The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

AIREDALE CT., 9875-Susan R. Fell to Luis A. Paredes and Edsmibel N. Perez, $330,000.

ARNOT LANE, 12843-Flavin Family Partnership to Larry C. Carter and Janice A. Lowrance, $302,000.

BENCHMARK LANE, 8877-Robert J. Schup and Kassandra Singer to Marco V. Paredes, $249,000.

BIG SPRINGS LOOP, 9125-Winchester Homes Inc. to Noah Rucker, $472,420.

BIG SPRINGS LOOP, 9137-Beazer Homes Corp. to Savan K. Duong and John H. Duong, $575,608.

BURGHEAD DR., 12439-Steven G. Mihelarakis to James T. Wears, $327,000.

COLESMIRE GATE WAY, 13513-David M. McKay to Andrew C. Knick, $235,500.

DENHAM WAY, 13753-Darrian A. Summerville and Greta E. Summerville to Amy A. Long, $258,000.

EDMONSTON DR., 8913-DePolo and Kull Development Inc. to Rita M. Harchelroad, $389,445.

GOLDERS GREEN PL., 13237-Golden Oak Corp. to Kimberley Hohenadel, $250,000.

GRIMSBY LANE, 12340-Carrie L. Wentworth and Robert C. Keeler III to Dubeysha Arevalo and Ramiro Costas, $385,000.

HESSIAN HILL CT., 8424-Washington Homes Inc. to Gregory A. Radja and Mary L. May, $504,787.

HOWLAND PL., 8831-Martha St. Clair Park and Chong C. Park to Tammy M. Burton, $270,000.

JENNELL DR., 12192-Washington Homes Inc. to Carol Bartalos, $430,083.

MAITLAND LOOP, 9850-Darrell Eugene Conley to Paul Daniel Marquette, $249,900.

PALE ROSE LOOP, 10151-Rodney D. Bedford and Yvette Bedford to Carmella Marshall, $273,000.

PALE ROSE LOOP, 10153-Derek Wheeler to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $271,000.

PARTRIDGE RUN WAY, 8772-Elizabeth J. Moore and S. Chandler Moore to Cintia and David Brassanini, $329,900.

RANNOCH FOREST CIR., 12885-U.S. Home Corp. to Fredo M. Egbers and Jeffrey S. Walter, $306,393.

ROARING SPRING LOOP, 9092-Beazer Homes Corp. to Cynthia Oporto Budsock and Lawrence P. Budsock, $402,550.

SEQUOIA PARK WAY, 7956-Beazer Homes Corp. to Gina M. and Christopher G. Doninger, $493,795.

SLATE STONE LOOP, 9059-Kathleen A. and Kevin J. Kofler to Scott E. Townsend and Colleen M. Ellis, $249,900.

SLATE STONE LOOP, 9065-Joanne M. and Wilbur F. Hale Sr. to Damicela M. and Ricardo A. Campos, $244,000.

TARTAN HILLS PKWY., 13787-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Shane C. Kerr and Caroline L. Kerr, $315,990.

UPPER MILL LOOP, 9860-Brendan P. Tighe and Angel M. Tighe to Martha J. and Christopher M. Arnold, $399,999.

WEATHERSFIELD DR., 9210-Robin and Charles Keach to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $435,000.

Catharpin Area

SUDLEY RD., 4912-Mike Garcia Construction Inc. to Ronald W. Hall, $300,000.

Dumfries Area

ANTRIM CIR., 3079-Dolores M. and Carlton G. Bowerman Jr. to Geraldine and Travis Durman, $219,900.

ASHMERE CIR., 4192-Derrick L. Dunn to Maria Del Carmen and Gregorio A. Cruz, $210,000.

ASHMERE CIR., 4278-Odom Lakisha to James B. Wortham, $213,000.

AZALEA SANDS LANE, 3081-James B. Floyd and Virginia K. Floyd to Cathi Nicole Seawell and Charles D. Seawell, $457,670.

BANKS CT., 2859-Betty A. Whalen to Louise Brackett, $95,000.

