The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

BEACH DR., 4005-Sallie Petrie and Herbert E. Bever to Marcello Nucci, $139,900.

SECOND ST., 6425-Alfredo M. Henriques to Neal A. Seckler, $190,000.

Dunkirk Area

APPLE WAY, 2623-James A. and Josephine E. Hull to Kristina A. Kuhn and Dane G. Andersen, $263,000.

Huntingtown Area

ESTATE DR., 4340-Francis P. and Cindy S. Farrell to Rebecca and Brian Groff, $422,000.

JUPITER DR., 6620-William B. and Eileen Furey Teague to Kathleen A. and William J. Hartline, $349,000.

LORING DR., 3030-Robert P. and Martha M. Plante to Candy and Howard Kennedy, $399,990.

SOUTH CREEK CT., 4329-David L. and Kenna L. Chorney to Trong Nguyen and Bichngoc Thi Vo, $410,000.

WARNER DR., 990-Dawn C. Barr to Betha A. Garcia and Justin Wells, $395,500.

WILSON RD., 1310-Doug Kaiser to Sean M. Mersch, $260,000.

Lusby Area

HICKOK LANE, 11236-David B. Ritchie to Tammy Y. and Sylvester L. Parran Sr., $180,000.

LAKE DR., 540-Susan Petroff to Rose Marie Z. and Thomas Mellies, $349,000.

MESQUITE TRAIL, 644-Christie D. and Harry B. Trueman to Joshua Melius, $147,500.

PONDEROSA CT., 12745-Donald Nice to Melissa B. May and Christopher J. Barrett, $150,000.

PRISM CT., 2850-Gerard Veldhuijzen to Edward A. Spague, $329,000.

QUIVER CT., 615-Lori A. and Brian L. Hillegass to James Smith Jr., $189,850.

WAGON LANE, 12145-Charles L. Girard to Cynthia and Ian R. Weddleton, $179,900.

WHITE SANDS DR., 529-Gloria and Larry Greer to Linda L. Hardesty, $145,000.

North Beach Area

THIRD ST., 4002-Steven Harlow Gray to John E. Kozik, $165,500.

SIXTH ST., 3641-Angela Mac Williams to Franklin R. Coleman, $178,400.

EIGHTH ST., 3951-Lila L. and Glen M. Waesche to Theresa D. Jones, $185,000.

Prince Frederick Area

NORTH SHORE DR., 4309-James C. and Tami L. Radisch to Michael A. Suranno III, $220,000.

Solomons Area

BACK CREEK LOOP, 1134-Philip D. Weiner to Kathleen N. Chenoweth, $228,000.

St. Leonard Area

ARALIA AVE., 6749-David Sarver to Susan C. Mattingly, $164,900.

HARBOR BLVD. N., 1570-Michael A. and Peggy Hance Turner to Katherine Nelson and Charles A. Haile, $195,000.

HERRING WAY, 2117-Farzana Khatri to Rachel M. and James P. Kull Jr., $209,000.

MAGNOLIA CIR., 5831-Young Sun and Insook Nam to Kimberly and Steve Kirkland, $299,900.

OAKCREST DR., 5724-J.P. and Kenneth Wesley Jolly to Ronald W. Saunders, $175,680.

Sunderland Area

ASPEN WOODS DR., 85-Jeremy B. and Marta A. Wilson to Catherine and Devin Page, $440,000.

Charles County

Brandywine Area

REGINA AVE., 15110-Mary E. and Patrick A. Pinkney to Latisha S. and Keith L. Chase, $110,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

HERBERT RD., 7040-Robert R. and Mary G. Marshall to Octavia and Richard S. McAlpine, $333,000.

PRINCE FREDERICK RD., 15610-Gabriel I. Fischoff to Phillip Winslow, $150,000.

Indian Head Area

MATTAWOMAN CT., 17-Lashann Johnson to Crystal L. Torrence, $140,000.

RIVERSIDE RUN DR., 100-Candide G. and William R. Rayle to Eric Carter, $128,500.

La Plata Area

BURNING BUSH PL., 111-Tamik Enterprises Inc. to Barbara Baumler, $339,000.

CHARLESTON CT., 109, No. 109-Anthony W. McKenzie to Thomas and Dorothy M. Click, $140,000.

MADISON ST., 133-Brel Corp. to Ellen J. and Lawrence J. Brannan, $140,945.

PATUXENT DR. E., 1214-Clara J. Reed to Sharon and George Bautista, $331,000.

SUTTON DR., 7500-Allison K. Moore to Susan M. and William F. Slack, $118,726.

Marbury Area

JANORE CT., 5355-Christie and Nicola Marrian to Susan L. and Charles R. Auginbaugh, $475,000.


