The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard County and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

KELLS CT. NE, 6512-Joseph Chin to Kevin J. and Randy Ann Sherlock, $608,000.

MEADOW GLENN NW, 13610-Elizabeth J. Facchine to Michael Korangy, $552,000.

OAKCREST LANE, 7417-Patricia C. Holmes to Xiping Zeng and Jianfen Zhou, $410,000.

TROTTER RD., 5857-Charles T. Rhodes to John P. and Mary Ellen Connoly, $350,000.

WHISTLING WINDS WALK, 5713-Vincent Tran to Hong Jun Song and Guo Li Ming, $510,000.

Columbia Area

BARE BUSH PATH N., 12205-James G. Foy to Ronald and Jacqueline Somervell, $312,000.

BEECH CREEK DR. E., 10859-Beth H. Zimmerman to Eric and Lori Jayne, $360,000.

BETTER HOURS CT., 7325-JPC Associates Corp. to Erika Kerr, $203,000.

BETTER HOURS CT., 7344-Ronald E. Kaine to Jose M. Mendez and Angela M. Correa, $193,000.

BLACK STAR CIR., 8565-A. Theodore Nadobny II to Frank W. and Emily Hill Petty, $230,500.

BLADE GREEN LANE, 8886-Jean M. Woods to Christopher Izzo, $193,527.

BLITHEAIRE GARTH, 5657-Teresa K. Spence to Brian and Sara Mahaffey, $275,000.

BLUECOAT LANE, 5463-Thomas E. Corrie to Wen Huang and Chunhua Cao, $240,000.

BLUECOAT LANE, 5466-Jonathan E.B. Pair to Michael D. Tucker, $300,000.

BOBOLINK CT. SW, 7318-Ronald F. Jacoby to Barry A. and Paula J. Wayne, $346,000.

BRIDLEREIN TER. W., 10718-Kile B. Baker to Senad and Alija Nuhanovic, $215,000.

BRONZE BELL CIR. W., 9128-Cassandra Gainer to Francisco A. and Sonia M. Landaverde, $175,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE LANE SE, 9185-Peter J. Dolan to Courtney M. Gaino, $237,900.

CEDAR LANE W., 5482-Scott A. Renner to Zakir Uddin Taha, $140,000.

CLOCKTOWER LANE, 9493-Elmanus Herndon to Francisco Rojas and Adriana Medina, $217,000.

CLOCKTOWER LANE, 9518-Dzung A. Doan to Gerald A. Moore and Noraima A. Moore, $226,000.

COLUMBIA RD. SE, 5131-Russell G. Dieffenbach to Stephanie K. Kehres and Walter J. Kejres, $295,000.

CONSTANT COURSE W., 9032-Douglas E. Foggie to Trang Phuong Ngoc Dam, $259,999.

CONSTANT COURSE W., 9042-Jonathan A. Sperka to Gail E. Sharps, $263,000.

CROSS FOX LANE, 10536-Rebecca J. Hempfling to Jill M. Gunkel, $95,000.

CROSS FOX LANE, 10578-Danny J. Silverman to Maximo L. Rivarola and Mariana Melani, $82,000.

DALTON DR., 4985-Robert Daniel Winn to Brian W. and Jennifer Schick, $359,000.

DASHER FARM CT. NW, 7025-Craig W. Patenaude to Walter Don Ty and Bridget Rose Dineen, $278,000.

DEEP CALM N., 6436-Robert A. Eichelberg to Jeffrey L. Bozarth, $257,500.

DEWLIT WAY NW, 9356-Robert E. Waterman to Steven S. and Jennifer L. Lozinski, $345,000.

EARLY RED CT. N., 6360-Michael L. Cabrera to Thomas J. and Nicole E. Colantuno, $212,500.

EARLY RED CT. W., 6345-Donald Demers to Julia R. Duane, $220,000.

EDEN BROOK DR., 7325-Suzanne H. James to Marc A. and Jennifer E. Baldwin, $269,900.

EDEN BROOK DR. SE, 7349-Richard H. Wilson to Keith W. and Tracey D. Sinclair, $259,900.

FALLRIVER ROW CT., 5350-Charles E. Cooke to Matthew H. Farragut, $150,000.

GOOSE LANDING CIR., 8856-Michael J. Dornisch to Tammy Zillmer, $209,500.

GRACIOUS END CT. SE, 9151-David Brigham to Hong Ma, $199,000.

