The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

DALE LANE, 1914-Rauf A. Rana to Rebecca A. and Cesar B. Paula, $191,000.

Adelphi Area

CHILLUM MANOR RD., 6721-Ana R. Portillo to Francisco Moreno, $182,000.

HUGHES RD., 2515-Jeronimo and Tatiana Paz to Maria R. Martinez and Rosa Mesa, $232,000.

LAGUNA RD., 1921-Jose E. and Iris A. and Jerem Carranza to Sulma E. and Victor A. Paniagua, $259,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1822, No. 204-Michael J. Craig to Wayne A. Jones, $79,000.

RED OAK DR., 1903-Donald J. and Richard D. Hardesty to Adius and Teodora C. Moise, $270,000.

RIGGS RD., 7948-Helena L. and Herman Glover to Evelyn C. Parchment, $65,000.

14TH PL., 8500-Richard D. and Gladys G. Guth to Rene and Francisco C. Guardado, $227,000.

Beltsville Area

BLACKPOOL DR., 4503-Philip J. Jr. and Margaret M. Folan to Akkamma and Chandravilas J. Isaac, $250,000.

CAILEN CT., 7508-Jeffrey E. Monte to Ricardo Dolet and Marie C. Boursiquot, $360,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11338, No. II-G-Emma F. and Andres S. Escalante to Rhonda A. Hinds, $108,000.

HEARTWOOD DR., 11804-William E. Jr. and Sharon K. Duke to Benjamin B.I. and Angela W.L. Champion, $340,000.

LONGHORN DR., 4710-Teofilo Garcia and Herminio P. Paz to Scott C. Shamp, $262,200.

Bladensburg Area

54TH PL., 4204-John C. Johnson Jr. to Alba and Pedro Araujo, $140,000.

56TH AVE., 4306-Dianne D. Thompson to Elida C. Mejia and Edwin M.V. Ribas, $146,500.

Bowie Area

ALAMEDA DR., 15708-Gregory S. Buchheister to Tawanda and Duane Fowler, $290,000.

ANN ARBOR LANE, 2512-Ann M. and Michael D. Pavelek III to Karen R. Paige, $265,100.

ATKINS CT., 2811-Susan L. and David C. Nichols to Jillonne and Karl Kevala, $253,000.

BAWTRY CT., 16327-Matthew J. and Angela D. Needleman to Patricia G. and Hamid G. Aghdam, $405,000.

CLOVER HILL TER., 14509-Paula S. and John H. Johnson to Kurt C. Springer, $325,000.

ELEGANT CT., 16032-Mona L. Thompson to Kelly J. Gray, $207,000.

EMBLEM CORNER RD., 3932-Henri A. and Sandra J. Delanghe to Mia Sowell, $205,000.

EMORY CT., 15207-Valencia C. and Gregory Holland to Charlesette Werts, $229,900.

ERNST DR., 3811-Gail M. and Hilery D. Banner to Stacey C. Burton, $227,900.

ETTRICK CT., 3903-Jennifer A. and Francis E. Greer IV to Jonathan I. Jackson, $157,000.

FEDERAL LANE, 2812-Tina D. and Craig S. Hamet to John Davis, $249,900.

GRENFELL LOOP, 6010-Vaughn Gonzalez to Zelma R. Stiles, $249,000.

KENNISON LANE, 2628-Mark A. Coleman to John E. Stein, $244,000.

KILBOURNE LANE, 12616-Jonathan and Gabrielle J.S. Gessner to Erin M. Thomson and William W. Vannort, $223,000.

KITMORE LANE, 2504-Mary E. Thompson trust to Susan M. and David A. Clark Sr., $270,000.

KNOWLEDGE LANE, 12608-Charles J. and Kristine A. Cooke to Lavonne D. and Bradley D. Swank, $215,000.

MILLSTREAM DR., 12603-Neil B. and Robetta J. Sherman to Nicole M. and Steven Ricketts, $274,000.

MILLSTREAM DR., 12718-Ruth A. Davis to Danny J. and Joanna and Charles S. Lange, $149,500.

