New Superintendent Tours Schools

Janey Vows Repairs for Troubled NW Campuses

Clifford B. Janey, newly named as superintendent of public schools in the District, toured three Northwest Washington schools that have drawn complaints about deteriorating conditions and maintenance problems.

He vowed to do what he could to ensure that repairs are made on time for the new school year.

Janey, named superintendent a week earlier, was looking at a major source of complaints, and he echoed the dismay others have voiced about the schools' conditions.

Drinking Water to Be Treated for Lead

Chemical Expected to Reduce Levels Within Year

Colorless, tasteless phosphoric acid is scheduled to be added to the drinking water tomorrow in the District and Northern Virginia and is expected to produce a noticeable reduction in lead in the water within a year, an official with the Environmental Protection Agency said.

The chemical, which coats the inside of plumbing to prevent lead from leaching into water, has been tried in a section of Northwest Washington.

Customer Training for Metro Workers

Some Employees 'Brushing Up' on Service Skills

Metro riders have dealt with fare increases, delays, broken escalators and derailments. Now they'll get station managers, train operators and others who have special training in customer service.

Metro officials decided some of those workers needed "brush-up" skills in how to deal with unhappy, and perhaps vocal, passengers.

Locksmith Fatally Shot While Working

Immigrant Was Aiding Robbery Victim in SE

An immigrant locksmith who was trying to help a robbery victim get into his car was shot to death Sunday in Southeast Washington.

Ehud Raich, 25, an Israeli native who lived in Arlington, was trying to help a District resident who had been robbed of his cash and keys. The shooting was in the 4600 block of G Street SE.

Tech School Reopens in NE

McKinley High Closed in 1997 for Renovation

McKinley Technology High School, built in 1925 and closed for a $75 million overhaul in 1997, had a grand reopening Tuesday.

The school in Northeast Washington is designed to be one of the city's most academically innovative. Its student body will be selected citywide.

Plans to Track Police Stops Questioned

Ramsey's Change Concerns Groups, Politician

Civil rights groups and D.C. Council member Kathy Patterson (D-Ward 3) are worried that District police are backing away from plans to collect data of traffic and pedestrian stops to see whether officers practice racial profiling.

Chief Charles H. Ramsey, who had pledged to collect the data, said last week that he had not decided whether to go ahead with the plans.

Orioles Event Honors D.C. Fans

Appreciation Day Held as New Team Awaited

Residents' hopes for a new major league baseball team for the Washington area didn't stop the Baltimore Orioles from throwing their annual fan appreciation day in the District.

Players showed up to sign autographs at the 17th Street NW store that sells Orioles paraphernalia.

Metro Announces Funding Plan

$1.5 Billion Sought for Maintenance, Repairs

Metro executives announced a plan to raise the $1.5 billion they say is urgently needed to maintain and repair the rail and bus system, but the proposal requires heavy investment by the counties and cities that Metro serves.

Metro's plan assumes that the federal government will provide $290 million -- an assumption that might not come to pass.

Lighting aid: Neil Redd of Laurelville, Ohio, visits the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial, making rubbings of names helped by a new, $1 million light system.