The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

BEACH DR., 403-JRK Investment Corp. to Jeffrey L. and Sarah A. Slenker, $142,280.

BEACH DR., 547-Kathleen R. Stone to Dawn H. Dougan, $800,000.

CHESAPEAKE HARBOUR DR. E., 2156-Irvin H. Myers to Michael A. Sweeney, $650,000.

CHESAPEAKE HARBOUR DR. E., 7031, No. 15B-William D. Lackey Jr. to Elena S. Altevogt, $465,000.

CLINTON CT., 7022, No. 19A-Dorothy A. Jagen to Edward L. and Barbara L. Ziff, $410,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 765, No. 765C-Marjorie C. Bradford to Paula Klepper, $220,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 851-Jennifer L. Smock to L.M. and Jeffrey S. Williams, $285,100.

FOREST DR., 1346-Homes for America Inc. to Catherine S. Wright, $172,600.

GREYSTONE CT., 20, No. E-Yassen S. Mikhailov to Kevin M. Howell, $175,000.

HYDE PARK DR., 1005-Steven A. Lacek to Paul W. Barton and Gina A. Masone, $225,000.

LANGDON CT., 906-Marc L. Wangel to Christopher J. and Suzanne F. Ornee, $393,500.

LEE DR., 133-K.H. Oddenino to Betsy and David Jiron, $362,500.

PADDINGTON PL., 1004-Tuan Truong to Harcinia Ruiz, $263,900.

VAN BUREN DR., 1302-Lynda Anne Carey Dando to Donna K. Morgan, $299,900.

WASHINGTON DR., 1264-Alphonso Moore III to Robert and Lisa Durant, $450,000.

WINSLOW CT., 8-Guy T. Avellon to Steven L. Schmidt, $225,000.

YACHTSMAN WAY, 982-James S. Kantor to Ozgur and Leslie M. Dogan, $300,000.

Annapolis-Sandy Point State Park Area

COMPASS DR., 2677-Guy C. Barron, trustee, to Emma J. Gall, $265,000.

COMPTON CT., 2005, No. 157-Douglas E. Alexander to James I. and Christina M. Dunn, $285,000.

ELDERWOOD CT., 321-Michael D. Timm to Patrick R. Dodson, $167,000.

FAIRWAY DR., 711-Daniel D. Beilman to Jeffrey S. and Kelly S. Tamulevich, $260,000.

GOV. THOMAS BLADEN WAY, 2020, No. 103-Cleofe Curry to Roger Sayres, $183,000.

GREEN HOLLY DR., 1213-Brian P. Wood to Philip J. and Denise R. Cornelious, $277,000.

GREENBRIAR LANE, 620-Homes for America Inc. to Sharon D. David, $141,900.

HARBOUR HEIGHTS DR., 50, No. 501-Kelly L. Lebrun to William M. Sheridan and Carole A. Tayman, $256,000.

KATHERYNE VILLAGE SQ., 1624, No. 71-Jong H. Ahn to Joan Lee Courtney, $258,900.

KING GEORGE ST., 198-William T. Coggeshall to Judy K. Zazulia, $2.1 million.

LANNA WAY, 991-Kathryn Hammersmith to William C. Lambros, $170,000.

LIDO DR., 1056-Bruce E. Hartt to Jeremy M. Shutt, $325,000.

LINDEN TREE DR., 1093-Michael Bougher to Simon D. and Anthea C. Cooper, $309,900.

MADISON PL., 38-Billy K. Fagan to Robert M. Blanck Jr., $380,000.

PEREGRINE PATH, 1409, No. 78-Yancey A. Brigham to Dale L. Magnusson and Judith M. Reichard, $235,000.

SECRETARIAT DR., 1680-Robert L. Grahe to Arnold D. and Stephene Schulman, $167,750.

SOUTHGATE AVE., 35-John C. Wobensmith to Robert G. and Christina A. Chomo, $775,000.

ST. MARGARETS DR., 1005-Robert L. Morgan to Russell O. Rucks III, $2.5 million.

Arnold Area

BAY DALE CT., 518, No. 67-John Mateer, trustee, to Judah S. Nyden, $233,000.

BAY GREEN DR., 635-Suzanne K. Pecci to Warren Lee Prins, $177,349.

BURNING TREE DR., 504-Mark T. Cadwell to Angela M. Carter, $379,900.

FOX RUN WAY, 67-John C. Alt to Yassen S. and Maria K. Mikhailov, $288,900.

HARBOUR GLEN CT., 1249-W. Carl Sabold Jr. to Daniel Rippinger and Adrianne Cochran, $930,000.

