The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

ARBOR HILL RD., 2-Marjorie F. Meekins to Wade H. Ritchie Jr., $215,000.

ARUNDEL ON THE BAY RD., 3243-James W. Walson to Corrine W. Nunley, $175,000.

BAY DR., 73-Kenneth G. Weigel to Francis E. and Mitzi M. Gardiner, $2.321 million.

BAY RIDGE AVE., 1200-Donald L. Hekler to John E. Levelle Jr. and Ann C. Merke, $200,000.

BREAKWATER DR., 920-Christopher M. Raponi to Laura L. Everhart, $219,900.

BURNSIDE ST., 326-Richland Homes Inc. to Guy J. and Mary A. Tourault, $557,874.

CHESTER AVE., 110-John H. McGowan Sr. to R. Michael and Mary M. Sim, $415,000.

DUVALL LANE, 404-Ward N. Taylor to Mark A. and Linda A. Levett, $362,400.

EDELMAR DR., 110-Virginia O. Williams to Richard C. and S.M. Ceruolo, $279,900.

EDGEWOOD RD., 7432-Karl A. Borg to Osmin Rauda and Maria A. Regalado, $239,000.

HEARTHSTONE CT., 30, No. H-Jeffery K. Gray to Richard J. Hooper, $175,000.

HEATHFIELD LANE, 313-Anthony S. Murry to John M. Clarkson, $439,900.

HILLSMERE DR., 404-Douglas J. Hughes to Phyllis G. and Ted Dennis, $315,000.

LAKE DR. E., 132-Elizabeth S. Reilly, trustee, to William E. and Rebecca F. Vickers, $1.45 million.

LAKE DR. E., 54-Lawrence D. Askew to Walter B. and Susan A. Swayze, $1.3 million.

SANDSTONE CT., 40, No. B-Theresa A. Reshetar to Thomas B. and Bobbi D. Farquhar, $175,000.

STEFFEY DR., 101-M. Rowene Bielich to Sarah Taylor, $469,900.

Annapolis-Sandy Point

State Park Area

ADMIRAL DR., 605, No. 1071-Eloise T. Bonney to Kathleen Eisenrauch, $224,900.

AMBERWOOD S., 1486-David V. Beecher to Patricia P. Hannum, $234,400.

BEACON WAY, 907-Mildred J. Housewright to Anne D. Frederick, $239,000.

COMMANDERS WAY N., 1020-Robert S. Kowalewski to Heather Lynn Scott, $169,900.

JULIANA CIR. W., 7-Jolanda C. Jukes to Countrywide Home Loans Inc., $135,000.

JULIANA CIR. W., 7-Countrywide Home Loans Inc. to Robin Travis, $160,000.

LATROBE DR., 1170-Bernard W. Gallagher to Michael L. and Renee N. Novak, $240,900.

LOCUST AVE., 27-Shawn Hughes to Tristan Burton and Melissa M. Atienza, $420,000.

MARCONI CIR., 1980-Francis J. Aluisi, trustee, to James A. Malloy Jr., $224,000.

MASTLINE DR., 1028-Martin G. Hiza to Jean M. Hauck, $270,000.

OLD MILL BOTTOM RUN, 1613-Randall S. Dice to J. Mark and P.B. Sims, $730,000.

PEACH CT., 419-Charles C. Nickerson to Joseph D. and Mary E. Gattie, $200,000.

PEGGY STEWART WAY, 2008, No. 203-Marie D. Hottel to Ilene Zeitzoff, $191,000.

QUAKER WAY, 2060, No. 6-Agnes L. Hile to Karol Prochotsky, $217,500.

SEVERN GROVE RD., 1955-Thomas L. Fortin to David R. and April L. Forrer, $669,000.

STONEWOOD CT., 1202-Christopher A. Coyle to Michael and Elizabeth K. Williams, $167,000.

TOPMAST WAY, 909-Jeannette Greenip to Carolyn S. Matthews, $265,000.

TUCKAHOE CREEK CT., 623-James A. Coates to Marcella O. Johnson, $167,000.

SECOND ST., 104-Thelma M. Krantz, trustee, to Cozy Cottage Corp., $132,500.

Arnold Area

CLIFTON AVE., 311-Kell W. Russell to John E. Rodenhausen III and Frances Contostavlos, $200,000.

OLD STURBRIDGE RD., 2-Joseph T. Coyle to John E. and Denise M. Kruse, $533,000.

PEREGRINE PATH, 1404, No. 71-Joseph S. Crawford Jr. to Michael Crawford, $270,000.

QUAKER RIDGE CT., 561, No. 150-M. Anzietta Sine to Scott W. and Tracey Cothran, $240,875.

QUAKER RIDGE DR., 1272, No. 76-Louis G. Marinacci to Diane M. Sankey, $215,500.