BRAWNER DR., 15901-Ellen and Randolph A. Gangle to Sandra L. and Richard M. Winkler, $419,485.

CYPRESS CT., 16218-Esperanza Mendoza and Homero Mendoza to Prudential Relocation Inc., $335,000.

DENALI PL., 17521-Helmat Barzinjee to Mulu Mekonnen and Yonas Atle, $249,000.

EDGEWOOD DR., 15739-Corrie S. and Emmanuel I. Warren to Aurora and Romel A. Cruz, $299,999.

HOLLEYSIDE DR., 15194-Emmanuel I. Warren to Oscar A. Santos and Nora I. Bonilla, $306,000.

HOT SPRINGS WAY, 17377-Gene L. Mason Jr. to Cheryl and Tony Stewart, $249,900.

ISLE ROYALE TER., 17407-Kirk O. Peterson and Charley A. Hammel to Jose V. Zelaya, $257,000.

KAGERA DR., 17403-Brenda F. Robinson and Adron A. Robinson to Richard A. Butterfield, $253,500.

KILPATRICK PL., 2415-UPMG Inc. to Geraldine D. Griffin, $153,000.

KILPATRICK PL., 2436-Samuel G. Bowlin to Beeren and Barry Investments Corp., $93,000.

LA MAURICIE LOOP, 4252-Piccard Homes Corp. to William C. King and Jayme King, $220,685.

LANDS END CT., 5147-Dolores A. Marks and Brian D. Marks to Rainoa Figueroa and Rafael J. Cumba, $240,000.

LOCUST CREEK DR., 17300-Greg Gibson to Daniel A. Gallardo, $269,900.

MAMMOTH CAVE LOOP, 3990-Central Virginia Housing Coalition to Marva and David J. Moore, $234,800.

MAPLE GLEN CT., 15055-Elaine M. and Kevin B. Meade to Mirza Kamran Gulzar, $146,000.

MYRTLEWOOD DR., 2710-NVR Inc. to Kamara A. Napper Ramsay and Jaime T. Ramsay, $477,387.

OYSTER BAY CT., 17832-Carleen M. and Darrell S. Painter to Christina A. and Arthur E. Slye, $389,900.

TELEGRAPH STATION LOOP, 3428-Kettler Forlines Homes at Heritage Corp. to Natividad Caballero and Jose Francisco Marin, $399,890.

TIMBER RIDGE DR., 4759-Priscilla T. Salute and Paul C. Salute to Li C. and Ernest A. Shepard, $359,900.

TOMS RIVER LOOP, 16835-Keith Smith to Wilkiria Pluguez and Ismael Rivera, $205,000.

TOMS RIVER LOOP, 16841-John M. Beckman to Charlene McPherson and Bryan C. Jones, $228,000.

VIDALIA CT., 3004-Washington Homes Inc. to Harriette J. and Richard S. Girven, $439,287.

VIDALIA CT., 3011-Washington Homes Inc. to Ernestine Phillips Buie and Reginald Buie, $471,766.

VIDALIA CT., 3072-Washington Homes Inc. to Donna and Wesley Hayes, $523,500.

Gainesville Area

CERROMAR WAY, 8137-Ladene L. Roberts to Miguel A. and Nancy R. Sanchez, $290,000.

CLUBHOUSE RD., 14421-Robert V. Reuter and Shannon D. Reuter to Jeffrey M. and Dashelle B. Akins, $449,900.

CLUBHOUSE RD., 14440-Brian M. Cobert and Heidi Schoenberger Cobert to Puttheavie and Linh C. Duong, $424,900.

DANEHURST CIR., 15002-NVR Inc. to Harry R. Ghaffari, $364,795.

FIELDSTONE WAY, 13436-U.S. Home Corp. to Debi and Tridib K. Mukherjee, $395,000.

HERITAGE FARMS DR., 13556-Christopher J. Jeffries and Sandra K. Jeffries to James S. Overbye and Dawn M. Overbye, $525,900.

