The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

WAKEFIELD DR., 6631, No. 709-Richard J. Whalen Jr. to Anna B. Dollins, $250,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

BERKSHIRE DR., 6516-Usman Ahmed to Mohammad S. Hussain, $300,000.

BINGLEY RD., 6005-Alimany Bangura to P. Melendez, $307,000.

BIRCHLEIGH WAY, 6505-Babrak Gardizi to Donna R. Rumbaugh, $290,000.

CROSS GATE LANE, 7525-Stephen P. Dawkins to Thomas R. and Carla G. Perea, $385,000.

CURTIER DR., 6000-Mark E. Duarte to James and Jacqueline Folk, $245,050.

DEER GAP CT., 6629-Donald R. Werner to Esther Pinchasin, $284,975.

DOROTHY GILES CT., 6720-Kevin L. Giles to Babrak and Nasrin Gardizi, $370,000.

DUVAWN ST., 4103-Emmanuel C. Manalo to Jocelyn Tafalla, Waleska Romero and Castillo Lisseth, $406,000.

HEATHERWAY CT., 6839-George T. Stroup III to Brandon M. Newton, $230,000.

RIDGE VIEW DR., 5609-Constance M. Greene to Daniel P. and Michele B. Hennessey, $305,000.

ROUNDHILL RD., 4603-Lilliane and Son Corp. to Pablo and Lucia Martinez, $295,000.

TOWER HILL CIR., 5650-Prestwick Corp. to Miron and Rita Leykin, $732,827.

VICTORIA DR., 6903-Amir Hirsh to Harry E. Procter, $215,000.

WAYCROSS DR., 5421-Frank A. Edens to Brett D. Rice, $681,500.

WESCOTT HILLS WAY, 5982-Theodore Balides to Kenneth J. Kile, $435,000.

Annandale Area

ASPEN HILL CT., 4613-Brookfield Aspen Hill Corp. to Grace Chiu, $544,140.

GLEN HOLLOW CT., 7255-Audrey C. Moore to Joyce C. Hall, $228,000.

LAKE BLVD., 3900-Lewis C. Jones Jr. to Chumnei Miller, $425,000.

MAXFIELD DR., 4544-Zuhair Abu to Ziad Alnmir, $305,000.

MURRAY LANE, 7114-Paula M. Mathews to Boris M. Sigwalt, $390,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3312, No. 31-Boksoon A. Yi to Said Samghouli, $172,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

BLAIR RD., 3529-Catherine E. Garber to Q. Dat, $379,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6147, No. 609-Adrian C. Gastelum to Scott T. Shaker, $130,000.

RIO DR., 3245-Kevin H. Eller to Ashish Mehta, $134,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3713, No. 1410-Curtis G. Stielow to Guldan Ellen M. Barquero, $222,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5501, No. 609-Tiblez Adal to Rita V. Espiritu, $245,000.

Burke Area

BALD HILL PL., 8923-George Koutsoukos to David A. and Tara L. Divine, $375,000.

BONNIE BERN CT., 6001-Jocelyn A.T. Aguenza to Gina M. Hobbs, $272,000.

CONISTONE CT., 5520-Paul Joseph Zaterka to Gueisa E. Taylor, $289,900.

FALLING BROOK DR., 6331-Carl Hartung to Angela M. and Michael R. Nyberg, $481,000.

SUMMER OAK WAY, 5622-Todd Stawarz to Kristen A. and James J. Junkin, $230,000.

TIBBITT LANE, 5055-Christopher L. Baker to Daniel Herrarte and Yanci Morales, $265,000.

FIRST LANDING WAY, 5981, No. 6-Beverly W. Gilbert to Robyn M., Linda A. and Joseph D. Herrick, $153,000.

Centreville Area

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14305, No. 205-Rachel A. Paul to Norman A. and John T. Harris, $205,000.

COMPTON LANE, 6955-David K. Anderson to Nancy K. Dishner, $272,000.

GREEN PARK WAY, 14715-Armando R. Garcia to Patrick Hartigan, $191,000.

GRESHAM LANE, 5621-James A. Spaith to Nazish Rao and Iftikhar Ahmed, $157,074.

