The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

DILIGENCE CT., 25278-NVR Inc. to Meenu and Atul Vohra, $422,745.

FELDSPAR PL., 41896-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Tawyna F. and Donald D. Schemmel, $648,925.

FIDDLEHEAD PL., 42082-Beazer Homes Corp. to M. Marcelli and Robert G. Betsill, $420,805.

FIDDLEHEAD PL., 42098-Beazer Homes Corp. to Lori and Mark Jones, $416,884.

FREMONT PRESERVE SQ., 42057-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Laura E. and Cesar G. Lopez Jr., $298,740.

FREMONT PRESERVE SQ., 42059-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to H. Lee, J. Lee and Young Sook Lee, $287,605.

FREMONT PRESERVE SQ., 42063-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Beverly D. Frye, $128,761.

FREMONT PRESERVE SQ., 42065-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Hue Bui, $128,761.

FREMONT PRESERVE SQ., 42071-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Amanda Deweese and David H. Moody, $365,040.

FREMONT PRESERVE SQ., 42126-Linda and Andrew M. Kovac to Girija and Vijaykumar Selvarajan, $351,500.

GEYSER PEAKS SQ., 24693-Centex Homes to Patrick A. Riddlemoser, $279,280.

GEYSER PEAKS SQ., 24695-Centex Homes to Lan N. Cooch, $278,750.

GEYSER PEAKS SQ., 24704-Laura E. and Christopher S. Logan to Gayle T. Bailey, $292,000.

HIGH PLATEAU CT., 24777-Centex Homes to Traci Lynn and Bryon Atwood, $515,420.

HIGH PLATEAU CT., 24813-Beazer Homes Corp. to Mary G. and Raymond F. Day, $519,903.

KNOLLBROOK PL., 24237-NVR Inc. to Adrianna and Joseph T. Novalis, $812,640.

LENAH WOODS PL., 24186-Winchester Homes Inc. to Tammy L. Sakellaropoulos, $732,573.

NETTLE MILL SQ., 24635-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Stewart M. and Karen M. Hyderkhan, $338,820.

NETTLE MILL SQ., 24641-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Lisa B. Piansky, $128,761.

NETTLE MILL SQ., 24675-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Stone Ridge Towns Investments I Corp., $308,769.

NIGHTINGALE LANE, 23886-Oxbridge Development @ Aldie Corp. to Robyn and Donald Flanigin, $255,000.

SERPENTINE PL., 24774-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Khalillullah and Asria Rafiqzad, $617,910.

SERPENTINE PL., 24778-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Ann Harris and Donald Leaf, $611,905.

SILTSTONE SQ., 24600-Hay Learn Inc. to Connie S. and Norman D. Cumins, $360,000.

SILTSTONE SQ., 24614-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Jennifer M. and Paul J. Woods, $347,360.

SILTSTONE SQ., 24620-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Young Hong and Baek Chong, $346,455.

SOUSA PL., 40543-D.R. Horton Inc. to Jacqueline M. and Ronald M. Polito, $871,445.

STONE PILLAR DR., 24821-Beazer Homes Corp. to Virginia and Patrick M. Moffitt, $441,811.

TERRAZZO TER., 42230-Ryland Group Inc. to Erika E. and Jason C. Frescholtz, $297,262.

TERRAZZO TER., 42236-Ryland Group Inc. to John R. and Caren Hill, $250,067.

TERRAZZO TER., 42269-Ryland Group Inc. to Lisa M. Smith, $95,739.

VACATION PL., 25390-NVR Inc. to Robert F. Zachariasiewicz, $422,331.

VACATION PL., 25447-NVR Inc. to Amanda Smith and Robert S. Torres, $402,940.

WIND RIVER DR., 24771-Centex Homes to Wendy A. and Thomas Krones, $440,869.


Regional Park Area

ALDEN CT., 6-Juan Flores to Caihong Chen and Xao Wang, $185,000.

ALDRIDGE CT., 16-Demaris J. and Theodore M. Williams to Dana M. and Michael J. Bechtel, $190,000.

ASHCROFT TER., 20350-M.J. Copernoll and John J. Meilert to Edward Y. and Vickie Henry Chen, $275,000.

BREEZY POINT TER., 20757-Susan C. and Mark F. Hope to Nivedita Sinha and Vivek Kumar, $305,500.

