* The south county high school is scheduled to open in September 2005 as a small secondary school, initially for students in grades 7 through 10. Officials said they hope to ease crowding at area middle and high schools and reduce travel times and distances. The school district already owns a site for a future south county middle school, on the south side of Silverbrook Road just west of the new high school.

* By 2008, the south county school, with a capacity for 2,500 students, will include grades 7 through 12. Feeder schools under consideration include Edison and Lee high schools, Hayfield Secondary School and possibly Mount Vernon High School.

* After the School Board determines the attendance area, a community meeting will be held to determine possible names for the new school. Parents and other residents will be asked to submit ideas and choose the names to be sent to Superintendent Jack D. Dale, who will forward them to the School Board. This process will probably take place in March or April, officials said.

* The county School Board will choose a team name and mascot for the south county school based on Principal Dale Rumberger's recommendation. Ideas will be sought from students, parents, community residents and school officials before a decision is made.

* The south county school will look similar to the Westfield High School building, which opened in 2000 in Chantilly.

Source: Fairfax County public schools

An illustration of the south county school's entrance.