GRISTMILL SQUARE TRACE, 6418-Cathy Gordon to Charles J. Brennan and Sherry Coughlin, $589,900.

GROBIE POND LANE, 14742-Nancy E. Launi to Nicholas O. Finch and Megan E. Boland, $251,999.

HONEY HILL CT., 14105-Roberto Fuentes to Ahmed M. Azam and Farhana Hamid, $255,000.

KERRYWOOD CIR., 6891-Mira Lee to Hun Jung and Eun Mi Kim, $307,000.

LAMIUM LANE, 13513-Winchester Homes Inc. to Hea Bin and Dae Ho Kim, $646,845.

LAVENDER MIST LANE, 13524-Winchester Homes Inc. to William E. Johnson and C.M. Muhammad, $381,595.

MIST FLOWER DR., 13528-Winchester Homes Inc. to Abraham and Mary S. Mwenda, $463,097.

MUDDY CREEK CT., 14703-Chung Duk Lee to Jungxu Xiang and Wen Zhang, $445,000.

PALISADES DR., 6519-Charles A. Purdy to Janet W. Boone, $325,000.

PONY HILL CT., 14220-Bruce H. Thomas to Keith J. and Melissa A. Coughlin, $570,000.

ROCK FOREST CT., 5806-Stephan M. Gaudin to Sean P. and Heather K. Mayo, $252,900.

ROSEMALLOW CIR., 5319-Winchester Homes Inc. to Kyu S. Moon, $332,000.

ROSEMALLOW CIR., 5341-Andrew X. Zheng to Eladio G. Yenderrozos, $369,900.

ROWENA DR., 5601-Stephen F. Monick Jr. to Carl and Winifred O. Kachauskas, $425,000.

SAGUARO PL., 14449-Erving R. Olivas to Marcos A. Lemus, $167,500.

SAPPHIRE SKY LANE, 5073-Pulte Home Corp. to Christopher Maher, $453,850.

SAPPHIRE SKY LANE, 5083-Pulte Home Corp. to Richard D. and Hana Klein, $460,825.

SHARPS DR., 6332-Claire W. Teixeira to Yoon S. Oh and Bong S. Oh, $325,000.

SHARPSBURG DR., 6912-Alfred G. Morro to Paul A. and Catherine B. Dettmer, $500,000.

ST. GERMAIN DR., 14509-Shazia Chaudry to Global Investments Corp., $130,000.

STONEPATH CIR., 6107-David T. Dimattina to J.M. Floyd, $280,000.

WETHERBURN DR., 15175-Shin W. Kim to Dong Y. Kim, $410,000.

WILLIAM CARR LANE, 14513-Wang J. Bae to James Cowan and Versie Hough, $355,000.

WINDING RIDGE LANE, 13900-Walter Hendricksen to Virginia Park, $260,000.

Chantilly Area

COCHRAN PL., 4735-Centex Homes to Al Navidi, $534,710.

CONSTITUTION CT., 13851-Philip M. Ringenbach to Claudia Santamaria, $196,000.

DEERWATCH DR., 4656-Jason A. Kirkhart to Nabil M. and Roda A. Mohamed, $344,900.

ELLENDALE DR., 13617-Paul A. Mansour to Emery D. and Tricia M. Skolfield, $352,777.

SAMUELS PINE RD., 4524-Talbot M. Black to Robert Havlovick and Anne E. Lindvay, $310,000.

SCOTCH RUN CT., 13285-Centex Homes to Winnie K. and Hoa My Lam Lieu, $571,250.

STEPNEY LANE, 13615-Kathleen Nguyen to Juan Hernandez, Maribel Martinez and Perez Manuel, $272,000.

WOODS EDGE CT., 4413-Bryan P. Murray to Edward and Maria Paska, $435,000.

Clifton Area

FOREST RUN DR., 6026-Stephen J. Philipse to Susan A. Ostrander, $415,000.

HENDERSON RD., 11725-Jeffrey D. Jenkins to Alexander M. Fink, $585,000.

OTTER RUN RD., 6204-James G. Kocher to Arthur Gattsek, $465,000.

