The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

DUSTY LANE, 15921-Korey E. and Roberta L. Hunter to Kathy D. and James A. Thomas, $175,000.

SCHALL RD., 15012-Michelle Y. Woodley to Dominique Thomas, $180,000.

Adelphi Area

CHATHAM RD., 3401-Vivian D. and Edgar M. Greville to Jean R. Juste, $310,000.

EDWARDS WAY, 9200, No. 413-Martha B.O. Brien to Getachew H. Abdi, $118,000.

GREENSPIRE TER., 8223-Donna O. Wil and Elizabeth Williams to Cynthia Bannerman, $170,000.

HAMPSHIRE DR., 2004-Karen M. Hamer to Guardian Express Corp., $228,700.

LEWISDALE DR., 2011-Frank N. Paczkowski to Moises and Maria A. Estrada, $230,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1804, No. 403-Ron F. Jackson to Kim L. Oliver, $58,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1824, No. 308-Sheila A. Deal to Assemien Kodjo, $40,000.

OLD RIGGS RD., 7985, No. 2-Jose Ortiz to Obiajulum Nwaochei, $92,000.

PHOEBE LANE, 10117-Imogene C. and George R. Thompson to J. Robert Juste, $320,000.

PURDUE ST., 3402-Lalchan and Sookdaye S. Tirbany to Lesley B. and Ronald Cooper, $260,000.

SARANAC ST., 2000-Raymond and Warren E. Hiser to Cecelia H. and Francis X. Gaegler III, $133,850.

Beltsville Area

BELTSVILLE RD., 3119-James W. and Nancy A. Peirce to Graciela and Roger L. Stevens, $275,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11310, No. 303, II-V-Elisama and Emildo Coutinho to Fabio Cardoso, $95,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11315-David Johnson to Rosa and Ramon E. Canales, $244,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11340, No. 104, II-F-Lourdes Tapi and Sady Rios Sanchez to Oscar Orellana Lauato, $95,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11362, No. 1-T-Dzue T. and Mai N. Nguyen Hoang to Rosa M. and Rojan A. Degoey, $63,000.

ELIZABETH ST., 11512-Milinda J. and Donovan L. Carter to Coralia E. Nolasco, $212,000.

LIME TREE WAY, 10527-Peter Kowzun to Frank J. and Rachel E. Forame, $143,000.

ROMLON ST., 4407-Patricia S. Reynolds to Lewis D. and Douglas I. Zietz, $63,000.

SEQUOIA LANE, 11505-Robert P. and Joan L. Williams to Fatema and Khaleq and Mohammed Hossain, $336,100.

Bladensburg Area

EMERSON ST., 6011, No. 409-Thelma O. Perkins to Carl Williams, $38,000.

TAYLOR ST., 5309-Barbara and James E. Lewis Jr. to Jose M. Diaz, $139,900.

Bowie Area

ALSTEAD LANE, 2316-Anne M. and Stephen D. Sweetin to Beatrice Stanback, $410,000.

ANCIENT CT., 2704-Bernard and Karla Jensen to Wilroy L. Marks and Gail D. Taylor, $328,500.

CHALFORD LANE, 12315-John J. Canning Jr. to Claudette M. and Brian A. Hockenberry, $226,000.

DARNELLS GROVE LANE, 6204-Fu H. and May W. Choy to Kurlan and Aniamma Abraham, $300,000.

DEEPWOOD CT., 4634-Quisqueya A. and Holly A. Hill to Alvin Jack, $179,900.

ELMCREST LANE, 3602-Dana and Dwayne E. French to Donnie R. Green Jr., $189,000.

EMPRESS WAY, 15524-Carlyle and Sandra Rose to Latoya D. Gardner, $212,500.

EVERDALE CT., 16503-Andrea C. and Randall McHenry to Kalesha Y. and Danny S. Malloy, $380,000.

EVERGLADE LANE, 15602, No. 204-Joyce M. Stewart to Chandra C. Jackson, $156,000.

GOTHIC LANE, 6217-Delores H. and Cynthia D. Marshall to Michelle Sadler, $191,500.

HUNTCHASE DR., 4404-Levi T. Jr. and Ethel E. Dempsey to Michele A. and Dante L. Martin, $425,000.

LANE, 12603-Leo J. and Patricia M. Donnelly to Carole and Dennis H. Donnelly, $190,000.

LONDON LANE, 14721-Margaret E. Williams to Lavonne N. Nkomo, $185,000.

MAPLE BLUFF LANE, 3401-Gloria McCoy to Kimberly A. Fizdale, $168,500.

NASHUA LANE, 14941-Shawn N. and Libby L. Folland to Aruna D. Persaud and Matthew R. Malc, $186,400.

NEMO CT., 2624-Brian E. Bromley to Sharon Steele, $149,000.

NIGHTHAWK LANE, 14917-Cheryl H. Starkes to Michael C. Crosby, $249,900.