CAPELWOOD CT., 46482-Homa Cooper to Hamid Ahmadi, $640,000.

CHEYENNE TER., 20916-Deborah Y. and Dale C. Willis II to Sirva Relocation Corp., $415,000.

CLEAR SPRING TER., 45545-Qiang Zhao and Jian Jiang to Behshid Mirpour and Ali Mirpour, $338,000.

DAIRY LANE, 20011-Henry John Palacios to Daniel P. Bierman, $650,000.

ELLICOTT SQ., 46600, No. 201-Karen Louise Brenenstahl to Jennifer L. Wilson, $256,000.

GENEVA TER., 46117-Mahin Woodson to Barbara E. and Ronald L. Porter, $400,000.

HAWICK TER., 20371-Emanuela and Michael S. Wenzel to Gale S. and William C. Weatherby, $423,233.

HOBBS SQ., 46355-N. Ganjivahed and Hossein Farahani to Akio Tano, $277,000.

JEFFERSON DR., 14-Gloria A. and William H. Kempter to Nancy L. and John Randolph Adrain, $420,000.

LAWNES CREEK TER., 46827-Marvin E. Hodge Jr. to Cinthia T. and Daniel Sugata, $295,000.

MILLARD CT., 4-Ekaterina and Dimitri Olchevski to Jose Modesto Zuniga, $254,000.

MILLWOOD SQ., 21144-Thi Thi T. and Alan R. Gastrock to Thomas J. Miller, $342,000.

MILLWOOD SQ., 21189-Cheryl Slade to Randy S. Borland, $320,000.

MORNINGSIDE TER., 20577-Michael W. Partain to Gloria and Aguinaldo Sawyerr, $306,000.

NOLAND WOODS CT., 20558-Toll Virginia Partnership to Karen M. and Brian L. Blonder, $665,975.

PERSIMMON LANE, 45418-Lisa Heavilon to Melissa C. and James W. Palmer, $480,000.

RIPTIDE SQ., 20704-Melissa A. and Roger L. Campbell to Thao T. and Binh D. Hardesty, $320,000.

RIVER OAKS DR., 47431-Toll Virginia Partnership to Kara and James J. Kim, $575,858.

RIVERBANK FOREST PL., 47434-Toll Virginia Partnership to Heather E. and Richard S. Yi, $558,451.

SANDIAN TER., 20936-Meghan Templeton and David S. Fox to Deneen P. and Cenk Emre Tercan, $375,000.

SANDSTONE SQ., 20892-Khoa T. and Binh D. Nguyen to Raghbir Singh Brar, $325,000.

SHADOW WOODS CT., 20587-Katherine Tees and Paul F. Colville to Wendy Z. and Andrew L. Lipshultz, $559,900.

SHEEL TER., 46351-Elizabeth L. and Mohamed A. Elrefai to Silvia Mendoza, $312,000.

SULGRAVE CT., 133-Julia and Vladimir Fedorov to Steve M. Sebeck, $243,000.

TENFOOT ISLAND TER., 47548-Andrea E. and John G. Marley Jr. to Afshan Jafri and Arshad Farooqi, $319,900.

UTICA SQ., 46370-Terry V. Will to Melissa D. Fernett, $265,000.

WATKINS ISLAND SQ., 47616-Jin J. Hsiao and Chiang Kong Chang to Erum Manzoor and Adnan Aziz, $34,500.

WINFIELD PL., 20457-Susan and Robert A. Vignato Jr. to Lisa and Jose Cesar Orosa, $469,900.

Ashburn Area

APOLLO TER., 20846-Vaishali and Vipul Patel to Anil Paneru and Sunil Paneru, $262,500.

BALTUSROL TER., 43242-Belmont Land Partnership to Anita L. and John R. Nilsen, $363,325.

BAR HARBOR TER., 20206-Mia Kang and Andy Lee to Lida Far, $259,900.

BIDWELL CT., 43965-D. Hlavach and Robert R. Obraitis to Myong Suk and Woong Dal Park, $480,000.

CALAIS TER., 20951-Theresa and Kevin W. Currier to Anne Aruiza and Brian Monteiro, $385,000.

COOL FERN SQ., 20415-Valerie A. Harris to Kimberly Ann Heindl, $265,000.

COX MILLS CT., 20937-Paula R. and Kevin L. Kelly to Cheryl Joseph and Binoy George, $435,000.