WILLOW VALLEY RD., 5416-Shawn C. Thompson to Ahmed Arara, $874,900.

Fairfax City Area

BIRKDALE WAY, 12580-Centex Homes to Bum S. Shin, $420,515.

CANNON RIDGE CT., 4330-Jack Brown to Michele J. Probst, $335,000.

CERROMAR PL., 12532-NVR Inc. to Tibebe Digafe and Kelemua Yilfu, $614,115.

CHARING CROSS RD., 2907-James J. Bryan to Marie A. Gerritz and Elena Asuncion, $109,000.

CHESHIRE MEAD WAY, 5421-Serdar Yilmaz to Michael D. and Amy B. Dallara, $317,000.

CHESHIRE MEAD WAY, 5516-Richard F. Perkins to Eric P. and Teresa S. Hollandsworth, $270,000.

COLCHESTER BROOK LANE, 3165-Rose E. Montas to Zhi Jun Zhang and Li Jianling, $305,000.

DOGWOOD HILLS LANE, 12799-Valia Kart to Deborah F. Jenks, $369,900.

DOVEVILLE LANE, 4111-Ann R. Smith to Robert H. Kay, $310,000.

FOUNTAINSIDE LANE, 4144, No. 102-Cesar A. Baldeon to Felix G. Baldeon, $225,000.

GALLEY CT., 5412-Bonnie L. Court to Solomon Gessesse, $280,000.

HAMPTON FOREST CT., 12989-Russell E. Martin to Carlos A. and Jacqueline L. Vargas, $430,000.

HEAD CT., 5059-Edward C. Vaughan to Patricia and David Cosby, $282,500.

HEATHERFORD PL., 12708-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Shaoge Zhang, $620,000.

HICKORY GROVE CT., 3031-Donald H. Forsht to Genoveva Saavedra, $315,000.

LEE HWY., 12916-A.L. Bloomquest to Equity Homes Corp., $1.196 million.

MANOR PL., 10010-Daniel Turner to Nicholas and Alexandra Bakopoulos, $650,000.

MONUMENT CT., 4116, No. D-Yi Ok An to Song O. Ji, $249,000.

OX RIDGE CT., 3601-Reza Farhadi to Safar Pourmohsen and Roya Nazar, $699,900.

PENDER RIDGE TER., 4035-Darryl L. Whitehead to Arlyne D. and Reginald G. Foy, $420,000.

PLATTEN DR., 3037-Shin Hee Park to Mansour G. Annab, $580,000.

POMMEROY DR., 5301-Michael S. Haines to Luis D. and Melissa R. Garcia, $375,000.

POPES HEAD RD., 11301-Rodney C. Thomas to Richard C. Laperch and Nancy A. Huner, $875,000.

RIDGE KNOLL DR., 12005, No. 404A-Abby J. Pearson to Paula Donohoe, $230,000.

RIDGEMIST LANE, 12978-Nery R. Padilla to Norman Najarro and Rene Grijalva, $275,000.

WHISPER WILLOW DR., 5209-Alan Shams to Charles and Angela King, $415,000.

Fairfax Station Area

ADAMS CHASE CIR., 9004-Brookfield Harris Corp. to John Hanson and Kay Thayer Ely, $1.001 million.

CROSSPOINTE DR., 9404-Christopher Y. Lew to Thomas J. and Deborah A. Anderson, $610,000.

JUMET CT., 6416-Lars E. Larson to Richard Hottell and Kathleen Hirning, $768,000.

OX RD., 5428-Reliable Management Group to Myung C. Cho and Sun Cho, $475,000.

RAMBLING RIDGE CT., 9705-Kevin Arthur Ward to Francis J. and Regina A. Schmitt, $765,000.

SWANS CREEK WAY, 9044-Brookfield Harris Corp. to Edward Barbano and Caroline Chow, $809,790.

Falls Church Area

BRAD ST., 7423-Robert E. Devereux to Richard W. and Coralie S. Miller, $310,200.

CHRISLAND COVE, 7561-Cornelia D. Whitehead to William C. Byrnes, $385,000.