MORLOCK LANE, 3407-Antonio and Zoraida Mendoza to Sheri L. and Tino A. Cione, $267,000.

NEMAN DR., 15404-John R. Knott to F. and Jennifer Mendes, $172,000.

NEW OAK LANE, 3031-Bonita S. and John J. Gibbons Jr. to Robert A. Scripp, $162,000.

OCKFORD LANE, 4413-Richard C. and Eva A. Anderson to Elizabeth and Mark W. Anderson, $175,000.

OCKFORD LANE, 4429-Donald A. and Renate E. Ryan to Terri G. and Sylvester D. Edwards, $255,000.

OLD FLETCHERTOWN RD., 13011-Dorothy L. Chadwick to Rotimi C. Okanlawon, $355,000.

PERRELL LANE, 1430-Maude S. and Grover M. Barham to Ricardo Rodriguez Jr., $244,000.

QUARTERHORSE DR., 12406-Thomas J. Mira to Almas A. Khan and Izhar A. Mujaddidi, $245,000.

STONYBROOK DR., 2804-James J. and Kristine R. April to John C. Kendra and Rebecca L. Towne, $230,000.

WOODHAVEN LANE, 4105-Evangelia Pippos to Dean Cartlege, $212,000.

WOODMORE RD., 12306-Denise E. Holland to William F. Scott II, $555,000.

Brandywine Area

BURCH HILL RD., 6807-John S. Kidwell to Kimberly A. Perry, $190,000.

FLORAL PARK RD., 4710-Sharon A. and Thomas F. Copp to K. Janine Shelton Heath, $316,900.

Capitol Heights Area

ABEL AVE., 937-Frank E. III and Cleo E. Hyson to Henry Artis, $118,900.

ALABASTER CT., 842-Reginald L. and Troylene Thornton to Veronica V. and Jason N. Rawlins, $165,000.

K ST., 6202-Annie Dubose to E110 and Clearview Management Corp., $59,000.

KOLB ST., 5606-Gwendolyn and Harold James to Tammerra Kelsey, $163,000.

L ST., 6407-Anna L. Rice to Earl H. Woodfork, $83,000.

MILL AVE. E., 117-Romaine D. and David R. Henderson to Big Mann Towing and Auto Repair, $136,000.

60TH AVE., 726-Rivaldo S. Muniz to Marta M. Muniz, $200,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

GABES PL., 1328-Akinnusi S. Olabanji to Tisha Thomas and Raymond Addo, $164,000.

HEIDI LANE, 3506-Josephine Owak and William Odongo to Leon M. Hill, $245,000.

MATTHEW HENSON AVE., 2401-Eunice L. Chambers to J.C. Bleus, $68,000.

NALLEY RD., 861-Michelle L. Farr to Tamika C. Brown, $156,000.

Clinton Area

ALAN DR., 5714-Maurita L. Smith to Gwendolyn O. White, $185,000.

ANAIO CT., 8204-Paulette C. Quinn to Wan S. and Gregory L. Lawton, $295,000.

DANGERFIELD PL., 8706-Ralph Pumphrey and Sherry A. Hurd to Debra Kurtz, $181,000.

ENGELHARDT CT., 12807-Carlton D. and Rhonda L. Romney to Edna H. and Richard W. Stuart, $385,000.

FOXCROFT AVE., 9600-John L. and Phyllis E. Haigh to Monica C.E. and Raymond W. Pyos, $240,000.

FRIENDSHIP RD., 7307-Vincent T. and Anya D. Farrar Lucky to Minerva and Manuel Castillo, $237,000.

GROVETON DR., 6802-Lorena M.T. Harris to Lawrence E. Sr. and Alandra R. Harley, $180,100.

HARDESTY DR., 8825-Yolanda A. Smothers to Mary R. Brown, $216,000.

HELMSLEY DR., 9104-Patricia A. and Franklin Ross to Keesha Daniels, $257,000.