NORWEGIAN CT., 15532-Edmund P. Murphy to Kathleen F. Chapman, $103,600.

NOVEMBER CT. N., 2955-Richard J. Nagle to Rose R. and William A. Graves, $168,000.

OLD CHAPEL DR., 7208-Timothy W. and Crystal R. Kincaid to Cheryl M. and Michael Thomas, $371,500.

OLD CHAPEL RD., 13000-Phyllis J. Wagner to Carlos Moreno, $230,000.

PADDOCK LANE, 1310-James W. Embrey III to Angela C. and Raymond Walker, $252,000.

PANTHER LANE, 2409-Ann M. and Stuart C. Irby to Clinton C. Thompson Jr., $249,900.

PEACH WALKER DR., 15521-Tara Properties Corp. to Cheri E. and Scott M. Ogilvie, $215,000.

PILLER LANE, 15754-Rita V. and Bret M. Searles to Vikas R. Lalwani, $155,000.

POINTER RIDGE DR., 16402-Hattie Addison to Paul W. Johnson, $228,000.

PRINCE OF WALES CT., 2259-Marie S. Charles to Devin Hadlich, $145,000.

PRINCE OF WALES CT., 2264-Joe E. Janey to Stephanie E. Morgan, $150,000.

QUILL POINT DR., 7834-Nettie L. and Irben J. Edwards Jr. to Millie M. King, $270,100.

RARITAN LANE, 12104-Lori A. Frank and Mark A. Taylor to Earl Johnson, $235,000.

RUNNING DEER WAY, 4606-Alanna A. Wilkinson to Jennifer Jones and Bessie Garbutt, $166,000.

WALPOLE CT., 11410-Kim C. Harris to Aleema Carey and Erik E. Roberts, $165,500.

WILMONT TURN, 12105-Larry and Myrna Malakoff to Catherine T. and Patrick W. Rader, $240,000.

WINDY HARBOR WAY, 11400-Patricia and Christopher T. Stokes to Clarence O. Davis, $395,000.

Brandywine Area

SUMMERS LANE, 16611-Janet E.L.E. Nelly to Mark E. Ryon, $250,000.

Brentwood Area

NEWARK RD., 3815-Agnesia H. and Jeffrey O. Medina to Maria L. Flores, $200,000.

WEBSTER ST., 3911-Raymond and Betty Shipp to Maria S.A. and Luis A. Lovo, $196,000.

40TH AVE., 3819-William A. Sturgess III to Constance M. Whalum, $125,000.

40TH ST., 4600, No. 5-Omar H. Arbab to Rihab M. Osman, $130,000.

41ST AVE., 3713-Lucille E. Love to Isidro Carranza, $135,000.

Capitol Heights Area

ADDISON RD., 5208-Mohammad Raoufinia to Ronald Perkins, $115,000.

DAIMLER DR., 72-Phillip Bishop to Demetrius E. McDade, $108,000.

JANSEN AVE., 1010-XPOC Inc. to Lara Aladejebi, $70,000.

LEE PL., 6217-Darrie Anders to Constance L. Gree and John W. Jones, $118,000.

PACIFIC AVE., 1606-Lona M. Sager to Marvin Lester, $90,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

AVANTI PL., 815-Yooshin Park to Pamela R. Arnold, $155,000.

BURNSIDE RD., 7714-Hexagon Corp. to Alethea G. Small, $95,000.

ELDERS HOLLOW DR., 10415-Caron A. Terrell to Trimina M. Dove, $227,500.

ELDERS HOLLOW DR., 10417-Sylvia Robinson Tibbs to Sunday Dare, $220,000.

FOREST TER., 6803-Pinnacle Corp. to Michelle Cruz, $80,000.

INWOOD ST., 6008-Mary and Louie Rohme Sr. to Monica Valdiviez, $240,000.

KENT VILLAGE PL., 2435-Bankers Trust Co. trustee to Jezell Robinson, $78,000.

PRIME LANE, 1102-Kenny Pham to Vanessa and Kevin Grandy, $289,500.

STATE ST., 6003-James W. Dixon to Daniel Klebanoff, $85,000.

VILLAGE GREEN DR., 1810, No. D-101-Erika J. and Preston C. Jackson to Rivion Johnson, $73,500.

Clinton Area

BROOKE JANE DR., 6205-Arlena Pannell to Clara Vaughns, $210,000.

CHELTENHAM AVE., 8902-Catherine B. and Louis F. Gallo to Albert B. Bradford, $202,000.

DARLENE DR., 5805-Jamie Contreras to Antoinette R. and Dave A. Greenidge, $195,000.

DEWDROP WAY, 7025-Sophia M. Ford and Sterling Davis to Daisy Nappier, $121,278.

GOOSECREEK CT., 10113-Kassandra G. and Wayne Lassiter to Kendra D. and William E. Monden Jr., $224,000.