JOHN MARSHALL HWY., 14201-Gerald Steven Waldron, trustee, to Morgan Horace Waldron Jr., $250,000.

KANAWHA WAY, 6612-NVR Inc. to Regina R. and Kevin M. Donnelly, $505,925.

LANDFALL CT., 8155-Carl J. Hocking and Elena Hocking to Robert W. and Karen J. Meyer, $369,900.

MONTOUR HEIGHTS DR., 8024-Anna Bielecki and Christopher Bielecki to William R. Bowlds, $356,000.

MONTOUR HEIGHTS DR., 8071-Lisa D. and David R. Gore to Jacquelyn K. Pruitt, $304,500.

OLD LINTON HALL RD., 7702-Alicia A. and William H. Haupt to Helio Escobar, $265,000.

POST POINT WAY, 16003-NVR Inc. to B. Eric Sharp and Candi J. Sharp, $359,860.

ST. CLAIR DR., 14206-Maria M. Slaughter to Carol Phillips, $313,900.

STERLING POINT DR., 14020-Christopher M. and Julie L. Hartland to Robert K. and April L. Beckmeyer, $440,000.

TENBROOK DR., 8277-Richmond American Homes to Michelle and Mark Mathia, $396,915.

WINDY HOLLOW CIR., 15112-John and Susan Donatelli to Theodore P. Riche, $475,000.

Haymarket Area

ANTIOCH RIDGE DR., 5392-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Nancy and John Canody, $481,700.

ANTIOCH RIDGE DR., 5396-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Frances M. and Hugh W. Betzner Jr., $571,706.

ARMOUR CT., 5227-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Lynda L. and Paul W. Hajtun, $329,723.

ASHBY GROVE LOOP, 6445-Maria L. Nathaniel and Trevlyn Nathaniel to Michele A. and Bradford N. Shelton, $399,900.

BENCREST WAY, 5797-Kirsten K. and Darrell R. Printz to Tammy and Brian Pomerleau, $576,000.

BLOSSOM HILL DR., 5232-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Ronald A. Wade, $537,475.

CARIBBEAN CT., 5684-Richmond American Homes to Nadine J. and Jeffrey Frost, $499,790.

CARIBBEAN CT., 5695-Richmond American Homes to Sadat Said Tahir, $470,000.

CARIBBEAN CT., 5745-Richmond American Homes to Urmil and Manmohan Arneja, $549,625.

COUSTEAU PL., 6116-Tracey and Chris Conroy to Pamela J. and Robert M. Donahue, $355,000.

JOCKEY CLUB LANE, 6871-Victor S. White and Colette C. White to Francis W. and Sarah L. Patno, $423,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 3110-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Christine and James Clodfelter, $758,500.

TORY GATE CT., 12997-Devin T. and Jennifer I. Finan to Michael and Kimberlee Farrell, $724,500.

WAKE CREST CT., 6049-Michael and Kimberlee Farrell to William B. Nay and Anna L. Nay, $461,000.

WATERFALL RD., 17002-Lisa A. Wiggins and Edward O. Aker to Linda J. and John W. Williams, $475,000.

WHEELWRIGHT WAY, 5605-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Kelley A. Cain, $351,875.

WHEELWRIGHT WAY, 5702-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Nancy Fleming, $395,443.

Manassas Area

BRADLEY FOREST RD., 11614-Matthew Douglas Ingram to Michael Houser, $315,000.

BRISTOW RD., 10813-Ralph A. Rollins to Larry D. Rollins, $110,000.

CASABLANCA CT., 13561-Carolyn J. McConnell to Natalie and Philip J. Higgs, $684,000.

CHESHIRE RIDGE CIR., 9831-Beazer Homes Corp. to Elizabeth A. and Gary P. Cocuzzi, $269,793.

CRECY LANE, 9664-Shena and James E. Vaughn Jr. to Kimberly and Gioacchino V. Russo, $374,900.

CRESTBROOK DR., 13089-Rosemary F. and Thomas M. Czaus to Maria C. and Charles B. Cox, $422,000.

