The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Adamstown Area

DOUBS RD., 5167-Carolyn L.H. and to Katia R. Dos Santos and Christopher S. Saia, $168,000.

UNION RIDGE DR., 5875-Steven L. and Wendy C. Poole to Ana Maria and Robert S. Salameh, $433,000.

Brunswick Area

ORNDORFF DR., 101-Gary M. and Tressa L. Gieseman to Casey Nicole Slattery and William Joseph Slattery Jr., $112,000.

Emmitsburg Area

SETON PLACE., 8-C. and G. Investment Partnership to Linda J. Payne, $139,900.

Frederick City Area

ALL SAINTS ST. W., 168-Arthur G. Fouts to Karen Lee Timmons and William Thomas Clipper, $131,000.

BALSAM CT., 6904-J. Hamlin and Virginia L. Day to Denise and Henry A. Salah Sr., $245,000.

BAMBURG CT., 5230-Julia Ann Nicholson to Jennifer L. and William J. Robinson, $218,500.

BEAR CREEK CT., 2109-Verna T. and David L. Brown to Sheikh M. and Sayeda Firoz, $422,000.

BEAR DEN RD., 2439-Ruth J. Bryant, trustee, to Joann Clarke, $215,000.

BEAR DEN RD., 2596-Robert T. Linthicum to Treva D. Siedling and Theodore Manakas, $455,000.

BLACK DUCK CT., 6701-Craig Thomas Leonardi to Gloria E. and Theophilus A. Thorpe, $183,000.

BLACK DUCK CT., 6735-Carmen L. and Larry M. Welch to Miguel Cabrera, $177,000.

BOX ELDER CT., 5781-Juanita L. Conkling to May Louise Burns, $142,000.

CALVERT DR., 5601-Tressa Bryan to Elizabeth and Steve A. Habina, $312,500.

CARMICHAEL CT., 9406-Eric and Bridget O. Van Outryve to Joyce M. and Robert M. Utter, $449,900.

CARRIAGE CT., 1711-Kevin and David Rao Clowser to Sophalla Kong and Sampach Prak, $149,900.

CHASE CT., 5705-Robert C. and Kim A. Kellogg to Meghan A. and Christian M. Saponara, $169,900.

CLAIBORNE DR., 8164-Joesph and Staci Hargraves to Pamela J. Glass and Gaye J. Eckenrode, $371,900.

COLLEGE AVE., 301-Marc Ward and Aaron Marsh to Kelly M. Russell, $385,500.

COLONIAL WAY, 1679-Jorge Jose Munoz to Paul Kevin Tobery, $150,000.

EDEN DR., 1477-Margaret R. Wagner to Ann Charlotte Kauffman, $165,000.

ELLINGTON WAY, 6514-Tammy J. Ryave to Cheryl A. Couch, $217,500.

EMORY ST., 1716-Kory B. and David A. Gray to Christina Cassidy, $256,000.

EVERLY DR., 2613, No. 9-6-Christopher D. and Tammy R. Perez to Rita Pishvaian and Alberto Deheza, $144,000.

FALLOW HILL CT., 6722-Mary H. Carson to Nguyet M. Nguyen and Minh T. Cao, $137,500.

FREE TER., 1811-Laura F. and Joseph P. Vandenbosch to James A. Sawitzke, $234,900.

FRINGETREE CT., 5792-Tracey K. and Quentin A. Whitehurst to Raphael Calderon, $203,000.

HARPERS CT., 1913-Charles S. Poch to Stephanie Hicks, $230,000.

HARPERS CT., 1921-Khai Quang Nguyen to Anita and Michael Mattingly Jr., $219,960.

HAVILLAND PL., 1506-Ann Charlotte Kauffmann to Alba Arely Amaya, $175,000.

HEATHER LANE, 1717-Sean Matthew Woods to Raynelle E. and Michael Clark, $149,900.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 550-L-Eugene and Kimberly S. Hannan to Cashel Properties Corp., $84,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 830-H-Nancy A. Tresselt to Khushnood and Zafar Iqbal, $87,000.HEATHER RIDGE DR., 993-E-Nancy L. Benton to Rosalie A. and Kevin L. King, $79,900.