QUIET BROOK LANE, 9943-Dave E. Karda to Renee C. Service, $210,000.

WEIMAR CT., 8504-Margaret and Lawrence E. Brown Jr. to Beverly R. Childs, $205,000.

College Park Area

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6100, No. 418-Samuel J. Paschall to James M. Madaio, $140,000.

WICHITA AVE., 9738-Joseph E. Lucchesi to Milagro and Julian Ventura, $200,000.

District Heights Area

CEDAR POST DR., 6028-Sharon M. Pearson to Sandra Robinson, $168,500.

COUNTY RD., 2311-Charles D. Moultrie to Victoria C. and Gilbert Gray, $175,000.

DONNELL PL., 7218-Veronica G. Hammonds to Darryl B. Suggs, $46,000.

LACONA ST., 6519-Mary N. and Fiorino Donofrio to Sabrina Y. McCombs, $175,000.

PARKLAND DR., 2619-Rhena S. Magan to Torina and George Williams, $161,000.

PENNSYLVANIA ST., 3310-Charles A. and Kathryn K. Helfrich to Wendy and Peter Beard, $189,000.

WALKUS CT., 1701-Beulah L. Cooper to Robin T. and Richard D. Moore, $239,900.

Fort Washington Area

CHERRYFIELD RD., 6800-Betty M. Chambers to Aileen Cruz and Verolo Carino, $217,000.

HAVERHILL ST., 7006-Shirlimarie M.M. Gray to Barbara Williams, $199,000.

HURTT PL., 409-Howard S. and Elaine G. Polk to Nacola P. Jackson and Kenyatta Simms, $169,000.

JAYWICK AVE., 7703-Vernon L. and Angela C.D. Wade to Ashika M. and Erique D. Williams, $273,900.

KERBY PKWY., 309-M. Joseph and M. Arliene Lynn to Aman Jurado and Estela Orellana, $180,000.

LOCH NESS CIR., 713-William Dorn III to Deborah J. and Glenn MacPherson, $690,000.

LOUGHRAN RD., 9402-John W. and Catherine F. Harris to Monica and John Robb, $240,000.

OLD SMUGGLER CT., 1500-Judith and Yaya Mbaoua to Herbert Mott, $345,000.

ROUND TABLE DR., 528-Ariel G. and Laarni C. Ruiz to Sofia A. Munoz and Erlan R. Obando, $215,000.

WHITEHAVEN CIR., 200-Jeffrey L. and Jodi K. Scott to Allen Mlatisum and Kristine L. Powers, $400,000.

WINDEMERE CT., 1105-Wendell D. and Tamra E. Patterson to Dwayne Smith, $127,500.

Glenn Dale Area

HARBOR AVE., 9926-Barbara A. Standard to Bobby G. Henry Jr., $240,000.

Greenbelt Area

GREEN OAK TER., 7341-Rodolfo R. and Felisa R. Samson to Editha and Joselito Alindogan, $140,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8687-Marvin M. and Lucretia T. Walton to Erie L. and Theodore C. Graves, $99,900.

MANDAN RD., 7931, No. 203-Marsha Morgan to Glen A. Reynoso, $120,000.

ORA CT. S., 7258-Shellie D. Baxter to Jennifer K. Webb, $200,000.

Hyattsville Area

CRITTENDEN ST., 5005-Josefa and Jose A. Morales to Carmen M. Rubio, $180,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7728-Michael W. Sears to Edward J. Law, $108,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 4410, No. 107-Robert J. Tyrrell, trustee, to Randy L. Bachtel, $46,250.

59TH PL., 5002-Claudette Dixon to Bruce Wilson and Arlene Cole, $172,000.

Lanham Area

CRELIN PL., 4313-Ina E. and Sybil R. Coates to Ina E. Coates, $36,513.

JEFFREY AVE., 5609-Mildred L. Boswell to Sandra A. Luna and Jose C. Castro, $183,000.

LANHAM STATION RD., 5607-Janos and Janos Csorba Jr. to Reyna M. Howard, $240,000.

