The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Aspen Hill Area

ASPEN HILL RD., 4823-Gloria A. and R.A. Escobar to Gerald Doye and Patricia Newby, $375,000.

BEVERLY RD., 4108-Evans K. and S.M. Anderson to Lynne S. and Paul R. Myers, $755,000.

CHESTERFIELD RD., 14512-Craig M. and A.J. Severson to Nicholas and Kimberly Lazarchick, $670,000.

HALLET PL., 4603-Sanjeewa P. Wickramasekera to Aiko T. and Curt P. Cunningham, $291,000.

IVES ST., 4404-Tomas G. Aguilar to Maria M. Silva and Fernando A. Pereira, $260,650.

MANOR LAKE DR., 15121-L. and Philip Cheilik to Jill Cheilik, $275,000.

NORBECK RD., 4108-Jerry H. and K.M. Welch Jr. to Michele M. and Michael A. Taylor, $560,000.

NORBECK RD., 5521-Marvin and B.J. Knight Jr. to Gilma A. and Edis A. Gaitan, $460,000.

OAKVALE ST., 14403-William R. Strosnider Jr. to Winona and Todd Lennon, $198,820.

PARKLAND DR., 13114-M.G. and Serafin M. Fraguerio to Jorge E. Castellanos, $240,000.

SHIPPERS LANE, 13904-H. and M.P. Ghodsnasirabadi to Shwe Hnuan and Khin M. Htay, $375,000.

Bethesda Area

CAYUGA AVE., 7521-J.G. and John A. Goetcheus to John D. Windhausen Jr., $672,000.

CHANDLER ST., 5204-H.H. and C. David Spencer to Thomas Paluska, $650,000.

CHESTNUT ST., 4518-James A. Hoage to Keith Burgess, $410,000.

CLEARWOOD RD., 6224-John B. and N.K. Mannes to Amy E. and Harrison B. Solomon, $875,000.

CROWN ST., 5307, No. 22-Roger S. Leeds to Michelle and Michael L. Schaefer, $601,000.

FAIRFAX RD., 7804-Edward H. and S.H. Willis Jr. to Allen J. and Susan Bloom, $1.15 million.

GROTON RD., 7701-John and S.T. Brown III to Margaret H. and Gregory J. Granitto, $650,000.

HOLLY LEAF LANE, 8941-Nanci P. James to Brian Dawson, $1.212 million.

KENILWORTH AVE., 10600, No. 201-Andres C. and E.D. Lara to Marian Zapata and Michael D. Masiello, $260,000.

LAKEVIEW DR., 7420, No. W307-Diana R. Ford to Jeanne L. McCann, $186,000.

MONTGOMERY LANE, 4906-Brian N. Javadpour to Margaaret and David O'Bryon, $899,000.

MONTROSE AVE., 10413, No. 301-J. and Polly Law to Armando F. Gueco, $215,000.

MOUNTAIN GATE DR., 7009-Omar Maden to Aruna and Radhey Murarka, $1.69 million.

OLDCHESTER RD., 7816-Margaret L. Higdon, trustee, to Susan and Kenneth Kasnett, $829,000.

PARTHENON CT., 10426-Katia and Peter B. Tabash to Housing Unlimited Inc., $310,000.

POLLARD RD., 5605-John B. Pyle to Colleen G. and Brian R. Lynn, $530,000.

QUINTANA DR., 9001-Dianne M. Christian to Carolyn T. Hue and Joseph Chan, $729,000.

ROSEDALE AVE., 4406-W.K. and Bonnie L. Grant to Barry A. Hecht, $460,000.

ROYAL DOMINION CT., 20-Dao B. Tran, trustee, to Nooshen Amiri and Michael Hauser Hutton, $915,000.

SENTINEL DR., 4948, No. 7-Nancy L. Wills to Julie E. and Ronald S. Martin, $375,000.

SWANSEA ST., 6118-A.S. and Surendar S. Nathan to Barton L. Kraff, $630,000.

VALLEY RD., 111-Melissa Andrews to Christine M. and Jason Z. Wade, $440,000.

WESTBARD CIR., 5301, No. 144-George Prystay to Morgan G. Smith, $195,000.

WESTFIELD DR., 7505-Harald B. Malmgren to Janne and Christian E. Einberg, $470,000.

WESTLAKE DR., 10320, No. E309-Roy R. Cogliandolo to Antoinette and John Papinchak, $217,500.

WESTLAKE DR., 10320, No. E408-June D. Bray to Shobha Bora, $225,500.

WESTLAKE TER., 7420, No. 310-L. and Mitchell Blankstein to Yekta F. Golpira, $365,000.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10506-Anita C. Tegu to Mark Hutchens, $187,500.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10684-Michael D. Bodman to Seth Marc Kamen, $200,000.

WHITLEY PARK TER., 5439, No. 33-Jason Klein to Rona B. and Stuart T. Eisen, $610,000.

WHITTIER BLVD., 6804-Max Perim to Maryann and Elivind A. Bjerke, $920,000.

WINNEPEG RD., 6515-L.F. and Jerome J. Banaszak to Adam N. Prill, $416,000.

WINSTON DR., 6403-Patrick V. and M.C. Murphy to Sarah McGarry Connelly and Michael W. Connelly, $700,000.

Brookeville Area

QUEEN ELIZABETH DR., 18648-Amir Afshar to Sadaf K. Balaras, $370,000.

STARKEY TER., 19011-K.M. and William Piedrahita to Paul C. and Tamara J. Van Veldhuisen, $545,000.

Burtonsville Area

ALMANAC DR., 14515-Maria V. and Russell W. Garrett to Joy O. Babalola, $230,000.

ALMANAC DR., 14625-Jack B. Carlen to Mark H. Levine, $228,000.