MELISSA CT., 555, No. U26-Carl D. Mahr to Neil J. Thompson and Jennifer A. Holmes, $175,150.

POCONO DR., 22-Robert K. Sheehan, trustee, to William D. Wilson and Christine I. Fleurant, $365,000.

TALON CT., 608, No. 5-James L. Nesbitt to Madan Nandhagopal and Anuradha Roa, $277,000.

WINTERBERRY DR., 1521-Paul S. Bunting to David D. and Michelle W. Culmore, $177,500.

Brooklyn Area

CEDAR HILL LANE, 207-Michael J. Sullivan to Glen Abbey Corp., $73,500.

CHATHAM RD., 5607-Linda C. Moler to Mark H. Lansdell, $155,000.

HILLTOP RD. W., 214-Lillian A. Schlauch to Julius A. and Tashunna N. Dixon, $160,000.

KRAMME AVE., 4603-Donna L. Clatchey to Sean S. Pierpont, $78,000.

PARK RD., 5608-John Kanarchuk to Franklin G. Short Jr. and Lourena M. Lamb Short, $180,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 5234-Tim L. Wainwright to James E. Jakubik and Linda D. Luby, $76,000.

SOUTHERLY RD., 209-Donald K. Taylor to Marcia Fairweather, $66,000.

Churchton Area

GWYNNE AVE., 1224-Charles J. Graves to Laura S. Greenbaum, $263,175.

Crofton Area

ABERDEEN DR., 2036, No. B-Raymond W. Di Silvestre III to Robby L. and Kelly S. Robinson, $141,000.

AIRY HILL CT., 1605, No. 12F-John P. Hosinski to Michelle Sigona, $170,000.

BANCROFT LANE W., 1606, No. 141-Virginia N. Edwards to Patricia A. McFarland, $122,000.

FENDALL CT., 2199, No. 73-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Barbara Gregory, $106,248.

GRASON LANE, 1632, No. 18-Robert E. Wilhelm Sr. to Jonny M. Reese, $145,000.

GUNWOOD PL., 1722, No. 132-Edgar B. Hiller to Stephen A. Toulotte, $209,900.

NEW WINDSOR CT., 1606, No. 131-Teresa L. Lacovey to Daniel A. Jones, $152,900.

PAWLET DR., 1929, No. 11F-Tiffany Beach to Michael P. Beaver, $155,000.

SHADYWOOD CIR., 2452-David C. Curtis to John E. and Peggy A. Cusack, $415,000.

TRURO LANE, 934-Samuel Gopee to Craig M. Knepp, $272,000.

USHER PL., 1706-John L. Brennan to Scott D. and Margaret H. Garey, $312,000.

Crownsville Area

DOROTHY RD., 1251-John J. O'Dea to Martin E. and S. Diane Sprecher, $365,000.

EDDY RD., 745-Christine K. Fisher to Jane L. Meneely, $198,900.

OVERCREST DR., 1066-Erna B. Timfold to Steven and Jane Andraka, $217,000.

Curtis Bay Area

CHESAPEAKE DR., 7933-Tammy L. Vanskiver to Keven K. and Jamie L. Mitchell, $219,000.

COX LANDING CT., 1406, No. 313-Jamie L. Zangwill to Toby J. Muller, $200,000.

WATERVIEW DR., 606-Spencer J. Olczak to Paula C. Keefe, $209,000.

WELDON RD., 118-Gerald S. Scott Jr. to Raymond Makarovich and David Ziranski, $125,000.

WERNER RD., 207-Lois M. Day to Albert W. Mattern III, $80,000.

Davidsonville Area

OLYMPIA CT., 687-Edward A. Lawless to Monica S. Sondberg and Renate A. Mielenz, $500,000.

Edgewater Area

CHESAPEAKE DR., 1714-Joyce E. Rodgers to Dayita Cherry, $208,000.

CINNAMON LANE, 209-John R. Wagner to Adam L. and Hayley F. Schless, $520,000.

GLEBE MEADOW WAY, 3715, No. 7-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Deborah G. Petermann, $339,900.

OAKWOOD RD., 215-Russell E. Diffenderfer to William M. Radford, $254,000.

FOURTH AVE., 3722-Lee G. Wilson to Greg M. Childers, $170,000.

Gambrills Area

ANNAPOLIS RD., 976-Julian W. Bruce to David S. and Melissa D. Hodges, $230,000.

MOUNT TABOR RD., 2275-Mark E. Sullivan to Joseph P. Bradberry and Susan E. Redman, $448,900.