GRANITE HILL RD. S., 9409-Mary P. Johnson to Susan Kaminsky, $185,000.

GRECO GARTH SW, 9493-Courtney Raihall to Geofrey H. Yeager and Dawn Yeager, $223,000.

GREEN MOON PATH S., 9626-Sybil L. Wilson to Lex and Pennie Hawks, $165,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 5541-Dolores L. Woods to Deborah Jean Smith, $105,000.

HAPPY HEART LANE, 6863-Stephen L. Rudow to Sung Hyun and Hee Suk Park, $250,000.

HAYSHED LANE, 8717-Hattie A. Wicks to Deborah Martin, $91,000.

HAYSHED LANE, 8773-Dzung A. Doan to Humberto D. and Georgina Saavedra, $164,950.

HICKORY LIMB NE, 9346-Christopher Coufal to Thomas J. and Suzanne S. Meara, $337,000.

HIDDEN COVE S., 7339-Christopher Noel Eckford to David K. and Margerum Leslie McLemore, $255,000.

HIGH TOR HILL, 5629-Steven Y. Van Nostrand to Byungwood and Sohee Ryu, $305,000.

HILDEBRAND CT., 5463-Wanda Wilson Garcia to Jacob R. and Rachel L. Lefors, $180,000.

HOBNAIL CT. SW, 9250-Denise Doreen Bowen to Dale R. and Maki Wileman, $210,000.

INDIAN CAMP RD. NW, 9357-Albert H. Plitt III to Rita Nwakaenyi Taylor, $165,000.

JERICHO RD. SW, 5032-Brian Blonder to Essam Ibrahim and Kathleen Horvath, $710,000.

LAKE CIR., 5021-Lynn Cardie Stiegler to H. Herbert and Carol M. Fox, $495,000.

LAMBSKIN LANE, 9124-Luis Maldonado to Erum A. Yavuzel, $168,500.

LAMBSKIN LANE W., 9037-Shermelle A. Mulraine to Azelarab M. Fares, $153,000.

LAPWING CT. SE, 9271-Kevin G. Butler to Oleksandr Duhanin and Inga Duhanina, $210,000.

LAPWING CT. SW, 9280-Anthony J. Colvin to Stephanie Reiher, $183,500.

LASTING LIGHT WAY, 7116-James P. McKelvey to Darrell M. Kelly and Sarah C. Morgan, $155,000.

LITTLE PATUXENT PKWY. W., 11460-Jeremy Noon to Victoria I. Solomon, $127,500.

LOCHRIDGE RD., 6448-Richard K. Bartholomew to Charles F. and Pat J. Defilippo, $289,900.

LONG SKY CT. S., 5315-Kimberly L. McCarthy to Paul Michael and Rachel Leah Jenkins, $410,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6041-Sandra L. Mitchell to Matthew C. and Huang C.M. Lyon, $100,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6049-Wayne F. Conway to Stephen G. Caruso, $75,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6051-Beverly Spagnolo to Talesha McNear, $89,900.

MAJORS LANE, 6097-Maurita R. Bostic to Lori E. Jones, $76,000.

MATADOR RD. NW, 9319-Franklin L. Donahoe to Leslie E. Powell, $150,000.

NIGHTSONG LANE, 9504-Samuel J. Bryne to Michael W. Wenig, $379,900.

OAK BUSH TER. S., 8420-Robert A. Parr to Amit K. and Vineeta Rastogi, $242,000.

OWEN BROWN RD. S., 9731-Craig D. Graf to Brian J. and Rita Fitzgerald, $264,000.

PROCOPIO CIR. S., 7242-Evan S. Potler to Roselyn Lagrazon, $178,500.

QUIET HOURS S., 6526-Pawel Ciborowski to Travis T. and Lorrie M. Raml, $205,000.

RAIN FLOWER WAY SE, 7509-Milton E. Bruton to Andre M. Bravo and Karree C. Bravo, $230,000.

RED CART CT. SW, 9240-Morton H. Shuman to Cheryl L. and David R. Hlass, $196,000.

RIDING HOOD CIR. NE, 7250-John Maciolek Jr. to Brent M. and Jennifer L. Wamble, $315,000.

RIVERS EDGE RD., 7182-Carroll L. Marriott to Jenny G. Morgan, $521,150.

ROLL RIGHT CT., 8867-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Gregory Gray, $78,557.

RUSTLING LEAF, 9383-Fred A. Gerow to Matthew D. and Ursula T. Dieudonne, $350,000.

