Fund Manager Convicted of Fraud

Money Invested in Own Firms, Jury Concludes

A federal jury in Baltimore found Nathan A. Chapman Jr. guilty of 23 felony offenses Thursday, concluding that the investment banker defrauded the state retirement system of nearly $5 million and looted hundreds of thousands of dollars from companies under his control. Jurors found that Chapman used state pension money under his management to invest in his own businesses, losing millions when his company's stock price fell in 2000. He will be sentenced Nov. 1.

Virus Strikes 70 Teens at U-Md.

Gastrointestinal Infection Highly Contagious

A virus sickened about 70 teenagers staying at the University of Maryland at College Park as part of a youth program. The teenagers were taken to hospitals after developing nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and cramps. Officials initially thought that the illness was the result of food poisoning but later determined that it was caused by a highly contagious virus called norovirus, a gastrointestinal infection.

Nursing Mothers Pressure Starbucks

Despite Law, Employee Asked Woman to Move

A group of mothers gathered at a Starbucks Coffee shop in Silver Spring on Sunday to nurse their babies and to call on the corporation to allow public breastfeeding in its chain of stores. The event was staged after an employee from the shop asked a woman who was nursing her daughter to cover up or go into the ladies' room. A law passed last year gives mothers in Maryland the right to nurse in public. A spokeswoman for Starbucks wrote in an e-mail that the company follows local laws and plans to reemphasize the state's ordinance to employees.

Parents Find Naked Man in Child's Room

Intruder Charged With Attempted Rape

A Wheaton mother and father were awakened early Sunday by their 4-year-old daughter screaming in her bedroom. The girl's mother rushed in and found a stranger, naked and apparently drunk, on top of her. The mother screamed, and the father rushed into the room. The man climbed off the girl and sat on the edge of the bed. The couple called for help while the girl's father stood watch over the man. Vicente Perez-Hernandez, 40, was charged with attempted burglary and attempted rape.

Doctors Propose Dropping Malpractice

Increases Worry Staff at Pr. George's Hospital

Doctors at Prince George's Hospital Center voted unanimously to ask administrators to allow them to work without malpractice insurance coverage. The General Medical Staff, facing a 40 percent increase in malpractice insurance premiums next year, said the higher rates are making it too costly for them to practice. Prince George's Hospital Center officials said it was unlikely they would honor the doctors' request.

Law on Historic Homes May Be Relaxed

Health Concerns Could Speed Exterior Changes

A Montgomery County Council member plans to introduce legislation that would make it easier for the owners of historic properties to make changes in the structures if health concerns are a factor. Nancy Floreen (D-At Large) was moved to action by a media report about two residents of the Takoma Park historic district who have been unable to win the Historic Preservation Commission's approval to replace many of the windows of their circa 1914 house. The windows generate dust with lead particles, and the couple's daughters, ages 4 and 6, have low lead levels in their blood.

Year's First Case of West Nile Suspected

Pr. George's Resident Recovering at Home

Prince George's County authorities reported that a resident probably has West Nile virus, the first human case of the mosquito-borne illness in the region this year. Additional tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis. The person is at home.

Shock to Elation: Bob and Katie Poole of Laurel thought twins were on the way, but Mackenzie, left, Gabrielle, Danielle and Robert proved them wrong. The in-vitro pregnancy was high-risk.