CREW SQ., 20075-Bernard Marion Moses Jr. to Nilanjan Sengupta, $269,900.

EAGLE HARBOR TER., 43901-Ginger G. and Dwayne B. Smith to Tracy B. and Jeffery L. Mozingo, $320,000.

EAGLE HARBOR TER., 43905-Amanda Gearhart and Brendan Goode to Chantal N. Ruberwa, $370,000.

FLORA SPRINGS TER., 21759-Jonathan White to A. Narasimhaiah and K. Gopalakrishna, $310,000.

GARDENPOST SQ., 43156-S. Smith and Elizabeth Harrington to Heather A. and Todd F. Crittenden, $311,000.

GLEN CASTLE CT., 43647-Winchester Homes Inc. to Robert Dubiel, $488,880.

GLENHAZEL DR., 43835-Ruth A. and George H. Spruce to Paula R. and Kevin L. Kelly, $525,000.

GOLDEN MEADOW CIR., 43522-Lisa H. and David R. Weimer to Trace Ann and Daniel Green, $499,900.

GOODWOOD TER., 21867-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Divina P. and Troy R. White, $231,900.

HARDWOOD TER., 20114-Karri L. Johnson to Anna Marie Cruz and Andrew Consor, $296,000.

HEATHER LEIGH CT., 43306-Washington Homes Inc. to Wendy S. and Ron L. Dinwiddie Jr., $528,813.

HEDGEAPPLE CT., 42965-Lisa M. and Ken G. Sharp to Rebecca L. and David L. Gurksnis, $475,000.

HEDGEAPPLE CT., 43032-Beth Anne and Michel J. Lambrechts to Carmen and David Cornell, $530,000.

INVERNESS SQ., 20056-Belmont Land Partnership to Min Ja and Young Kook Chun, $565,000.

INVERNESS SQ., 20060-Belmont Land Partnership to Lori L. and Mark J. Bucci, $605,000.

JARVIS SQ., 21792-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to D. Peterman and Jennifer Peterman, $248,900.

JARVIS SQ., 21834-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Cristi L. Johnson, $247,900.

KELSEY SQ., 21828-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Roosevelt Holliman Jr., $245,900.

LA BELLE PL., 43315-Belmont Land Partnership to Valerie and Ryan G. Robertson, $521,241.

LA BELLE PL., 43346-Belmont Land Partnership to Marsha C. and Jeffrey D. Frank, $528,675.

LA BETE CT., 19858-Belmont Land Partnership to Cindy Carcioppolo, $622,490.

LACEYVILLE TER., 44032-Sheryl S. and Brian R. Moran to Dana A. and David S. Graham, $315,000.

LAWNSBERRY SQ., 43170-Ileana Ionica and Nick Padgiotis to Lise C. Klerekoper, $345,000.

LITCHFIELD TER., 44265-Emelin M. and Harry T. Beach to Sarah Horning and Stephen Horning, $275,000.

MOHAVE DR., 44203-Richmond American Homes to Ann M. Bussells, $440,040.

MOHAVE DR., 44227-Richmond American Homes to Sovannarith Peou and Von Keo, $412,840.

MOHAVE DR., 44234-Richmond American Homes to Teresita and Kevin Reiman, $455,445.

NASHUA ST., 42972-B.C.H. Partners to Kristina B. and Michael D. Hart, $354,105.

NOTTINGHAM SQ., 43440-Tina L. and Michael R. Pocock to GMAC Global Relocation Services Inc., $317,000.

PAGET TER., 44139-Harry Raymond Smith III to Miriam Serrano, $315,000.

PECKHAM ST., 20425-Belmont Greene Residential Corp. to Margaret and Beverley Carroll, $428,169.

PETWORTH CT., 21805-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to L. Garcia and Steven Ballard, $268,900.

PETWORTH CT., 21825-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Norma and Geovany Bonilla, $231,900.

PRESIDENTS CUP TER., 19960-Belmont Land Partnership to Aswin Majjiga, $322,541.

PRESIDENTS CUP TER., 19962-Belmont Land Partnership to Lee Anne Pirrello, $348,566.

RISING SUN TER., 44035-Debra K. and Curtis M. Vaughn to Stephen T. Miholovich, $374,000.

SILKWORTH TER., 44294-Ellyn L. Miller to Haifeng Shao, $410,888.