JACKIES WAY, 5814-Betty A. Hopkins to Carolyn E. Carey, $211,000.

QUIET BROOK LANE, 10110-Sandra A. and Robert M. Comer to Myrtle L. and Anthony C. McGill, $182,000.

ROTUNDA CT., 7316-M. Viveca Miller to Cynthia M. Dunbar, $225,000.

SHEILA LANE, 7303-Joan L. and Homer L. Revis to Crystal Y. Perry, $124,600.

SIMPSON LANE, 9010-Mary L. King to Carl S. Campbell, $162,500.

SPRUCE DR., 5708-Melissa A. and Jeffrey L. Helmick to Erika R. Brown, $184,900.

THRIFT RD., 12503-Daniel T. Miller to Christopher Skomra, $132,500.

WOODYARD RD., 8404-Ginger L. and Bart S. Miller to Toya M. Adams, $174,500.

College Park Area

EDGEWOOD RD., 5219-Ruben and Belinda Coello Guerra to Fahmida Rahman and Farid Ahmed, $210,000.

EDMONSTON RD., 8716-Charles R. and Carl D. Somerlock to Ana Nuckols, $243,000.

ERIE ST., 4801-Mary A. and Mervin A. Bedor to Jose W. Ramirez, $198,000.

GUILFORD RD., 4506-Gamber Properties Corp. to Lin Roy Corp., $382,580.

IROQUOIS ST., 5030-Hector R. Magana to Yizhak and Dana Etedgi, $212,500.

LACKAWANNA ST., 5118-Norman N. Phelps III to Herbert A. Simon trust, $200,000.

MANGUM RD., 5128-Violet Supamas and Miles Morlock to Patrick Jalbert, $121,000.

MUSKOGEE ST., 5003-Belinda A. and Roy A. Kroll Jr. to Michael J. Wiseman, $210,000.

OSAGE ST., 4800-Fernando A. Asturizaga to William Noggle, $279,900.

POTOMAC AVE., 8405-Charles R. Bailey to Samuel F. Hennessy, $289,000.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6004, No. 202-Ann T. Hunter to Abbie Froerer, $112,000.

63RD AVE., 8720-Christopher P. Logiudice to Anne E. Leigh and Eric D. Weinmann, $195,000.

District Heights Area

ADDISON RD. S., 1767, No. 1767-Lisa R. Wimbish to Benita J. Harris, $80,000.

ALPINE ST., 6117-Harold C. Logan Jr. to Tunion R. Stephens, $149,900.

ASHEVILLE RD., 1317-Carmen T. and David J. Strother to Susie Brown, $182,000.

DONNELL PL., 7145-Bankers Trust Co. trust to Elaine Gipson, $51,300.

FLAG HARBOR DR., 7002-Juanita Bell to Ermine Mikell, $155,000.

KIPLING PKWY., 7206-Fred D. Anthony to Barbara and Michael Reynolds, $168,500.

MARBURY CT., 7003-Karen A. Lynch to Victoria Bracey, $135,000.

RITCHBORO RD., 8561-Patricia D. and Gregory E. Oglesby to Robin M. Kyle, $150,000.

STEWART RD., 3601-Lawrence E. Leggett to Jane A. and Jack J. Barnes, $78,000.

Fort Washington Area

COLDWATER DR., 13211-John E. and Constance M. Malone to Erika K. and Troy L. Richardson, $240,000.

CROSSBOW RD., 9306-Edgardo R. and Nelia H. Ignacio to Luzarminda and Ronaldo H. Hayag, $180,000.

CUMBRIA CT., 8732-C-Billy C. Jenk and Frances K. Jackson to James P. Gary, $144,500.

DORIS DR., 9114-John R. and Sharon M. Dege to Renee Brooks and Edward Womack, $235,000.

EAGLE HEAD DR., 227-Thampatha and Gregory S. Minor to Elaine Taylor White, $215,000.

INVERNESS LANE, 221-Orrick M. Bridges to Cari L. and Thomas E. Ladd III, $299,900.

JANET LANE, 6705-Yvonne P. and Kenneth W. Waller to Pamela D. Beverly, $204,000.

JOE KLUTSCH DR., 6416-Monica V. Wood and Kevin D. Murphy to Jaunese L. Harris, $190,000.

JOLLY LANE, 8705-Cyndra E. and Daren K. Miles to Anna M. Yerby, $181,000.

OTHMAN DR., 904-Francis X. and Constance O. Taylor to Sheila R. and Ralph W. Davis Jr., $390,000.

PALMER RD., 1266, No. 94-Florence J. Spain Herndon to Stephanie A. Marbury, $150,000.

PARK LANE, 13211-Mary A. and David M. Brogi to Michael D. Stallings, $259,000.

PARK TER., 915-Beryl A. and David J. Gruber to Richard P. McCoy, $253,500.

PEARL LIGHT CIR., 101-James T. and Rose A. Yonkers to Dale M. Allen, $265,000.

