Report of Abandoned Puppies

LEESBURG, Gingko Terrace, July 29. An animal control officer investigated a report that a woman had left a box of miniature pinscher puppies in a wooded area. The officer searched the area but could not find them.

Kitten Hit by Car Treated

LEESBURG, South King Street, July 30. A woman reported that kittens were stuck in the sewer and that another kitten had been hit by a car. An animal control officer found the six-week-old injured kitten under a vehicle's hood and took it to a vet.

Injured Hawk Found at Worksite

ASHBURN, Ashburn Road, July 30. An animal control officer responded to a report of an injured hawk at a construction site. The officer took the red-tailed hawk, which had a broken wing, to an animal hospital.

Kittens Trapped Under Porch

LOVETTSVILLE, South Berlin Pike, Monday. A woman reported kittens trapped under her porch. An animal control officer found one dead kitten and two unweaned ones. The live kittens were taken to a vet for treatment.

Fawn Rescued From Basement

LEESBURG, Paddock Boulevard, Monday. A man reported that a fawn was trapped in the basement of an unfinished home. Animal control officers removed the fawn and took it to a vet. The animal was released.