STANFORD HALL PL., 19680-Belmont Land Partnership to Linda and Mark Garzone, $697,206.

STANFORD HALL PL., 19704-Belmont Land Partnership to Barbara H. and Joseph A. Benvenuto, $695,818.

STEATITE CT., 21686-Washington Homes Inc. to Melanie B. and Troy D. Smoot, $565,537.

STEATITE CT., 21687-Washington Homes Inc. to Sneha and Srinivas R. Veeramasu, $505,364.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 20957, No. 103-Laurie Clark to Monique D. Exum, $189,900.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 21014, No. 102-Michele A. Hurlbert to Filipe C. Fernandes, $201,000.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 21033, No. 301-Jean E. Shifflett to Nathan L. Bradford, $175,000.

TIPPECANOE TER., 44119-George David Ragland to Kathy H. Rather, $290,000.

TWAIN TER., 21387-James and Jacqueline Snowden to Vania Lichkova and Ilven Lichkov, $390,000.

VOLLEY TER., 20382-Lisa M. and Gregory P. Haan to Karen L. and John L. Jensen, $301,500.

WAYSIDE CIR., 43240-Rick A. Hake to Barbara and John Rivers, $515,000.

WILD MEADOW CT., 20580-Miller and Smith at Wild Meadow Corp. to Kimberly A. and Llewellyn A. Galway, $684,160.

WILDFLOWER SQ., 21171-Anita P. and John D. Wooten Jr. to Jean Fedorshik, $285,000.

WILLOWDALE PL., 19746-Robert E. Larose to Erin L. and John M. McMahon, $1.24 million.

WINDMILL DR., 21250-Hector N. Velasquez to Ronnie Zarou, $635,000.

Bluemont-Frazer Hill Area

AIRMONT RD., 20578-Rock Hedge Farm Partnership to Edie Grandstaff and Alan H. Shaw, $280,000.

Broadlands Area

AIRMONT HUNT DR., 22755-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Kamna and Arvinder S. Chawla, $1.13 million.

ANGELIQUE DR., 22807-Centex Homes to Ruth Patricia and Ronald Hall, $583,675.

BROADWELL CT., 42856-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Susan E. and David G. Page, $804,018.

CARTIER TER., 22858-Miller and Smith at Brambleton Inc. to Johanna T. and Joseph P. Commons, $357,550.

CATTAIL MEADOWS PL., 42905-Kyra D. and John S. Saling to Kirsten C. and Charles R. Ullan, $555,000.

EARLY LIGHT PL., 42836-Winchester Homes Inc. to Steven Facterman and Bao Tran Ngo, $645,035.

FOREST CREST CT., 42759-Richmond American Homes to Laurissa M. and Andrew G. Skinner, $614,815.

FOREST RUN DR., 22530-Richmond American Homes to Christine and Greg Letourneau, $583,000.

GOODWIN CT., 21578-Charlene A. and Greg D. Wheeless to Jennifer K. and Kevin S. Luebke, $479,000.

HIGHCREST CIR., 22781-Christopher at Brambleton Corp. to Howard P. and Erica F. Cohen, $504,604.

HUNTSMAN SQ., 43147-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Jennifer M. and Eric J. Handt, $305,000.

LUCKETTS BRIDGE CIR., 43646-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to M. Busireddy and S.R. Pathepuram, $509,083.

MAGELLAN SQ., 42572-Abdi Elmi to Andrew N. Binkley, $337,500.

MAISON BLANC SQ., 43776-James J. Pak to Uyen Ngoc Nguyen, $356,000.

MILFORD DR., 40440-Candice D. and Larry A. Mendenhall to Michael G. Dick, $407,500.

MOUNTVILLE WOODS DR., 22774-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Sylvia Y. and Leslie M. Swann, $897,758.

OATLANDS GROVE PL., 22739-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to M. Diaz Yap and C. Reategui Marquez, $508,212.

OLMSTED DR., 42573-Centex Homes to Carla and Stephen A. Sola, $479,160.

PORTICO PL., 22764-Winchester Homes Inc. to Ronald G. and Darlene R. Jardine, $544,265.

RIDGEWAY DR., 42965-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to T. Rahman and Mahsin Habib, $511,519.

SANDHURST CT., 42873-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Kenneth Isibel, $652,666.

