The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

C ST., 7831-Bernard E. Gibson to Kathryn L. and Jeffrey L. Miller, $289,999.

Dunkirk Area

CORTLAND LANE, 9610-John O. and Joni A. Baldwin to Barbara M. and Michael J. Martin, $294,000.

CROWN DR., 11903-Joseph P. and Lenora Davis to Mary G. and Gary C. Spangler, $415,000.

LAKESIDE CT., 3911-Timothy J. and Toni L. Brown to Michelle R. and Jeffrey R. Hamilton, $350,000.

WHITE OAK CT., 12465-Peter S. and Margaret L. Alex to Michele M. and Kenneth A. Leadbeter, $480,000.

YELLOW BANK RD., 3485-Charlotte Wilkening to Lynn M. Panholzer, $201,000.

Lusby Area

BIG SANDY RUN, 11610-William A. and Leslie G. Dalrymple to Jennifer L. Hannon and Charles A. Murphy, $153,000.

CALVERT BLVD., 3168-John Woodrow Henley to Kimberly S. and Eric P. Zabiegalski, $290,500.

CARDINAL CIR., 8082-Patrick J. Cosgrove to Terria and James Williams, $196,000.

CATALINA DR., 12250-John T. Jensen to Michael Hawkins, $185,000.

CEDAR LANE, 8321-William E. Deavers Jr. to Heather Lowe, $165,000.

CHISHOLM TRAIL, 512-Curtis M. Gantt to Lawrence Edward III and Lawrence Wilson Jr., $118,000.

COTTONWOOD CT., 11967-Catherine Maria and John B. Darling to Scot Napoletano, $235,000.

LAUREL DR., 327-Janet King to Nicholas Scali, $147,200.

MAPLE WAY, 559-Jacinda Henderson to Mufarreh Maaitah, $150,000.

PLATTE RD., 540-Melanie L. MacCubbin to Gwyneth A. Blattau Gay and Christopher D. Gay, $195,000.

PUEBLO CT., 12029-Michael A. Fenner to Courtney L. Crooks and Kenneth P. Taylor, $196,000.

ROPEKNOT RD., 11580-Jeremy C. Jones to Jessica J. and Russell E. German, $163,500.

THUNDERBIRD DR., 163-Bethany D. and James C. Prebble Jr. to Charles Gibbons, $154,000.

WHITE ROCK RD., 670-John Jeffrey Milner to Ruth Pittman, $145,000.

North Beach Area

CHESAPEAKE LIGHTHOUSE DR., 8598-Elaine A. Heiston to Grace and Jovenal Juanillo, $165,000.

SEA BREAM CT., 3941-Jennifer Short to Lisa M. Roberts and Shannon L. Welch, $189,900.

SEA OAT CT., 9360-Barbara G. Hill to Jospeh A. Milby, $180,000.

Prince Frederick Area

CENTRAL DR., 74-Vashti Wilkerson Smith to Bonnie Hobbs, $121,000.

FAWN LANE, 2515-Bonita A. and Robert W. Zook to Nancy L. Murphy, $310,000.

Solomons Area

RUNABOUT LOOP, 506-Thomas R. Manning Jr. to Kimberly W. Siner and Priscilla S. Lankenau, $190,000.

St. Leonard Area

MACKALL RD., 6820-Howard L. and Debra A. Horsmon to Kimberly H. Horsmon and Phillip L. Long Sr., $190,000.

WALNUT RD., 1606-Thomas W. Stahl Sr. to Jennifer L. Stewart Patterson and Mark A. Patterson, $145,000.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

CHARLENE CT., 6768-Kevin Kidd to Bongiwe Kulu, $183,500.


Prince Frederick Road Area

BUCKEYE DR., 6818-Charles R. and Maria B. Arnold to Carmen C. and Larry T. Walker, $449,000.

Indian Head Area

CHINABERRY LANE, 8-Hector Jr. and Linda D. Musa to Riley J. and Reginia L. Beard, $109,000.

DOVETREE CT., 14-Debra A. and Tony R. Malbrough to Angela R. Doores, $120,000.

MEADOWSIDE CT., 9-Peggy Jo Berthod to Samuel Lartey, $128,000.

RIVERSIDE RUN DR., 113-Marcy and Jason Jackson to Denise A. Dawkins, $105,000.

Issue Area

LORD BALTIMORE DR., 11140-Mary L. and Charles P. Erwin, trustees, to Jody C. Hursh, $324,000.

WOLLASTON CIR., 11687-Mil Mar and Sons Builders Inc. to Robert L. and Antoinette E. Creighton, $320,200.