CROOKED OAK LANE, 6350-Brandy N. Matthews to Celezia Francis and Oswaldo Jimenez, $403,000.

EMMA LEE ST., 2806, No. 302-Prapaporn Siridumrongphun to Timothy M. Sturgeon, $258,900.

HAYCOCK RD., 7007-Elizabeth J. Darby to Richard A. and Janet L.M. Rosenberger, $395,000.

JEFFERSON AVE., 6916-Valiant Investments Corp. to Mark S. Jones and Amy E. McCarthy, $345,000.

KALMIA LEE CT., 2823, No. 102-William T. Gibson to Andrea L. Dono, $137,000.

TIMBER LANE, 7213-Steven Kenneth Westra to William C. Short and Karen Sulmonetti, $442,900.

WALLACE DR., 2945-Ralph S. Westcott to Emma Louise Sanwogou, $325,000.

WESTMORELAND RD., 6918-Karen L. Faulconer to Bradley A. Kosutic, $280,000.

WILLOW POINT DR., 7626-Karen L. Hanby to Nathan B. Butzlaff and Meghan M. Wolf, $255,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

PAXTON RD., 7332-Reva Mae Griffith to Pilar L. Morin, $314,900.

VAN TUYL PL., 2094-Mary V. Smith to Gigi P. Stowe, $498,000.

VENICE CT., 7501-GBM Properties Corp. to Martin R. Youmans, $555,000.

Fort Hunt Area

CEDAR DALE LANE, 1139-Randall A. Yim to Michelle Malloy and Everett Southerland, $610,000.

PAUL SPRING PKWY., 1905-M. Kevin Gullick to Sean M. Bird and Shannon L. Francis, $399,900.

RIDGECREST DR., 7716-Harry L. Clark to John E. and Rebecca J. Heinze, $677,000.

Great Falls Area

CREAMCUP LANE, 10613-William C. Dickson to Ehssan and Sharon K. Malekian, $875,000.

EVONSHIRE LANE, 1000-R. Jack Chapman to Lalitha Chekuri, $1 million.

HOLLY CREEK DR., 903-Martin Cury to Bill J. and Karen S. Polizos, $590,000.

RIVER PARK DR., 218-Steven B. Peterson to William C. and Dana D. Smith, $706,556.

Herndon Area

ARTIC QUILL RD., 1123-Jerold H. Manley to Martin and Deborah B. Anilane, $380,000.

CAMBERLEY FORGE DR., 12612-Paul M. Gremaud Jr. to Gigi Myung, $781,000.

CHARLES ST., 1021-Vasti Demelo to Fredrico Gonzales and Misael Lopez, $210,000.

CLIVEDEN ST., 12311-Francesco Salvo to Yue Wang and Hui Zhang, $446,000.

CLOVER FIELD CIR., 2424-Ross A. Henzel to Sailaja and Janakinath Vedula, $310,000.

DEER WOOD WAY, 13125-Engle Homes Inc. to Daniel E. Aldana and Brian E. Botka, $538,919.

FLORIDA AVE., 543, No. 202-Steven C. Browning to Evan B. Wentworth, $136,000.

GLEN TAYLOR LANE, 13350-Scott E. Webster to James A. and Lou A. Tingley, $491,000.

JOHN MILTON CT., 2605-Gabriela B.J. Gerharz to Albert D. and Gloria A. Hulliung, $370,500.

LOGAN WOOD DR., 2522-Jacqueline A. Biggio to Sandhya Diwana, $275,000.

SNEAD PL., 1100-Isa Abideen to Christopher A. Herring, $294,000.

TRINITY GATE ST., 1010-John M. Emerson to Mary M. Weltin, $333,000.

TURBERVILLE LANE, 12776-Brian J. Zimmermann to Philip and Mary I. Arnhold, $445,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 408-Isaias R. Zelaya to Walter M. Carvajal, $315,000.

WINDY OAK WAY, 13201-Engle Homes Inc. to Changsoo and Jung O. Kim, $440,417.

Huntington Area

ELMWOOD TOWNE WAY, 3788-McShay Elmwood Corp. to Gary A. and Saundra J. Strack, $452,173.