TIMBER LANE, 4606-Francisca A. Jo and Moises A. Green to Cifilia A. Villard, $239,000.

TREETOP LANE, 10116-Carmen L. and Daniel W. Cento to Thomas R. Tanya P. Claggett, $306,000.

WOODSTREAM LANE, 7017-Monique Conner to Renata Wallace, $182,000.

93RD AVE., 6306-Esther Miller to Bertha L. Barber and Alba L. Castellon, $230,000.

Largo Area

ARDWICK ARDMORE RD., 9418-Leonard L. and Irene S. Hudson to Eva K. and Henry A. Ogbuokiri, $330,000.

CABLE HOLLOW WAY, 67, No. 40-2-Jewel V. Artis to Raymond L. Williams Jr., $104,000.

CASTLETON TER., 229-Nanice Amponsah to Mavis O. Sarfo and Cliff A. Brefo, $189,000.

MERGANSER CT., 1004-Reginald Jones to Pool General Partnership, $217,000.

MIGSBY CT., 1602-Bertha L. McCants to Jose A. Hernandez, $202,000.

TOWN CENTER CIR., 8931, No. 6-302-Angelia L. Perry to Paula L. Watson, $125,000.

Laurel Area

BELLE AMI DR., 14803-Edith M. Sole to Cecilia A. Mavrit and Felix Y. Amon, $179,900.

BIRCH RUN TER., 15617-Russell L. White to Meharite Kiflu, $171,000.

CAMBRIDGE CIR., 14516-Roberta P. Felsen to Cassie M. Thomas, $225,500.

CLAYS LANE, 510-Tereso Mendoza to Laura S. Laguna, $149,900.

COMPTON AVE., 515-Sandra L. and Harold E. George to Monica Panford, $212,000.

DOVE CIR., 12007-Jeanne L. and Jermiah J. Kelleher to Carolyn V. Douglas, $160,000.

DOVE CIR., 12117-Patricia S. Robbins to Keisha M. and Jason L. Moore, $155,000.

GREEN HILL AVE., 804-Roger L. Rice to Miri and Feliciano Rodriguez, $179,900.

HAINES CT., 7707-Kevin E. Howell to Darlene S. and Robert E. Peterson, $165,000.

HAYNES RD., 15706-Vance H. Galloway to Keisha S. Parke, $165,000.

KENT RD., 16110-Eden M. and Christopher D. Garosi to Ji Y. Chang, $250,000.

LAUREL AVE., 327-Sycamore Corp. to Theresa D. Orner, $184,401.

LAUREN LANE, 14114, No. 27B-Kimberly T. Fells to Jeffrey A. Dawkins, $129,000.

LEXINGTON DR., 7612-Gloria J. and Ronald D. Baker to Jennifer Randolph, $287,500.

LONDONDERRY CT., 8212-Amy R. Holland to Suja and Sandeep K. Nair, $200,000.

MAYFAIR RD., 6919-Gregory P. Sykes to Conrad E. Reynolds, $180,000.

VISTA DR., 14020, No. 50B-Brian T. Spiker to Jeffrey R. Davison, $116,000.

YARDARM WAY, 14226-Joe L. Williams Jr. to Brette L. Mead, $118,500.

EIGHTH ST., 1023-William and Nancy L. Quinn to Sarah Hunley and William A. Souders, $123,000.

Montpelier Area

BRIARWOOD DR., 14009-Duc V. and Bich H.N. Nguyen to Magdaline Sama and Martin Abegly, $300,000.

BRIARWOOD DR., 14021-Myesha Tyler to Jameelah Carter, $245,000.

EASTGATE LANE, 12402-Kevin B. and Candace E. Sullivan to Sharon D. and Michael A. Boddie, $269,900.

IMPERIAL DR., 8248, No. IV-B-William L. and Denise S.P. Iliff to Steven Leib and Trish Nguyen, $157,000.

LAURELWALK DR., 11362-Roger Mitchell to Yao Yeboah, $110,500.