Rock Point Road Area

MEADOWVIEW DR., 9820-Timothy E. Baroody to Cheryl B. Washington, $149,000.

POPES CREEK RD., 10610-Marie D. and Christopher E. Wilson to Angela Williams and Jonathan Kalin, $335,000.

Ryceville Area

EDWARD GARDINER RD., 14006-Dwight D. and Beverly J. Long to April R. and Glenn D. Beall Jr., $110,000.

St. Charles Area

BLACKPOOL CIR., 17-Douglas Gardinier Sr. to M.E. Wolfe and Jeffrey D. Thomas III, $150,000.

DEREK PL., 12413-Stephen Huber to Michelle and Christopher Alvarez, $160,000.

HUNTINGTON CIR., 3057-Dorothy S. Brensinger to Jay Adams Properties Corp., $150,000.

JUSTICE CT., 3393-Dionne and Andrew Wallace to Manuel Mendez, $125,000.

KINGS WHARF PL., 42-Melissa A. and Clifford M. Trapani to Lavern Miguel, $145,000.

MATLOCK PL., 3622-Raymond M. Franklin to William N. Shill Jr., $195,000.

OLD WASHINGTON RD., 3857-Hans and Ruth Beuster to Gary M. Pierpont Sr., $167,500.

OLD WASHINGTON RD., 3993-Hung Thi Dang and Danh N. Nguyen to Russell D. Adams, $233,000.

PRIMROSE DR., 3759-Carol Westfall to Andrea S. and Mark L. Ajero, $229,900.

TAMARACK CT., 3452-Gary and Rose Curry to C.R. Sanders and Christina A. Carlson, $220,000.

WHITE FIR CT., 3409-Raymond E. Bond to Janice E. and Kenneth R. Clark Jr., $118,000.

Waldorf Area

ASHFORD CIR., 10602-Johnnie and Patricia R. Hunt to Lisa and Joseph Swann, $320,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4153-Lea Anne Gleason to Reginia L. and Riley J. Beard, $142,400.

BUCK PL., 11881-Willie C. Jr. and Alethia G. Hannon to Anna C. and Thomas S. Dungan Jr., $215,000.

CAROLINE CIR., 5201-Robert M. Dyson to Blonethea O. Vann, $240,000.

DOGWOOD DR., 2006-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jennifer and Christopher Hendricks, $200,002.

GADWELL PL., 4659-Robert M. Fletcher to Chad McCloskey, $138,550.

GEORGETOWN CT., 3608-Sandra P. and Raymond L. Ketterman to Arden C. Prather, $284,000.

GOLDEN EAGLE PL., 11308-Marilyn P. and Victor L. Smith to Jasmine Esperon, $195,400.

LEONARDTOWN RD., 4734-Betty Ann Arnold to Kimberley M. Mosher, $154,900.

NIGHT SERGEANT CT., 5707-Rainbow Construction Corp. to Sushma R. and Vijaya K. Pasupuleti, $309,000.

OCEAN SUNFISH CT., 3834-Ron O. and Telana S. Powers to Stacey and Alfred Dixon, $264,900.

SCARLETT OAK CT., 2755-Jesse E. and Tracy M. Pritchett to Toni and Brian L. Adams, $230,000.

SPRINGDALE LANE, 2328-Joseph S. and Carolyn P. Butler to Nicola and Mark J. Macala, $367,000.

SUNFISH CT., 5905-Stacey R. and Christopher T. Miller to Pamela J. and William C. Mooney, $240,000.

TANGLEWOOD DR., 2008-Deborah J. Williams to Julius G. Henderson, $135,000.

WESTDALE DR., 232-Kathryn Heidemann and Michael Gandy to Michael P. Armstrong, $152,400.

WESTWOOD DR., 2217-Mark L. and Ellen M. Cutshaw to Monica and Jeffrey R. Bray, $225,000.

WESTWOOD DR., 2291-Dolores A. and Arthur L. McMurray to Calvin C. Seldon Jr., $295,900.

WOLVERINE PL., 6255-Howard Libbert to Ryan Gick, $143,000.

YORKTOWN DR., 3621-Thomas E. and Diane J. Kimpton to Steven D. Lowe and Grady W. Higgins, $247,000.

White Plains Area

NAUTICA PL., 10851-Elaine and Leroy Foster to Erin L. Morgan, $219,900.

RIVA PL., 10612-SBW Enterprises Corp. to Thomas Muse, $197,000.

St. Mary's County

Bushwood Area

HILLTOP DR., 23225-Robert J. and Carroll H. Coffren to Maria A. and Larry Ladrido, $150,000.

