James J. Luby Jr., the son of Alexandria School Board member Melissa W. Luby, pleaded guilty yesterday in Alexandria General District Court to a destruction of property charge for throwing eggs at the home of a parent trying to have his mother removed from her post.

James Luby, 19, is scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 6 for the Class 3 misdemeanor, which carries a maximum penalty of $500.

The charge stems from a July 2 incident in which police said he and Samuel Howard Woodson IV, 18, the son of City Council member Joyce Woodson (D) and S. Howard Woodson, president of the Alexandria chapter of the NAACP, threw eggs at the home of James Boissonnault for spearheading an effort to have Luby removed from the board.

Melissa Luby was a passenger in a car driven by School Superintendent Rebecca L. Perry on April 23 when Perry was arrested on a drunken driving charge. Boissonnault, the parent of a third-grader at Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy, contends that Melissa Luby should have stopped Perry from driving that night and should have apologized for drinking with her.

Boissonnault told police that he was awakened around 3:30 a.m. by an anonymous phone call the night of the egging. Minutes later, he said, his house on East Mason Avenue in Del Ray was bombarded by nearly two dozen eggs. Several eggs hit and damaged the window screen on his sleeping daughter's bedroom, he said.

Boissonnault said the Luby family came to his house to apologize the weekend before police pressed charges. But Boissonnault said that the apology was not sincere and that he felt strongly about pressing charges against James Luby and Samuel Woodson, who is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

Asked yesterday about Luby's plea, Boissonnault said, "It's the right thing to do."

Called at home, Melissa Luby said that her son would not be available for comment on the plea and that she did not want to discuss it until his sentencing.

Luby, however, did express concern about an error involving her son that appears in Alexandria General District Court records.

Police confirmed yesterday that James Luby is mistakenly named as having been convicted of public drunkenness. Police said that court records show James Luby Jr. was arrested by Officer Curtis McClish on June 16 on a charge of being drunk in public .

"And that's not correct," said Alexandria police spokeswoman Amy Bertsch, noting that police records show McClish actually arrested 36-year-old Julio Galicia for the same charge.

Bertsch said it was a not a police error but a court error, and a strange one at that.

"Million of names in the database, and James Luby's pops up?" Bertsch said. "I think it's bizarre."

So does Melissa Luby, who said yesterday she was skeptical about a "typo" of that nature. That kind of mistake, she said, could affect her son's sentence in the egging case. "This has gotten very ugly in the community, and I don't want to see my child used," she said.

Staff writer Elaine Rivera contributed to this report.