MADRONAWOOD DR., 10003-Eric W. and Diane P. Forssell to Kenia N. Bautista and Yata G. Ferrer, $240,000.

OXWELL LANE, 8755-Andrew and Cynthia Cheatham to Ann T. and Rodney W. Young, $315,000.

SNOWDEN OAKS PL., 8339-Walter R.S. III and Melanie Curtis to Carlos J. Varg and Elizabeth Gonzalez, $159,900.

New Carrollton Area

FAIRWOOD RD., 6606-Annette and Orlando Marcelo to Jose A. Lucio, $173,500.

FARRAGUT ST., 6806-Leonard S. Ray III to Arnulfo Mejia, $180,000.

JODIE ST., 6426-Gary W. and Elizabeth A. Sumner to Carlota A. and Freddy M. Sanchez, $175,000.

MACBETH ST., 5430-Natasha L. Dubose to Alaniyi Olakanye, $121,000.

58TH AVE., 3806-Donatus Uzomah to Yvonne and Peter Caton, $192,000.

84TH AVE., 6107-Dana L. and James M. Russell to Tammie L. Burk, $210,000.

85TH AVE., 5438, No. 101-Jerome S. Murray, trustee, to Frederick H. Robinson, $44,525.

85TH AVE., 5440, No. 101-Jerome S. Murray, trustee, to Doris and Mario A. and Arnold G. Reid, $46,138.

Oxon Hill Area

ELKINS AVE., 6902-Lisa and Teddy D. Riggleman to Francis W. Dumas, $137,500.

HELMONT DR., 5520-Ponjola Short to Sheila Smith, $155,000.

HURON DR. S., 140-Sue E. McGinnis to Edward McGinnis Jr., $135,000.

LIVINGSTON RD., 6041-Saga Maryland Corp. to Naconda B. Bilbro, $128,000.

MOHICAN DR., 200-David Goettee to David Leiner, $55,000.

MYSTIC AVE., 1610-Patricia L. Bell to Nakia D. and Terrence D. Canzater, $185,000.

SENECA DR., 137-Rainbow Properties Corp. to Andrea M. McCutcheon, $158,000.

Riverdale Area

RIVERDALE RD., 5318-Vali and Mahmoud Taghip Zabiheian to Ana M. Majano and Fredy A. Sorto, $199,000.

Suitland Area

AUTH RD., 6307-Freddie and Juanita Lundy to Juanita and Sharon T. Lundy, $200,000.

BROOKFIELD DR., 4703-Larry F. Randolph to Gilda and C. Howard Simons, $115,000.

GOODFELLOW DR., 6021-Mary L. and Kenneth F. Foland to Louvenia Scott, $174,000.

RANDOLPH RD., 6505-Melvin A. Tahir to Lawrence W. Patterson, $145,000.

SUITLAND RD., 6301-Laurence P. and Thelma H. Majors to Linda G. Barnes and Harry D. Clark, $189,950.

SUNSET LANE, 3045-Eartha Chisolm to Annie Boone, $127,000.

WHITE OWL WAY, 2338-James E. Ward to Brenda A. and Arnold D. Lymus, $176,500.

Takoma Park Area

16TH AVE., 7507-Valerie H. and Oniel K. Rochester to Tricia G. Brown, $193,000.

Temple Hills Area

ANVIL LANE N., 2109-Leroy Johnson to Mary J. Peart, $144,000.

GOOD HOPE AVE., 3107, No. N-413-Sharon Bonds to Pernell Boston, $45,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3325, No. T-1-Sharon J. Trust and James R. Meyer to Carolyn E. Jones, $69,500.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3330, No. T-1-Joe W. Turner Jr. to Diane Middleton, $89,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3336, No. T-1-Lisa C. and Edmund C. Bowler to Cherryll C.A. Turner, $89,900.

JAMESON ST., 2515-Tara Y. and Clyde O. Montgomery to Seandre Hawkins, $149,000.

KEATING ST., 2104-Constance R. Bynum to Joyce Genies, $190,000.

