The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

BIDDLE RD., 401-Baljinder S. Sekhon to Victoria Z. and Cirilo F. Reyes, $158,500.

BRYAN POINT RD., 2610-Sandra D. and Greg D. Devereu Adams to Jay S. and Dorothy Odell, $195,000.

DERBYSHIRE WAY, 15222-Celestean B. and Mark T. Duncan to Annette Taylor Dixon, $400,000.

FARMINGTON RD. W., 701-Dona M. and Holly F. Staats to Steven M. Harrison, $181,300.

TERESA DR., 1108-Henry L. and Yvette D. Wright to Deborah D. and Emanuel Williams, $186,000.

Adelphi Area

CHEROKEE ST., 2512-Bianca and Francisco Flores to Jorge M. Hernandez, $203,510.

CROSBY RD., 6901-Alika Bostick to Jose I. Cruz, $175,000.

HANNON ST., 2203-Chrispin Saint Jean to Ana D. Chicas, $206,000.

KNOLLBROOK DR., 6422-Joyce F. Truman to Daniel Chavez, $206,000.

LYNMONT DR., 9305-Babu T. and Suja K. Kottakuzhiyil to Ena Hernandez and Rene Rivas, $245,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1806, No. 302-Rafael and Yolanda Santos to Maria A. and Roberto Reyes, $75,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 325-Francis D. Addai to Peter Adusei, $95,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. G21-Wanda Evans to Lenin A. Lopez, $96,000.

OLD RIGGS RD., 7979-Teshome A. Tecle to Beyene Y. Hagos, $50,000.

PAWNEE ST., 2505-Kingsley N. and Eunice N.I. Nwala to Flor E. and Carlos A. Carranza, $255,000.

RIGGS RD., 8907-Gary Royal to Moises A. Diaz, $275,000.

SHERIDAN ST., 806-William F.S. Thonssen to Jose A. Villacorta, $225,000.

24TH PL., 7108-Glenna G. and Robert E. Corner to Mahmoud Hassan, $245,900.

Beltsville Area

BELTSVILLE DR., 11937-Cecil W. Phillips to Ibrahim Famuditimi, $196,000.

OLD GUNPOWDER RD., 12405-Jeffrey E. Fetner to Yoneko Ramsey and Craig Niedomanski, $270,000.

TORREY PINES TER., 12214-Robert H. and Dianna J. Silberman to Joan E. and Roy C. Bannis, $505,000.

Bowie Area

ABACUS CT., 3201-Willie E. Grayned to Rena S. and Darryl J. Pugh, $440,000.

ANTLER CT. N., 3006-Donald P. and Margarita Lewis to Jennifer Buttz and Scott Buttz, $250,000.

BELAIR DR., 2840-Teresita P. and Warren W. Schroeder to Robert E. Morin, $225,000.

BUXMONT LANE, 2814-Bettie M. Whitman to James R. Avery, $214,000.

CHAPEL FORGE DR., 4003-Joyce D. and Mark A. McGinnis to Susan L. Kennedy, $256,500.

EASTHAVEN CT., 15732-Harry C. Ellsworth Jr. to Roderick C. Dozier, $99,500.

EAVES LANE, 3837-Glenroy Byam and Nicole A. Hyatt to Natalie L. Stephenson, $183,000.

ELDBRIDGE LANE, 16706-Inga L. Barnett to Crystal Wilson, $177,000.

ELEGANT CT., 16038-Olujide O. Ogunnusi to Teruye Nuri and Ahmen Osman, $216,500.

ELMCREST LANE, 3622-Michael and Cheryl Hertz to Sonia L. and J.W. Franklin, $184,101.

ERNST DR., 3811-Stacey C. Burton to Yildiz F. Suleiman, $175,000.

GRENFELL LOOP, 6035-Jacqueline and Michael J. Frazier to Elisa Zeigler, $248,000.

GWINNETT LANE, 6403-Paula S. and Ronald G. Walker to Morou Quattara, $349,900.

IVY WAY, 13501-Philomena A. and George H. Raaf to Barbara Casey, $245,000.