POTOMAC HEIGHTS DR., 1391-Judy D. Gilmore to Kimberly Tyson, $120,000.

PROXMIRE DR., 12526-Ronald W. and Christine Miles to Norma L. and Selvin A. Rivera, $250,000.

RIVER BEND CT., 8105-Louis and Kathryn Ervin to Linda Rento and Kevin E. Clinkenbeard, $309,000.

RIVERVIEW RD., 10937-Sandra L. and Larry Voyce to Jennifer and Richard Corl, $208,000.

RUSLAND CT., 8901-April L. Carter to Joi L. Brown, $121,900.

ST. ANDREWS DR., 99-Teresa S. and Raymond E. Butts Jr. to Portia R. Hayes, $250,000.

SANDY CREEK RD., 9406-Roxann Brown to Wylene L. Bush, $287,000.

SWAN CREEK RD. E., 503-Bank of New York, trustee, to Shirley Reid and Patricia Reid, $279,900.

TAYLOR LANE, 9105-Dejuawn R. Whorley to Vicky L. Morales, $330,000.

TINKER DR., 3014-Elvira A. and Charles K. Brooks to Juliet Annsimo Ngassa, $302,000.

VISTULA DR., 8606-Marian and Allen W. Henderson to Stanley E. Pettermon, $199,950.

WEBSTER PL., 3905-Saundra M. McCullough to Tawnya L. Bonner, $197,000.

Glenn Dale Area

MARGUERITA AVE., 9900-Mary M. and Bernard T. Ridgell to Kathryn M. Orhelein, $245,600.

WYNFIELD CT., 10701-James E. and Sharron Davenport to Norma and Galen Harley, $310,000.

Greenbelt Area

CANNING TER., 8220-Sandra L.G. Dunnigan to Spring and Tomba Kambui, $201,740.

GREENBELT RD., 8423, No. 201-Lauren D. and Jeffrey A. Connelly to Ella Alexander, $86,640.

GREENBELT RD., 8441, No. 102-Beverly Mitchell to Clarice W. Jefferson, $97,500.

HANOVER PKWY., 6978, No. 300-Brenda Hardy to Janette M. Griffith, $76,000.

LAKECREST DR., 7848-Herman Mayfield Jr. to John R. Armstrong, $90,000.

MANDAN RD., 8011, No. 203-Darlene K. Janelle to Paula A. Maree, $115,995.

MORRISON DR., 7255-Mary J. Garrison to Urika D. Evans, $185,000.

Hyattsville Area

HAMILTON ST., 3829, No. 202-Ivett Shields to Ida M. Hall, $69,500.

HAMILTON ST., 3831, No. 304-Omar R. Rojas to Karen and Michael Turley, $68,000.

HAMILTON ST., 3835, No. 204-Charles N. and Edna G. Robinson to Susan L. and Robert L. Page, $69,500.

HANOVER PKWY., 6920, No. 300-Kettline and Chris Apagwu to Paul F. Paul, $108,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 6932, No. 301-Antoinette Louis to Hamid and Majid F. Shahraki, $85,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7716-Gwynne V. Blundon to James F. Peck, $122,000.

Lanham Area

BLUE BIRD CT., 7011-Thomas Ramberg to Jesus A. Sanchez, $233,500.

CIPRIANO RD., 6601-Walid M. and Oef Sayyad to Sonia and Abel Flores, $250,000.

DUBARRY AVE., 9356-Catherine J. and David P. Dee to Mark A. Allen, $215,000.

ELLARD DR., 10122-Evelyn D. Davis to Sandra Williams, $430,000.

FINNS LANE, 7420-Alberta M.L. and Rosetta L. Campbell to Lajuan R. Darby, $162,000.

GLENARDEN PKWY., 7812-Joyce L. and Melvin R. Williams to Wendi M. Williams, $110,000.

KIMBARK AVE., 9307-Roshea E. Bushrod to Mirna Rivera and Candelario Cabrera, $184,900.

KINMOUNT RD., 4401-Ronald D. and Linda L. Felton to Edward and Pauline Polite, $237,000.

KINZER ST., 9114-Dorothea Howard to Marisol and Omar F. Martinez, $162,000.

NORDIC DR., 9514-Randy T. and Renee C. Wilson to Anthony L. Sykes, $260,000.

PRINCESS GARDEN PKWY., 6524-Catherine and Sarah O. Bennett to Izeta and Edin and Alija Colic, $258,000.

WELLINGTON ST., 9509-Heather M. Tonkin to Ras Walker and Marco Reyes, $222,500.

WESLEY ST., 1509-Sharon P.B. Gibson to Victor O. Olufade, $170,000.

75TH AVE., 5418-Daniel R. and Kimberly R. Frend to Elsa and Julio and Elias Hernandez, $180,000.

Largo Area

AZALEA CT., 105, No. 18-3-Barbara A. Banks to Monica Miller, $133,500.