KEPPLER PL., 4706-Marvin Dixon to Nadine C. and Adam J. Reid, $283,000.

RAYBURN DR., 6103-Janet J. and Ilkco J. Grigsby to Tyrone Gittens, $250,000.

WALDRAN AVE., 6907-Mark S. Ballard to Edwina D. Braddock, $81,000.

WILLOWTREE LANE, 2111-Alfred A. and Carol A.H. Matchem to William W. Langford, $229,900.

23RD PKWY., 4418, No. 2-Yvonne W. Lowe to Valerie D. Hambrick, $135,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

BEECHWOOD RD., 4005-Emily and Jason H. Jackson to Deepak Somaya, $241,800.

OAKRIDGE RD., 6913-Jung I. Kang to Jennifer and Kevin Shannon, $551,500.

STEED CT., 7104-Richard M. and Patricia Stellabuto to Shannon Watkins and Jeffrey Komins, $500,000.

TOLEDO TER., 3450, No. 723-Yong N. and Soon Ok Park to Young Pae and Chang U. Yi, $62,000.

20TH AVE., 6302-Francisco A. Flores to Selvin Gutierrez, $186,200.

25TH AVE., 6724-Bernard and Barbara Einbinder to Ventura and Pedro Garay, $125,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

ASCOTT DR., 13902-Denise Dockett to Kenyetta Porter, $174,200.

CAMPUS WAY S., 10045, No. 102-Betty and Joseph F. Campbell to Natalie Edwards, $140,000.

CAPTAIN DUVAL DR., 4502-Kenrick C. Browne to Richard Macauley, $189,000.

CHESTER GROVE RD., 3095-A-Virginia D. Bowman to Tiffany G. Barthwell, $97,399.

COLONEL ASHTON PL., 4803-Amy B. Robertson to Roy L. Kirksey Jr., $197,000.

COLONEL GARDINER CT., 4501-Kenneth E. Brooks III to Christopher N. Caragan, $180,000.

ELEANOR BROOKE WAY, 5336-Donna J. and Stanley E. Miller to Christine L. Langford, $202,000.

ETON DR., 3011-Jonathan L. and Pamela L. Weaver to Linda A. Cheatha and Joseph T. Bankins, $375,000.

GAMBIER DR., 7503-Rodney L. Mitchell to Demetrius Ford and Dawn Freeman, $190,000.

GARNET DR., 10801-Michael J. and Lyn Ann Mox to Jean V. Devch and Jerry M. Mulligan, trustees, $350,000.

GOVERNOR SPRIGG PL., 14634-Earl L. Ercoline to Kim Thompson, $183,000.

HENRY DARNALL CT., 10904-Charles Dyson Jr. to Constance M. and Michael A. Reid, $214,500.

KETTERING DR., 30-Almeda Bush to Willie Kemp, $213,900.

KETTERING PL., 11216-Irene Madden to Bennie and Joyce and Toby Jenkins, $139,000.

LORD MARLBOROUGH PL., 14030-Virginia V. Strietz to Danelle Manning, $108,000.

MIDLAND TURN, 9522-Robert J. and Sue A. Smith to Godfrey and Nitika Griffith, $209,990.

PEARSE LANE, 616-Michelle Y. Harris to Virginia D. Peppins, $200,000.

PRINCELEIGH ST., 12906-Charles G. Mansfield Jr. to Renee M. Bynum, $258,000.

ROSARYVILLE RD., 9807-Daniel P. and Nan J. Mangrum to Brenda and Tyrone Barnett, $229,000.

WHITEHOLM DR., 12707-Alice S. and Steven A. Allen to Daniel Hoke, $214,990.

Woodmore Area

BASKERVILLE DR., 3705-Akinwumi Alo to Rosalyn F. Morgan Smith, $290,000.

LAZY DAY LANE, 10645-Charmayne A. and Norman W. Crawford to Marie Charlott and Raymond Tiwang, $229,000.

WOODSHADE CT., 2039-Lelia W. Leverette to Karen L. Hickman, $294,900.