KORNETT LANE, 12633-Edward S. Sitko to Alexander McAllister, $150,000.

LONGRIDGE LANE, 12130-Bernice J. Goldich to Dennis J. Jimmink, $279,000.

MORLOCK LANE, 3408-Dora A. and Mark I. Goughnour to Arturo Fernandez, $227,550.

PALISADES CT., 1508-Deborah I. Hanlon to Tracey and Brad K. Willis, $212,000.

PANTHER LANE, 2519-Mark N. Lewellen to Mohammad A. Butt, $195,500.

RIVER VALLEY WAY, 4725, No. 66-Michelle Y. Sumpter to Colleen E. and Lee A. Goforth, $180,000.

RIVER VALLEY WAY, 4809, No. 131-Jackie Maddox to Dodd L. White, $150,000.

SHAWMONT LANE, 12424-Pamelia T. Zimmerman to Kerensa Zimmerman, $173,500.

SUDBERRY LANE, 2813-Florence C. Kimball to Susan K. and Dan G. Fefferman, $279,000.

TAWNY LANE, 12101-John T. and Katrin S. Fulginiti to Suzanne L. James and Kerry T. Sweeney, $259,900.

TRIPLE CROWN RD., 8404-John N. and Mary E. Medved Babbitt to Kathleen and David Spriggs, $275,000.

TWIN CT., 3101-Georgia C. and Chidi Onyebuenyi to Felicia T. Boston, $244,900.

TWISTING LANE, 3005-Lewis H. Cleveland to James V. Caruso, $243,500.

WOODHAVEN LANE, 4115-Keith L. and Michelle Paga Pardieck to Susan M. and Brian D. Liga, $230,000.

Brandywine Area

REDWOOD DR. E., 11733-Robin M. and Terry W. Hynson to Debbie J. Tharps, $298,500.

Brentwood Area

WINDOM RD., 3709-Elmer O. and Maria Segovia to Rina M. Cruz and Misael A. Velasquez, $217,000.

39TH PL., 4525-Blanche Martin to Pier A. Berardi, $75,000.

43RD AVE., 3504-Kevin L. Schultz to Deborah A. Jacobs, $127,500.

Capitol Heights Area

APPLEGARTH PL., 5925-Kai L. Gwynn to Felina Y. Cephas, $138,000.

CARRINGTON AVE., 1011-William N. Smith to Angela Wrenn, $128,000.

DRUMLEA RD., 7409-Frances Christian to Mary J. Isiguzoro, $149,900.

FIELD ST., 6208-Hattie C. Newman to Melissa J. and Barry B. Bailey, $68,000.

RUSTON AVE., 1625-Shirley M. Wells to Evonne Nutall, $99,900.

Cheverly-Landover Area

CENTRAL HILLS LANE, 965-Sylvester O. and Venida Brown to Cynthia and Daryl Holloway, $145,500.

CONTINENTAL PL., 9041-Milford Ward to Valerie A. Podle, $150,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 2331-Annette E. Brown to Augustus B. Matibila, $112,000.

63RD PL., 2800-Earlean E. and Ingrid E. Hyson to Kristin R. Winters, $159,000.

Clinton Area

BEDDINGTON CT., 7805-Lasharn M. Easley to Raymont Johnson, $227,000.

CLINTON WAY, 6305-Richard A. and Daphne M. Bredeck to Dorothy E. and William R. Weinstein, $165,000.

CRAFTON LANE, 6701-Francis A. Mehlfelt to Barbara L. Sheppard, $214,000.

DALMATIA DR., 9512-Angela M. and Darious L. Bowman to Stephanie M. Baker, $205,000.

GLYNIS RD., 12904-Ralph W. and Sheila R. Davis Jr. to Eunice M. and Wayman C. Hawkins, $225,000.

GREENFIELD LANE, 9113-Saga Corp. to Larry Jones, $194,000.

JERVIS ST., 12807-Carla N. and Brenton P. Harrison to Joann and Richard J. Brunson, $305,000.

LUCKY LURE DR., 7723-Valerie and Glenn E. Adams to Carmille R. Clark, $205,000.