SEA SHADOW N., 9527-Casey E. Gately to Richard and Julia Briggs, $220,000.

SEWELLS ORCHARD DR. W., 6412-Klaus Peter Heinemeyer to Robert K. Hammaker and Seema K. Hammaker, $425,000.

SILVER TRUMPET DR. W., 8349-Tony H. Beaudette to Hye Sung Hwang, $225,000.

SILVER TRUMPET DR. W., 8353-Dwayne A. Jones to Marita R. Horvath, $217,500.

SKYROCK CT. NW, 8937-Timothy A. Richards to Steven R. Graham Jr., $245,000.

SLEEPSOFT CIR., 7203-Marcus G. James to Richard Febraro and Ann Fenraro, $215,000.

SNOWFLAKE CT., 11241-James Dennis Cochran to Shereima Smith, $149,500.

SPELLING BEE NE, 6508-Judith A. Rolle to Denise Liverpool and Albon Burns, $247,500.

STAG HORN PATH, 7143-Robert L. Hull to Ray W. Walton Jr. and Mona F. Febus, $218,500.

STIRLING BRIDGE DR. SW, 9643-Mark T. Horton to Edgar Filippell, $140,892.

STONEGATE LANE W., 11760-Maria C. Uy to Robert Niel and Wendy Clark, $276,000.

STRIKER CT. S., 6109-Joseph M. Piccolo to Marie J. Jacques, $329,900.

SUFFIELD CT. N., 5537-Barbara J. Riddick to Nancy Palmer, $275,000.

SUFFIELD CT. N., 5540-Lee A. Calhoun to Robert G. Magnuson, $287,000.

SUMMER LEAVE LANE NW, 7534-Lawrence E. Clifford Jr. to Stanley and Jane Crowder, $370,000.

SWEET FERN W., 6573-Mary Catalina Wilson to Koo Jin and Soon Ae Shin, $184,000.

SWEETWIND PL., 5733-Rodney A. Lang to Lindsey S. and Nathan R. Snider, $190,000.

SWEETWIND PL. SW, 5717-Brenda Helene Belton to Sandra D. Lee and Erik Ten Broecke, $177,000.

TAMAR DR., 5915-Susan K. Smith to Ernest Yen, $121,000.

TAMAR DR., 5915-Clarence D. Toomer to Ingrid Mason, $87,000.

TAMAR DR., 5921-Phillip L. Brown to Kursten Latonya Jackson, $105,000.

TAMAR DR., 8796-Joan E. Knox to Dana Leigh Broemsen, $165,500.

TAMAR DR. SW, 8394-Raymond R. Ouellette to Ryan N. and Amanda M. Knapp, $190,000.

THICKET LANE, 5626-Sandra Diane Monk to Loreen K. Thompson, $215,000.

THUNDER HILL RD., 5866-Steven R. Somerville to Michael R. Aiello, $55,000.

VANTAGE POINT RD., 5569-John W. Harris to Carole L. Ball, $300,000.

WAVELAND WAY E., 6401-Michael A. Marshall to Nathan J. Adams and Jane Chente Wu, $320,000.

WEATHER WORN WAY, 7563-Benjamin Mellino to John T. and Carol D. McBeth, $118,300.

WEATHER WORN WAY, 7575-Noreen J. Polk to Jillian I. Dacosta, $135,000.

WEATHER WORN WAY E., 7530-Bruce M. Katsu to Spencer L. and Vanessa M. Hooks, $312,500.

WEBBED FOOT WAY N., 4915-Jean Josell to John A. and Robin T. Smith, $272,000.

WESLEIGH DR., 10102-Rodger L. Nye to Hugh R. Mallick, $176,550.

WESLEIGH DR., 10206-James W. Adams to Timothy M. and Barbara M. Fuentes, $305,000.

WETBANKS CT. SW, 8985-Charles and Deborah K. St. Lawrence to David W. and Gina L. Hart, $314,900.

WHITE ACRE RD., 9629-William J. Green to Sana A. Rouhani, $54,000.

WINGBORNE CT. S., 5483-Stephen Todd Johnson to Daniel R. Dawes and Margaret O. Kelley, $431,000.

Cooksville Area

MONTICELLO DR. NE, 14506-Thomas MacCallum to Robert F. and Susan P. Held, $675,000.