STILL CREEK DR., 42825-Kellye Ann and Samuel K. Robison to Diana C. and David L. Allison, $660,000.

SUNSTONE CT., 21971-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Junko and Jay Buxton, $441,765.

SWALLOWTAIL WAY, 42569-Connie Cheng and James C. Kwai to Robyn L. and John B. David, $469,000.

TATTINGER TER., 43774-Chong J. Lee to Emilyn and Michael Domancich, $314,500.

UNISON KNOLL CIR., 43044-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Mylinh and Thuan Doan, $828,806.

VANTAGE POINTE PL., 22183-Richmond American Homes to Dina Y. and J. Thomas Cilke, $632,700.

VICKERY PARK DR., 22871-Centex Homes to Thao T. Nguyen, $460,140.

WATER RUN CT., 22055-Richmond American Homes to Shahin and Abdullah Zhowandai, $526,415.

WATER RUN CT., 22099-Richmond American Homes to Heather P. and Dwight B. Engen, $555,015.

WESTDALE CT., 21845-Harding G. and John L. Wilcox to P. Perera and H. Medde Witage, $450,000.

WINDOVER DR., 21947-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Chithkala S. and Srikanth Manasani, $381,960.

WINDOVER DR., 21951-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to R. Birla and Krishna M. Gadicherla, $379,820.

WINDOVER DR., 21957-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Aaron P. Lawlor, $421,975.

WINGFOOT CT., 21828-Ayla and William G. Dross to Kymberly Richard and Mark Mazzei, $475,000.

Dulles Area

BAYSWATER TER., 46041-Ann E. and Nathan E. Senger to Netsanet Amberber and Ryan Clemm, $310,000.

GRAMMERCY TER., 46055-Trung C. Pham to Thu Ha T. Pham and Toby Tran, $221,000.

MARKBOROUGH TER., 21057-David A. and Evelyne N. Sama to Hoda Alibair, $334,999.

PADDINGTON STATION TER., 45697-Kristen B. and Michael F. O'Hara to Seema Bohara and Mahendra Jain, $326,000.

RAILWAY TER., 21875, No. 100-Richard A. Roberts to Roy Tokeshi, $212,000.

WEMBLEY CENTRAL TER., 45702-Richard L. Rudnick to Daljeet Karu and Sant Singh, $307,500.

Hamilton Area

DELAWARE AVE., 114-Tiare Lee Herring estate to Jeffrey Lockheart, $161,000.

GOLDEN SPRINGS CT., 39527-Fairway Homes Inc. to Margaret B. and Joseph S. Pillera, $699,813.

HAMILTON STATION RD., 17274-James W. Reynolds estate to Ashley E. and Brian B. Vann, $220,000.

LAYCOCK FARM CT., 38701-G. and M. Homes Corp. Number Three to Sandra P. and Randall G. Miles, $589,990.

Leesburg Area

ADAMS DR., 103-Margaret E. Wagar to Kelly A. Mulliner, $131,000.

ADAMS DR., 89-Leslie D. Willson to Salamat Ali and Fahmida Fakher, $136,000.

ADAMS DR., 89-Peter N. Evans to Leslie D. Willson, $95,000.

ALPINE DR., 114-Cecilia A. and Hector A. Sabroso to Carlos Wong and Myriam M. Marquez, $500,000.

ALPINE DR., 120-Nicole and Jason Money to Maria T. and Francis R. Keeney, $519,000.

ALPINE DR., 122-Catherine M. and Kurt L. Struder to Shannon R. and Ryan J. Smalley, $512,000.

ALPINE DR., 198-Richmond American Homes to Jeffrey Bartholomew, $410,815.

ALPINE DR., 228-Richmond American Homes to Kristin C. and Joseph E. Murdock, $377,840.

ARIEL DR., 294-Centex Homes to Nicole A. and Christopher M. Houman, $447,080.

AYRLEE AVE., 413-Lynn F. and Glenn A. Whittington to Maureen H. and Todd J. Erickson, $315,000.

BALCH SPRINGS CIR., 126-A. Vijayakumar and Rajeshwar R. Pajjur to Patricia L. and Ara Bagdasarian, $420,000.

BELMONT DR., 304-G.W. Hunt to Julia M. Saulnier, $254,000.

BENT CREEK TER., 43755-Geralyn T. and James M. Collins to James Scott Bell Jr., $550,000.