CAMPUS WAY S., 10118-Gloria Brooks to Collette M. and Desmon S. Harris, $71,500.

CAMPUS WAY S., 10507-Luther L. Perkins Jr. to Vivien Carney, $185,000.

CAMPUS WAY S., 10603-Sheila A. and Anthony D. Wood Lopes to Ralph L. and Janice A. Smith, $190,000.

CASTLETON PL., 210-Evelyn M. Brittingham Patton to Sarah and Philip Oseghale, $181,000.

CHESTER GROVE RD., 3273-Yvette M. Smith to Orlando Occenad, $103,000.

GREEN WING TER., 15015-Nina M. and Raymond Schultz to Robert A. Browne, $260,000.

SOUTH GROVE, 3020-Anthony C. Bates to Teresa Y. Weedon, $170,000.

TRUMPETER SWAN CT., 13312-E. Michelle and Deangelo B. Scott to Verne Freeman, $365,000.

WEST GROVE, 2922-Doretha S. and Steven D. Leftwood to Christina M. Jackson, $162,000.

Laurel Area

ARBORY WAY N., 7616-Rolf Carter to Charles W. Bonds, $152,000.

ASHFORD PL., 14823-Janet K. and Bernard E. Myers to Mary L. Mims Smith, $192,000.

BONNETT LANE, 14427-Jana L. Puffenberger to Adam Mongeau, $185,000.

CARISSA LANE, 7607-Michelle A. Weaver to Claudia C. and Dieter Antezana, $158,000.

CROWS NEST CT., 7907-Louise I. and John K. Wood to Philip N. and Curtis H. Price, $135,000.

HAYNES RD., 15708-Sylvie J. and Gregory Warren to Brigitte M. Thompson, $150,000.

JIB ST., 14235, No. 7332-Carol L. Dixon to April D. Long, $135,000.

KORBA PL., 14008-Barbara Y. Roberts to Saranne Jackson, $105,000.

LAUREL OAKS LANE, 15028-Judith L. and James O. Peggins III to Olutosin Idowu, $152,000.

LAUREN LANE, 14116-Jeffrey P. and Tanja A. Hernan to Gabriela Regoli and Erick Binder, $136,000.

LOCUST GROVE DR., 8416-Mary C. Kalsc and Ruth A. Heidelbach to Charles Pozonsky, $198,401.

LONDONDERRY CT., 8279-Jeffrey and Chiquitta Pric Dawkins to Renee G. and Jeric Lewis, $190,000.

MARTON ST., 1027-Jean M. Guile to Roxanne D. Neloms, $153,000.

MELBOURNE DR., 16916-Jeffrey A. Penn to Stephanie P. and Paul J. Hirt Jr., $500,000.

MONTGOMERY ST., 909-Richard V. Beall to Anne R. Allen Hor and Scott A. Horn, $150,000.

MULBERRY ST., 8525-Brian L. Richards to Virginia Esparza and Jose M. Lopez, $165,000.

OXFORD DR., 14307-Andre Dawkins to Ihenacho Obichere, $202,340.

PARK AVE., 611-Janet and Bonnie L. Wilki Chavrid to Maria E. and Pablo Villalta, $239,900.

PLAID DR., 15613-Wendy M. Torosian to Peter Malle, $177,000.

SCOTCH DR., 6903-Keith B. and Rosalene M. Carey to Antoinette and Rodney Coleman, $173,000.

VISTA DR., 14017, No. 42C-Dawn Van Blargan to Glenda Nix, $98,900.

VISTA DR., 14029, No. 183C-Randall D. Bennett to Deirdre A.L. Smith, $96,500.

WOODBINE DR., 7555-Laura K. and David R. White to Kibrequiddusan E. Abraham, $160,000.

Montpelier Area

BRIARCROFT LANE, 8901-Charles E. Secrest, trustee, to Richard Saunders, $260,000.

BRIARWOOD DR., 13502-Douglas R. and Gene E.B. Mowrey to Lila R. and Morgan A. Johnson, $235,000.

CHURCH FIELD LANE, 8908-Vincent G. Harris to Linda H. and Sherwood Hall, $317,500.

CLOCKTOWER LANE, 11617-Fern Piret to Duncan M. Masale, $339,900.

CREEKVIEW DR., 9331-Paul S. Roycraft to Joseph Corry and Troy Blohm, $276,600.

GRANITE LANE, 8717-William J. and Sandra A. Stoner to Sonja and Brandon Braunlich, $245,000.

ISPAHAN LOOP, 9208-Jon A. and Erin K. Wegznek to Alice L. Lew and Joseph S. Saffell Jr., $210,000.

Mount Rainier Area

BUNKER HILL RD., 3004-Beltway Properties Inc. to Luis E. Sierra and Mary E. Canfield, $221,100.

UPSHUR ST., 3207-Rosanna L. and Joseph D. Weaver to Karen E. Hertzler, $155,000.