ROXBURY MILLS RD. N., 2332-Creighton Northrop to Laura V. Casanas and Ricardo A. Pereira, $299,900.

Dayton Area

TEN OAKS RD., 4305-James A. Shepherd to James A. and Julie H. Shepherd, $420,000.

Elkridge Area

AUTUMN SPELL, 5917-Daniel Langan to Jeannette Krolikowski, $290,000.

AUTUMN SPELL NW, 5997-Kenneth B. Ivy to Chad J. Allen, $264,900.

CASEY CT. S., 8130-Brian Dockins to Tracey and Chang Lin Xu, $210,000.

COXWOLD DR. N., 6457-Edmund R. Lord to John W. and Marloe Beth Lippert, $309,900.

DIGGERS LANE, 5825-Shannon L. McKissick to Zachary Burke and Jill Riding, $165,500.

DOWNS RIDGE CT. SE, 6134-William B. Winans to Peter Gitaka Ngandu, $368,000.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6286-Matthew L. Langeluttig to Sonia R. Kirk and Irma T. Guzman, $179,000.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6330-Jared D. Demott to James E. King, $184,900.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6334-Kenneth G. Benner to Katrina O. Corley, $186,000.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6604-Michael Shepet to Daniel A. and Dawn D. Clute, $174,000.

EDMUNDS WAY NE, 7811-Patrick J. Stewart to David Yaniro, $235,500.

EDMUNDS WAY SW, 7812-Robert J. Pierce Jr. to Paul Tymchenko and Kara K. Kittle, $255,000.

EUCLID AVE., 6397-Woodrow W. Guyton to Brian W. and Loretta L. Rhodes, $210,000.

GLENMORE AVE., 6396-Jeanette Ellen Frye to Rainbow Properties Corp., $118,000.

GREENFIELD RD. E., 6348-Kris P. Digruilles to Carol and John Maiello, $181,000.

GREENFIELD RD. N., 6420-Krista Mitchell to Rebecca Martinez, $128,800.

GREENFIELD RD. N., 6460-Mary Colleen King to Carolyn Elizabeth Hoskins, $117,700.

GREENFIELD RD. S., 6335-Eric L.R. Martin to Melanie L. and Richard W. Murray, $125,000.

JENA PL. W., 6608-Sidney H. Smith Jr. to Serafin Jimenez Velez, $75,000.

KNOLLS CT. S., 6201-Bruce D. Davie to Patricia Tucker, $278,000.

MANCHESTER WAY SW, 6240-Carla J. Lewis to Michael C. and Linda M. Genna, $268,000.

MILLSTREAM CT. NW, 7983-John P. Ritchie to Robert and Stephanie Marcello, $187,000.

MORNING BREEZE DR. NW, 8144-Herman Walter Heilemann Jr. to William S. Burke and Tanya L. Riffle Burke, $344,500.

OLD WASHINGTON BLVD., 5952-Drew Shifflet to Trent Carter, $340,000.

OLD WASHINGTON RD., 6238-Madeline E. Bush to Paula A. Morgen, $193,900.

PATUXENT OAK CT. E., 7748-Michael J. Barnes to Jeffrey B. and Charlene V. Jones, $250,000.

PIRCH WAY, 6681-Gary Muller to Kimberly Merson, $65,000.

RACE RD., 5747-Bloomsbury Properties Corp. to Dennis W. McElgunn Jr. and Laura C. Holland, $249,900.

RAILROAD AVE. SW, 5786-Keith W. Edwards to Clayton and Joanne Coleman, $195,000.

ROLAND CT. S., 8024-Michelle L. Hicks to Wayne R. Wells and L. Essie Jones Wells, $341,000.

ROWANBERRY DR., 5845-Mirlene Andre to Amy E. Meek, $136,000.

ROWANBERRY DR., 5913-Cynthia L. Parenteau to Anthony D. Guiffre, $160,000.

ROWANBERRY DR. NE, 5863-Sudi Hejazi to Peter A. Monti, $158,000.

WATERMILL CT. W., 8001-Elizabeth W. Yeatman to James P. and Lisa A. Ribble, $200,000.

WOODLAND FOREST DR. NE, 6475-Denyse C. Lumsden Lynch to Janice Y. Lowery, $247,900.

WOODVALE PL. NW, 6417-Joseph A. Bank to Su Young Jang and Hyun Jung Her, $324,900.

WOODVALLEY RD., 5881-Shirley A. Winters to Kevin and Gina Robinson, $265,000.