SHORE ACRES RD., 580-Justin Brewer to Leo H. and Laura Phenicie, $432,000.

SHORE ACRES RD., 651-I. Paula Kueberth to James and Carolyn Cavey, $300,000.

SOUTHERN HILLS DR., 780, No. 8G-Maxwell C. Cohen to Evagelia C. Laiakis, $157,000.

ULMSTEAD CIR., 1039-Elizabeth K. Toole, trustee, to Stephen D. and Grace I. McAree, $530,000.

Brooklyn Area

BALLMAN CT., 5-David L. Shoemaker, trustee, to Bob William Shannon, $63,800.

WASENA AVE., 5424-BP Taylor Construction Inc. to Dennis and Maria L. Johnson, $139,200.

FOURTH ST., 4603-Muriel D. Upperman to Daniel S. May, $95,000.

Churchton Area

CARVEL ST., 5570-Virginia F. Darnall to Michael A. Simi, $180,000.

Crofton Area

ABERDEEN CIR., 1816, No. 36-Elizabeth V. Pecosh to Emanuel J. and Robin A. Lartigue, $193,000.

BLOOMSBERRY CT., 1709-Tracy Wilson to James K. and Lisa M. Brydon, $494,900.

CHELMSFORD DR., 2477-John M. Lawless to Brian J. and Vivian M. Mullen, $510,000.

CROFTON PKWY., 1499-Charles E. Wolfe to James and Judith Guntow, $370,000.

DANA ST., 1728, No. 5-Carl L. Mande Jr. to Mark D. Dufresne, $259,250.

ETON WAY, 1596-Hung T. Davis to Kevron L. and Adrienne M. Gottlieb, $379,000.

FOXDALE CT., 1804, No. 129-Brenda L. Tilton to John and Mary K. Harmke, $185,000.

GOLDEN CT., 1706, No. 91-Donald Bayse to JRK Investments Corp., $165,500.

GUNWOOD PL., 1715, No. 143-Ella Mae Zorb, trustee, to Jennifer Walker, $183,000.

JEFFREY DR., 1138, No. 21-Ruth M. Biggam to Richard L. Weaver, $240,000.

JONES FALLS CT., 1704, No. 4-Melanie A. Elam to John and Christina Gorman, $199,900.

PAWLET DR., 1952, No. 16B-Daymond L. Hawkins to Ambrose J. and Jared A. Vogt, $186,000.

PEPPERBUSH CT., 1702-Team Surlis Inc. to F. Aidan Surlis Jr., $400,000.

PORTABELLO CT., 1607-Roger Caldwell to Chousein Kivilgkim, $350,000.

SIMSBURY CT., 1022, No. 2D-Dennis J. Treyes to Timothy N. Glenn, $208,000.

VINEYARD LANE, 2540-Julianne M. Murray to Timothy A. and Sarah J. Degraves, $207,500.

YARMOUTH LANE, 2433-Lester W. Pollitt Jr. to Donald A. Degraves Jr. and Patricia E. Holland, $234,900.

Crownsville Area

ECHO COVE DR., 648-Walter R. Durkin to Brian W. and Sandra L. Dlugonski, $220,000.

FAIRFIELD LOOP RD., 1465-Mary H. Jones to John M. and Lisa D. Zimmerelli, $190,000.

JOHN WORTHINGTON WAY, 1602-Brian L. Darnell to Andrew G. and Linda S. Levy, $1.625 million.

Curtis Bay Area

BELVEDERE PL., 1005-Ameriquest Mortgage Corp. to William Mark Stonesifer, $127,900.

CHERRY LANE, 1110-Howard M. Ziegler Jr. to Joseph E. Truelove, $120,000.

VERANDA CT., 1128, No. 272-Stephen P. Harrell to Max D. and Victoria L. Kuttner, $189,900.

Davidsonville Area

KINGS RETREAT DR., 880-Peter A. Kane to Charles D. and Dawn R. Jeffries, $975,000.

SHARPSBURG DR., 718-Gary L. Palmer Jr. to Kevin P. and Leah R. O'Brien, $527,500.

Deale Area

ROCKHOLD DR., 5944-John R. Severson to Stewart H. Holmes, $430,000.

Edgewater Area

COLONY POINT PL., 3800-Robert T. Perry to Dorothy P. Riegert and Frank A. Irwin, $315,200.

COVE RD., 3920-Roger W. Needham to Mehdy Rad and Carolina Rodriguez Rad, $630,000.

GLEBE MEADOW WAY, 3715, No. 7-Frank P. Benedetto to Prudential Relocation Inc., $339,000.

HOPE CHAPEL RD., 510-Larry P. Collison to Charles B. and Anita K. Kleinrichert, $350,000.