FARMINGTON DR., 2714-George Mikitzki to Anthony M. and Mary A. Stearman, $230,000.

FORT DR., 2734-Marshall A. Rose to Jefferson Manor Homes Corp., $165,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5902, No. 1602-George Masiuk to Mary L. Miller, $395,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5903, No. 1505-George S. Charuhas to Gerald F. and Sue E. Hughes, $310,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5904, No. 609-Lois M. Delaney to Paul F. and Sharon L. Koch, $230,000.

REDCOAT DR., 2646, No. 110-Kathryn A. Porter to Teresa Rosales, $200,000.

Hybla Valley Area

AUDUBON MEADOW WAY, 7656-Centex Homes to Jeffrey A. and Shannon M. Angielski, $386,680.

AUDUBON MEADOW WAY, 7663-Beazer Homes Corp. to Howard Wallach, $283,766.

AUDUBON MEADOW WAY, 7664-Centex Homes to Brian R. and Kelly E. Taylor, $372,995.

GREAT SWAN CT., 7537-David R. Hanadel to Joshua R. Katz and Marcy P. Levine, $338,500.

GREY GOOSE WAY, 7581-Beazer Homes Corp. to Zhengguang Chen and Li Jinzhi, $333,280.

GREY GOOSE WAY, 7591-Beazer Homes Corp. to Raphael A. and Lara L. Laufer, $396,115.

LINDBERG DR., 7509-Centex Homes to Ibrahim Ullah, Aftab Ahmed and Mussarat Ahmed, $440,760.

RICHMOND HWY., 6427, No. 201-Susan B. Redder to Sofia Taj, $153,500.

STONE MILL PL., 7000-Benjamin G. Bocian to James E. Kowalski and Susan E. Brown, $399,900.

STOVER CT., 7227-Juan A. Majano to Sam Hawala and Erica L. Olmsted, $261,000.

Lincolnia Area

BRYCE RD., 4000-Keith C. McUlty to Jose Delcid, $334,000.

CHASE CT., 5612-Juan Perez to Reyna I. Carrillo, $300,000.

INDEPENDENCE CIR., 5633-Sara B. Demarest to Richard D. and Maureen A. Kimber, $240,000.

MONTROSE ST., 6421-David L. Crosby to Dunja Lepusic, $410,000.

OBSERVATION WAY, 5104-Yohannes Haile to Kwang Ho and Norma C. Kim, $300,000.

VALE CT., 6372-Raymond W. Higgins to Jacquelyn Ostrom, $559,000.

SEVENTH ST., 6472-Heath E. Wilkinson to Robert M. Griffin and Karen P. Ayers, $650,000.

Lorton Area

BARD ST., 8112-Catherine L. Cutchall to Thomas P. and Denise Hundley, $410,000.

CHEROKEE ROSE WAY, 8863-Pulte Home Corp. to Azam Rahimizadeh and Ahmad R. Rajabi, $349,662.

HAGEL CIR., 9825-Javier N. Henriquez to Ramon D. Flores and Alba Luz Torres Rios, $167,000.

HENRY KNOX DR., 7655-Donato P. Casucci to John E. and Manami Hartsell, $415,000.

LORTON VALLEY RD., 9243-James D. Sedgwick to Tony B. and Josephine L. Siack, $310,000.

SAMUEL WALLIS ST., 8077-NVR Inc. to Alice V. Reid, $387,280.

SEAFARER WAY, 7845-Patrick J. Bowl Jr. to Roya Ansarian, $304,900.

SINGLELEAF LANE, 8263-Pulte Home Corp. to Ernest G. and Christine A. Vitello, $401,425.

SYLVANIA ST., 8808-Mario A. Trevino to John W. and Cecile I. Lucas, $335,000.

McLean Area

CAPITOL VIEW DR., 7205-Irene D. Hall to John W. Ryan and Jacqueline M. Desbois, $652,000.

DOLLEY MADISON BLVD., 831-Suntrust Bank to Henry J. and Linda R. Konigsberg, $785,000.

EVANS MILL RD., 7279-John C. McNerney to Brash Corp., $699,000.

