Cat Fatally Injures Hamster

STERLING, West Church Road, July 21. A man reported that his cat had attacked a stray hamster. An animal control officer took the severely injured hamster to a veterinarian's office, where it was euthanized because of its injuries.

Farm Animals Relinquished

LOVETTSVILLE, Rocky Lane, July 21. An animal control officer responding to a report of farm animals abandoned at a rental property found four roosters, four turkeys, a potbellied pig and an Angus bull calf without food or water. Several of the animals seemed to be in poor condition. The owner surrendered the roosters, turkeys and pig, and they were taken to the Loudoun County Animal Shelter. The calf was sold to the person who called in the report.

Beagle Left Without Shelter

LEESBURG, Prospect Lane, July 21. A woman reported that two dogs were tied up in a yard and that one had no shelter. An animal control officer found a yellow Labrador mix tethered inside a garage and a beagle tethered in the yard. The beagle's tether was too short, and it had no shelter. The owner was informed of the violations, and an animal control officer will follow up.

Border Collies Kept Cool

LEESBURG, Mill Race Terrace, July 24. A man reported that a border collie was being kept in a hot garage. An animal control officer found two female border collies in excellent condition in a garage with two fans and air conditioning. The owner was advised of the county's dog license requirement and given two weeks to comply.

Horses on the Loose

ASHBURN, Belmont Ridge Road, July 24. An animal control officer responded to a report of horses running loose at a country club near a busy intersection. The officer found a bay mare and a black and white gelding that had been confined by passersby and several sheriff's deputies. The horses were returned to their boarding facility. The owners will be advised to relocate their animals to prevent the horses from getting loose.