BIRDWOOD CT., 18800-William H. and Anne E. Haas to Elizabeth J. and Cory Tryon, $592,000.

BRAEMAR PL., 17875-Toll Land IX Partnership to Hasina S. and Stephen P. Hafner, $839,620.

BURNT BRIDGE DR., 19226-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Piyush R. Shah, $598,740.

CAMBRIA TER., 1180-Adnan U. and Irfan U. Khan to Marlin D. Edwards Jr., $349,900.

CAMBRIA TER., 1192-U S Home Corp. to Lisa A. and Adam D. Kiefer, $352,713.

CAMBRIA TER., 1200-U S Home Corp. to Katherine and Joseph Altadonna, $359,820.

CAMBRIA TER., 1206-U S Home Corp. to Chad Virostek, $323,680.

CAMBRIA TER., 1212-U S Home Corp. to Lisa Gee, $294,451.

CAMBRIA TER., 1216-U S Home Corp. to Nancy Ellen Crown, $347,720.

CATOCTIN CIR., 827-Scott L. and Janis L. Aiken to Evaristo Rojas, $355,000.

CLUBHOUSE DR., 125-R, No. 4-Emma K. and E. Joseph Kelly to Edward Wetherell, $93,000.

CONSTELLATION SQ., 645-G-Mary Ann Gibson to Gail M. and Bruce S. Foster, $179,000.

COUNTRY CLUB DR., 708-Natasha L. and Michael A. Kohler to Barbara Shober and John Fisher, $359,900.

CREEK FIELD CIR., 19213-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Hector N. Velasquez, $663,210.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19375, No. 521-Shirley Joan Johnson, trustee, to Patricia and Robert Sherfy, trustees, $320,000.

DEERPATH AVE., 397-Marin Gerskovic and Elke F. Ender to Sonia D. Witherspoon, $271,000.

EVERGREEN MILLS RD., 20483-Lewis and G. Shirley and John D. Myers to Salvatore J. Cangiano, $5,479,500.

EVERGREEN MILLS RD., 22025-Katrina A. Landis to Theresa and Emile E. Ouellette, $905,000.

FALLS OVERLOOK CT., 43017-Brookfield Washington Corp. to Kevin J. Taylor, $526,215.

FEATHERSTONE LANE, 1238-Michelle K. and John M. Margraf to Lyria Charles, $389,900.

FERNDALE TER., 837-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Oscar A. Gonzalez, $223,545.

FERRIERS CT., 16600-V.M.K. Associates Joint Venture to Gayla and Kenneth A. Nelson, trustees, $733,265.

FIELDSVIEW CT., 43290-Equity Homes Corp. to Lauren and Steven Szilagyi, $780,045.

GIBBON CT., 18614-Renee L. and John T. Callaway Jr. to Sheila A. and Stephen J. Akers, $495,000.

GOLDEN LARCH TER., 214-Pamela R. Newell to Joanne L. and Mark M. Stewart, $269,000.

GOLDSWORTH TER., 107-Valerie A. Quigley to Alison J. Quigley, $260,000.

GRAYWOOD WAY, 1723-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to S.J. Amin and Dharmesh V. Kanchan, $373,543.

GREEN MEADOW LANE, 42308-Janet L. and David C. Plummer to A. McCarthy and Gregory Yanekian, $685,000.

GROUSE TER., 19060-Lansdowne Community Development to Wasi Ahadi and Abe Nader, $366,160.

HARMONY CHURCH RD., 18742-Crystal Homes Corp. to Melissa C. and Nelson E. Gilbert, $567,019.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1106, No. 102-Margaret L. Costello estate to King Piao Ho, $162,000.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1110, No. 102-Ronald W. Rosenberger to Ashley M. Stanford, $165,000.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1119, No. 202-Angela D. Fletcher to Stuart I. Silverman, $158,000.

INVERMERE DR., 714-Jackie L. and Robert J. Fletcher to Dyane and Kirby Rice, $480,000.

IRON LEIGE CT., 40307-Beacon Hill Corp. to Jean E. and Miguel A. Morales, $833,710.

KEPHARTS MILL TER., 19224-NVR Inc. to Christopher F. Drew and Maly Sin, $351,880.

LANIER ISLAND SQ., 18464-Cathy P. and B. Lawson Holland to Stephen D. Cary, $638,000.