BELL RD., 3720-D.E. and Mark R. Prindle to Ramon A. Cruz, $390,000.

DUNWOOD TER., 4255-Shamin Akhtar to Betty and Mario Herrera, $235,000.

DUSTIN RD., 4612-Arthur H. and M.E. White to Ann and Camilo Rivera, $460,000.

Calverton-Colesville Area

BRANTFORD AVE., 1103-William D. and M.M. Liggett to Kimberly M. and Kevin P. Trebel, $358,217.

CARRIAGE HOUSE TER., 1609-C-Raymond Ezeadiugwu to Abdel Wahid Rian, $118,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE TER., 1637-Warren J. Colson, trustee, to Zena Girma, $128,500.

CARRIAGE HOUSE TER., 1647, No. A-Aduago N. and Giles A. Oji to Javad Chavoshi, $120,000.

EDFINN RD., 2610-Letitia W. Garner, trustee, to Ruth A. and Brian K. Davila, $500,000.

LOFT LANE, 12441-Teri Jones to Solomon B. Wolde, $235,000.

MOZART DR., 2811-Mary A. Brown to Mulumebet Lebarachew and Wossenseged Girma, $250,000.

MOZART DR., 3023-Erika S. Young to Yvonne A. Slate, $259,900.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 12001, No. 14-John V. Oates to Aicha Sow, $133,000.

SCOTT DR., 417-Daniel W. and V.D. Solanki to Shamsunder E. and Sheela Bhaktul, $228,000.

SHANANDALE DR., 2924-V. and Sadhana Jaladhi to Nadire Suljoti, $295,000.

Chevy Chase Area

BALTIMORE AVE., 5303-Estela M. De Oliveira to Maria A. Szalay, $645,000.

BRIERLY RD., 8815-A.K. and Arnold J. Loewenheim to Noel E. Fisher, $500,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 4242, No. 401-Steven Ferriera to Peter Schaumberg, $227,500.

FRIENDSHIP BLVD., 5500, No. 1525N-Saronah Fnu to Abdulkadir Sanes, $150,000.

JONES BRIDGE RD., 3344-Sherri J. Bale to Raymond Takeyh and Suzanne Maloney, $447,000.

KENNEDY DR., 6104-Curtlan R. and M.Z. McNeily to Stephanie L. and Howard J. Lewin, $1.43 million.

OLIVER ST., 3933-George N. and Susan Smith to Ngoc Minh and Christopher M. Dymond, $1.295 million.

SPRING HILL LANE, 9004-M.E. and George A. Guile to J. Scott Hedrick, $500,000.

WILLARD AVE., 4515, No. 605S-Edward L. Glover to Thomas J. Saffell, $99,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 5600, No. 1-Josephine M. Thompson to Lynette C. and Edgar E. Johnson, $1.465 million.

Clarksburg Area

PRICES DISTILLERY RD., 13008-Otfried K. Gulde, trustee, to Miriam and Stephen Darnell, $360,000.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

ANTIETAM CT., 14608-Michael L. Picciolo to Lilian I. and Dwin Calderon, $560,000.

BALBOA DR., 912-Guy P. and T.N. Marcot to Connie Tom Jung and Jan N. Johannessen, $556,000.

BRICK MANOR CIR., 907-David Corona to Mahmoud Mahdawi, $625,000.

HOLLY GROVE RD., 15501-Loretta S. Coleman to Gladis Perez, $260,000.

STRATFORD MANOR TER., 712-Barbara K. and Mark A. Bishop to Joan L. Collins, $445,000.

THOMPSON RD., 15409-L. and Randall K. Townsend to Rene M. Filipowski, $330,000.

Damascus Area

CANVASBACK WAY, 9927-Wendy S. Amoriell to Katherine Melnichenke and Eugene Kislovsky, $168,000.

HIGHVIEW AVE., 9714-E. Barnard and A.I. Lewis to Donna Rae Feuillet and Jean Pierre Feuillet, $235,000.

SHASTA CT., 10609, No. S2-Douglas J. Gill to Ruby L. Evans, $141,500.

VALLEY PARK TER., 25725, No. D4-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Yude Hammond, $185,000.

WOODFIELD RD., 25929-Duane E. Browning to Elmer A. Chavez, $359,000.

Derwood Area

TIMBERCREST DR., 7600-C. and Christian C. Haudenschild to Philip M. Walsh, $350,000.

Dickerson Area

MOUTH OF MONOCACY RD., 19715-Eileen A. and J.R. McLachlan to Ann M. and Roy Liebrand, $390,000.

MOUTH OF MONOCACY RD., 20000-Dana S. and George P. Worthington to Mandy Eisemann, $193,000.

Gaithersburg Area

ANSEL TER., 13656-Lee S. Allentuck to Yizhi Chen and Hongchun Liu, $339,900.

BILLINGS CT., 19815-David I. Goldberg to Ramon A. MacLang, $229,900.

BISHOPSTONE CT., 18459, No. 167-Christopher Duron to Dae S. Kim, $120,000.

BLUE HERON LANE, 18925-Dewey M. Hoke to Paul Exum, $315,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19439, No. 104-Edwin A. Tivol to Mary E. Bladen, $115,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19651, No. 5A-D.R. and William J. Seamans to Oscar R. Sanchez, $182,000.

BRENISH DR., 7452-Brady D. Folliard to Fredy A. and Jacqueline E. Calix, $260,000.

CALYPSO LANE, 8547-Nicholas J. and L.M. Tedesco to Linda C. and Adam B. Malcolm, $400,000.

CAMBOURNE CT., 8120-Charles N. and E.M. Rein to Diane and Pierre Cook, $449,900.

CHESLEY KNOLL CT., 9037-Mbaru Ceesay and Kebba Sinyan to Carlos M. Bolanos, $197,900.