KENMORE AVE., 308-Edward D. Lakitsky to Hilary M. Thompson, $180,250.

EIGHTH AVE., 3724-Francis C. Cain, trustee, to Shannon D. Etter, $210,000.

Gambrills Area

HUNTWOOD DR., 2013-Kenneth A. Godlewski to Robert D. and Alison R. Wisnom, $649,000.

SAPPINGTON DR., 1560-Robert E. McDonald to Henry W. and Gretchen A. Polczer, $435,000.

SYMPHONY LANE, 2449-Carmen R. Mazzetti to Sirva Relocation Corp., $449,900.

Glen Burnie Area

ALLEN RD., 104-Rodney T. Taylor to Jacquelyn B. Monahan, $180,000.

ARMISTEAD ST., 1110-Charles E. Carey Jr. to Kirk A. and Karen A. Petroff, $276,000.

CHERRY AVE., 6035-Virginia D. Bazzrea to Walter J. Witkowski Jr., $60,000.

CROSS CREEK DR., 7984-Earl W. Mullinix to Lisa Mullinix and Denise K. Stophel, $220,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 213-Frank A. Stylc to Scott F. and Candace Siebenthal, $192,500.

MARLBORO RD., 617-Teresa L. Pallotti to Holly A. and Daniel C. Wytko, $219,900.

OAK LANE NW, 215-Peter S. Lord to Diana L. Powers, $186,000.

PARKE WEST DR., 7912-Thomas M. Neagle to Daniel K. Main, $228,000.

PHIRNE RD. E., 8086-Department of Veterans Affairs to Kenneth Robey and Patricia Sprouse, $190,000.

ROESLER AVE., 296-James T. Beatty Jr. to Wanda N. Queen and Phyllis H. Gaither, $250,000.

WASHINGTON SQ., 6433-Joseph D. Bellotte to Stephanie A. McCloud and Stacey A. Queen, $112,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BETH RD., 100-Alvin C. Powell to Vernon and Kimberly Washington, $177,400.

CASTLE HARBOUR WAY, 1121, No. 3D-Gregory A. Treff to Dennis Riley, $105,000.

COTTER RD., 704-Mary Mossman to Maribel Acevedo, $153,000.

DELAWARE AVE., 404-Buster K. Davis to Lawrence C. and Meganne Deleonibus, $183,400.

EIDERDOWN CT., 6507-Jeffrey D. Hinkleman to Carline Honore, $206,000.

FABLE CT., 6502-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Troy V. Jones, $196,500.

HAMMARLEE RD., 258-Gershon Hoffer to Donna M. Jones, $205,000.

JUPP RD., 1517-Philip M. Gray to Daniel C. Fontana, $163,500.

KUETHE RD., 221-Hook Family Partnership to William and Karen Heuston, $122,000.

LEONARD DR., 1123-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Michael Housley Inc., $145,000.

MARLEY AVE., 725-Henry E. Cogdell to Jagdeash S. and Vidya L. Surujnauth, $170,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 104, No. 3D-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Melinda S. Ramsey, $82,000.

OAKDALE RD., 1412-Independent Properties Inc. to Joanne and James Earle, $172,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6700, No. 104-Aaron Jolie to Nancy L. Wilson, $126,000.

REINHARDT LANE, 1573-William A. Shorter to Samer Alshantir, $119,400.

THREE COIN WAY, 103-Terry E. Leather to Mary D. Massey, $132,000.

SIXTH AVE. NE, 309-Joseph S. Orzano Jr. to David N. Harris and Trish M. Johnson, $235,000.

Hanover Area

CHARNEY CT., 701-Nadine T. Jaisler to William K. Bailey and Denise A. Bradford, $295,000.

MORDOR LANE, 1464-Dean C. Toney to Damian D. and Karen M. Barnes, $239,900.

Harwood Area

WALTERS LANE, 4699-Gary N. Wheeler to Robert M. Martein, $384,000.

Jessup Area

JESSUP RD., 2926-David L. Townsend to Kevin A. and Tania D. Falls, $185,000.

Laurel Area

OLD LINE AVE., 3352-Patricia A. Mathieson to Wai Chun Chan, $180,000.

OLD LINE AVE., 358-William R. Reed to Luis E. Samayoa, $190,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

ANDOVER RD., 602-Todd R. Bates to Matt Reisenweber, $246,900.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 6849-Lisa L. Bekiaris to Allyson M. Ravarino and Elizabeth M. Hansen, $172,500.

ST. PHILIPS RD., 6447-Robert D. Shelton to James W. Neighoff, $325,000.

Millersville Area

GOLDFINCH LANE, 1161-Douglas S. Schneider to James O. Smith and Kristine Sendek Smith, $615,000.

LONGFELLOW DR., 152-James E. Kiley to Walter W. and Stacy B. Green, $520,000.