LEES MILL SQ., 43778-Lansdowne Community Development to Sidra J. and Michael J. Murray, $135,000.

LEES MILL SQ., 43782-Lansdowne Community Development to Kim Byung Won and Hyo Chin, $410,000.

LEES MILL SQ., 43804-Lansdowne Community Development to Haeson Lee, $345,571.

LEES MILL SQ., 43809-Lansdowne Community Development to A. Naranji and F. Ranjbarkohan, $135,000.

LIMESTONE CT., 16340-V.M.K. Associates Joint Venture to Jennifer M. and Price E. Williams, $768,740.

LONGHOUSE PL., 18985-Patricia R. and Thomas R. Slagel to James P. Burghard, $510,000.

LOUDOUN ORCHARD RD., 18880-Vickie O. and Duane H. Greenfield to Angela and James T. Eller Jr., $707,000.

MAX CT., 106-Richmond American Homes to Robin F. and Barrie M. Brown, $455,340.

MAYFAIR DR., 212-Trina and John Droppa to Maria C. and Luis Ruiz, $390,000.

MELODY CT., 804-Susan M. and Michael W. Polen to Georgia A. Schnarrs, $439,934.

MID OCEAN PL., 18321-K. Denise and Colvin E. Vaughn to Prudential Residential Services Partnership, $770,000.

MOORE PL., 1311-Julia L. and Jerry B. Hester to Carolyn and Scott Spofford, $524,000.

MORVEN PARK CT., 306-Ariavni and Ramzi Zarou to Lindsey E. and Kenneth V. Hunt, $329,900.

NIKKI TER., 422-Colette Laforest to Kimberly Y. Ear, $269,900.

OAK VIEW DR., 133-Barbara J. and David S. Oakes to Mauricio Martinez, $265,000.

OAKCREST MANOR DR., 317-Myrna D. and Audrey L. Harris to Mary and Paul Goldstein, $412,500.

OVERVIEW PL., 43288-Basheer Edgemoore Goose Creek Corp. to Brigit and Adam E. Freedman, $1.06 million.

PEARLBUSH SQ., 424-Sandra Marlene Sandoval to Bernardo Romo, $260,000.

PERDIDO BAY TER., 18528-Michael Harris Homes Corp. to Maureen Burns and Brian Trossen, $499,104.

PIERPOINT TER., 43656-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Linda A. Sonnhalter, $471,450.

PIERPOINT TER., 43658-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Michele and Robert Odenheimer, $582,997.

PROSPERITY AVE., 114-C-Marjorie V. Miller to D.L. Akers and Kimberly Cybulski, $171,000.

PROSPERITY AVE., 115-E-William E. Smith to Svemir Brkic, $167,900.

RICHARD DR., 106-Richmond American Homes to Sydney and David Dunlap, $355,765.

ROCK SPRING DR., 310-Robert D. and Laura H. Repass to Shelley and Bryan S. Chadwick, $145,000.

SHADWELL TER., 113-Jeannine and Eric Vazquez to M. Clark and C. Raymond Steen III, $280,000.

SHINNIECOCK HILLS PL., 18257-M.B. River Creek Corp. to Aimee and Brett Egloff, $892,400.

SMARTTS LANE, 838-Margaret Helen Maxwell to Lisa and Paul Karg, $244,000.

SPRINGHOUSE SQ., 650-Martha L. and Yousef Piroozgar to Mery Bertrand and Renzo Rodriguez, $339,000.

STALLION SQ., 346-Steven Alan Smith to Ruth Garcia, $244,000.

STONE FENCE TER., 43726-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Sharon P. Strauchs, $460,360.

TONQUIN PL., 726-The Drees Co. to Janice P. Dowe, $496,607.

TRIDENT SQ., 18776-Tonya E. and James R. Absher to R. Stephen and Gnanaraj Koilpillai, $325,000.

WARRENTON TER., 612-Mhairi and Shawn A. Lewis to Henry C. Lane, $245,000.

WASHINGTON ST., 120-1, No. 1-Ruth H. and Willard E. Bishop to Helen and Harrison G. Hawthorne, $62,111.

WHITEHORSE CT., 298-Sheila A. and Stephen J. Akers to Vanessa R. Maddox, $449,900.

WIGGUM SQ., 19219-Lansdowne Community Development to Jeri A. Larson, $531,595.