FALKIRK WAY, 10531-Donna C. Fortney to Pamela Borden Ozah and Afolabi Ozah, $189,900.

FINCASTLE DR., 5975-James A. Koehler and Christina L. Koehler to Clayton J. Fisher and Tina O. Fisher, $360,000.

GATESHEAD LANE, 7784-Elizabeth R. and Donald E. Wheeler to Marion T. and Lee J. Freeze, $133,000.

GENNA LANE, 10497-Lawrence E. Henry to Christina M. and Joseph W. Murdock, $375,000.

HOWELL RUN CT., 7400-Rosalie Ann and John L. Aller to Jacquelyn K. and Eric A. Box, $465,000.

KESSLER PL., 11263-Andrea B. and Shawn E. Dodd to Wilma A. King, $245,000.

LAFAYETTE AVE., 9446-Nancy A. Owens Henson to Cheryl L. and Lawrence F. Jones, $250,000.

LEROUX LANE, 7859-Pamela L. Kittle and Thomas S. Kittle to Mary A. and Brian P. Anderson, $392,000.

LISLE DR., 8058, No. 251-Erin Hamidi to Chris Houtz, $169,900.

LOMOND DR., 9410-William C. Spencer to Beeren and Barry Investments Corp., $130,000.

LOST CREEK CT., 12798-OCH Custom Homes Corp. to John W. Powell, trustee, $658,000.

MARIE DR., 13401-Sharie M. Lamarche and William J. Lamarche to David R. Vanderpot, $393,500.

RAPIDAN LANE, 10445-Kathryn R. Kiel to William R. Davidson Jr., $210,000.

RICKOVER CT., 9910-Cathey L. and Thomas F. Lancaster to Rocio Colon and Jesus Olmos Colon, $293,900.

SMITHFIELD RD., 11706-Jacquelyn M. and William M. Smoot to Bessie Vogel and Ernest Vogel III, $436,900.

SPILLER LANE, 12594-David A. and Michelle M. Wiley to John P. Keast and Virginia Hill Keast, $475,000.

SPOTSYLVANIA ST., 9418- Douglas B. and Joan McElroy to Steven M. Parker, $272,500.

VALCOUR ISLAND WAY, 12035-U.S. Home Corp. to Tina Brook and Peter Elias, $368,771.

VAN DOREN RD., 13643-Classic Concept Builders Inc. to Diane E. Mosebay White and Charles L. White III, $486,350.

Manassas Park Area

CHARNWOOD CT., 8503-Ana J. Orellana and Cesar A. Chavarria to Deborah A. Jones, $230,000.

HIKMAT RD., 7232-Harriett Bristol and Michael F. Adams to Gordon A. Leslie, $318,800.

LADY SLIPPER LANE, 6032-Melissa R. and Fred C. Kappus to Laura H. and Steven R. Hearne, $680,000.

PRINCESS CAROL CT., 7497-Charlotte Shaw to Catherine and Ashish Sharma, $75,000.

Nokesville Area

HOOKER LANE, 12000-Brethren of Nokesville Church, trustee, to Fitzwater House Corp., $130,000.

SWORDALE LANE, 14521-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Amanda and Darren Richards, $404,490.

Triangle Area

AMIDON AVE., 18514-John J. Birdsall II to Neda Tavafi, $145,000.

HEMLOCK POINT CT., 3107-Jaime S. and Tamera G. Fall to Premier Real Estate Solutions Corp., $405,000.

KERILL RD., 18712-Richmond American Homes to Adnan S. Ghani, $373,040.

ORANGE ST., 3983-Johnna K. Rice to James D. Uvena, $135,000.

Woodbridge Area

ASHBY CT., 3524-K.A. Wallace and Luis Delgado Jr. to V. and Carlos Reyes, $225,000.

ASHDALE AVE., 14804-Joseph Brown to Chaconas Properties Corp., $168,000.

ASHDALE AVE., 14823-Aura M. and Mario E. Garcia to Lorna P. Wallen, $295,000.