MARQUIS LANE, 8902-Richard M. Gallion to Shawn Meals, $134,000.

MAYAPPLE CT., 7904-Lloyd L. and Kimberly A. Boxley to Lasonya Moore, $285,000.

SPRING ACRES RD., 9103-Karen M. Gaddy to Mark Henley, $180,000.

THRIFT RD., 11704-Wesley L. and Nicole C. Strickland to Gloria V. and Mynor R. Estrada, $205,000.

College Park Area

BLACKFOOT RD., 4816-Jose I. Diaz to Ruth G. Gresser and Mary W. Stuart, $255,000.

GIRARD AVE., 7508-Philip P. Schrode to Erik Shen and Hui Q. Yu, $166,000.

OSAGE, 4808-Michael B. Seyfried to Kris A. Magnuson, $178,000.

District Heights Area

DONNELL PL., 7114-Greater Suburban Properties to Cheryl A. Butler, $78,000.

DONNELL PL., 7215, No. 3-Tamara Sadowski to Latricia and Jay Cameron, $46,000.

FLAG HARBOR DR., 6908-Carl R. and Candice M. Smith to Thomas Jacobs and Kimberly Martin, $160,000.

HIL MAR DR., 5841-Bryan T. Greene to Tarek Brooks, $145,000.

KENTUCKY AVE., 5818-Victoria C. Joiner to Florigyn Cordero, $180,000.

NEWKIRK AVE., 3109-Betsy J. Alvarado to Ana A. Juarez and Zoila M. Ayala, $189,000.

PRINCE RANIER PL., 3264-Lucille L. and Kevin A. Young to Dana Burnett, $133,500.

RITCHBORO RD., 8525-Brahm N. Persaud to Tashua T. Smith, $147,000.

SHADY GLEN DR., 1314-Brenda H. and Arthur L. Mallard to Mary E. Williams, $155,000.

TULIP AVE., 1748-Rita C. Thomas to Amar Greene, $131,000.

Fort Washington Area

ALLENTOWN RD., 9303-Doris E. and Raymond R. Iannucci to Yolanda Ocsan, $215,000.

AUTUMNWOOD LANE, 11902-Charles H. and Cynthia J. Weekes Jr. to Amos G. and Lovita S. Sharp II, $325,000.

BRIGHTWOOD DR., 8706-Judith C. and Marvin D. Allgood to Fabiola Fernandez, $239,900.

CHERRYFIELD RD., 6807-Marie A. and Alan A. Stewart to Dereje Solomon, $215,000.

COUNTRY CREEK CT., 2607-Michael R. and Juaquinna M. Johnson to Antoine Robinson and Teresa A. Graves, $255,500.

GLEN ROCK AVE., 6037-Vichuda P. and David Toliver Sr. to Jayne A. Kwengwere, $185,000.

KILDARE CT., 6200-Angela Chandler to Erica P. Simmons, $181,000.

NEWMONT ST., 907-Christopher L. Crowder to Andrea V. Delgado and Edwin Y. Mejia, $195,000.

OLD DRUMMER BOY LANE, 1606-William G. and Jacqueline Robinson to Catherine and John W. Harris, $379,000.

PENDLETON ST., 13310-Curtis W. and Vivian D. Crutchfield to Marci A. Biagi and Shane McCoy, $257,500.

RHODESIA AVE., 1800-O. Anthony Diedrick Jr. to Marilyn and Raymond Williams, $230,000.

TRAVERSE WAY, 9401-Joyce J. and Ricardo P. Reyes to Tiana R. and Reginald J. Goode, $232,000.

Glenn Dale Area

GREENWOOD DR., 6928-Debra Lawson to Dionicio Flores Montalvo, $230,000.

WINGATE DR., 7922-Alvin D. and Angela K. Rice to Renee and Randy Wilson, $435,000.

Greenbelt Area

BRAE BROOKE DR., 8620-Teruye S. Nuri to Denise A. Warren, $165,000.