CHESTNUT HILL MEWS, 601-Parind J. and R.P. Raval to Alison J. Kapneck and Kristopher S. Kapneck, $420,000.

CHRISTOPHER AVE., 437, No. 119-Terry and R.E. Kokolis to Bhavani and Durga D. Muppala, $151,000.

CINNABAR CT., 22-John S. and S.M. Cermak Jr. to Gabriela L. Goin and Jose J. Farfan, $340,000.

CLUB HOUSE RD., 19309, No. 302-David C. Rohmiller to Dina E. Zometa De Mijango and Efrain Mijango, $135,000.

CORIANDER DR., 7909, No. 201-Jeremy S. Persaud to Beth A. Ryan, $147,500.

COTTONWOOD CT., 37-Berta Perez to Iris and Brian Walden, $235,500.

COVE LEDGE CT., 10255-Helen A. Vydra to Gulshan and Eldar Allahverdizade, $238,500.

CROSS COUNTRY PL., 8871-Linda J. Paulson to Theresa Y. Nielson and Adam Safir, $176,000.

CURRY FORD LANE, 808-Jianqing Xu to Qin Li, $263,000.

DAMSON TER., 15004-William L. and M.A. Erwin to Wenling Dong and Chanhben Jiang, $584,000.

DEER PARK RD. W., 362, No. 6A-Norah Y. Kigembe to Lucia D. and Mario J. Suarez, $235,000.

DUFIEF DR., 14980-Nancy A. Rogers to Yi Pan and Li J. Zhao, $613,000.

DUVALL LANE, 128, No. 173-Shawn S. Jing to Gui Mei Huang, $80,000.

EARTH STAR PL., 21-Keith J. Burgess to Dong Qing Wei and Chien Hao Liao, $317,400.

FABER CT., 19405-John W. and H.J. Hastie to Galo F. Amores and Catherine S. Bautista, $318,000.

FOREST VIEW PL., 9953-Luisa Blanco Barahona to Carol and Andre Bouville, $168,000.

FOUNTAIN GREEN LANE, 219-Michael C. Parsons to Yang Tang and Weihua Pan, $415,000.

GATESTONE SQUARE ST., 639-Scott P. Spurgeon to Diana C. and Steve S. Guo, $435,000.

GIRARD ST., 424, No. 155-Manuel Burgos to Yazmin Davila, $105,000.

GOLDEN ASH WAY, 98-Jared Paul to Hang Xu, $390,000.

GOODPORT CT., 22-Koffi C. and A.A. Kongo to Minerva Morana and Bosko Mistrrloic, $249,000.

GRANITE RIDGE DR., 12652-Karen R. and H.J. McBride to Linda and Paul Guderian, $424,000.

GRAVENHURST CT., 22-M.T. and Chung S. Lin to Guo Chiuan Hung, $255,000.

GRAZING WAY, 20301-Wayne and N. Bartholomew to Grace O. Benjamin and Emile M. Kabba, $207,500.

GREEN RUN WAY, 9020-Christian Davila to Rodrigo Barrera, $349,990.

GREEN WATCH WAY, 11221-Anilkumar V. and G.A. Gandhi to Jinzhi Li and Zhengguang Chen, $560,000.

GUILDBERRY DR., 18420, No. 101-Steven M. and H.C. Kram to Mary K. and Antti A. Helne, $115,000.

HALLMARK CT., 18418-D.A. and Jeffrey C. Sussman to Craig M. Donnelly, $255,000.

HOPE LANE, 701-S.Z. and Zaheer H. Burney to Mark A. Schilling, $357,000.

HUTTON ST., 204-Cesar U. and Maria E. Castro to Earl M. and Mary M. Hayes, $300,000.

KEENELAND CIR., 14633-Erinn W. Mendez to Nazik M.S. Elgaddal, $215,000.

KESTREL CT., 105-Brian Quinlan to Keri Kahn Bonnett and Ari M. Bonnett, $277,997.

KILCREGGAN WAY, 19602-J.L. and Howard D. Hanson to Lenworth M. Henry, $275,000.

KIMBARK CT., 11500-Roger W. and K.A. Yerger Jr. to Demetrias L. and Edwin E. Brown, $570,000.

LABELLE CT., 19606-Simarjit K. Goraya to Cumanda Cisneros, $185,000.

LAKE GENEVA WAY, 13230-Suzanne G. Emrey to Jesse C. Loh and Haifeng Liang, $341,000.

LINSLADE ST., 628-Yanina V. Kalmykova to Amy and Stephen P. Lipman, $618,000.

MILLS CHOICE RD., 18907-Patricia R. Ayers to Cory M. Sonderman, $148,000.

NATIA MANOR DR., 13900-A. and Radhey S. Muraka to Todd H. Halpern, $779,000.

OLIVE TREE CT., 7301-George and M. Sotos to Robin and Larry Laura, $827,500.

ORCHARD DR., 72-David L. Catrino to Abebe M. Woldesemayat, $233,450.

OWENS GLEN CT., 16-Christopher J. Kenney to Scott W. Knowles, $305,000.

PALMSPRING DR., 421-Phon Chu Lee to Barbara H. Baeuerle, $203,000.

PALMTREE DR., 501, No. 7-Piin Duann Hsieh to Ling L. and Hangchang F. Wu, $163,500.

PISSARO DR., 12317-Jeffrey P. and L. Hoffman to Agnes L.W. and Edward Z.W. Chu, $546,300.

PURPLE MARTIN LANE, 18730-Lisa M. Stelling to Jessica K. Segal, $210,000.

QUAIL RUN DR., 15509-Craig D. and D. Chucker to Rosemary L. and Gale E. Smith, $849,900.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 806, No. 202-Christian Sotomayor to Amer S. Helmy, $92,500.