BARKSDALE ST., 14723-Keith A. Pollard to Adriana Gonzalez, $182,000.

BEALE CT., 3519-Jerry Lynn Dewitt to Kenneth J. Claytor, $152,500.

BELMONT BAY DR., 454-Neighborhoods Corp. to Barbara A. Baird, $534,587.

BELMONT BAY DR., 697-Neighborhoods Corp. to Raven E. and Anthony M. Thompson, $359,382.

BELMONT BAY DR., 701-Neighborhoods Corp. to Muoi V. and Dong D. Tran, $404,294.

BELWOOD LANE, 4199-Priscilla L. and Cecil Thomas Jarman to Cathryn M. Zak and Donald G. Martin, $350,000.

BRONCO WAY, 15356-Ridgedale Inc. to David Lee Pressley and Erin O'Connor Pressley, $254,359.

BURTON ST., 1103-JSJ Enterprises Corp. to Michelle M. and David M. Tomkinson, $543,222.

CHESTERFIELD DR., 14216-D.K. and Lester R. Hunt Jr. to Juan Jose Torrico, $234,000.

CHESTERFIELD DR., 14322-Billy D. Shepard to Edgar Herrera and Martin Guevara, $287,000.

CHIMNEY ROCK TER., 15761-Washington Homes Inc. of Virginia to Lauraine and Jeffry S. Hickman, $512,344.

CHULA PL., 15238-K. Hovnanian at Lake Terrapin Corp. to Joy C. and Roosevelt L. Charles, $491,577.

CORDELIA CT., 13012-Jennifer E. Smith and Michael T. Smith to Stephen A. Quander Jr., $292,000.

COURTLANDT HEIGHTS RD., 14769-Mattie L. and Clarence E. Hutson to Aura M. and Mario Garcia, $433,000.

DARBYDALE AVE., 14779-Capital Investments Corp. to Alfaro Gloria, $214,000.

DERRIFORD CT., 12169-Yvette D. Ryland and Paul A. Blaylock Jr. to Karen Rodgers, $267,250.

DORIAN DR., 14870-Edgar M. and Pedro G. Segura to Ahmed Mohammad, $187,000.

ENSOR CT., 14849-Dominion Financial Corp. to Maria C. Escobar, $185,000.

FERNDALE RD., 14200-Louise A. and Joseph R. Dubois to Rosanna and Joseph A. Sparacino, $214,800.

FLORIDA AVE., 1612-Donna R. Kerfoot and Ross W. Wherry to Maria Gutierrez, $225,000.

FRANCES DR., 1516-Margie L. and Jimmie K. Walker to Brian R. Behrs, $98,000.

FULLERTON RD., 14515-Connie E. and Joseph F. Hepler to Sherine and Ehsanullah Sherdil, $203,500.

GATEHOUSE TER., 15393-Janet M. and Michael T. McMahon to Colin Lamb, $86,200.

GEORGIA RD., 15104-Alan R. Hilton to Eduardo R. and Rita E. Pacheco, $204,000.

GOLDEN CT., 14006-Bonnie S. and Shawn A. Rhode to Maria D. Ochoa and Jose Espinoza, $201,900.

GRANBY RD., 4311-Maro Corp. to Jerry R. Varnon Sr., $238,500.

GRAYSON RD., 14031-Felix J. Nyangaentin to Veronica Duran, $205,000.

GREENMOUNT DR., 15068-Edna P. Penn to Maria Gutierrez, $474,900.

GREENWOOD DR., 13623-Cynthia and Albert K. Acheampong to E.C. and Maurice E. Brown, $274,000.

GUNSTON HALL DR., 5325-Washington Homes Inc. to Kathleen A. and Therrill B. Valentine, $516,069.

HACKWOOD ST., 14707-Oscar La Fuente to Maria E. and Rolando Bautista, $171,000.

HAMILTON DR., 4500-Joseph McDonald to Luis Villatoro, $240,000.