Ellicott City Area

AUTUMN RUST RD. NW, 8542-Charles R. Beach to Samuel S. Lancelotta, $400,000.

BETHANY LANE, 3101-Joseph W. Redmond to Bahram and Shahin Sahand, $240,000.

BLUEBERRY HILL LANE, 7759-Qingyun Duan to Herbert R. Hardy Jr. and Teresa Annette Waters, $273,000.

BONNYBRIDGE PL. N., 3764-James Michael Brunner to Richard W. Pickett, $225,500.

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7938-Scott A. Gornall to Michael D. Klingler and Sheila K. Klinger, $260,000.

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7947-Robert G. Unkle to Eric M. Tupis and Jessica L. Harnish, $271,000.

BRIGHTWOOD CT. SE, 8055-Melissa Nelson to Trevor J. Randall and Erin T. Lee, $254,900.

BRIGHTWOOD CT. SW, 8002-Robert R. Weathers II to Barry J. Fitzpatrick, $255,000.

COUNTRY LANE, 2831-James A. Diffley to Michael P. and Jennifer A. Butz, $505,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. N., 4994-Aaron I. Goldman to Patricia L. Ryan, $205,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. NE, 4950-Michael D. Wisner to Michelle A. Ashby, $186,000.

EASTWOOD CT., 4933-Camilla A. Buczek to James H. and Carolyn P. Felter, $315,000.

ELMMEDE RD., 3125-Kyong H. Lee to Alain Simard and Suzanne Rousseau, $525,000.

FALLING LEAVES CT., 7806-Douglas G. Loosararian to Kathleen Van Nostrand, $240,000.

FELLS LANE, 3600-Patrick M. Grace to Corey R. and Darcy L. Cooke, $269,000.

GLENMAR RD. NW, 8372-Robert A. Testoff to Andrew S. and Laura B. Diltz, $505,000.

GWYNN PARK DR., 9806-Robert C. Gray to R. Jacob Hikmat, $325,000.

HICKORY DR., 3409-Charles W. Schwartz to Mussarat Javaid, $300,000.

HIGH POINT RD., 4002-Richard C. Sneeringer to Jae Hun and Jee Won Roth, $405,000.

HUNT CHASE TER. NW, 5502-Ziad A. Sabra to Jean M. and Andy Toppin, $469,900.

JOHN EAGER CT. SW, 10313-Robert J. Lucido to Kenneth R. and Christine A. Hendershot, $522,750.

KNOLL CIR., 2936-Simon Eduardo Lukauskis to Michael Walker, $378,000.

LEAF SHADE DR. NW, 2810-Julia C. Ingram to Kevin Sean and Jennifer H. McMennamin, $475,000.

LEE FARM CT., 4951-Sandra A. Mattson to Farica L. Bernhang, $255,500.

LOG JUMP TRAIL E., 11665-Timothy Hammon to Charles E. and Bernadette Sowder, $1.28 million.

MACALPINE CT., 4019-Shirley J. Kunkel to William J. and Carolyn R. Cleary, $434,900.

MANAHAN DR. S., 8843-Michael E. Polits to Sarah K. and David S. Lee, $257,500.

MAYFAIR CIR., 7928-Christopher A. Coutinho to Robert Walter Garretson, $182,000.

MAYFAIR CIR. NW, 7812-Melissa A. Hess to Field Properties Corp., $167,000.

MAYFAIR CIR. SW, 7702-Elizabeth A. Tilghman to Bavini Shah, $172,000.

MCKENZIE RD. SW, 2518-Keith D. Karrer to Timothy P. and Kristen K. Healey, $299,000.

MONTGOMERY RD., 5333-Stephen F. Forney to Charles Wyckoff III and Angela Atkins, $189,900.

MONTGOMERY RD., 5615-Charles O. Hobson to Michael L. and Cynthia A. Barnett, $340,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. E., 8353-Patumwan W. Vance to Kelly Veitch, $161,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. NW, 8348-David S. White to John T. and Dorothy A. Nolan, $168,500.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. NW, 8384-Arshiya Sharafi to Cheryl A. Oliver, $147,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. SE, 8391-Carlos Garcia to Deborah A. Toich, $173,000.

OAK WEST DR. SE, 3334-Eleanor L. Cooper to Jason R. Pearlman, $253,250.

PINE RUN CT. NW, 8523-Joshua D. Borno to Arsham and Majid Mirshah, $217,000.