FLETCHER LANE, 6620-David G. Pommerening to John and Barbara W. Overstreet, $1.185 million.

GREENSBORO DR., 8350, No. 1004-Leili Makki to Gabriel R. McHugh, $237,500.

GREENSBORO DR., 8360, No. 905-Michael W. Butler to Household Realty Corp., $232,205.

ROSEMONT DR., 6903-Louise E. Watkins to Andrew J. and Aimee J. Simons, $489,000.

TREMAYNE PL., 7640-Beverly L. Dougherty to Kristin M. Westrick, $160,000.

TWINCREST CT., 7815-Mohamed Mardini to Ashok and Padmja Jha, $2.052 million.

WOBURN CT., 1008-Scott A. McNamara to Michael F. Pusateri, $1.25 million.

Mount Vernon Area

BEEKMAN PL., 8631, No. D-Teresa J. Halsey to Shanaz Hall and Esmaeil Arafati, $80,000.

BROCKHAM DR., 8385, No. D-Marc Meskin to Mahmood Hajaga Awnour, $130,000.

EL CAMINO PL., 3950, No. 1002-Domitila Chavez to Miguel Argueta, $162,500.

GAGE RD., 4414-Earl Shamsiddin to Nick Y. Ron, $277,000.

JINETES CT., 8423-Jeffrey C. Bache to Stephen M. Bache, $75,100.

MIRAMONTE PL., 3832, No. C-Luis F. Garcia to Rosa E. Aguilera, $145,500.

MONTE VISTA PL., 3809-Amir Motlagh to Daniel Tessema, $163,000.

ODESSA DR., 4628-Ryland Group Inc. to Bayasgalan Damchii, $317,390.

OLD MILL RD., 8735-McShay Olde Mill Corp. to Joseph S. Machuga, $343,500.

SHANNONS GREEN WAY, 3745-William Byrd Jr. to Andrew F. and Emily R. Dohse, $310,000.

WALUTES CIR., 8798-Michael A. Konopka to David J. and Lurvin L. Rodriguez, $133,000.

WYNGATE MANOR CT., 8548-Wyngate Corp. to Joseph F. Heath, $329,365.

North Springfield Area

INVERCHAPEL RD., 5650-Sewall Hutchins to George C. and Juanita H. Anderson, $325,000.

KIRKHAM CT., 5616-Brad A. Waller to C. Gregory Carroll, $268,900.

Oakton Area

JERMANTOWN RD., 2854, No. 38-Paul D. Watters to Pornpun Maneerat, $285,000.

LATIGO LANE, 11805-Mark A. Machi to Richard A. and Tammy L. Whitcomb, $538,000.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10048-Amy S. Thurman to Ronald W. Preston, $182,000.

SOUTHAM LANE, 10346-Richmond American Homes to Mee Hwa Ahn, $873,515.

Reston Area

ANDORRA PL., 2409-George M. Tangen II to Thomas P. and Virginia L. Minihan, $417,000.

DORRANCE CT., 12218-John G. Laugen to Ali A. and Barbara A. Eshgh, $580,000.

GARDEN WALL CT., 1319, No. 404-Daniel Alexander to Christina Nguyen, $231,500.

HARVEST GREEN CT., 1661-Lisa B. Boettcher to Terry and Cathy Smith, $234,000.

NORTHGATE SQ., 1550, No. 201-Ileana Ghergu to David B. and Cynthia J. Morgan, $170,000.

OLD QUINCY LANE, 1395-Marguerite P. Farber to Marian L. Egge, $560,000.

PARKCREST CIR., 1650-Cindi M. Summerfield to Elizabeth Gordon, $180,000.

SCANDIA CIR., 1547-Robert B. Brown to Patrick W. Weinhold and Mai T.N. Dinh, $300,000.

SIERRA WOODS DR., 1658-Margaret M. Rockey to Jinghua Fu, $236,000.

STOWE RD., 1625-Gwendolyn M. Shtuhl to Jessica Goveia and Simon P. Storm, $445,000.

SWANS NECK WAY, 2040-Keith Larson to Fan Zhang and Liu Lin, $352,000.