30TH ST., 4012-Ina R. and Shawn C. Mallor Mendoza to Emerson Novoa and Jacqueline Sosa, $181,500.

36TH ST., 3718-Ivan and Alicia Lindsey to Mauriette and George Skeete, $170,000.

New Carrollton Area

CATHEDRAL AVE., 8314-Paul H. and Wanda C. Trusen to Teresa and Nelson Coreas, $190,000.

FONTAINEBLEAU DR., 7609, No. 2215-Ella J. Henders and Elnora Wilson to Rosa Jones, $60,000.

FREDERICK RD., 7707-Andre G. Francios to Lawrence A. Proctor, $120,000.

HARLAND ST., 5803-Curtis Hart to David P. Villatoro Lara, $205,000.

INLET ST., 6416-Johnny L. and Eileen A. Williams to Victoria Musun and Marta Osorio, $215,000.

KAREN ELAINE DR., 5546, No. 1413-Thomas Cheung to Lisa S. Wright, $42,000.

MALISSA ST., 8403-Marion M. Jr. and Loretta J. Tucker to Blanca V. Romer and Cipriano D. Melgar, $210,000.

MARYWOOD ST., 7223-Gene F. and Violette M. Tyler to Rosa L. and Rafael R. Ramirez, $154,000.

PRESTON ST., 8611-Christopher P. Aston to Delores and Allen Ross, $210,000.

RAVENSWOOD RD., 8423-Roy M. and Illa W. White to Thornette A. and David J. Leacock, $173,000.

SHEPHERD ST., 6904-Victoria Nwaobasi to Jonathan Blake, $130,000.

VARNUM ST., 7410-Amanda G. Relyea to Hidecko K. and Mitsuaki Aoyama, $180,000.

65TH AVE., 3705-Joyce L. Bruce to Iris Johnson, $171,000.

66TH AVE., 4856-Luanne M. Melchior to Kimberly Jackson, $146,100.

85TH PL., 6209-Herbert L. Geddis to Barbara L. Bundy, $225,000.

Oxon Hill Area

BALMORAL DR. E., 113-Lloyd W. and Annie P. Dolinger to Annette M. and Jerome P. Jackson, $240,000.

BRODERICK DR., 701-Jairo H. Huertas to Carla E. and Timothy L. Blake, $290,000.

CARSON AVE., 741-Richard A. Poeske to Alice Lambert, $114,000.

DUDLEY AVE., 6922-Mary V. Harley to Eugene R. Newman, $117,100.

HAMPTON DR., 610-Townsend Development Corp. to Zakiyyah A. St. Jean, $115,000.

MARCY AVE., 1171-Rita Cooper to Valerie L. Dandridge, $110,000.

ONONDAGA DR., 112-Patrick A. Whittington to Fletcher Thomas, $166,000.

WENTWORTH DR., 1208-Bank One trustee to Henry M. Balagtas, $105,000.

Riverdale Area

BEACON PL., 6816-Virginia and Ronald E. Potter to Jose A. Juarez, $170,000.

KENILWORTH AVE., 6205-Sandra E. Jones and Rose L. Cummings to Myman Ugo Onyejiaka, $197,000.

NICHOLSON ST., 4908-Maritza and David D. Savoy to Drena J. Galarza, $152,000.

RIVERSIDE DR., 6008-Antoinette J. and Rodney A. Coleman to Rachel T. Malcolm, $162,000.

SHERIDAN ST., 6004-KC Enterprise to Suyapa Guzman and Luis Santos, $187,000.

TAYLOR RD., 5315-Jane C. McCarthy to Jose A. Landaverde, $150,000.

WILEY ST., 5327-Titilayo and Wilfred Unegbu to John T. and Muboyayi T. Tshikaya, $235,000.

51ST AVE., 6308-Clyde J. Hilliard Jr. to Raul A. and Maria Rodriguez, $157,000.

64TH AVE., 5807-Su J. Cheng to Camellia S. Zheng, $63,008.

64TH PL., 5707-Natash and David Sumner to Alejandro Escobar, $174,500.

Suitland Area

ALLIES RD., 4309-Robert E. and Mary Ann Bradley to Gary E.L. Blake and Angela D. Callahan, $129,500.

EWING AVE., 2312, No. 14-Tammy L. Scott to Sherrie Coles, $66,900.

GLENN ST., 3432-Edna L.R. and Eddie L. Rhoden Jr. to Tasha Bennett, $177,000.

GOODFELLOW DR., 6006-Eunice J. and Lonnie R. Boone to Stephanie Colbert, $189,000.

PORTER AVE., 2418-Carrie S. Miles to Carl A. Reid, $173,500.

Temple Hills Area

AKRON ST., 4529-Frieda O. and Paul E. Merriman to John I. Dale, $110,000.

BARRY DR., 3608-Christopher Evans to Cortez Jenkins, $158,000.

