $300,000.

WOODLAKE PL., 9706-Sheldon and Jacqueline Bayer to Christina M. and Ronald L. Bromley, $520,000.

Thurmont Area

HESSONG BRIDGE RD., 13103-Brenda and Daniel M. Nowell to Patrick D. Williams, $200,000.

Walkersville Area

ADAMS WAY, 107-Dawn M. and Scott D. Long to Dawn M. and Marten O. Leijon, $180,000.

CHALLEDON DR., 113-Dennis J. and Janet Lee Brace to Dawn M. and Scott D. Long, $245,600.

GLADE BLVD., 407-Douglas O. and Jeanette M. Dusci to Jeffrey L. and Erin M. Misner, $234,900.

WATER STREET RD., 8286-Karel L. and Geert H. Visscher to Katherine and Vince Policelli, $454,900.