RUTLEDGE DR., 11117-Dorit and Sam Schwartz to Yong Li, $561,800.

SANDY LAKE DR., 19426-Marla A. Taylor to Shahnaz Hamed and Bijan Mohsenikolour, $224,900.

SEBASTIANI BLVD., 10-Susan L. Rose to Iruku Rama and Satyanarayana Iruku, $255,000.

SOUR CHERRY WAY, 12314-Melissa Diamond to Gulrukh Ahanger, $317,000.

SOUR CHERRY WAY, 12343-Raghavan and Padma Varadachari to Irene and Mark Pasternak, $346,700.

SPRING ST., 114-C.D. and Jose Melton to Rosa Padilla, $283,000.

STATE CT., 26, No. 92-Cherrie H. Vinson to Milagro and Luis Rivera, $169,900.

SULLNICK WAY, 11527-Lynne C. McArthur to Maryam Geramifar, $247,500.

SUMMER WALK DR., 104-John M. Pike to Laura R. and David G. Steinberg, $430,000.

TEA ROSE DR., 8309-Nelson Pilligua to Maria E. and Cesar Castro, $341,000.

TIMBERBROOK LANE, 137, No. 201-Edward K. MacDonald to Nana K. Dadson, $250,000.

TOPFIELD DR., 17627, No. 15D-Andre J. Pierre to Luz A. Manchame, $210,000.

TORRAN ROCKS WAY, 7307-Lorrenzo Rodriguez to Juan Amaya, $249,900.

TRIPLE CROWN RD., 12101-William P. and E.M. Hocking to Martha S. Haywood Hewgill and Derek H. Hewgill, $505,000.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18604, No. 5-Aida E. Campos to Lillian J. Burrell, $135,000.

WAXWING TER., 8813-Dennis K. Blady to Rosalina Flores and Jose Amaya Flores, $347,108.

WHITE BARN CT., 11206-Sheryl Crosson Grau to Jacqueline Whittaker, $253,000.

WHITE BARN CT., 11217-Edith Hurtado Mendez to Yice H. and Jose E. Eguez, $212,000.

Garrett Park Area

CLERMONT PL., 4513-William H. Krouse to Susan M. Brocato, $430,000.

Germantown Area

AMARILLO CT., 29, No. 112-Nader and F.W. Zarei to Julieta T. Banan Rubin and Joshua P. Rubin, $250,000.

BAY LEAF WAY, 18530-Steven F. Spargur to Anthony T. Obomah, $187,500.

BAY LEAF WAY, 18536-Annyck J. Mott Hamez to Carmen A. Perdomo, $177,000.

BIRDSEYE CT., 4-Elizabeth Donkor to Joellen S. and Michael P. West, $189,900.

BRIARCLIFF TER., 13114, No. 4-Lang La to Wayne Freeman, $175,000.

CHALET PL., 13207, No. 104-Anne M. Dusinberre to Mary Zazanis, $148,995.

CHURCHILL RIDGE DR., 12908, No. 4D-Lucy Sanchez to Ruth C. and Wallace N. Mook Jr., $190,000.

DEERWATER DR., 13615, No. 8A-Mary Ann Rosado to Dailen and Jose A. Rosado, $160,000.

DEMETRIAS WAY, 13525-Sandra Dibari to Nicholas Herman, $195,300.

DUHART RD., 13622-Patricia and R.M. Schoch to Duneesha and Rasika Wijesundera, $324,990.

DUNBAR TER., 13726-K.K. and Thomas A. McDonald to Yeoun J. Kim, $345,000.

DUNBAR TER., 13748-S. and Scott Taggart to Cuthbert T. Palat, $319,101.

FLOWERTON PL., 11412-Michelle J. Denning to Dianne E. Germain, $172,000.

GUNNERS BRANCH RD., 19505, No. 723-Don E. Stanley to Rosali R. Diaz, $125,000.

HIGHSTREAM CT., 29, No. 1027-Alberto Silva to Samuel W. Duvall, $209,900.

HIGHSTREAM DR., 19156, No. 1019-Xiaoyan Yu to Ruida Cheng, $218,000.

ISLAND VIEW CIR., 12134-Joanna K. Jackson to Linda L. and Bertrand D. Delpierre, $226,200.

KITCHEN HOUSE WAY, 12812-Kendall B. and R.H. Diehl to Christina I. Donahue Taylor and Alan G. Taylor, $230,000.

LAKE PARK DR., 19904-S. and David Dehler to Bryan S. Spinner, $267,000.

LAKE PARK DR., 19926, No. 926-Kyong H. Praytor to Robyn B. Sclar, $269,900.

LIBERTY HEIGHTS LANE, 19235-Howard W. and M.L. Hale to Thunguyet T. Mai and Hung D. Cao, $172,000.

LOWFIELD TER., 13407-John E. Richters to Ana and Gabriel Vine, $225,000.

MILL POND TER., 20362-Larry T. Nguyen to Mary Isaac Job and Stanley Job, $272,000.

MILLHAVEN PL., 13100-Kevin A. Sockwell to Shahrzad Shahidi, $210,500.

MINSTREL TUNE DR., 11234-Terri and John Armand to Cynthia D. Fields, $474,990.

NEERWINDER CT., 26-M. and Rex Hawbecker to Elsie Hackman, $294,000.

OPEN HEARTH WAY, 13044-Richard A. Becker to Ennio Ulloa, $186,000.

OWLS NEST CIR., 21247, No. 37-Chandrasekar Chennakesavan to Kamatchi Indirani and Chockalingam Parameswaran, $298,000.

PORT HAVEN DR., 12406-Christopher B. Finucane to Srikanth Uppalapati, $255,000.