BERKSHIRE DR., 6702-Ruby M. Bullock to Barbara N. and David W. Johnson, $221,950.

CENTER DR., 5711-Anita G. and Edna M. Mills Downs to Juanita V. and Idus Wilson, $184,950.

COLLINSON CT., 6706-William G. and Frances M. Kaval to Pamela McCombs and Cirilo J. Smith, $235,000.

DAWN LANE, 2205-Eunice M. Peoples to Ivan Thompson, $131,000.

FAIRLAWN ST., 2913-Sandria W. and Ronald J. Duncan to Quintin Peterson, $194,000.

FAIRLAWN ST., 3001-Sandra L. and Linda D. Thomas to Pearl Barber, $190,000.

FISHER RD., 5900-Agnes E. and Herbert E. Counihan to Woodmeade Homes Inc., $74,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3311, No. T-1-Vera E. Hernandez to Isabel J. Marin, $67,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3311, No. T-2-Kimberly M. Herd to Peggy Garris, $69,500.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3317, No. B-2-Stanley G. Richards to Monique S. Flippins, $85,000.

JANICE LANE, 5505-Terry D. Stan and Saundra Manokey to Saundra Manokey, $26,000.

KINGSTON DR., 7000-Wanda M.J. Gardner to Mildred and Laurence E. Williams, $179,950.

LLOYD CT., 2909-Dorietha M. and Larry Jackson to Bobbie A. Gay, $159,950.

NORCROSS ST., 4113-John H. Bennett to Debbie E. Reed and Rodger White, $165,000.

STRATFORD CT., 4200-Henry W. Rumph to Joseph B. and Miguel C. Davis, $201,000.

TEMPLE HILL RD., 5001-Evelyn R. and Joseph A. Meyers to Linda J. Pellum, $183,900.

TEMPLE HILL RD., 6700-Margaret J. and Clyde V. Persiani to Darlene B. Prather, $245,000.

23RD PL., 4329-Roby L. Whitfield to Shirley M. Wigglesworth, $105,000.

26TH AVE., 3808-Queenie L. Johnson to Robert W. Harris, $81,500.

27TH AVE., 4006-Viola E. and Ira S. Lovelace to Ruthie C. Miles, $139,999.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

ADELPHI RD., 6809-Dana and Beulah Browdy to Francisca and Jose Molina, $195,000.

INGRAHAM ST., 2109-Yolanda Stanis and Aaron S. Blucker to Pete K. Obeng, $210,000.

QUEENSBURY RD., 4005-Ernest Duran to Sandra and David Dominey, $290,000.

ROANOKE RD., 4102-Derrick J. and Laura D. Heffernan to Diane M. Gioios and Evan Rabinowitz, $244,900.

30TH AVE., 5813-Nathaniel and Dianne J. Artis to Sonia and Jose A. Melgarez, $148,000.

38TH AVE., 5708-Lisa M. Perry to Kathryn E. Kovacs, $250,000.

40TH AVE., 6518-Phillip C. McKee III to L. Orinda Nelson, $380,000.

43RD AVE., 6506-Riverdale Presbyterian Church to Carolyn M. and Donald W. Fink, $292,340.

Upper Marlboro Area

ABBOTSWOOD CT., 11439, No. 48-5-Cynthia V. Jefferson to Camilla Smith, $147,000.

BARNWELL PL., 12902-Chad M. and Gretchen A. Hagen to Wilbert and Simoya N. Williams Jr., $20,000.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 14711-Michael R. and Shirley A. Wilson to Helen C. and Roger A. Wirin, $300,000.

CANDY HILL RD., 15111-Helen B. Carapetian to Renee P. and Mark K. Hickman, $339,000.

CANYONVIEW DR., 4324-Larry R. and Loraine L. Daugherty to Sharon and Aaron Jones, $194,900.

CAPTAIN COVINGTON PL., 4603-Blanche E. Williams to Alvin H.I. Sheriff, $185,000.

CARDINAL FLOWER CT., 10304-Ella P. Allen to Roxanne Ramnauth and Jaffa Graves, $350,000.

CARLENE DR., 13725-Robert F. and Jodiebeth A. Gordon to Sharlene R.L. and Geoffrey S. Flood, $350,000.

CHERYL DR., 11405-Darrelle D. Johnson to Hermeta and Ronald W. Reddon, $288,850.

COLONEL ASHTON PL., 4703-Marion and Eugene F. Burgess to Heather M. Panetti, $185,000.

COLONEL FENWICK PL., 4644, No. 414-Tishlyn E. Taylor to Lewis L. Ohrel III, $175,000.

CONWOOD CT., 12709-Duane and Tonya D. Powell to Bernadette and Anthony Mays, $271,000.

CORNWALL CT., 4407-Joi Modlin to Adrienne and Seth Dykes, $188,000.

FAIRHAVEN AVE., 8819-Patricia W. Vanburen to Bernard A. Edwards, $164,500.