California Area

CHESTNUT OAK CT., 23254, No. 2A-Israel Ebenezer to Denise M. Mattingly and Thomas A. Mattingly Sr., $89,000.

HOLLY HILL LANE, 23330-Steven L. Korzekwa to Stephanie A. and Kenneth J. Cornet, $250,000.

KINGSTON VILLAGE RD., 23756-Dale Cropper Jr. to Jeri L. and Adam L. Cropper, $50,000.

LONG BOW DR., 22184-Joann and Dean Beck to Carole T. and William R. Tatman, $348,341.

Callaway Area

JO MARIE WAY, 20895-Randi L. Shadwell to Patricia D. Mills, $135,000.

Coltons Point Area

DUKEHART'S CREEK RD., 38183-Robert E. Reatherford to Jerri L. and Ronald H. Lord, $126,500.

Great Mills Area

COMBS AUD WAY, 21285-Ruth H. Coombs to Israel Z. Swarey and SCH Enterprises Inc., $70,000.

KILKENNY PL., 45469-Palma J. and Bruce V. Cox to Ronald Earl Swann, $257,900.

NANCY LANE, 45858-Gloria C. and Renato J. Julian to Rachael A. Testerman, $169,900.

ST. LEONARD'S CIR., 22105-Steven P. Keller to Stephanie S. and Michael D. Glaubitz, $135,000.

SUNFLOWER ST., 45565-Mary E. Hill to Cheryl S. and Rodney J. Thies, $210,000.

Hollywood Area

BEECHWOOD LANE, 41575-Great Mills Heating and Air Inc. to Luis Ivan Poblete, $228,000.

BLACKISTONE RD., 24621-James Edward Mumpower to Mauricette J. Love trust, $170,000.

HILLENDALE RD., 26375-Andrew R. McKenzie to Patricia Gateau Williams and Steven Edward Williams, $135,000.

Leonardtown Area

AVENMAR DR., 22740-Anh N. and Dan V. Hoang to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $420,000.

HORSESHOE CT., 42692-Kevin J. and Diedre M. Gish to Carla L. and Steven M. Anderson, $335,000.

LITTLE HOLLY LANE, 44117-Thomas H. Jarboe to Tracey M. and Michael T. Moran, $285,000.

MEDLEYS NECK RD., 43450-Joseph D. Knott to April Renee and Michael Duane Peacher, $130,000.

ROCKY RIDGE CT., 23662-Harold David Dellinger to John Patterson, $236,000.

Lexington Park Area

FLOWER DR., 46838-Ralph T. Sydnor to Carl D. Jackson, $58,000.

FOX RIDGE RD., 21980-Joseph A. Barber to Ray A. Fenwick, $119,900.

HAVIRLAND CT., 20058-Henry Rosemont Jr. to C. Bennett Connelly, $550,000.

HAVIRLAND RD., 48803-Glenn M. Talbott to Pamela Jean Ensminger, $179,850.

PINEY ORCHARD ST., 47900-Daniel B. Dean II to Deborah R. and Lowell R. Dutcher, $188,000.

RANGER RD., 21695-Maria Luisa Serrano to Benjamin R. Johnson, $110,000.

RED ROSE CT., 20804-Nadia and Paul G. Rockwood to Matthew A. Brookins, $233,000.

ROMINGER CT., 21511-Jay A. and Terri L. Matzko to Diane Y. Alexander Bell and James L. Bell Sr., $235,000.

ROMINGER CT., 21513-Oakridge Associates Inc. to Linda J. and Gary Glaser, $186,950.

SUNBURST DR., 48389-Curtis Homes Corp. to Jessica Q. and Marc A. Kriss, $70,000.

Mechanicsville Area

AUTUMNWOOD DR., 29087-Tammy L. Simone to Nicole M. and David M. Herrington, $210,000.

BARBARA CT., 38446-David D. Horstick to Jacqueline and Charles Gagnon, $248,415.

BOUNDARY DR., 29775-Raymond F. Lilley to Evelyn J. and Guillermo Carattini, $225,000.

CROSS WOODS DR., 29913-Marvin Emick Bryant to Marlon E. Bryant, $175,000.

DONNA DR., 29877-Raymond W. III and Lori L. Jones to Terri L. and David Buckler, $268,500.

JONES RD., 24880-Robert G. Mattingly Jr. to Karlene and Kenneth Carkhuff III, $415,000.

LEE RD., 40220-Colonial Workshop Inc. to Christopher Connick and Kimberly K. Jahed, $180,000.

SHANNON CT., 28964-David D. Horstick to Melissa A. and Jason K. Rogers, $174,900.