PUMPKIN SEED CT., 12717-Norman Nguy to Samuel A. Romero, $163,000.

SHADYSIDE LANE, 13015, No. 195-G.H. and Elizabeth H. King to Daniel J. Regalia, $161,888.

SHIPLEY TER., 20212, No. 201-Esther L.H. Suher to Jo Ann E. Matthis, $127,000.

SUMMIT RIDGE TER., 12910-Jean and D. Hurtubise to Blanca and Samuel Flores, $447,500.

TIMKO LANE, 18354, No. 75-David W. Orio to Giovanni S. Vignola, $175,000.

TRAILSIDE WAY, 13023, No. 4-Dawn E. Wilson to Ingrid L. Matias, $180,000.

TREEBRANCH TER., 18910-James R. Hill to Tauqeer Aslam, $209,900.

WALNUT COVE CIR., 12415-Beth A.D. Penna to Wei Wu and Feiyue Li, $265,000.

WATERSIDE CT., 5-Donna L.L. Araujo to Jing Zhou and Qing Lu, $254,900.

WAYFARER RD., 10754-John T. and V. Dunne to Penny and Nelson Pilligua, $441,000.

WHITECHURCH CT., 2-Surinder P. Sharma to Ulfat Masih and Arfan A. Sandhu, $185,000.

WILLOW SPRING CIR., 12526-Semi Feuer, trustee, to Kimberly M. Miller, $175,500.

Hillandale Area

CARROLL AVE., 8705-Marie N. Levasseur to Marie K. Jean Louis, $170,000.

CHICKASAW DR., 1112-Hector Cabrera to Jaime and Rogelia Landaverry, $239,000.

GATEWOOD PL., 2107-James H. and E.J. Cho to Jacqueline I. and Donald F. Demarco, $336,000.

NOLCREST DR. W., 1120-S. and William E. Stokes to Tariss Delgado, $288,000.

PINEY BRANCH RD., 8830, No. 511-Frances C. Dickson to Dean Kevin Lurie, $87,000.

Kensington Area

ASTORIA RD., 3700-Dennis D.F. and J.M. Ogues to Anna Makela and Jack C. Edongton, $330,900.

COLCHESTER DR., 4213-Gertrude S. Benner to Cynthia A. and John A. Kozorosky, $293,500.

DECATUR AVE., 3808-Keith Burgess to Jamal Ibraheem, $420,420.

EDGEWOOD RD., 3109-V. and Silas R. Provins to Barbara Mulach, $265,000.

FLANDERS AVE., 4831-Elizabeth M. Daugherty to Kerry C. and Stephen A. Horn, $413,500.

LA DUKE DR., 9906-Sorra Lee Schwaitzberg to Marie B. and Paul J. Broring, $542,000.

OLDFIELD DR., 10218-N.L. and George M. Reider III to Robert Furst, $450,000.

STONEYBROOK DR., 9707-Micki M. and Ehsan Khademi to Kathleen M. Allen and Lyle M. Farmer, $699,000.

Laytonsville Area

HAWKINS CREAMERY RD., 8413-Heather A. Hested to Kenneth J. O'Connell, $290,000.

WOODFIELD RD., 23805-J.E. and James W. Hawkins to Stephen and Jennifer Van Hoven, $293,000.

WOODFIELD RD., 23816-Stacy A. Miller to David W. Sheron, $302,000.

Montgomery Village Area

APPLE RIDGE RD., 10320-Vladimiir Lyalikov to Veronica M. Jaua and Isaac A. Pajuelo, $207,000.

BRASSIE WAY, 9735-Crystal J. Dodd to Arthur Raymond Tiller, $118,500.

BROOKRIDGE CT., 9817-Harver Bautista to Raphael Agbossou, $174,720.

COLTFIELD CT., 19007-Kevin E. and S.M. Williams to Beth Ann and Michael E. Kraatz, $233,000.

DOCENA DR., 9701-Lieu Hue T. Nguyen to Jose Lobos, $135,000.

GUNPOWDER PL., 9316-Elizabeth P. Copperthite, trustee, to Martha P. and Hank N. Williams, $389,000.

HELLINGLY PL., 9714, No. 210-Tina Louise Carbaugh to Kwame Frimpong, $83,000.

LEATHERFERN TER., 9701, No. 103-Ellen E. Lammert to Daniel J. Chamoun, $217,000.

MONTGOMERY VILLAGE AVE., 19028-Judy Connor to Franciso Giraldo, $219,000.

OTTER COVE CT., 7918-Vann Dailly to Jessica J. Klink, $200,000.

PIER POINT PL., 18746-Aminul Karim to Manoja V. Seneviratne, $230,000.

RIDGELINE DR., 10177-Toni A. Porter to Oluyemisi O. Famuyiwa, $178,900.

RIDGELINE DR., 9941-Sandra L. Barcus to Adesoji Idowu, $161,000.

STEDMALL PL., 20301-S.A. and Richard F. Quinn Jr. to Noreen M. Aziz, $539,000.

STRATH HAVEN DR., 20529-Lillian F. Davis to Diane Lett, $195,000.

WATKINS MILL DR., 10361-B. and Alex S. Shekhtman to Maria T. Lainez, $266,000.

WELBECK WAY, 8814-Thin V. Nguyen to Elsy R. Perdomo, $174,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

ASHMONT CT., 10-Vera W. Bailey to David P. Lee, $285,000.

ATHERTON DR., 12509-B.W. and John Campbell to James Gould, $197,000.

BEL PRE DR., 14321-Robert Mitchell to Luis F. Guillen, $170,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3772, No. 6-Angela Clark to Monica Murray, $105,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3932, No. 2-Saul Martinez Jr. to Kezia Y. Gateja, $97,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3950, No. 7-Duch H. Dao to Rose Ebebah Nguetta, $125,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3964, No. 6-Santos Hernandez to Zoila H. Lara, $122,000.

