No Right to Oppose ICC

I continue to be amazed by my Longmead Crossing neighbors. They have been protesting the building of the intercounty connector, or ICC, through our neighborhood for years [Metro, Aug. 1]. I don't think they have the right to do so, and here's why.

Whether you are for or against the ICC is not the issue. I purchased my townhouse in Longmead Crossing in 1988. As I toured the area around the lot I was considering purchasing, the sales agent pointed out where the ICC would be constructed in the near future. All around our neighborhood are signs that clearly say "Future site of the ICC."

Also, I had to sign my initials to an addendum to my sales contract proving I was aware of where the ICC would (not might, but would) be. So why would I or any of my neighbors now think we have the right to protest its existence?

If you didn't want the ICC in your neighborhood, you had the choice to not buy a home here. Am I the only one who was given that choice at the time of the sale? I doubt it. It's only fair now to admit we knew all along what would happen around our neighborhood and stop insisting "I didn't realize it was this close" or "Why do they choose here?" They aren't the only ones who "choose here." So did we when we bought our homes.

Wendy Rubin

Silver Spring