HARVEST SUN RD., 5938-Mary C. Stuart to Twila Nave and Jesse R. Nave, $339,900.

HEMINGWAY DR., 4204-Claudette G. Lee and Hector A. Padilla to William Edgardo Figueroa, $264,950.

INGLEBROOK DR., 1939-Frederick Wellman to Shirley and Martin J. White, $220,000.

INVERNESS WAY, 12707-Mary H. Douglass and Arthur S. Hardyman to Sydney A. and Michael P. Rolli, $242,000.

JARRELL PL., 15086-Phuong N. Son and Cuong Van to Nolan J. Akau, $217,000.

KENTLAND DR., 4513-Jay Kathleen Brennan to Polly Scott, $215,000.

KERRYDALE RD., 13505-Deborah Young Key to Diane M. and William F. Mockabee Jr., $209,900.

LASHMERE CT., 13002-Drees Co. to Denia Lopez and Gonzalo O. Flores, $511,436.

LEATHERBACK RD., 5040-K. Hovnanian at Lake Terrapin Corp. to Ellen L. and Charles J. Hall, $428,217.

LEGERE CT., 3504-Michelle and Michael C. Migliorini to Benjamin Flores, $153,000.

LOTTE DR., 12703-Barbara A. Connelly to Carmen Ruffo and Stephan P. Bray, $106,000.

MARSH OVERLOOK DR., 15525-Stella Awode to Saba and Musie Beraki, $420,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 1426-R.D. Miller to Maria and Jose A. Medina, $225,000.

MEAD TER., 1308-Shanetta F. Walton to Luis A. Ferman, $197,500.

MOHICAN RD., 11590-William T. McKinnon to Ruth Elaine and Surjit Singh Sedeora, $259,900.

MONARCH CT., 12621-Steve Alan Perry to Leah Esina Morgan, $241,500.

MONTOCLAIR LANE, 14000-Denise M. and Antonio Green to Marco T. Salazar, $274,000.

MOUNT PLEASANT DR., 14218-Rebecca L. Ryan to Donald Tobar Machuca and Edward D. Ayala, $212,500.

NELLINGS PL., 11593-Ken and Kathleen Scroggins to Heather Marie Meyers, $292,000.

NORTH PARK CT., 14339-David M. Trittipoe to Rani M. Baig, $172,900.

NORTHTON CT., 5648-Ridgedale Inc. to Denise M. and Antonio Green, $402,420.

NORTHTON CT., 5682-Ridgedale Inc. to Maggie C. and Albert J. Quaranto, $362,556.

OTTO RD., 13201-Andrea Kincaid and Carl Kincaid to Meredith L. and Matthew Tiffany, $375,000.

POINT LONGSTREET WAY, 12008-Patricia G. Card and Louie L. Card to Dalmir Rodrigues, $300,000.

PONHILL DR., 6054-Tracy Lynn Molina to Florentino and Tito Zurita, $291,000.

RANDALL DR., 14219-Louise S. Yingling to Xiomara M. Portillo and Jose E. Moreira, $217,000.

SALEMWAY CT., 3817-Steven J. Wangness and J.N. Allen to Daniel Donahue, $173,000.

SKIPPER CIR., 12453-Hollie M. Oudomsouk to Ronald L. James, $206,000.

SPOONBILL CT., 1509-Ceja Martin and Marco T. Mayorga to Oh Kyung Moon and Jung Sook, $500,000.

STEVENSON CT., 12225-Stephen S. Russo to Barbara Mamej, $97,800.

STEVENSON CT., 12229-Ingrid K. Sheriff to Mark Vangorder, $107,250.

TELFAIR CT., 4604-Annie E. Allen to Gary W. Smith, $176,000.

TERMINAL WAY, 13034-Athena and Neil Rader to George W. Deryckere, $252,000.

WADSWORTH WAY, 12251-Shirley A. and Lowell D. Long Sr. to Valerie Curran Ragland and David J. Ragland, $105,284.

WETHERBURN CT., 2916-Barbara L. and William L. Banks to Mercy Lopez, $150,000.