BURKART CT., 8107-Mary B. and Richard O. Woodard to Jeffrey W. Owens, $200,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8409, No. 101-Kady Williams Inc. to Adeola and Adekunle Oki, $85,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8653-Bruce Battle to Thea Bandy, $95,000.

SOMERSET CT., 7816-Stephen W. Palmer to Dawn Caby and James A. Scott, $214,500.

Hyattsville Area

BUCHANAN ST., 4528-Claudia L. and Nicholas S. Davis Sr. to Dana W. Spencer, $107,000.

CHESAPEAKE RD., 5318-Pilar Ciaramello to Isidora MacHado and Dalmin Sorto, $237,000.

EDMONSTON RD., 5007-David and Kelly S. Bramme Fendlay to Patricia A. and Anita L. Dennis, $140,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7800-Lena B. Long, trustee, to Shan Z. and Ding H. Lin, $125,000.

LONGFELLOW ST., 4102-Frederick A. Gast to Robert B. MacGregor, $200,000.

OLD RIGGS RD., 8002-Manuel D. and Reina C. Guevar Rivera to Maria E. Morales and Angel M. Lima, $180,000.

48TH AVE., 4815-Melissa Goldring to Rebecca K. Long, $124,900.

Langley Park Area

NAVAHOE DR., 8408-Adolfo and Berta Arque Sagastizado to Xiomara Cruz and Eliseo Rivera, $168,000.

12TH AVE., 8340-Jose A. and Carmen M. Anleu to Berfalia Martine and Vicente Benitez, $165,000.

Lanham Area

BREEZY KNOLL CT., 9904-Viteria H. and Victor Jackson Jr. to Marcy and Edenzer Akinyemi, $297,000.

CIPRIANO RD., 6607-Malissa R. Hackley to Jerry M. Jarman, $217,000.

CIPRIANO SPRINGS DR., 7316, No. 7316-Carolyn C. Adney to Tiffany E. Rankin, $123,000.

KERMAN RD., 6801-Helen Atagwe to Gideon Y. Allotey, $292,000.

SECOND ST., 8903-Eseroghene and Emmanuel Kuti to Awah M. Muma, $249,000.

Largo Area

BARBERRY CT., 4, No. 5-Winston M. Harbin to Helen Y. White, $146,000.

BUTTERWORTH LANE, 1017-Travelers Bank and Trust to Joy A. Haskins, $160,000.

Laurel Area

ASHFORD BLVD., 8300-Holly Zoellner to Fernando Rodrigues, $214,000.

BARKHAM CT., 14009-Robert M. Roth to Lesleyann Samuel, $375,000.

BELLE AMI DR., 14950-Joel Santos to Marie E. Davis, $180,000.

BOWSPRIT LANE, 14130-Jacqueline C. Jackson to Johanna F. Prestol Dominguz, $98,000.

BOWSPRIT LANE, 14308-Joan S. and Jennifer E. Hunter to Feh K. Gwanyalla, $125,500.

CHERRYWOOD DR., 15039-Linda C. Armstrong to Marian Aladdin, $148,000.

CLAXTON LANE, 12904-Barbara K. Myers to Adesola H. Otubanjo, $110,700.

DEER CREEK CT., 15832-Annie S. Kromah to Rachel L. McPipe, $155,000.

JIB ST., 14233-Margaret H. Price to Anita Zeiger, $135,000.

MAPLE ST., 8404-Derek A. Nunn to Hee S. and Du Y. Kim, $287,500.

MAPLE TER., 5807-Joyce J. Lanham to Erasmo Trujillo, $246,000.

OAKPOINTE DR., 14210-Michael and Stephanie Gilbert to Diep Ly and Bao Nguyen, $210,000.

OXFORD DR., 14004-Diedrin and Petula Coon to Kelly B. and Jason G. Vollmer, $195,500.

Montpelier Area

BALSAMWOOD DR., 10415-Eliza J. and Charles J. Sanders Jr. to Anthony Benjamin, $308,000.

BRIARDALE LANE, 9004-Geoffrey M. and Joanne B. Gabriel to Troy and Kesha Cotton, $305,000.