BUSHEY DR., 12508-Amada Sanchez to Jose F. Velasquez, $305,000.

CAPULET TER., 3712-Ruth A. Giglotti to Martha M. and Mario Morataya, $259,900.

CATOCTIN CT., 72-Edson T. and J.F. Banaag to James G. Lacovaro and Charlene L. Lacovaro, $250,000.

DEER VALLEY TER., 15119-Truwork Dessalegne to Marco Alomoto, $334,000.

DEERHURST TER., 14633, No. 215A-Ruth R. Liberman to Norma B. Flaherty, $320,000.

EARDLEY CT., 15024, No. 280E-Edith H. Spangler to Walter S. Reid, $85,000.

ELM TREE LANE, 2116-Michael T. Pham to Patricia L. Gbeti, $355,000.

ESTELLE RD., 13008-L.M. and Stanley M. Lewis to Carlos H. Marroquin, $339,900.

FERRARA DR., 3932-Karol Prochotsky to Clara I. Gonzalez, $247,000.

HATHAWAY DR., 12811-R.N. and Jack R. Wurtsbaugh to Dora E. Flores, $233,000.

HICKORY HILL LANE, 2023-Asesh Banerjee to Araba Lamouse Smith, $289,500.

HIGHWOOD RD., 4216-Philippe P. Berthier to Un J. Lee and Mauricio E. Aguilar, $211,900.

JOLIET ST., 3912-Pio Pineda to Melbi Moreno Blanco, $299,900.

JOLIET ST., 3915-Khinh N. Lam to Zainia and Odir Sanchez, $287,000.

KAYSON ST., 3606-Markella Gorogias to Mark Chou, $275,000.

LA CLEDE ST., 12801-P.Q. and Tien Tran to Kristi Kenniston, $315,000.

MAHAN RD., 4302-Wendy J. Bennett to Teofilo Villatoro, $249,000.

MC VEARY CT., 2513, No. 10A-Patricia Salinas Fuentes to Sasha M. Fandino, $181,000.

NISQUALLY CT., 2602-Tammie M. Gregg to Carmen C. and Rodrigo J. Fontecilla, $258,000.

NORDIC HILL CIR., 1611-Brian K. Weil to Thanh Thuy and John Vu Ho, $445,000.

NORMANDY SQUARE CT., 4, No. 2BF-Sun M. Ahn to Chhabi Das, $182,000.

PEPPERTREE LANE, 4126-Robert Greenwald to Randall W. and Gloria E.W. Bartholomew, $168,000.

PINE ORCHARD DR., 15301, No. 86-Byron A. Barnes, trustee, to Jane S. and Stanley N. Jennings, $215,000.

PINE ORCHARD DR., 15311, No. 87-Wallace B. and C.S. Knapp to Erasmo and Elizabeth H. Lara, $182,000.

SHERATON ST., 2700-Grace R. Walker to Roberto Lazo, $194,500.

SHERATON ST., 2706-Anna K. Vrataric to Emilio Barrios, $250,000.

SHORT RIDGE CT., 15400, No. 42A-Louis A. Baisden to Eleanor V. and Francis A. Teti, $345,000.

SUN VALLEY CIR., 2316, No. 1F-Maria R. Mojica to Adam E. Margolis, $180,000.

TYNEWICK DR., 3934, No. 8-Fernando A. Rivero to Alva R. Alvarenga, $265,000.

VALLEYFIELD DR., 14202, No. 7-Shirley A. Myers to Jean Arthur, $175,000.

WAGON TRAIL PL., 2120-Susan Jaber to Zahida and Iqbal Ahmed, $324,000.

WALKING CREST CT., 2100-Guenet Guebra Christos to Thanh T. Phan, $520,000.

Olney Area

CANNES LANE, 4510-Onecimo and M.G. Zamora to Jie Zhou and Sheng Xie, $249,000.

CARNEGIE HALL CIR., 3204-Robert M. Liguori to Alyssa Davey, $315,000.

CENTERFIELD WAY, 16801-Ricardo Moreno to Athena and William Jameson, $325,000.

PARADISE COVE TER., 18412-G.H. and Clark E. Harrison to Miriam H. Mazo, $550,000.

QUEEN ELIZABETH DR., 17529-Lawrence T. and G.F. Bruno to Michelle and Charles Brinkley, $449,000.

THORNBERRY LANE, 18712-S.K. and Dennis E. Newberry to Joanna Schmeissner, $449,000.

Poolesville Area

HEMPSTONE AVE., 19152-B.D. and Gene T. Stockwell to Barbara Coulter, $310,000.

HOSKINSON RD., 17418-Rachel M. Rosenfeld to Daniel M. Vanderhave, $150,000.

WOOTTON AVE., 19712-Gary L. Moyer to Arthur J. Brown, $140,000.

Potomac Area

BOLTON DR., 10900-Stanley A. and C. Schwartz to Joanne G. Jacobson and Mark A. Jacobson, $1.237 million.

BURBANK DR., 10823-Milton J. and S.G. Cohen to Jeanette and Robert Fiallo, $750,000.

ENID DR., 11836-Robert A. Rockweiler to Craig A. Rockweiler, $400,000.

GREENBRIAR RD., 12720-Kenneth J. and R.M. Gross to Cynthia H. and Ronald G. Geletka, $291,500.

HARRINGTON DR., 9208-John E. and L.P. Dell to Susan Lloys Lenhard Belin and Harry L. Belin, $3.795 million.

HORSESHOE LANE, 8016-Carlos E.S. Guedes, trustee, to Wallace E. and Julie M. Lewis III, $940,001.