Glen Burnie Area

ALEXIS DR., 309-Joey A. Burress to J.M. and Susan A.M. Reeb, $217,500.

CRAWFORD DR., 1218-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Thomas H. Hough, $135,200.

FERNDALE RD., 221-Mildred S. Johnson to Charlotte P. and Ronald S. Towers, $120,000.

FOXVIEW DR., 120-Elena M. Dehner to Aubrey R. and Mina S. Walker, $218,000.

GREAT BEND RD., 8210-Michael D. Spigler to Anis M. Wassif, $141,000.

INGRAM CT., 429-Betty J. Elder to Dawn P. McCormick, $118,000.

ORCHARD RD., 317-Shirley M. Lowe to James Griffith, $135,000.

PARKE WEST DR., 7927-Thomas E. Mathis to Bernadette Jackson, $181,000.

STAFFORD HILL CT., 7806-John D. Gardner to D.W. and Rox A. Talbot, $249,964.

TWIN RIDGE DR., 7876-Timothy R. Koelbel to Roger Fredericks and Demeka Davison, $242,000.

WEST WAY, 1601-Carol M. Patterson to Jeffrey R. Dwyer, $154,600.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BETH RD., 102-Calvin W. Parker to Brian J. Bogard, $148,000.

BLISS LANE, 126-Joseph C. Albert to John A. and Jessica L. Gray, $189,900.

CARROLL RD., 125-Shirley M. Christopher to Geoffrey Ennis and John Hinzman, $123,000.

COUNTRY CLUB DR., 107-Joshua G. Crandall to Donald J. Williams and Misty C. Hooper Williams, $185,500.

DONEGAL BAY DR., 7730-Birk S. Stathers to William C. Martin III, $210,500.

DUBLIN DR., 348-Hector Perez to Steven J. Cox, $164,900.

FITZALLEN RD., 1024-Kenneth A. Chartrand to Kay Ek, $139,000.

GEORGIA AVE., 308-Thomas L. Walls Jr. to Elizabeth A. Strasnick, $134,900.

GEORGIA AVE. NE, 102-Shayne L. Lydard to Shawn Justice, $184,900.

IVY LANE, 8-Thomas Hallett to Robert M. Wright and Robin L. Jerkins, $239,900.

JUDY RD., 7213-Sook Myung Lee to Thomas Miller Jr., $193,000.

NORMAN RD., 2011-Patricia L. Carr to Joseph Buckley, $142,900.

OAKDALE RD., 1407-Stephen P. Novak to Dennis M. and Donna R. Hausmann, $170,000.

PHELPS AVE., 98-Patrick D. Dawson to Nathan R. Jackson, $243,500.

PRINCETON TER., 958-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Sean Dickson, $169,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6800, No. 301-Ronald C. Tarlaian Jr. to Michael A. and Hope A. Tarlaian, $85,000.

THOMAS RD., 8-Edward A. Bennett to Robert and Erica Stern, $167,500.

Hanover Area

FAIRBANKS CT., 7690-Michael E. Thompson to Anthony Angelo Doria, $125,000.

Laurel Area

CHASE HILLS DR., 3611-Joseph A. Pecoraro to Daniel T. and Ruth A. Doupe, $400,000.

LYNDHURST ST., 8205-Evan Claytor to Stanley L. Knipp, $227,000.

POTOMAC CREEK RD., 8504-Brian A. Prather to Bradley R. Zagol, $289,450.

Linthicum Heights Area

GREENWOOD RD., 414-David M. Gormley to Christopher L. Scott, $215,000.

LYNVUE RD., 805-Pamela A. Bortner to Thomas Walls, $214,000.

SHIPLEY RD., 527-Brandon C. Redmond to Justin and Christine Brewer, $210,000.

TWIN OAKS RD., 301-Adam G. Klein to John C. and Melanie K. Alt, $207,000.

Lothian Area

PINDELL RD., 5764-Klemens F. Schuster to Karen Schuster, $141,000.

Millersville Area

BRANDON DR., 8233-Theresa J. Grout to Monica L. Johnson Mantzouranis and Jason D. Mantzouranis, $240,000.

BROOKWOOD RD., 8315-David E. Brandt to Sandra D. Sandridge, $238,000.

MILLFIELD CT., 8201-Robert T. Moran to Dennis Baughman, $225,000.

WORTHINGTON RD., 484-Preston E. Burden to Melissa L. Stauffer, $167,000.

Odenton Area

CHESTNUT TERRACE CT., 2402, No. 104-Michelle D. Peoples to Jennifer L. Davidson, $220,000.

CONQUEST WAY, 2200, No. 49-Lee A. Rosenthal to Jeredine B. Williams, $240,000.

