Projects Proposed

1. DRW Inc., Silver Spring. Site plan for Monticello Mews, 155 multifamily units on 14.83 acres zoned R-12 (residential, 12 units an acre) at 6301 Edsall Rd. (SP-3759-06-1)

2. Christopher Land LLC, Fairfax. Site plan for Overbrook, 41 townhouses on 18.26 acres zoned PDH-5 (planned development housing, five units an acre) at 6220 Villa St. and 6226 and 6230 Van Dorn St. (SP-623-02-1)

3. Home Furnishing/Design Center, Herndon. Site plan for Reston, a Carpet Royal and Rug store on 0.82 acre zoned PRC (planned residential community). (SP-8419-07-2)

4. Bank of America, Dallas. Site plan for a drive-in bank on 1.81 acres, zoned C-8 (highway commercial) at 6307 Arlington Blvd. (SP-9037-05-1)

5. Robert A. Young of Tysons 89 LLC, McLean. Application to rezone 6.19 acres from R-1 (residential, one unit an acre) to R-2 (residential, two units an acre) for single-family houses at 8900 Ashgrove Lane. (RZ-2003-HM-042)

6. Gayfields Road Associates LLC, Potomac. Subdivision plan for Gayfields Road, 40 single-family houses on 14.19 acres zoned PDH-4 (planned development housing, four units an acre) at 6323 Gayfields Rd., 7533 Beulah St., 7507 Bulfinch Ct. and 6400 Freeport Ave. (SD-7818-02-1)

7. Fairfield Development L.P. of Grand Prairie, Tex. Site plan for Fairfield at Fair Chase Urban, 392 multifamily units on 10.34 acres zoned PDH-12 (planned development housing, 12 units an acre) on Quality Street, north of Deming Drive. (SP-1619-05-2)

8. Second Generation LLC, Arlington. Site plan for Chantilly Industrial Park, Lot 32A, Suburban Kitchens, a manufacturing plant on 2.06 acres zoned I-5 (industrial general) on the north side of Willard Road east of Walney Road. (SP-5805-01-2)

9. Pulte Home Corp., Fairfax. Site plan for the Pavilions at Huntington Metro Townhomes on 58.87 acres (zoning designation not available) at 2501 Huntington Ave., 2600 Shady Oak Dr. and 6000 Richmond Hwy. (Route 1). The site plan number was not available.

10. KSI Services, Dunn Loring. Site plan for Laurel Hill Golf Course and Club House on 348.59 acres zoned R-C (residential, conservation) near 9751 Ox Rd. (SP-1183-13-2)

11. Landmark Property Development LLC, Alexandria. Site plan for 12 multifamily units on 1.06 acres zoned PDH-20 (planned development housing, 20 units an acre) at 11316 Lee Hwy. (SP-1421-01-3)

12. Batu Homes Inc., Fairfax. Site plan for Roxbery Mews, 15 single-family attached houses on 2.04 acres zoned R-8 (residential, eight units an acre) at 4001 Buckman Rd. (SP-6468-05-2)

13. Fairfax Corner Mixed Use LC, Fairfax. Site plan for Random Hills Road, Phase 2, mixed-use development on 65.18 acres zoned PDC (planned development commercial) on Lee Highway and at 11633 Random Hills Rd. (SP-8058-11-2)

14. Aref Assadadeh, Burke. Site plan for a carpet store on 1.03 acres zoned C-8 (highway commercial) at 11317 Lee Hwy. (SP-9287-04-1)

15. McDonald's Corp., Arlington. Special exception amendment application to alter SE-80-P-135, a previously approved plan, for a fast-food restaurant on 42,222 square feet of land zoned I-5 (industrial general). The amendment is to permit an increase in height and site modifications at 2955 Gallows Rd. (SEA-80-P-135-04)

Projects Approved

16. BBJ Properties LLC, Annandale. Site plan for West View Commercial Center, a Wendy's restaurant and Midas auto shop, on 1.79 acres zoned C-6 (community retail) at 5874 Old Centreville Rd., 14000 and 14016 West View Dr., and 5875 Fort Dr. (SP-2405-01-2)

17. Roxbury of Mount Vernon Inc., Alexandria. Site plan for townhouse development (number of units not available) on 0.89 acre zoned R-12 (residential, 12 units an acre) on Roxbury Court south of Buckman Road. (SP-6468-04-2)

18. Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust, Bentonville, Ark. Site plan for retail sales on weekends only from 5 p.m. Friday through Sunday, on 14.82 acres zoned I-4 (industrial, medium intensity) at 5885 Kingstowne Blvd. (SP-9405-01-1)