RIDGE RD., 8626-Michael E. Shearer to Santos Amaya, $250,000.

ROLLINGTOP RD., 4802-Steven Aaron Brown to Michael and Jennifer Meyer, $390,000.

ROSEMARY LANE, 3502-Lewis E. Meade to Thomas J. Cook and Christine M. Landy, $434,900.

ROSEMARY LANE, 3526-Clyde E. Duncan to Donald P. Monahan and Debra S. Seibert, $415,000.

RUNNING SPRINGS RD. NE, 3705-John J. Wider Jr. to Henry L. Myers Jr. and Carrie Adler Myers, $945,000.

RUSTY GATE NE, 4504-Todd Ferguson to Hugo A. Torres and Claudia P. Morales, $397,900.

SIMPKINS CT. E., 5416-J. Craig Robson to Michelle D. Rossini, $730,000.

SONIA TRAIL, 3153-Sun K. Shin to Myung Sook Kang, $194,000.

SONIA TRAIL, 3167-Adebayo O. Togun to Peili Chen and Jiaai Wang, $218,000.

SULAND CIR., 9398-Eugene Lennek to Ellen McDonald, $350,000.

SULAND CIR., 9406-Leroy D. Kehr to Winthorpe Inc., $118,900.

TALL TREES CT. E., 8211-Wendell Allen Johnson III to Michael P. Pizza and Annemarie C. Johnson, $235,000.

UPPER MILL CT., 3525-Mildred E. Lloyd to Youn Lee Myung, $272,000.

VICTORIA DR. N., 9151-Yong Chol Kim to Dong Goo and Eun Soon Choi, $449,000.

WINDING WAY, 9213-James B. Kessler IV to Timothy and Sara Richards, $327,000.

WOODLAND RD., 4614-Creek Properties Corp. to John G. Maisel and Kimberley L. Murray, $299,500.

Fulton Area

MURPHY RD., 8045-Thomas Wilson Gantt Sr. to Robert W. and Janice A. Tyler, $555,000.

RESERVOIR RD., 8204-David L. Lindquist, trustee, to Thomas O. and Lynn C. Martins, $549,000.

STABEAN DR., 8184-Penelton C. Knisley to Stephen E. Coy, $300,000.

WAYNERIDGE ST., 11713-Marvin C. Yoder to James and Linda Parker, $419,000.

Glenelg Area

TRIADELPHIA RD., 14888-Kimberly Ann Parson to William J. and Ann J. Boyko, $600,000.

Glenwood Area

GLENWOOD SPRINGS DR., 2824-Wayne E. Hart to David W. and Lynn V. Gray, $580,000.

Hanover Area

FAIRBOURNE CT. NE, 6209-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Antonio and Reina Claro, $257,000.

WINTERS LANE, 6375-Eric Ray Farmer to Daniel E. Boone Jr. and Melanie L. Hansen, $260,000.

Highland Area

MINK HOLLOW RD. SE, 6565-David G. Quill to Charles B. and Virginia B. Foster, $525,000.

Jessup Area

ANDIRON LANE, 8035-Francis Charles Vacek III to Stacey L. Varner, $183,400.

ASPENWOOD WAY N., 8109-Scott C. Jacobs to Melanie S. McKnight, $214,600.

CEDAR AVE., 7277-T. Lai to Arturo C. Ramos and Gomez Maria M. Hernandez, $225,000.

CONCORD DR. NE, 8632-Kelvin Leon Williams to Jose S. Cortes, $250,000.

OAKWOOD WAY E., 8938-Frank I. Comer to Timothy C. and Jennifer M. Kaufman, $210,500.

RED JACKET WAY, 8068-Albert J. Faulstich Jr. to Andrew S. and Emily M. Kenton, $241,400.

SPRING WATER PATH E., 9329-Richard E. Fenton to Michael Blair and Jennifer L. Luca, $370,000.

WADES WAY SE, 8358-Joseph A. Ellison to Dennis and Darlene Hatton, $228,000.

WELLINGTON PL. S., 8222-Mark A. Simmons to Colin J. Snow and Kelly E. Waskey, $188,000.

WYE AVE., 7317-Anthony J. Coaplin to Joaquin G. Euraque and Zoila M. Guerrero, $242,500.

WYE AVE. W., 7344-Paul T. Zelenka to Goo Sik Kweon, $240,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

BIRKENHEAD CT. NE, 8751-Frank P. Borzymowski to Chung H. and Sung S. Kim, $300,000.