HIDDEN HILL CIR., 126-Darren Belechto to Geoffrey D. and Sarah M. Christmas, $229,900.

LIONS GATE LANE, 687, No. 25-687-Patrick O'Connor to Virginia G. Tucker, $194,000.

MILITIA LANE, 1907, No. 146-Stanley J. Turonis to Patricia Davidson, $236,000.

OAK LEAF CT., 2710-Walter R. Eberwein Jr. to Christopher J. Schultz and Susan J. Trigger, $190,000.

RIVERSCAPE CT., 8711-Jennifer S. Sadler to Michael D. and Kendra M. Toyryla, $318,000.

ROLLING HILL WALK, 608, No. 203-Kenneth D. Sullivan to Jamie Miller, $135,000.

SANDY WALK WAY, 2326-Jennifer A. Eckhoff to John H. Greenleaf Jr., $292,500.

ST. MICHAELS CIR., 274, No. 29-David W. Stanley to Laurie J. Young, $241,950.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

BAYSIDE BEACH RD., 1749-Daniel A. Reed Sr. to William D. and Kim Lori McDermott, $320,000.

BROOKHAVEN RD., 3464-Julie M. Lusk to Mark and Joan K. James, $195,000.

CYRIL AVE., 635-Jeffrey Hannigan to Valerie A. and Richard W. Hall, $145,000.

EAST SHORE RD., 7798-Garet L. Howard to Jose C. Sixtos, $203,837.

G ST., 765-Michael E. Rind to Franklin R. and Helen M. Whay, $320,000.

GLENWOOD RD., 238-Kevin J. Lauterbach to William J. Pumphrey III, $205,000.

GRANDVIEW RD., 1666-David B. Marsh to Charles R. Christ Jr., $299,900.

HANDEL CT., 3627, No. 81-Michael S. Davis to Alaina M. Morck, $145,000.

KURTZ AVE., 2039-Lee L. Heffner to Vicky L. Thompson, $170,000.

MIDDLEBURY DR., 8006-Brad C. Wright to Sirva Relocation Corp., $419,900.

OAK RD., 505-Vito A. Dipaola to Robin Barthow Busan and Richard Busan, $295,000.

OUTING AVE., 7807-Amy Dantonio to Jason P. Hubbard, $149,900.

SANDBAR LANE, 1690-Keith E. Thomas to Barry and Julie Willis, $530,000.

SEAFORD CT., 3629, No. 212-Anis M. Wassif to Robert H. and Penny Williams, $129,000.

ULLMAN RD., 242-John Beall to Lawrence G. and Jennifer Funk, $286,900.

VENA LANE, 1062-Gerald J. Reynolds to Adam Raisch, $184,000.

WINDING WOODS WAY, 38-Sallie L. McIntosh to Gegory D. and Melinda S. Currence, $199,900.

209TH ST., 650-Paul E. Slattery to Michael J. and Carole L. Springer, $225,700.

224TH ST., 756-Patricia A. Campbell to Patrick M. and Cheryl Ignaczak, $152,500.

Riva Area

DOGWOOD RD., 6-Cheryl M. Demo to Jerome H. and Victoria F. Jankowski, $192,500.

Severn Area

AVERILL CT., 8231-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Gerald L. and Angelia L. Irving, $67,544.

DENSON DR., 112-Raymond S. Miller to Mary A. Leaf, $150,000.

LOWELL CT., 1547, No. 2YF-Timothy A. Degraves to Jason W. and Jennifer A. Holsonbake, $155,000.

WINTERBROOK CT., 7902-Thomas C. Park III to Michael D. and Cynthia Holt, $364,500.

Severna Park Area

DILL CT., 684-Elmira C. North to Jeff and Emily Norfolk, $285,000.

EMERSON PL., 616-Rhonda M. Wilder to Jennifer Wilson, $255,000.

HIGHFIELD CT., 451-Edward J. Wojciechowski Jr. to Alberto and Donna Rivero, $685,000.

LIKESTON CT., 502-James C. Harper to Michael and Theresa Murray, $394,599.

LOWER MAGOTHY BEACH RD., 220-Greg A. Anspach to William H. and Lenny P. Ruppert, $389,900.

MONMOUTH AVE., 707-Walter A. Truax to Nancy L. Murphy, $339,500.

PARK RD., 580-Raymond W. Barnes to Bradley S. and Patricia M. Bell, $240,000.

Shady Side Area

WASHINGTON AVE., 4729-Robert G. Pruitt to Daniel C. and Pamela A. Townshend, $163,000.