Dog Lunges at Woman

Ashburn, Vestals Gap Drive, Aug. 11. A woman reported that she was almost bitten by a mixed-breed dog while she was out walking. The dog lunged at the woman as she passed by, grazing her leg. An animal control officer advised the owner to be more cautious when jogging with the dog. The neutered male dog had a current rabies vaccine and county dog license.

Rottweiler Charges at Children

Leesburg, Catoctin Circle, Aug. 11. An anonymous caller reported that a Rottweiler ran off its owner's property and charged two dogs and children. An animal control officer explained the law regarding dangerous dogs and dogs running loose to the owner. The owner said the dog pushed open the storm door and ran outside, but was not being aggressive toward the other dogs or children. The owner is now keeping the front door locked.

Bat in the Bathroom

Sterling, Chelmsford Court, Aug. 12. A resident reported a bat in the bathroom of a home. An animal control officer caught the bat and contacted the Health Department. The bat appeared healthy and was returned into the wild.

Afflicted Canine Claimed

Sterling Magnolia Road, Aug. 12. A woman reported that she had confined an injured black Labrador that was running loose. An animal control officer took the dog to a vet for treatment. The owner reclaimed the dog and provided medical records of current treatment for an ear infection and skin disorder.

2 Puppies Get Loose

Leesburg, Ebaugh Drive, Aug. 16. An animal control officer responded to a complaint of two Pomeranian puppies frequently running loose. The owner has an electric fence, but it does not extend past the driveway, allowing the dogs to follow children off the property. She said she would extend the fence. The dogs had current rabies vaccines and county dog licenses.