The following were among cases received recently by the Washington Humane Society. For more information or assistance, 24 hours a day, call 202-723-5730.

Animal Sacrifice Plan Discovered

PARK RD. NW, 1400 block, Aug. 6. A Humane Society officer investigating a report found three thin chickens in a dirty crate at a business. String was tied around the legs of two chickens, and the third could not open one of its eyes. No one answered the door at the business, so the chickens were taken to the society shelter.

When the officer returned three days later, a woman said she would surrender custody of only the chicken with the bad eye, because the other two were going to be sacrificed on the anniversary of her father's death.

The three birds were held by the society pending an investigation. It is illegal to keep chickens in the District.

Society records indicate that several birds were removed from the owner three years ago after they were found in dirty conditions.

Pit Bull Tied to Fence

B ST. SE, 4700 block, Aug. 6. A Humane Society officer investigating a report found a pit bull tied to a fence in a yard with no access to shelter. A witness said the dog had been jumping over the fence. No one answered the door at the dog owner's home, so the dog was impounded at the society shelter pending contact from the owner.

Wounded Deer Eludes Capture

MASSACHUSETTS AVE. NW, 3400 block, Aug. 2. Investigating a report of a deer with a broken leg, an Animal Control officer found the animal but could not get close enough to inject it with a dart sedative. The officer returned to the area several times but could not find the deer.

Woman Charged With Cruelty

INDIANA AVE. NW, 500 block, Aug. 9. The owner of two emaciated rabbits was arrested and charged with two counts of cruelty to animals.

The woman had called the Humane Society in October to report that her rabbit was not moving. An officer found two emaciated rabbits, one dead. The woman said she had fed the rabbits alfalfa, celery and carrots but had run out of rabbit food pellets. The officer impounded both animals, and a necropsy was performed on the dead rabbit. The live rabbit, which was examined by a veterinarian, gained a pound after it was fed properly.

Goose Freed From Yard

W ST. SW, first block, Aug. 2. A Humane Society officer, investigating a report of an injured goose, found it uninjured but unable to fly over a backyard fence. The officer captured the bird and released it elsewhere.

Labrador Retriever Left in Rain

RHODE ISLAND AVE. NW, 100 block, Aug. 11. An Animal Control officer called the Humane Society about a Labrador retriever that had been left out in the rain in the fenced front yard of a home. The Humane Society officer found the soaked dog standing against the front door, whining. When no one answered the door, the officer impounded the animal. The owner called the next day and said she had tried putting the dog in the back yard but it jumped over a fence, so she put it in the front yard. The officer recommended neutering the animal, and the owner arranged to have the society perform the operation.

Injured Starling Euthanized

AINGER PL. SE, 2400 block, Aug. 2. A Humane Society officer, investigating a call about an injured bird, found a starling with a broken wing and leg. The bird was euthanized at the society shelter.

Abandoned Puppy Impounded

E ST. SE, 1600 block, Aug. 2. Residents of a home asked animal control to pick up a puppy that had been abandoned with them. Animal Control officers picked up the timid and dirty dog, which was bathed at the D.C. shelter and made available for adoption.

Dog Forced From Car

BANGOR ST. SE, 1400 block, Aug. 3. A letter carrier called for assistance after he was frightened by a roaming, abandoned dog. The animal had been thrown from a vehicle, which was then driven away. A Humane Society officer chased and caught the dog, which was held at the society shelter.

Opossum Survives Dog's Jaws

SIXTH ST. NE, 400 block, Aug. 3. A Rottweiler brought a young opossum into its owner's house and dropped it in the living room. The dog's owner asked Animal Control to remove the opossum. After Animal Control caught the animal and determined that it was uninjured, it was released to the wild.

Dead Fawn Found Near Fence

LINNEAN AVE. NW, 4100 block, Aug. 3. Investigating a report of a fawn stuck in a fence, an Animal Control officer found the deer dead with a serious puncture wound, which it had probably suffered while trying to climb the fence.

Deer Hit by Car

BLADGEN AVE. NW, 4500 block, Aug. 6. Investigating a report about a deer hit by a car, an Animal Control officer found it severely injured. It was euthanized.

Chained Dog Impounded

UNDERWOOD PL. NE, first block, Aug. 10. A Humane Society officer found a shepherd mix chained to a fence in a back yard and wearing a collar with metal prongs. The dog had been trying unsuccessfully to crawl under a van to escape the sun. A terrier mix was loose in the yard. No shelter was available for either dog.

No one was at home, and the officer caught the shepherd mix because it was chained, which is illegal in the District. The dog lunged at the officer when she tried to remove the collar. After the dog arrived at the society shelter, staff took off the collar and chain.

The next morning, the owner called and said she had left the dogs in the yard before leaving for a fishing trip the previous day. She said they were normally kept indoors, and the shepherd mix had recently been released from quarantine after being involved in a dog-bite case. The owner claimed the dog and was advised not to leave it outside without proper shelter.

-- Compiled by KATHY ORTON