19. Fairfield Fairchase L.P., Grand Prairie, Tex. Site plan for Fairfield at Fair Chase Garden Apartments, 202 multifamily units on 6.87 acres zoned PDH-12 (planned development housing, 12 units an acre) at 4505 Butler Dr., 4422 Legato Rd. and 12108 Ruffin Dr. (SP-1619-04-2)

20. Trammell Crow Co., Northwest Washington. Site plan for renovation of shopping center at South Lakes Village Center, a planned residential community zoned PRC (planned residential community) on South Lakes Drive, Reston. (PRC-4453-02-1)

21. Paul S. Loverde, bishop, Catholic Diocese of Arlington. Site plan for St. Mary of Sorrows Catholic Church on 16.19 acres zoned R-1 (residential, one unit an acre) at 10500 Zion Dr. and 5222 Sideburn Rd. (SP-2643-02-3)

22. Lorton South LC, Dunn Loring. Site plan for Gunston Square, Section 2, eight townhouses on 0.94 acre zoned R-12 (residential, 12 units an acre) in the northwest quadrant of Gunston Cove Road and Cranford Street. (SP-5395-07-3)

23. Exxon Mobil Corp., Fairfax. Site plan for a gas station and carwash on 1.86 acres zoned PRC (planned residential community) at 11854 Sunrise Valley Dr., Reston. (SP-8494-01-2)

24. Barry E. Seymour, Fairfax Station. Site plan for an addition to the State Hill subdivision; seven single-family houses on 2.78 acres zoned R-3 (residential, three units an acre) at 7338 Hill Dr. (SD-646-01-2)

25. Zafarallah Khan, Falls Church. Site plan for Discount Tire and Gas, a service station and mini-mart on 0.74 acre zoned C-5 (neighborhood retail) at 5919 Columbia Pike. (SP-1650-01-2)

26. Church of the Epiphany, Herndon. Site plan for a church on 4.63 acres zoned PDH-2 (planned development housing, two units an acre) at 3301 Hidden Meadow Dr. (SP-7258-02-2)

Building Permits

27. Wilton House LLC, Bethesda. Permits to build 96 $50,000 apartments at 2726 Gallows Rd.

28. Fairfax County School Board. Permit to build a $400,000 addition to Hutchison Elementary School, 13209 Parcher Ave., Herndon.

29. NVR Inc., Fairfax. Permits to build eight $100,000 townhouses at Samuel Wallis St.

30. Fairfield Woodland Park, Grand Prairie, Tex. Permits to build two $34,080 apartments, two $30,930 apartments, six $24,390 apartments, eight $19,920 apartments, three $15,280 apartments and two $14,640 apartments at 12901 Centre Park Cir.; six $34,080 apartments, 18 $30,930 apartments, four $22,760 apartments and four $16,680 apartments at 12925 Centre Park Cir.; six $38,880 apartments, four $30,930 apartments, three $21,930 apartments and eight $16,680 apartments at 12929 Centre Park Cir.; seven $35,250 apartments, eight $24,390 apartments, seven $21,930 apartments, four $19,920 apartments and four $16,680 apartments at 12937 Centre Park Cir.; eight $35,250 apartments, eight $24,390 apartments, eight $21,930 apartments, four $19,920 apartments and four $16,680 apartments at 12949 Centre Park Cir.; and

six $34,080 apartments and seven $28,410 apartments at 12941 Centre Park Cir.

31. Summit Property Partners, Charlotte. Permits to build 64 $30,000 apartments, one $15,000 apartment, 22 $12,000 apartments, three $10,000 apartments and four $8,000 apartments at 4231 Monument Wall Way.

32. Engle Homes of Virginia Inc., Sterling. Permits to build 42 $35,000 condominium units at 3480 Lightfoot St. and 38 $35,000 condominium units at 3850 Lightfoot St.

33. Catholic Diocese of Arlington. Permit to build a $2.1 million youth center at 4712 Rippling Pond Dr.

34. Safeway, Lanham. Permit to build a $1 million addition to a store at 3043 Nutley St.

35. Stanford Hotels Corp., San Francisco. Permits to build a $623,000 enclosed pedestrian walk, a $3.7 million conference center and a $9.5 million, five-story, 155-room addition to the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport at 13869 Park Center Rd.

36. Pulte Home Corp., Fairfax. Permits to build 10 $75,000 townhouses at Summer Garden Walk and 14 $75,000 townhouses at Singleleaf Cir.