WOLLASTON CIR., 11777-Gerald M. Smith to James R. Pinto, $334,500.

La Plata Area

CARMELITE DR., 5250-Irmina A. Stephens to Cynthia Hoidra and Jason J. Mullikin, $264,000.

EVESHAM PL., 8420-Fallon Homes Inc. to Dianna P. and Keven Turner, $558,000.

FREDERICK DR., 326-Debra A. Gragg to Karen Milstead, $116,000.

GILBERT LANE, 11635-Diane L. Hartzel to Laura A. and Russell A. Dyson, $370,000.

GLEN ALBIN RD., 6725-Howard M. Norris III, trustee, to Joni E. and James E. Boone, $100,000.

MANOR CT., 12180-Rebecca F. and Robert M. Downie to Jeffery C. Delph, $419,900.

WOOD DUCK CIR., 109-Kelli D. McGhee to Carrie L. Wright, $150,000.

Port Tobacco Area

SHIRLEY BLVD., 7419-Helen D. and Michael Kuklish to William R. Stafford, $212,245.

St. Charles Area

BRIGHTWELL CT., 1729-Kristina A. and David A. Hoyle to Jaime M. Humphrey, $121,000.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3029-Kristian Telfaire to Tracy F. Chesley, $103,020.

JAMESON DR., 12933-Turner A. and Mary E. Edelen to Chrystal L. and Ryan D. Willis, $213,000.

KEEPSAKE PL., 38-Kristine L. and John R. Bennett to Jennifer R. Wilkinson, $135,800.

KEMPSFORD FIELD PL., 3675-Nicole and David M. Herrington to Christopher Hennen, $132,000.

MARIGOLD PL., 3465-Gail M. and John L. Strieter to Oscar A. Umanzor, $175,000.

OLD BAILEY CT., 2249-Greater Suburban Properties Inc. to Robert Adams, $229,000.

ROXBURY CT., 823-Arden C. Prather to T. Wise Powell and James W. Powell Sr., $255,000.

RUSTON PL., 4502, No. 42-KR-Michael A. and Kathleen F. Standridge to Walter McClure and Donald B. Bobrow, $84,210.

Waldorf Area

ALBERMARLE PL., 2720-Valerie London to Shelina Dhanani, $175,000.

BAR OAK DR., 12720-Charles D. and Crystal A. Sparks to Bridget D. and James A. Dell, $240,000.

BEL AIRE CT., 11203-Tracie R. and Timothy D. Johnson to Leroy M. White Jr., $280,000.

BREWSTER CIR., 3814-Layne E. Leoffler Jr. to Kristine L. and John R. Bennett, $209,900.

CARIBOU CT., 6906-Kim E. Lefevre to Russell Owens, $176,000.

DEERWOOD CT., 6209-Alan M. De Ramos to Rebecca J. and Brian J. Cummings, $168,000.

HERON PL., 11212-Ernestine B. Evans to Gerald R. Marosek, $212,500.

LELAND PL., 11525-Revel W. and Brian H. Battle to Shamima Begum, $215,000.

MUSKRAT CT., 6606-Naomi Anokye to Bany and Michael A. Theriault, $231,000.

PIERCE RD., 12047-Lisa M. and James P. Binns to Christopher A. Aleshire, $226,600.

QUIGLEY CT., 4202-Judith S. Farrall to Tracy A. and Thomas W. Dennis Jr., $85,000.

RAY CT., 5306-John F. Neely to Gail A. Curtis, $284,900.

REDHORSE CT., 5010-Dondi V. Cabbell to James B. Jr. and Eleanor J. Knowles, $243,662.

SEWICKLEY ST., 11217-Barbara E. and Andrew Tiernan to William L. Powell Jr., $210,000.

SILVERLEAF ST., 8800-Dorothy M. Kirkland to Lisa D. Silver, $287,000.

SIRENIA PL., 6074-Stephen E. and Toni M. Kruszka to Patricia E. and B. Matthew Texier, $155,000.

SPRINGFISH PL., 5703-Steven C. Lobianco Sr. to Christi L. Vaccaro, $165,000.

STELLA CT., 10987-John H. Jr. and Barbara A. Smith Bean to Dominique R. and Charles E. Stewart, $285,000.

WESTWOOD DR., 2295-Charles M. and Rosemary M. Sauls to Rory C. and Velna L. Bullock, $295,000.

WINTERGREEN PL., 3931-Gail A. Curtis to Buddy E. Smallwood Jr., $144,500.

Welcome Area

WEDDING DR., 8605-Theresa Yingling and Robert Fulcher to Grant A. Crosswell, $329,900.