Odenton Area

APPLE BLOSSOM LANE, 2454, No. 101-Charles Mankin III to Matthew S. Nevit, $159,900.

ASPEN GROVE CT., 8602-Cendant Mobility Government to Jason A. and Ginger S. Hohl, $190,000.

COMMISSARY CIR., 2241, No. 279-David A. Bowie to Yan B. Liu and Guo Y. Jiang, $192,500.

FOREST WALK LANE, 603, No. 304-Bruce D. Oswald to James E. and Cheryl A. Rehubein, $120,000.

HICKORY KNOLL CT., 2717-Shannon B. Callaway to Debra J. McCain, $250,000.

PINE MEADOWS DR., 8724-Kristina M. Moran to Ryan T. and Andrea W. Chandler, $210,000.

STONE FRUIT CT., 504-William R. Hensley Jr. to Bruce G. and Erin P. Goodwin, $359,000.

THORNBROOK CT., 2721-Leroy M. Shecut Sr. to Maureen M. McCart, $300,000.

THORNBROOK DR., 8715-Patrick M. Handy to John J. McKeever Jr., $225,900.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

AMPHIBIAN DR., 1420-William P. Dashiells to John E. and Tracy A. Alder, $285,000.

BERRY DR., 7667-Stanley L. Mayes Jr. to Adam J. Bixler, $207,500.

BIRWOOD CT., 6-Department of Veterans Affairs to Jeffrey Jenkins, $125,000.

BROOKFIELD RD., 112-Bernard Sappe to Jason Frank and Eric Norris, $140,000.

HICKORY NUT CT., 343-Steven A. Mazan Jr. to Greg Boomer, $202,000.

LITTLETON WAY, 3395, No. 2M-Kevin M. Gill to Tennille L. Baxter, $122,000.

LYNN CIR., 8395-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Michael Housley Inc., $145,000.

PARK LANE, 1538-Richard F. Christ to Paul G. Clark, $475,000.

PEKIN RD., 1235-Gilbert E. Heiland to Ronald Hall, $199,900.

POWHATAN BEACH RD., 633-James Moody to Benjamin C. and Brooke M. Reich, $227,000.

QUAILWOOD LANE, 8400-Kevin G. Keane to Brian C. and Tamra T. Geiman, $500,000.

ROCK HILL RD., 1264-John A. Miller to Santo A. Miceli Sr. and Gloria J. Trawitz,


SAYBROOK HARBOUR, 1042-Joseph E. Patti to Muhammad and Samantha E. Nadeem, $179,900.

SCORTON HARBOUR, 8684-Michael D. Metzger to Shawn and Angela M. Maurer, $162,400.

SEAFORD CT., 3657, No. 198-Connie N. Thompson to Brandy J. and Karl J. Milligan, $147,500.

SOLARI CT., 7806, No. 51-Kimberly Jessee to Gregory D. and Cynthia L. Buckler,


WEST SHORE RD., 7740-William C. Trevillian to Arundel Improvements Inc., $325,000.

205TH ST., 716-Debra L. Haughee to Douglas A. Williams, $139,900.

223RD ST., 771-Kevin Beanum to Kathy L. Metzger, $140,000.

Riva Area

WELLINGTON CT., 3095-Dennis L. Schroeder to Nancy L. Sawyer, $395,000.

Severn Area

EAGLE CT., 1861, No. 8-Gary C. Marston to Thomas J. and Cynthia R. McKelvey, $102,000.

EAGLE CT., 1892, No. 7-Kenneth E. Jackson to Allen Solomon, $110,000.

FOXHOUND CT., 1920-William C. Blome to Melissa K. Elliott, $208,300.

GEORGIA AVE., 1405-Eric Von York to Charles F. Willis, $249,500.

JAMESTOWN DR., 1357-Jose A. Aran Rodriquez to Bello Marchre Inc., $179,700.

MONTGOMERY MEWS CT., 7781-Beverly A. Blair to Jose F. Perez and Carmen C. Cabarcas, $265,000.

PROVINCIAL LANE, 1592-Janet V. O'Connor to Robertson and Kerry C. Chidebe, $350,000.

SEA PINE CIR., 1727, No. 156-Scott L. Ollerman to Marcus and Meta T. Parker, $238,000.

Severna Park Area

FAIRTREE DR., 308-Noble N. Bowie to Sharon C. and Marc I. Snyder, $985,000.

MANOR RD., 576-Paul J. Brophy to Michael A. and Lori J. Giblin, $255,000.

Shady Side Area

LERCH DR., 5094-Rick M. Chaney to David C. Greenbaum, $290,000.

Tracys Landing Area

BAY FRONT RD. E., 102-Roy R. Rushe to Beverly A. and Richard J. Heiberger, $429,900.