HOLLYBERRY WAY, 550-Michelle D. and Brian P. Haught to Juan J. Jimenez, $150,000.

HUNTOVER LANE, 625-Mittie J. Jones to Sonal and Sharadkumar Doshi, $390,000.

JEFFERSON ST. S., 27-Walter E. Summers Jr. to Jasmine Gulati, $159,620.

JUBAL WAY, 822-Juan C. Madariaga to Timothy and James McCabe, $210,000.

LEAFY CT., 502, No. 2A-Linda R. Quickle to Vicky L. Bonbrest, $162,000.

LEAHY CT., 502, No. 2D-Nicole M. Yocke to Benjamin R. and Audrey J. Petrie Jr., $159,900.

LIME KILN RD., 4219-David Leas to Kari M. and David M. Jens, $90,000.

MARSHALL CIR., 8706-Raymond W. Jr. and Jeri M. Maldo to Amy N. and Wayne C. Jaeschke Jr., $750,000.

MCLAUREN LANE, 5127-Gerald B. and Demetria C. Gilliam to Christeen E. and Fred G. Fabe, $249,000.

MEGAN CT., 402-Linda F. and Gerald L. Purvin Sr. to Donna Purvin, $148,000.

MOUNTAINDALE RD., 6809-Dale H. and Tammy J. Knott to Cindy L. and Daniel S. Benear, $239,900.

NEW HAVEN CT., 6353-Brandon J. Bowlus to Wanda D. and Richard D. Duncum, $191,500.

PRIMUS CT., 502-Jennifer Lewis and Michael O. Cole to Janet Okyere, $219,000.

PRINCETOWN DR., 105-C-Panagiotis V. Kokolakis to Christopher Petronio, $149,000.

RAINBOW LANE, 7218-Walter Novak Jr. to Julia Lucia Cuzmr, $269,900.

RIDGEFIELD CIR., 9219-Richard N. Hageman to Mary Courtney Laplaca and Nathan R. Picket, $200,000.

SPRINGWATER CT., 6505, No. 7403-Troy J. Knoll to Gina A. and Todd P. Weedon, $167,500.

STONEHAVEN LANE, 1757-Alberto and Rita Pishvaian Deheza to Audelino A. and Sandra B. Ramos, $259,900.

STONEY CREEK RD., 2469-Eileen F. and Michael C. Breck to Lynne Erin Flanery, $319,900.

SUMMERWOOD DR., 6905-Karlene D. Kaufmann to Harry Graham, $268,100.

SUNNYBROOK CT., 8801-Phyllis A. and Donald R. Schilling to James M. Bryant trust, $289,900.

THORNHILL PL. W., 359-Edward D. Yang to Maria Felisita Garcia and Jose Felix Fuentes, $160,000.

TIMBERWOLF DR., 1410-Kevin P. and Nancy S. Gibbons to Daphne S. and Reenold N. Thompson, $336,000.

WARREN WAY, 2642, No. 2-5-Jennifer Rubeling and and Brian Broom to Shawn Pheobus, $154,500.

WHEYFIELD DR., 1632-Frank A. and Miriam J. Mularz to Lingyuan and Tszechung Tai, $237,500.

WILLIAM DR., 8414-Kenneth O. and Carol T. Rimel to Janet M. and Laurence E. Magruder, $269,000.

WISNER ST. N., 18-Jo Ann Fritz to Trent Russell Fritz, $100,000.

THIRD ST. E., 228-Richard C. Brady to Monique A. Pasquale and Robert B. Gajewski, $179,000.

Ijamsville Area

FIRE TOWER RD., 9922-Robert E. Peters to Wendy E. and Theodore E. Ely, $278,000.

HILLSIDE CT., 2720-Fabricio Fidelis to Karen Shupe and Phillip F. Nelson, $378,500.

MOUNTAIN VIEW LANE, 11103-David Patrick Co. Corp. to Hong Rae and Won Gyu Lee, $342,500.

Knoxville Area

TRITAPOE DR., 802-Homer B. Tritapoe to Megan and Lawrence S. Cronkite III, $167,000.