St. Mary's County

Bushwood Area

HILLTOP DR., 23101-Robert L. Edwards to Ra Uhl Enterprises Inc., $16,000.

California Area

BIRCH WAY, 44633-Patric R. and Laura L. Roesch to Bridgett and James B. Sylvia, $275,000.

LOCUST RIDGE CT., 44790, No. 6B-Rod F. Esquivel to David A. Russell, $97,000.

SPRINGSTEEN CT. N., 45813-Leslie H. Taylor to Richard Joseph Hofer, $122,000.

Charlotte Hall Area

MOUNT WOLF WAY, 30508-Joseph A. and Ann H. Fowler to Marnie I. and Brian L. Grove, $125,000.

Clements Area

ST. WINIFRED'S LANE, 22729-Edward Dyer Middleton to Diana Lee and Jesse Wayne Rollins, $250,000.

Coltons Point Area

WATERLOO LANE, 20495-Joseph M. Dudczak trust to Rebekah E. and Ellis T. Nottingham, $389,000.

Dameron Area

FORD'S LANE, 49381-Smith G. Simpson to Tracy A. and Jeffery W. Pennington, $201,000.

Great Mills Area

ATHLONE DR., 22650-Bennie Tucker Jr. to Na Young Kim and Se Jong Ju, $230,000.

KNOCKEYON LANE, 45503-Adam A. Terio to Jennifer and Dennis R. Mercer, $137,500.

POPPYS WAY, 20605-John Raymond Shoemaker to Mary Catherine Hobbs and Teddy Lee Clark, $142,500.

RAGGEDY LANE, 45930-David G. Orwig to Kimberly A. and Michael R. Westman, $110,000.

ST. ELIZABETH'S CT., 22056-Shaun A. Elliott to Michael A. Brooks, $130,000.

ST. GABRIEL'S CIR., 22069-Dana and Nicholas B. Goldstein to Jacqueline S. Kernan, $137,000.

Hollywood Area

JOY CHAPEL RD., 44609-David R. and Alyce McGuffie to Myra L. McGuffie and John J. Milner, $310,000.

Leonardtown Area

HOLLYWOOD RD., 23700-Tacair Engineering Corp. to Bennett Homes Corp., $156,000.

HUNGERFORD CT., 42924-Quality Built Homes Inc. to La Barbara and Thomas J. Ridley Jr., $301,883.

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 22575-Alfred S. Mattingly to Margaret E. and James D. Cryer Sr., $112,000.

SASSAFRAS LANE, 39921-St. Clements Woods Partnership to Lisa L. and Daniel L. Quade, $129,990.

WOODMERE DR., 20986-Richard J. Keiter to Kathryn M. and Raymond A. Fairgrieve, $294,000.

WOODMERE DR., 21060-Kelly L. and Deandra L. Dickson to Jacqueline A. and Joseph B. Hornbuckle, $325,000.

Lexington Park Area

CARMEN WOODS DR., 21389-Donald Dale Stombaugh to Robin Johnson, $202,000.

ESSEX DR. S., 21526-George Haliscak to D.A. Stewart, $183,000.

MAINSAIL DR., 21658-Robert S. Mravec to Walter B. Massenburg Jr., $285,000.

MANON WAY, 21406-Gary McCoy to Rita D. and John D. Smith, $118,000.

OXFORD DR., 21567-Laurence Millison to Gregory A. and Kimberly S. Carroll, $90,000.

SCHWARTZKOPF DR., 47197-Lisa M. and Peter J. Sudol to Timothy Joseph Feeney, $200,000.

Mechanicsville Area

ALLISON CIR., 29668-Six Wix Inc. to Serious Bidness Inc., $185,000.

BEACH DR., 40359-Don W. Reb to Sonya M. and Gregory J. Carpenter, $385,000.

DOGWOOD CIR., 29513-Alan W. Moore to James Hooper and Suzanne Zantzinger, $120,000.

EDINBOROUGH DR., 30020-Robert L. Murphy to Amanda Keyes, $205,000.

LIVING WATER LANE, 41144-Joseph Allen Jr. and Angela R. Gass to Gina M. and John L. Cardova Jr., $500,000.

MANOR DR., 42376-Israel Z. Swarey to Thomas Eugene Copsey, $62,000.

RICHARD CIR., 29918-Jammie L. and Jason E. Dobson to Daniel Jones, $184,500.

TANYARD DR., 37296-Donald C. Harmon II to Sherrylynn and Richard Lewallen, $208,000.

VALLEY DR., 42114-Christopher N. Hare to Keith R. Collier, $172,000.

WIDOW LANE, 27065-Kathleen J. Lyon to Betty J. Dyson, $279,000.