OLD CANAL RD., 12330-Joseph S. and Z.J. Griffo to Heather S. and Theodoros Hallas, $505,000.

PAISLEY PL., 8121-Delyna H. Diop to Patricia H. and Michael S. Marcus, $550,000.

PERSIMMON TREE RD., 9120-T.R. and Darnell Sutton to Robert Sokolove, $1.4 million.

PURCELL DR., 9508-David R. and M.F. Johnson to Mary Ellen and Donald C. Tomasso, $1.39 million.

SCOTCH MIST CT., 8-Luther Evans Jr. to Hindy B. and Julian B. Orenstein, $635,000.

SMOKETREE RD., 11907-Marvin J. Podgor to Nancy M. and Timothy A. Cook, $622,500.

SMOKETREE RD., 12024-Helen G. Parker to Charles H. Robinson, $530,000.

SPRING KNOLL DR., 10820-Blair W. and F.F.K. Pethel to Gladis E. and Andrew R. Bellamah, $1.35 million.

WHITE PINE PL., 908-Jonathan and J. Weinberg to Abbe and Adam T. Gross, $600,000.

WILLOWLEAF WAY, 1024-Lewis I. Gidez, trustee, to Maura L. Gidez Kilner and Mark E. Kilner, $525,000.

Rockville Area

ARGYLE ST. E., 10-Alain Dabdoub to Ronald Powers, $311,900.

AZALEA DR., 562, No. 41-C-S.A. and Gregory Williams Sr. to Thomas A. Revesz, $250,700.

BALD CYPRESS DR., 9811-Douglas J. Schwartzentruber to Zhiping Gao and Sheng Wang, $960,000.

BARGATE CT., 11921-Nimrod Shmul to Cristina Camacho Del Castillo and Jorge F. Teran Garces, $394,900.

BLANDFORD ST., 613-I.C. and Jose M. Giron to Cristina Heinrich De Ayala, $246,500.

BLUE HOSTA WAY, 22-Carl P. Epstein to Jessica Esquivel and Daniel Gozzi, $450,000.

BOWIE CT., 15-Jorge Chicas to Tonia and Jorge Chicas, $82,000.

CALIFORNIA CIR., 6060, No. 110-Carry Huang to Neda Sarafrazi Isfahani and Mohsen Sheikholeslami, $250,000.

COMMONWEALTH DR., 11323, No. 101-Robert T. Thibadeau, trustee, to Paulette M. and Andrew P. Ladas, $297,000.

CRABB AVE., 726-Sharon R. Bailey to Leandro A. Chavez, $212,150.

CRABB AVE., 728-Joaquim J. Palmeiro to Jason Goldberg, $170,000.

CROYDON AVE., 218-I. and Stephen K. Brooks to Mehrzad Ranjbaran, $185,000.

EVELYN DR., 1708-Bernard M. Schneider, trustee, to Hsiaoling Wang and Hongfeng Shen, $421,000.

FARM HAVEN CT., 20-David R. and Debra J. Amsellem to Neelam and Amar D. Bhalla, $655,000.

GRANDIN AVE., 724-Charles Ludlam to Bob Lee Dean, $259,000.

GROSVENOR PL., 10201-Robert M. Esquenazi to Brian Siever and Angel Kim, $6,000.

GROSVENOR PL., 10201, No. 812-Robert M. Esquenazi to Polia Anguelov and Christoslav E. Anguelov, $225,000.

HAMPTON MILL TER., 10817, No. 604-Jennifer Assad to Matthew Kinsey, $290,000.

LUXMANOR RD., 11017-Michael J. Walshe to Ronald G. and Lisa Sullivan, $850,000.

MARK LANE, 1711-Peretz and D. Ram to Raquel Katz Cohen and Shai Cohen, $435,000.

MARTINS LANE, 201-Ramin Amin to Zhu Chang Zhang and Kwan Wo Ng, $619,999.

MARWOOD CT., 24-Dario and Carol U. Bragale Jr. to Allison M. and Martin N. Morris, $300,000.

NORTHCLIFFE DR., 619-Gustave D. Militzer to Khushi Kalotra, $330,000.

PENDER PL., 202-Choong Woon and Y.J. Kwon to Ha K. Song and Hae W. Sohn, $345,000.

POINDEXTER LANE, 6215-Peter M. and J.N. Berkman to Edie and Gregory Goldberg, $899,000.

PRINCETON PL., 805-Scott and H.J. Shorter to Annette C. Rauh and Gamal Z. El Masry, $510,000.

REGAL OAK DR., 1134-Tonino T. Kamberi to Christina P. Calis, $500,000.

TALBOTT ST., 160, No. T2-Wei Wei Li to Rogelio Mendez, $107,000.

TALBOTT ST., 173-Regina and David Weitz to Won Hee Jang, $180,500.

VANDERBILT CIR., 10007, No. 6-Shari A. Druckman to Pamela Erickson, $222,000.

VANDERBILT CIR., 10009, No. 5-Steven T. Marshall to Ali M. Khatiri, $260,000.

WICKSHIRE WAY, 10920, No. D5-John M. McCue to Ronald J. Forsythe, $460,000.

Sandy Spring Area

WINDRUSH LANE, 1004, No. 20-Roxanne L. and Christopher L. Bailey to Lynda Reese, $260,000.

Silver Spring Area

BELTON RD., 424-Silvia C. Lainez to Haftu N. Adhanom, $328,000.

BOSTON AVE., 7807-A.M. and Arthur W. Askins to Shirley Ann True, $289,000.

CAMERON HILL CT., 1315-Guy R. D'Amecourt to Wiliam K. Mihm, $495,000.

DAYTON ST., 2010-M.A. and Derrick W. Flowers to Steven S. Wilson, $345,000.

