The following were among cases received recently by the Washington Humane Society. For more information or assistance, 24 hours a day, call 202-723-5730.

Dog Falls From Moving Truck

ROUTE 395 NEAR THIRD STREET TUNNEL, July 22. A Rottweiler fell from the bed of a pickup truck when the driver swerved into another lane. Unaware that the dog had fallen, the motorist continued driving. A Humane Society volunteer who witnessed the incident caught the animal. After she put the uninjured dog in her car, it became aggressive when she tried to enter the vehicle. A society officer arrived and took the dog to the D.C. shelter. The owner, who lives in South Carolina, returned to the scene seeking the animal and was told to check the shelter.

When the owner claimed the Rottweiler the next day, he was advised that the dog should not travel in the bed of a truck. The owner said he would not put his dog through such an ordeal again.

Deer Rescued Near Fence

MILITARY ROAD AND OREGON AVENUE NW, July 19. A high school employee reported that a small deer was trapped between a fence and a woodpile. An Animal Control officer lifted the animal out, and it ran away.

Dog Chained in Van

18TH AND HARVARD STREETS NW, July 20. The Humane Society received a report that a dog had been in a parked van for two days. An officer found an Akita mix chained in the back of the vehicle, with the tailgate open. The dog was wearing a collar with two prongs that shocked it when it barked, and fur underneath the prongs was missing. The animal was impounded, and a note was left on the windshield.

The owner went to the society shelter and was told that it is illegal to leave a dog chained. The owner said that a trainer had told her to leave the pet in the car to make it less aggressive. The society advised the owner on how to properly care for the dog before releasing it to her.

The society discourages pet owners from using shock collars, choke collars and other forms of negative reinforcement. To find a trainer who specializes in humane methods, contact the society at 202-723-5730 or and click on "Pet Tips."

Snake Report: Rubbish

OGDEN ST. NW, 1500 block, July 21. A woman called Animal Control requesting removal of a stray snake from her couch. An officer discovered that it was a black plastic trash bag.

Wounded Dog Euthanized

NEAL ST. NE, 1100 block, July 21. The Humane Society received a call about a pit bull in distress at a home. An officer found the dog chained on stairs outside, in an area soiled with feces, with no water or shelter. The dog, which was tangled in its chain, was thin, and its ears were wounded by fly bites. When the officer advised the owner of animal code violations, the owner surrendered the dog, which was euthanized at the society shelter.

Lamb Rescued in Woods

FORT TOTTEN WOODS, July 23. Police reported that a male lamb had been found in the woods, in a small crate soiled with feces. A Humane Society officer found the animal and a group of men. A candle, a bottle of liquor and a bottle of barbecue sauce were also at the scene, and a knife was confiscated from one man. The lamb was impounded at the society shelter, then taken to an animal sanctuary.

Cat Hit With Blow Darts

THIRD ST. NE, 2100 block, July 26. A resident reported to the Humane Society that his cat was in trapped in a tree. Officers went to the tree and discovered that the cat had been stuck with 10 blow darts. The D.C. Fire Department helped free the cat from the tree, and the darts were removed. Several more darts were found in the tree and on the ground.

The resident said that children had struck his cat with blow darts before. An officer spoke to the mother of one boy who allegedly had hurt the cat. The mother said she would take her son's blowgun away.

The cat owner was advised to have his pet examined by a veterinarian and to keep it indoors. The case was under investigation.

Pit Bull Chained to Porch

EVARTS ST. NE, 2400 block, July 27. Humane Society officers found a pit bull chained to the front porch of a home. The chain was caught between floorboards, limiting the dog's movement. There was no shelter or water. No one answered the front door, and the dog was impounded at the society shelter.

-- Compiled by KATHY ORTON