FAIRHAVEN AVE., 9104-C. Lee and Nancy L. Banjanin to Juanda R. and Stephen E. Pryor, $193,000.

GREEN APPLE TURN, 9804-Carol L. Hile to Nancy J. Johnson, $205,100.

HALIFAX PL., 615-Guy N. Black to Hazel and Kwesi Thomas, $211,000.

HAMPSHIRE HALL CT., 14218, No. G-310-Tracey L.A. White to Sheryl L. and Gregory F. Clements, $180,000.

HAMPSHIRE HALL CT., 14221, No. 511-Teresa D. Ross to Wallace Powell Jr., $172,000.

HARWICH TER., 4507-Yolanda D. Stockton to Tawana Mackall, $188,000.

JAMES ST., 8516-Darlene J. Patterson to Brenda M. Farris, $210,000.

JOYCETON DR., 11514, No. 35-5-Donald L. Davis to Tigist Tarekegn, $146,000.

JOYCETON DR., 11532, No. 34-2-Cornel A. Washington to Veronica W. and Dionne V. Long, $148,000.

JOYCETON TER., 17-David A. Hedgepath to Sylvester C. and Janeen D. Jackson, $188,000.

JOYCETON WAY, 108-Betty J. Wingfield to Walter Ivey and Sharon Williams, $185,000.

KING EDWARD DR., 10811-Larry R. Wilkinson Sr. to Maria D. and Stephen R. Bigelow Jr., $201,400.

KING GEORGE WAY, 13948-Teresa B. Smith to Tiffany Locklear, $161,000.

KING JOHN WAY, 4715, No. 162-Wendy A. Hartmann to Asya L. Heatley, $166,900.

KING RICHARD PL., 10313-James E. and Holly L. Doling to Lydia R. and Nicholas J. Wilson, $178,500.

MATHEW CT., 8204-Duane D. and Jacqueline Starbuck to Elenita A. Siozon and Gregory A. Cate, $220,000.

MIDLAND TURN, 9603-James C. Bush to Joseph L. and Lauri D. Butler, $229,000.

MONMOUTH DR., 8803-Janet L. and Russell H. Mattern to Herbert M. Pettiford Jr., $242,500.

MOUNT LUBENTIA CT., 600-Eric L. Briscoe to Kim B. Woods, $165,000.

NEW ORCHARD PL., 708-Lucretia M. Jackson to Olga E. and Jackie L. Hayes, $237,000.

OLD COLONY DR., 12457-Charles B. and Jacquelyn Mastin to Daisy Nappier, $118,000.

PERSIMMON RD., 12424-Barbara A. Hutson to Kenny T. Trent, $154,397.

POLARIS DR., 11406-Stuart B. and Angela M. Jones to Janice and James R.J. White, $279,900.

PRINCE PL., 10226, No. 13-105-James K. and Glinda D. Vardaman to Hazel M.S. and Darryl L. Anderson, $65,000.

PRINCE PL., 10239, No. 26-102-Donna P. Crews to Yamilee Derosena, $80,400.

PRINCE PL., 10249, No. 31-102-Gina A. Hicks to Sharon R. and Ricky E. Shropshire, $87,000.

PRINCE CHARLES CT., 10302-Anthony A. and Andrea H. Davis to Veronica V. and Robert G. Buggs, $214,000.

PRITCHARD LANE, 603-Terese M. and John H. Tetstill to Sylvester Burchell, $215,000.

RIPON PL., 13139-Danny C. and Lisa C. Henderson to Dorothy and Willie Perrin, $175,000.

SCOTCH HILL DR., 10141-Roger E. Atkins to Tammie A. Hart, $120,000.

THORNEY BROOK CT., 10406-Melanie F. and Ronald Richardson to Collins M. Thomson, $309,900.

TIBERIAS DR., 9703-Patricia H. and Harry V. Walker to Susan Carter, $202,000.

TRAFTON DR., 10902-Carl H. Clar and Maxine C. Townsend to Khudsiatu Tucker, $226,000.

WOODLAWN BLVD., 11208-Ophelia Proctor to Maritess Webb and Scott K. Colville, $220,000.

Woodmore Area

BALD HILL RD., 9604-Burnetta and Tasha C. Jimason to Bich H.N. Nguyen, $365,000.

CHURCH RD., 2707-Dorothy L. Hussman to Morenike Cole and Desmond Bishop, $300,000.

CLEARY LANE, 10401-Sun C. and Soon J. Shin to Yolanda and Uriel Johnson, $346,000.

DANBURY DR., 1114-Kimberly Y. and Russell E. Roy Jr. to Tony R. Herring, $412,500.

JUNIPER DR., 9705-Anthony and Patricia A. Foster to Akie Pearce and Isatu Jalloh, $248,000.

KINGS TREE DR., 1021-Wallace W. and Juliann Easterling to Victor D. Bosier and Tanya M. Jones, $258,000.