The following were among cases received recently by the Washington Humane Society. For more information or assistance, 24 hours a day, call 202-723-5730.

Fowl Evidence Eaten

PARKWOOD PL. NW, 1300 block, July 29. The Humane Society received a report about farm animals kept behind a church. Officers found a chicken and five pigeons in feces-littered cages. The officers told the owners that it is illegal to keep chickens in the District and that a permit is required to keep pigeons. When the officers returned two days later, the chicken was gone, but the pigeons remained. The owners, who surrendered the pigeons, said they ate the chicken. The case was under investigation.

Fox Cubs Freed From Window Well

CLEVELAND AVE. NW, 3000 block, July 30. A woman found three fox cubs in a five-foot-deep window well beside her house and called Animal Control. An officer caught them, and they were taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Ohio Dog Lost, Found

UPSHUR ST. NW, 1800 block, July 26. A woman called Animal Control to report a big black dog wandering in her back yard in the rain. She called again a short time later and said she thought the dog had died. An officer found the dog alive, curled under a picnic table and wearing ID tags from Ohio. Shelter staff members matched the dog's description to a lost-dog report filed by a woman visiting from Ohio. The woman claimed the dog the next morning.

Puppy Chained to Post in Mud

29TH ST. SE, 1800 block, July 28. A Humane Society officer investigating a report about a puppy found a 21/2-month-old pit bull chained to a post in a muddy area behind a house. An overturned box with an open side was the only shelter, and a nearby bowl was filled with filthy water. Patches of fur were missing from the puppy's legs, head and ears. The area under its chin was raw, possibly from the choker chain rubbing against its neck. After no one answered the door at the house, the puppy was taken to the society shelter, where it was examined by a veterinarian. The case was under investigation.

Rabbit Found Dead in Cage

ALABAMA AVE. SE, 1700 block, July 29. A woman requested that the Humane Society take her sick rabbit. When an officer arrived, the thin rabbit was dead in a cage, which was clean and contained a water bottle. When asked about the rabbit's nutrition, the owner said she had fed it lettuce for the past two months because she couldn't afford rabbit food. She said she had not taken it to a veterinarian because she had not realized it was necessary. The body was removed, and the case was under investigation.

Society Grooms Invalid's Dog

11TH ST. NW, 2300 block, July 24. A man called the Humane Society about a dog of an elderly, bedridden neighbor. An officer met with the man, who said he regularly walked it for the owner. The officer examined the dog and noticed it needed grooming. The owner allowed the dog to be groomed at the society shelter.

Rabbit Left With Trash

ELVANS RD. SE, 2500 block, Aug. 1. An Animal Control officer found a caged rabbit next to a trash bin behind an apartment building. The rabbit was held at the shelter pending contact by an owner.

Chihuahua, Kitten Abandoned

AUGER PL. SE, 2300 block, July 29. A property manager entering an apartment found a kitten and a Chihuahua abandoned by previous tenants. He called Animal Control, and they were taken to the D.C. shelter and made available for adoption.

-- Compiled by KATHY ORTON