TALIESIN PL., 12004, No. 31-Ronnie L. Langsam to Mohaymen Aljarrah, $219,900.

TRIPLE CROWN RD., 11802-Ronald G. Jardine to Julia A. Vermillion, $460,000.

TWISTED OAK DR., 1533-David L. Van Patten to Robert D. and Shannon H. Shepherd, $289,500.

VILLARIDGE DR., 1954, No. A-Erik L. Bishop to Gretchen M. Schroeder, $212,900.

WATER POINTE LANE, 1143-Charles L. Meike to Thomas E. and Karen L. Spahn, $825,000.

Seven Corners Area

MEETING ST., 3040-David L. Caldwell to June A. Ventura, $377,500.

WILLSTON PL., 2922, No. 102-Margaret A. Sklarek to Sara A. Ventura and Hector A. Martinez, $133,650.

Springfield Area

AMHERST AVE., 5812-Walter V. Umanzor to Santos M. Flores and Sonya Umanzor, $186,300.

CAMBERLY AVE., 5904-Donna K. Herbert to Juventina Guevara, $329,900.

CLOWSER CT., 6827-Aisha Khurshid to Ahmad Mian, $249,000.

FOREST PATH WAY, 7902-Gerard L. Lynam to Rafael Chargel and Jelena Lewis, $219,000.

HIDDEN BRIDGE DR., 7961-Lynda Kenyon to Phillip Wilcox and Ruth M. Baker,


MAYO CT., 6818-Harry S. Gibson to Miguel A. Mijango, $375,000.

PEBBLE BROOK CT., 7953-Marc C. Geddes to Hye S. Yim, $279,900.

SHADY PALM DR., 7391-William Harding to Tammy L. Weinzatl, $465,000.

SLEEPY VIEW LANE, 8072-Oscar F. Moran to Imam Abdelsalam, $290,000.

SPRING GARDEN DR., 7093, No. 2-Mahesh Tahiliani to Sunil and Suman Sharma, $140,000.

Vienna Area

CHANBOURNE WAY, 2702-Russell R. James to Patricia A. Page, $489,000.

ELUNA CT., 2114-Charles P. Cogar to Kyung S. and Kye J. Park, $430,000.

HUNTERS RUN CT., 10703-Tess Gattuso to Timothy Brazell, $806,750.

HUNTERS VALLEY RD., 10509-John F. Byrne to Patrick B. Andress and Linda M. Toler, $675,000.

LOCUST ST. SE, 225-James A. Moton to Ayrhill Homes Corp., $450,000.

PARK ST. NE, 364-Michael G. Repasky to Kollankode Lakshmi, $419,000.

PIERIS CT., 2035-CRG Tysons Corp. to Joseph J. and Patricia Pallante, $500,273.

PIERIS CT., 2042-CRG Tysons Corp. to Shannon B. Blakely and Derron J. Blakely, $465,000.

SKIDMORE CIR., 2635-S. Elizabeth Kestler to Steven B. Roberts and Travis J. Kuhn, $357,200.

TEEL DR., 2259-Samaan Cornelius Bennhold to Sanjay Seth, $451,000.

West Springfield Area

BEDSTRAW CT., 7116-Elizabeth Jean Bluth to Charles R. Henry, $310,000.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 5811, No. B-Mercado Edgardo Santos to Susie J. Rhoades, $190,000.

KINGSGATE RD., 8329-Jefferson Group Corp. to Edward L. Winslow, $198,000.

KINGSWAY CT., 8109, No. 261-Jaime Pasquier Jr. to Joann S. Kennedy, $189,900.

LANGBROOK RD., 8013-Wynifred M. Clark

to Terrance V. and Michelle L. Minor, $366,000.

QUEENSTON ST., 5957-Dino M. Ragagli to Mary A. Richardson, $275,000.

READINGTON CT., 8000-Total Investments Corp. to Gary E. Hutchinson, $375,000.

SWEET MAPLE CT., 6119-Sandy A. Gardner to Brian W. and Patricia G. Patrick,


SWEET SPICE CT., 9100-Evelyn G. Sollien to Matthew Cybert, $293,000.