Lovettsville Area

APRIL CIR., 13300-M.B. Waterford View Corp. to Kristin L. and Scott N. Kazem, $674,389.

MILLTOWN RD., 13186-M.B. Waterford View Corp. to Deborah J. and Michael J. Voss, $788,900.

RED BUD LANE, 4-Sara K.W. Jackson to Duane G. Thorpe, $228,000.

TRITICUM LANE, 38826-Dan Ryan Builders Inc. to Ranjani and Theron Johnson, $494,100.

Middleburg Area

PIEDMONT DR., 12-Carla A. and Kevin L. Passarello to Katherine I. and Shannon R. Kennedy, $420,000.

Purcellville Area

CHINCOTEAGUE CT. E., 304-Richmond American Homes to Ingrid K. and Stephen B. Leiby, $360,945.

DESALES DR., 153-Catoctin Meadows Corp. to Frances E. and Paul M. Gremaud, $507,365.

GATEPOST CT., 409-Washington Homes Inc. to Laurie Ann and Eric S. Van Winkle, $439,651.

GATEPOST CT., 421-Washington Homes Inc. to Jennifer and Thomas F. Nicholson, $472,973.

GENTLEWOOD SQ., 512-Michael Harris Homes Corp. to Bonnie L. and Gary M. Kavanagh, $397,290.

HIRST CT., 106-Nicole M. and Robin V. Plumley to Tracey L. and Mario M. Mustacchio, $237,000.

HUNT VALLEY LANE, 37352-Wetherburne Homes Corp. to Melissa and Nima E. Ebrahimnejad, $904,965.

IVY HILLS TER., 137-Toll Virginia Partnership to Felicity W.A. and Peter H.A. Bowles, $338,143.

IVY HILLS TER., 142-Toll Virginia Partnership to Gloria Seeger, $256,975.

LOUDOUN HEIGHTS LANE, 37126-Georgia K. and Jon E. Garner to T. Waters and Donovan Demshock, $351,000.

OTLEY RD., 19062-Betty M. and Edward R. Farrand to Martha M. and Michael McHugh, $560,000.

PURCELLVILLE RD., 14545-H. Diana and David C. Fredley to Stacie L. and Joseph M. Lawton III, $439,500.

ST. LOUIS RD., 20019-Amber and Bradley Isham to Jack D. Welsh, $770,000.

SILCOTT SPRINGS RD., 19282-Bryan Bond, trustee, to Maribeth and J. Mark Sweeney, $667,000.

SILCOTT SPRINGS RD., 19838-Marino Genn to Elizabeth I.R. and Donald D. Crabtree, $620,000.

STURBRIDGE CT., 737-Washington Homes Inc. to Barbara Griffin and John Hetey, $383,690.

WINTERGREEN DR., 669-Jane A. and Matthew C. Burns to M. Thompson and Christopher Thompson, $379,000.

Round Hill Area

BROWNELL LANE, 34411-Rosanne T. and Daniel Frend Jr. to Lynn Hwa Lun Liu and David C. Hass, $570,000.

KENTSDALE SQ., 17361-Alison C. Lee to Mary E. and Thomas C. Mohl, $259,900.

ROUNDLEAF CT., 35741-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Justine H. and Bernard M. Moses, $412,605.

WILLIAMS GAP RD., 34994-Cynthia and Donald Talada to Joseph H. and Nancy Shuttleworth III, $615,000.

South Riding Area

BRICKELL DR., 25447-Merritt and Jon D. Holder to Linda D. Young and Marcus L. Davis, $308,000.

ELK LICK RD., 25055-Louise D. Ketron to Olde Town USA Carwash and Lube Corp., $700,000.

GLASGOW DR., 26063-Greg Norman,

trustee, to Gloriasue and John G. Arriza, $598,000.

GOLF VIEW DR., 43065-Sun Woo and Myung Chul Cho to Jane C. and Robert J. Gumbrewicz, $347,700.

GOVER DR., 25540-Mario Jimenez to Valerie L. and Thomas Colley, $343,000.

JUBILEE ST., 43514-Michael H. and Alexandra A. Parker to Gargi A. and Ashit R. Patel, $359,900.

KAISER PL., 25789-South Riding Partners Partnership to Sujata and Gyanaranjan Bohidar, $471,195.