Libertytown Area

LIBERTY RD., 11920, No. 201A-Matthew L. Stine to Channa Lee Moskel and James Curtis Lidie Jr., $96,900.

Middletown Area

FREESTATE DR., 7359-Gary D. and Sharon L. Weedy to Kristin M. and Jason P. Wright Jr., $318,000.

ROBINDALE DR., 36-Chad D. Armentrout to Danielle N. Mata, $143,000.

VALLEY VIEW RD., 3906-Darren M. and Lisa M. Myers to Richard A. Dougherty and Marion A. Cooper, $319,900.

Monrovia Area

FINGERBOARD RD., 12507-John W. and Anastasia T. Huff to Clair J. and Howard D. Mixon, $289,000.

Mount Airy Area

CATOCTIN VISTA DR., 5782-Keri B. and Joseph C. Weis II to David Allen Erickson, $299,900.

CLUB HOUSE CIR., 7003-Russell E. and Ruth E. Gotberg to Catherine A. and Kenneth B. Spencer, $465,000.

COLDSTREAM DR., 6702-William A. and Debra S. Giuliano to Melissa E. Howes Vitek and Mark Stephen Vitek, $244,900.

COMMODORE CT., 6629-Susan M. Reinker to Laura J. and James M. Allard, $195,000.

COUNTRY CLUB RD., 11217-Brian D. and Cynthia Singer to Gina M. Shkodriani and Steven O. Rios, $390,000.

MAIN ST. S., 1302-Kimberly L. Hoffman to Martina W. and John M. Hatley, $310,000.

MANOR DR. S., 13208-Bruce L. and Debbie L. Dubbert to Margaret and Gerald A. Christoff, $468,900.

MIDVALE DR., 1104-Dante Campini to Arthur L. Jr. and Jean Dehaan Moore, $276,000.

OAK CLIFF CT. S., 101-Renae M. and Leo J. Coolidge II to Patricia U. Flanagan, $207,000.

PENN SHOP RD., 13047-Gail Hurley Bastian to Richard L. McGlaughlin, $240,000.

POND FOUNTAIN CT., 11155-Polly A. and James M. Stark to Crystal and Florian Carr, $290,000.

VILLAGE GATE DR., 1114-Joseph and Sarah G. Molnar to Scott M. and Jennifer J. Matty, $399,900.

Myersville Area

PLEASANT WALK RD., 10944-Kimberly J. Mizikoski to Roy Watts, $239,900.

Sabillasville Area

SABILLASVILLE RD., 16901-Esther M. De Lauter to Dana Carol Gordon and Christopher A. Ricketts, $195,597.

Thurmont Area

EMMITSBURG RD., 11-William T. Dwyer to Christine A. and Brian C. Wisner, $170,000.

OLD OAK PL., 301-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Mary E. Hollomon, $128,000.

POWELL RD., 10814-Nancy T. Evans to Eric Hahr, $240,000.

Walkersville Area

ALBANY AVE., 102-Robert A. and Louise R. Finch to Crystal M. and Harry N. Scott Sr., $299,900.

DREAM PL., 8400-Dorothy L. Haines to

Linda M. Melton and Brian E. Brashears, $112,000.

FORESIGHT LANE, 8407-Nathaniel and Catherine Higgins to Ronald E. Lord and John T. Shreve, $114,500.

GRAPE CREEK RD., 8998-Richard A. and Clara P. Knott to Andrew P. and Shannon M. Pryce, $342,000.

HIGHLANDER BLVD., 9395-Morris I. and Norma Kelsey to Brooke A. and Kirk A. Deninno, $304,900.

MOON MAIDEN CT., 10-Pamela L. Johnston to Bora T. and Steven M. Attia, $136,900.

SHERWOOD DR. S., 92-Daniel L. Logsdon to Della L. Shives, $229,900.

SILVERSTONE DR., 209-Charles B. and Sandra D. Willis to Elizabeth and Mark A. Doody, $264,900.

VICTORY CT., 8774-Gwenn A. Forsythe to

Antoine W. and Margaret M. Elassal, $150,000.