BIRKENHEAD CT. W., 8748-Dolores A. Ruiz to Alnisa M. Aduwu and Meshack Aduwu, $275,000.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9256-Cynthia L. Blade to Vicki S. Squires, $156,000.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9294-Fawn Foreman to Annabelle Hesse Busia, $165,000.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9432-Douglas A. Gibbs to Aminata K. Weller, $163,000.

GLEN RIDGE DR. N., 9417-Edward L. Salmon to Wagner and Daniela Baccette, $296,700.

GLENDOWER CT. SW, 9622-Frank Douglas Valchar to Mohamad F. Jad and Nahed M. Jad, $229,000.

HAMMOND DR., 10933-Carl P. Trugenberger to Wesley C. and Karen R. Spangler, $250,000.

HARVEST WAY NW, 9366-David Richardson to Jean A. Gosa, $212,000.

HARVEST WAY W., 9372-Andrew Howard Smoot to Lynn M. and Michael I. Kelley, $192,500.

HITCHING POST LANE, 9185-Richard B. Irons to Sandra M. Acevedo, $125,000.

HOMESTEAD CT., 9645-Theresamma A. Chacko to Ahmed Waseem and Huma Waseem, $116,000.

KINGS GRANT RD., 9570-George E. Frazee Jr. to Carlos W. Jimenez, $295,000.

LINVILLE AVE. E., 9515-Michael Ward to Christine M. Brimmer, $255,000.

MAHAGONY CT. NE, 10601-Joseph S. Lee to Tong Zhu and Li Aiwu, $452,000.

MAYFLOWER CT. E., 9423-Jeffrey W. Edwards to Jorge M. Ruano Sr. and Marina Ruano, $190,000.

MOONSHINE HOLLOW, 9080-Melanie Wait to Geneva Williams and Kerry R. Oliver, $115,000.

N LAUREL RD., 9075-Sandra D. McCoy to Philomina Chibili, $119,000.

OLD COLUMBIA RD. NW, 8740-Larry Howard Iager to Jamestown Landing Corp., $220,000.

OLD SCAGGSVILLE RD., 9006-David M. Mays to Justin N. and Amber D. McCann, $209,000.

QUIET WATER WAY, 10100-Shawn E. Foreman to James J. and Pamela Smith Evans, $365,000.

REDBRIDGE CT., 9266-Towanda T. Brown to Pancitta T. Robinson, $165,000.

REDBRIDGE CT. S., 9216-Douglas Leroy St. Rubin to Dan B. Bengero, $162,000.

REDBRIDGE CT. S., 9218-Lisa Reaver to Brian C. Kujawa, $172,500.

RIVER HILL RD., 9080-Harry E. Scott to Harry L. and Leah Marie Ellinger, $206,000.

SOMBERSBY CT., 9327-Darren P. Wilson to Judith G. Schemm, $282,000.

SOMBERSBY CT. S., 9329-Daniel S. Dushanko to Michael and Maria Tucker, $265,000.

STANSFIELD RD. E., 10468-Ronald J. Berry to Moonju L. Ko and Youngsig Ko, $440,000.

TUMBLEWEED RUN, 9120-Sarah N. Mugo to Evel Fonfrete, $132,000.

WHISKEY RUN, 9719-Cynthia D. Swanson to Christopher Aquino, $139,000.

WHISKEY RUN, 9775-John Watson to Damon A. Coleman, $158,000.

WINNERS CIRCLE WAY SE, 10320-Joseph M. Trombetta Jr. to Arthur F. and Georgina C. Obenschain, $500,000.

West Friendship Area

PARLIAMENT PL. SW, 3200-Robert G. Pusheck to Bong Soo Bae and Moo J. Bae, $630,000.

ROLLING FORK WAY S., 2852-Ram Sriram to Faramarz and Elham Vahdatshoar, $800,000.

Woodbine Area

BUSHY PARK RD. S., 15055-William Morgan Adams Jr. to Robert G. and Kathleen M. Pusheck, $750,000.

FREDERICK RD. SW, 16471-Leonard Insalaco to Michael L. and Anna Bartlett, $489,900.

SPRING HOUSE CT. SE, 3116-Curtis L. Harris to Robert A. and Jennifer L. Noyes, $695,000.

WOODSDALE RD. S., 2821-Dana E. Caro to Thomas J. and Brenda M. Twigg, $825,000.