Holy Cross Hospital

July 13

Chloe Joy O'Herron, a daughter, to Margaret Mary Rose O'Herron and Gabriel Luis Gonzalez.

Shady Grove

Adventist Hospital

July 15

Brennan Murphy O'Grady, a son, to Kimberly O'Grady and Keith O'Grady of New Market.

July 16

Diamond Marie Chase, a daughter, to Tracy Marie Walker and Tory Deangelo Chase of Gaithersburg.

July 17

Ytzaak Cheick Gbane, a son, to Maimouna A. Gbane of Gaithersburg.

Abigail Christine Homrock, a daughter, to Amy C. Homrock and Christopher B. Homrock of Gaithersburg.

Randy Marcelino Sanchez, a son, to Iris Marisol Sanchez and Henry Marcelino Sanchez of Germantown.

July 18

Verlyn Suzy Kayo, a daughter, to Mafeu Nicole and Wilson Kayo of Gaithersburg.

Devon Lamont Saunders, a son, to Lisa Robin Saunders and Lamont Lee Saunders of Gaithersburg.

Natalie Bess Scherer, a daughter, to Patricia M. Scherer and Joseph M. Scherer of Frederick.

July 19

Shea Maria Dewan, a daughter, to Monika Maria Dewan and James Edward Dewan of Bethesda.

Talia Maria Panagiotopoulos, a daughter, to Panagiota Panagiotopoulos and Christos Panagiotopoulos of Gaithersburg.

Dylan James Sabounjian, Tyler Addon Sabounjian and Isaiah Nerses Sabounjian, sons, to Shannen Lennea Sabounjian and Nerses Viken Sabounjian of Germantown.

July 20

Michelle Elizabeth Cooke, a daughter, to Ruth Kowarski Cooke and Charles Christopher Cooke of North Bethesda.

Brayden Alexander Misenheimer, a son, to Kellie Dwan Misenheimer and Brian Christopher Misenheimer of Germantown.

Vincent Brian Nardini, a son, to Dara Lenore Nardini and Brian Harold Nardini of Mount Airy.

Lauren Elise Thomas, a daughter, to Lorie Ann Thomas and Kevin Christopher Thomas of Germantown.

July 21

Jennifer Lin, a daughter, to Nan Lin and Dan Xu of Germantown.

Tyler Daniel Woodruff, a son, to April Woodruff and Danny Woodruff of Gaithersburg.

July 22

William Edward Duvall III, a son, to Katy Sue Foster and William Edward Duvall Jr. of Rockville.

Constantine Thomas Hadsall, a son, to Rachel Lucia Hadsall and Guy Hadsall of Mount Airy.

Luke McKay Lehnhof, a son, to Jennifer L. Lehnhof and Lance Steven Lehnhof of Gaithersburg.

Jennifer Reyes, a daughter, to Elise G. Reyes and Gaston Gilberto Reyes of Germantown.

July 23

Jack Stephen Cluskey Cromwell, a son, to Stephanie Wall Cromwell and David Cluskey Cromwell of Rockville.

Kevin David Mitchell, a son, to Loretta Lynn Mitchell and David Russell Mitchell of Frederick.

Casey Thomas Tucker, a son, to Chelsea Robin Tucker and Casey Lawrence Tucker of Burtonsville.

July 24

Brendan Robert DeLauder, a son, Andree Elizabeth Reuss and Robert Stanley DeLauder III of Damascus.

George Michael Mendez and Kevin Steven Mendez, twin sons, to Silvia S. Tapia-Mendez and Jorge Manuel Mendez of Gaithersburg.

Jeremy James Santucci, a son, to Maureen Onaitis Santucci of Frederick.

Austin James King, a son, to Deena Marie King and Daniel Robert King of Mount Airy.

Sibley Memorial Hospital

July 14

Margaret Elizabeth Spire, a daughter, to Tami-Lynn Spire and Hardy Spire of Kensington.

July 15

Laura Diane Rosen, a daughter, to Stacy Joy Berman and Edward Howard Rosen of Chevy Chase.

Natalie Meredith Guida, a daughter, to Elizabeth Louise Despard Guida and Peter Andrew Guida of Bethesda.

Dillen Sydney Sampson, a daughter, to Roxanne Sampson and Bartram Sampson of Laurel.

July 19

Bridgette Ann Burke, a daughter, to Donna Lynn Yewell and Scott Allen Burke of Bethesda.

Daniel Hayden Mermelstein, a son, to Amy Mermelstein and Roger Mermelstein of Cabin John.

July 20

Avital Yasmine Friedman, a daughter, to Elisha Friedman and Aron Friedman of Chevy Chase.

Ryan Joseph Leifer, a son, to Cynthia Anne Leifer and Jason Michael Leifer of Silver Spring.

July 21

Ariana Mateu Suter-Shannon, a daughter, to Sonia Mateu Suter and Michael Thomas Shannon of Chevy Chase.

July 26

Karla Abigail Baltazar Perez, a daughter, to Astrid Guadalupe Perez and Elvis Humberto Baltazar of Rockville.

July 28

Owen Pascal Charlebois Mowry, a son, to Anne Marie White and David Robert Mowry of Kensington.

Southern Maryland

Hospital Center

July 17

Renee Nketiaba Bonsu, a daughter, to Nana Serwaa Bonu and O. Kwame Bonsu of Silver Spring.

-- Compiled by GERRI MARMER