EDGEWOOD AVE., 10205-Alan R. and D.L. Stottlemyer to Ellen and Brian C. McLaughlin, $350,000.

EISNER ST., 420-Shelia M. Lyn to Rita A. and Vincent M. George, $305,000.

FINALE TER., 214-Orlando M. and Patricia A. Valore Jr. to Kateri S. Osburn and Cynthia A. Johansson, $283,000.

FRANKLIN AVE., 3-Jeffrey M. and Kristin L. Goldscher to Leslie R. Gilliam and Brian R. Walker, $332,100.

HARTFORD AVE., 8300-Adele Cabot to Rosemary O'Rourke, $403,000.

LEGATO TER., 428-Cityscape to Cityscape, $196,000.

LYTTONSVILLE RD., 1900, No. 505-Bita P. and Alvin S. Haynes to Ann Marie Evans, $179,900.

MAYWOOD AVE., 8702-Robert B. and B.M.K. Redpath to Dawn K. and Patrick D. Moffitt, $398,000.

MINTWOOD ST., 9224-Ivan C. Baran to Sue Stallings, $443,300.

NOYES LANE, 1705-Frieda S. Perlzweig, trustee, to Judy Nielson, $330,000.

OAKWOOD ST., 11005-Gershon R. and D.M. Kieval to Lauren Krause Siragher and Joel Siragher, $374,900.

ROGART RD., 10002-Peter J. and M. Nickoloff to June K. Yun and Derrick A. Hamaoka, $338,000.

SONATA WAY, 734-Christine M. and David M. Hobbs to Denise V. McAbee, $434,500.

SOUTHWEST DR., 300-George and J. Retholtz to Catherine L. and Thomas W. Harrison, $339,000.

SUNDALE DR., 8716-Andrew M. Ross to Jillian E. Charles, $340,000.

WALDEN RD., 9018-Joseph Shifrin, trustee, to Susan M. Cavanaugh and Robert S. Noland, $284,000.

WHEELER DR., 11008-Brian S. Diener to Yiu Shing Chan, $405,000.

WHITAKER TER., 720-Eli Hellerman to Ana M. and Manuel De Jesus Mejia, $287,000.

SECOND AVE., 9308-Gaylen M. Camera, trustee, to Cynthia Bridgford and Jason Twining, $430,000.

Takoma Park Area

BOSTON AVE., 506-Evelyn H. Manoff to Debra and Richarde Boulay, $150,000.

CARROLL AVE., 7810-William J. Lombardo to Anne E. Bovi Lynch and Winfred E. Lynch, $334,000.

CHERRY AVE., 6902-Marsha Kadesch to Eric L. Picard, $339,000.

DARWIN AVE., 22-Mae L. Clarke to Katherine L. Kincade and Roy W. Kientz, $300,000.

DUNDALK RD., 7509-Luis T. Alvarez to Amelia A. Favere and William D. Ray, $389,000.

HUDSON AVE., 605, No. 113-K.S. and David R. Condie to Rosalia P. Barber, $95,000.

JACKSON AVE., 1115-E. and Jayaseelan Samuel to Lee E. Byrd Jr., $336,000.

LANCASTER RD., 1103-James A. Parks to Grace and Vincent Schiraldi, $250,000.

SLIGO CREEK PKWY., 811-Young J. Garrison to Vicky Maldonado, $655,000.

Twinbrook Area

ALEUTIAN AVE., 13215-Leilani H. Guss to Lillian D. and Jeffery L. Arneson, $263,000.

BALTIMORE RD., 1023-Richard E. Proper Sr., trustee, to Luis E. Serrano, $289,000.

BRADLEY AVE., 304-Vladimir and Yana Gurevich to Alina S. and Richard A. Baum, $280,000.

MIDWAY AVE., 13100-E.C. and J.W. Bussey to Jeffrey Howard Morrison, $253,500.

WAINWRIGHT AVE., 5721-John Wu to Barun and Vinod Ghosh, $319,900.

Wheaton Area

ADAMS DR., 4066-John Wriston to Gloria Crowley, $355,000.

AMHERST AVE., 10815-Leslie E. Williams to Michael A. Poole, $158,000.

AMHERST AVE., 10825, No. B-Lisa M. Murphy to Edna Diggs, $200,000.

BELGRADE RD. S., 906-Zhuan Hua Yan to Steven C. Siesser, $300,000.

BLUFF TER., 115-Miguel Lopez to Scott Mattern, $335,000.

BRIGHTLEAF CT., 1901-Artie L. Wartick to Jane E. Gustafson, $305,000.

BUCKNELL DR., 10873, No. 55-William G. Kaler to Kelly D. Elam, $165,000.

COLLEGE VIEW DR., 11607-Jon C. and Kelly C. Blauvelt to Margaret T. and Andrew F. Haslam, $359,500.

DONALD PL., 1708-G.A. and Richard J. Chmiel to John Begg, $333,000.

EASECREST DR., 11000-Ben V. and N.T. Tran to Yvennoe and Vinh S. Hong, $376,000.

EUGENE ST., 2404-Mohammed Conteh to Pastora Paez, $244,900.

HATCHER PL., 11704-R.M. and Mario E. Alfaro to Joselin Polanco, $280,000.

LOCKHART PL., 11505-Milton G. Lawrence to John C. Wu, $311,500.

PENNYDOG CT., 56, No. 109-Duane Cavanaugh to Tracy L. Thomas, $205,000.

RIDGEWELL WAY, 608-Donald W. Hurowitz to Ganesh Kayastha, $440,000.

SADDLEROCK RD., 11705-Lily Zaidman to Lorraine A. and Anthony G. Savage, $449,000.

SCHOOLHOUSE CIR., 2849-Royal K. Hurrington to Victoria A. Platania, $285,000.