BRIARWOOD DR., 13705-Farkhanda Z.S. and Zameer H. Syed to Kwasi Adusei, $265,000.

DUB DR., 14113-Rishi K. and Tripta M. Gosain to Jenny N. Contrera and David E. Silva, $210,000.

LAURELWALK DR., 11292-Andrea L. Blanc to Ryan E.H. Dickson, $97,400.

MONTPELIER DR., 9202-Thomas Z. Napier to Stephanie S. Woodzell, $299,900.

PALMER PL., 9318-Ronald A. Bove Jr. to Alvin E. Thornton Jr., $180,000.

PHEASANT RUN CT., 9817-Carla S. Silvers to Anh V. Nguyen, $375,000.

SNOWDEN OAKS PL., 8475-Daniel R. Young Jr. to Alfreda E. Bacote, $156,500.

SNOWDEN OAKS PL., 8485-Michael A. and Margaret E. Waithe to Dorcas J. Kiptepk and John K. Mungai, $165,000.

Mount Rainier Area

30TH ST., 4209-Brett C. and Deborah O. Moore to Christine Ashley and Mark Shanahan, $224,500.

New Carrollton Area

ADRIAN ST., 6623-David W. Isenberg to Matthew G. Ganim, $190,000.

FAIRWOOD RD., 6717-Dorothy Robinson to Maria L. Paz, $158,000.

QUINCY ST., 5624-James C. Smith III to Roberto Gamez, $156,500.

RIVERDALE RD., 7505, No. 2047-Raymond B. Minor to William and Dalphine W. Queen Jr., $50,000.

VARNUM ST., 6915-Gary and Cerese Beckles to Adekemi A. and Adetunmbi T. Adewami, $167,000.

68TH AVE., 4805-JM Homes to Jhony I. Guerrero, $206,000.

72ND PL., 5111-Irene M. and Arthur A. Akers to Luis M. Alvarez, $165,000.

85TH AVE., 5416, No. 5416-102-Jerome S. Murray, trustee, to Janie D. Perkins and Ruth N. Hicks, $46,157.

Oxon Hill Area

CALAIS ST., 4606-Malcolm E. and Maria A. Caple Branch to Wendy and Barrett Brown, $230,000.

DUMFRIES ST., 1112-Samuel J. and Jo Ann P. Crew to Jessica Strong, $105,000.

MAURY AVE., 609-Muhammad and Usama K. Wasim to Tiffany White, $112,000.

Riverdale Area

KENNEDY ST., 6214-Jean Zephirin and Guerda Dorceus to Yonette A. Wilson, $140,000.

Suitland Area

APPLE ORCHARD LANE, 4312, No. 1-Lynne V. Bullock to Kiyana M. Montgomery, $131,000.

BAXTER DR., 6118-Homer D. and Anna A. Mason to Noemi R. Dubon and Jose T. Lopez, $175,000.

HOMER AVE., 4827-Conseco Corp. to Dizzie D. and Linda L. Turner Sr., $134,000.

MANCHESTER DR., 5315-Paul Skreptack to Laura W. and John W. Harris, $275,000.

MAPLE RD., 4120-Donna M. Wilson to Emanuel Page, $140,000.

SILVER VALLEY WAY, 5009-Carla R. and Kelvin L. Veney to Steve Peacock, $192,000.

SWANN RD., 3801, No. 103-Pamela R. and Odell C. Moon Jr. to George H. Lee Jr., $65,900.

VERNON WAY, 5521-Jewel J. and Harold S. Lanehart to Aretha Adams, $179,900.

WOOD CREEK DR., 3602-Kevin M. and Maria D. Newsome to Aisha S. Fleming and B.A. Taylor, $159,999.

Temple Hills Area

IVERSON ST., 2850, No. 109-Clayton D. Neal to Duane C. Calhourn, $71,000.

JAMESON ST., 2503-Marian I. and Howard A. Grayson to Vincent L. Abell, $81,000.

LAKEVIEW DR., 4413-Edwina V. Bynum to Mary A. and Roland H. White, $198,000.

