The teenage son of an Alexandria City Council member was found guilty yesterday of destruction of property for his role in an egging incident at the home of a parent-activist who was trying to have a School Board member removed from her position.

After an hour-long trial, General District Court Chief Judge R.E. Giammittorio found Samuel Howard Woodson IV, 18, guilty of the misdemeanor and ordered him to pay a $250 fine, which was suspended upon completion of 25 hours of community service.

While Giammittorio said there was no evidence that Woodson threw eggs at the house, he determined that Woodson aided and abetted the July 2 incident.

Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Benjamin Katz argued that in Virginia, anyone who assists in the commission of a misdemeanor is as culpable as the person who commits the crime. Woodson, the son of council member Joyce Woodson (D), along with James Luby Jr., whose mother, Melissa Luby, serves on the School Board, were arrested in connection with the vandalism at the home of Alexandria resident James Boissonnault.

Elmer Douglass Ellis, an attorney for Woodson, argued that there was no evidence that his client had tossed any eggs.

Luby testified yesterday that he was the only one to throw eggs at Boissonnault's home. Boissonnault had started a petition drive to remove Luby's mother from the board because she did not prevent Alexandria School Superintendent Rebecca Perry from driving after they had drinks at an Alexandria restaurant. Luby was in the car with Perry when the superintendent was arrested April 23 on a drunken driving charge. Perry has since pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated.

During the trial, James Luby, who pleaded guilty in July to destruction of property, said that it was his idea to egg Boissonnault's home. Accompanied by Woodson and another teenager who was not charged, Luby said he drove to a 7-Eleven and bought two dozen eggs.

"I threw all of the eggs," Luby testified. "It was my grudge." Luby said he was angry that his mother became depressed after the petition drive was launched.

"This guy wants to pull her off the School Board because she's in a car with someone who got a DUI," he said. "My mother doesn't even drive."