ST. MORITZ DR., 6042-Daniel A. Savoy to Gwendolyn L. Plummer, $135,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

RAY RD., 1404-Naboth S. and Lela B. Williams to Oscar A. Morale and Narciso D. Estrada, $210,000.

SLIGO PKWY., 6103-Linwood M. Wooldridge III to Lourdes and Irma Giron, $170,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

ASHFORD PL., 4807-Homeside Inc. to Yasmin Lluveras, $280,000.

ASSISI ST., 11602-Constance L. Parr to Lynette P. and Frederick G. Wilson, $193,500.

BENDING BROOK WAY, 10402-Scott F. Miller to Adam B. and Kimberly S. Miller Sr., $330,000.

CAPTAIN DUVAL DR., 4503-Rodell Cruise Jr. to Deborah Posey, $181,000.

CASTLE DR., 9522-Senora K. Penny to Rose Ladebu and Brian Obman, $150,000.

COLONEL BEALL PL., 4906-Jerome R. Case to Alfonso M. Pollard, $239,900.

COLONEL CLAGETT CT., 14326-Joanne and Kenneth Redman to Kia L. Jackson, $145,000.

CORNWALL CT., 4445-Dawn E. Session to Deana J. Holmes, $190,000.

DORCHESTER PL., 16706-Valjean E. and James W. McConnaughey to Clarissa Watson, $205,000.

EARLHAM CT., 17104-William D. Thomas to Somchai J. Hansen, $210,000.

GRANDHAVEN AVE., 8522-Willie J. Haney to Germansh W. and Eshetu T. Eshete, $189,000.

JAMES ST., 8401-Margaret and Joseph Opishinski to Deshan Mingo, $223,500.

JOYCETON DR. S., 10534-Donna M.H. Adams to Vivian McCloud, $132,642.

KING GREGORY WAY, 13813-William A. Wasielak to Rahsean Jackson, $168,500.

KING HENRY WAY, 5106-Nica D. Hartsfield to Lanise K. Scott, $156,000.

KING JOHN WAY, 4841-Laverne C. Comerie to Hortense Harris Swann, $160,000.

LAUGHTON ST., 19-Wion W. and Agnes L. Worsley to Betty E. and Sledd Stewart, $225,000.

MCCULLAGH CT., 12220-Aung Z. Thinn and Mya T. Mon to Darryl M. Butler, $299,900.

NACY LEE LANE, 5407-Michelle A. Wilson to Veronica Carson, $193,000.

PRINCE PL., 10230, No. 106-Theory L. Wiliams to Patricia Chang, $86,000.

SWINDON TER., 4411-Michelle Bowman to Maisha Spann, $201,000.

WHITE HOUSE RD., 11106-Barbara I. and Rudolph V. Norman to Samuel Sesay, $225,000.

WREN CT., 308-Clyde and Mamie R. McCullough Jr. to Sharlene R. and Tyrone E. Washington, $215,000.

Woodmore Area

DELCASTLE CT., 1125-George R. and Leslie K. Davis to Cydne S. and Elson B. Nash, $380,000.

DUNDEE DR., 11407-Cynthia K. Trus and Nino L. Bonavito to Andoria Williams, $300,000.

ELDERS HOLLOW DR., 10405-Masah L. and Richard C. Parker to Richard S. Bright III, $175,000.

JENNINGS LANE, 15213-John F. and Denise R. Johnson to Dorothy and Lincoln Wallace, $332,950.

KINGS PL., 12604-Lisa D. and Edmond P. Anderson to Terri T. and Anthony Delaney, $295,000.

LAKE SHORE DR., 945-Jerome A. Merritt to Cindy M. Ebeling, $183,000.

LOTTSFORD VISTA RD., 3603-Angie L. Roulh and Quincy I. Drayton to Jacqueline V. Lewis, $259,900.

PEREGRINE CT., 15106-Karen J. and Gary M. Luiza to Levi R. Foster, $335,000.

WOODWIND LANE, 12108-Eric L. Jenkins to Alice C. and Jimmy M. Caldwell, $595,000.